How To Choose The Best Latin Dance Movies Reviews For 2022

How To Choose The Best Latin Dance Movies

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Alexandra Romanmi

Alexandra Romanmi

Seamos realistas y hagamos lo imposible (Let’s be realistic and accomplish the impossible) says the Argentinian-born revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

While our dance quests are not nearly as difficult as leading the guerrillas in South America, the journey of becoming a truly great performer does sometimes require BELIEVING IN THE IMPOSSIBLE.

What To Look For 

I believe that we need constant guidance and inspiration on our way to turning into the best version of ourselves.

Mentorship is crucial in this career and I highly recommend you choose a few role models and follow them until you find your own voice.

Along with them, it is also important to read about dancers and their careers, to go and see them perform live, to watch movies or documentaries and let them inspire you.

In my own quest of becoming a better dancer, I’ve come across yet another beautiful story told by our beloved Antonio Banderas.

Inspired by the real-life story of Pierre Dulaine, which Banderas himself saw as fascinating, the movie Take the Lead (2006) tells the story of a dance teacher who believes in the talent of his students.

And serves as a role-model, guiding them not only on the dance floor, but through their very troubled lives.

He takes a group of teenagers struggling with different issues such as poverty and gang vioence and turns them into a team, giving their life a purpose through dance.

For example, LaRhette is the daughter of a prostitute and Rock, a high school gang member, is forced to take a job (that he later on loses) to sustain himself financially as he gets kicked out of his house by his own drunken father.

As Chicago Sun film critic Roger Ebert said, the movie begins with rudeness, ends with good manners, and argues that poor inner city schools can be redeemed by dancing.

Although it seems like a very optimistic viewpoint, sometimes it actually works in real life.

Recommendation For You – Take The Lead (2006)

Pierre is a fascinating character for his students and his idea to teach them how to dance in their detention class is at first resisted and then highly appreciated and transforms the rebellious, resentful, potentially criminal students into respectable dancers and members of the society.

There IS SALSA, there is TANGO and there is Banderas.

The recipe of a great dance movie is in place and waiting for you to enjoy it. I definitely recommend it.

Best Movies About Dance Competitions And Dance Battles Reviews For 2022

How To Choose The Best Movies About Dance Competitions And Dance Battles

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Alexandra Romanmi

Alexandra Romanmi

What’s it like to be a dancer and never enter a competition or a battle?

It feels a little unnatural only to think about it, doesn’t it?

I think it is in our blood to compete with our fellow dancers and not just to show off, but as a means of LEARNING and PERFECTING OUR SKILLS.

From street and club battles to school competitions, from national to world cups and championships, these kinds of events happen all the time and each of us is eager to participate and potentially win.

What To Look For 

Whether we do it for the Adrenaline

For the Show

For the Prize

For the Recognition or for the Pure Pleasure of Dancing

And Meeting New People Who Share the Same Passion as Us.

Participating in Dance Competitions Makes Us Better Performers.

And this is how I get to recommend an entire dance movie franchise that is very dear to me –probably because they were amongst the first dance movies I have watched as a kid – the Step Up films.

The main series has five movies in total:

Step Up, Step Up 2: The Streets, Step Up 3D, Step Up Revolution, Step Up All In.

There is also a spin-off Step Up: Year of Dance and a TV series Step Up: High Waters.

My favourite one is Step Up 3D (2010) as it features some of the best dance battle scenes.

The plot itself is very easy to follow and it revolves around Luke, Natalie, Moose and Camille. Moose is majoring in electrical engineering and promised his father he would concentrate on his career and he will give up dancing.

 However, old habits die hard and Moose finds himself in a dance battle with Kid Darkness from the House of Samurai crew.

Recommendation For You – Step Up 3D (2010)

After seeing this Luke Katcher, the leader of the House of Pirates crew takes Moose to his place, a warehouse that got turned into a club.

And tries to convince him to join his dance crew for a chance to win the grand prize in the World Jam Championships.

Natalie has to choose between her romantic relationship and her family who happens to be Luke’s rivals.

Two love stories, anger, energy and betrayal mixed up with lots of great choreographies will follow.

Amy Biancolli from San Francisco chronicle describes the dancing scenes in the movie as propulsive streetwise breaking, the kind of head-spinning, hand-springing, joint-popping explosion of movement that would break bones if it weren’t already breaking the law of gravity.


I will leave this really cute Fred Astaire remake of I WON’T DANCE to convince you to sit back, relax and enjoy this movie.

And if that was not enough, here’s the movie’s most awesome DANCE BATTLE that I’m sure you won’t forget too soon.

How To Choose The Best Bollywood Dance Movie Reviews In 2022

How to choose best bollywood movie

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Alexandra Romanmi

Alexandra Romanmi

What is the most colourful, energetic and extroverted dance style in the world?

If I were to ask you that question, I am willing to bet that one of the most common answers I‘d get would be “Bollywood”. And I tend to agree.

What To Look For 

Sangeet Natak Akademi, which is the National Academy of Performing Art in India, describes eight Indian classical dance styles (or Shastriya Nritya).

Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kathkali, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Sattriya, Manipuri and Mohiniyattam.  

Other scholars and authorities include Chhau, Yakshagana and Bhagavata Mela in this category.

Honestly, when I first encountered this list I felt overwhelmed. I could barely pronounce most of the names in it.

Mastering any of these styles seemed close to impossible.

But later on, things have changed.

Right now, I find it hard to believe that there are choreographers out there in the world that have yet to study the Indian dance tradition.

It is such an endless source of inspiration that you simply cannot look past it.

I highly recommend you to DEDICATE A FEW MONTHS of your dancing career to this tradition, no matter what your actual style is.

A great way to begin your journey into this exotic universe is to start watching a few Bollywood movies.

 They take a little bit from the Indian classical dance tradition, a little bit from the modern western dance, a little bit of jazz and put it all together in colorful productions that will do nothing but entertain you.

According to a paper written by Sangita Shresthova and published by the Department of Comparative Media Studies at MIT, the popularity of Bollywood dance classes has reached its peak in the Western world nowadays and it continues to increase.

That doesn’t come as a surprise to me.

Bollywood is a FANTASTIC STYLE.

I have always been a big fan of Shiamak Davar, the famous Indian choreographer and his dance company.

They put on fabulous shows combining traditional Bollywood dances with contemporary jazz styles and the result is brilliant.

Deva Shree Ganesa is ONE OF MY FAVORITE PERFORMANCES wearing Shiamak’s signature on it and I encourage you to watch it.

Recommendation For You – Dhoom 2 (2006)

My number one recommendation when it comes to Bollywood movies will be Dhoom 2 (2006).

You simply cannot sit down and relax while listening to DHOOM AGAIN or CRAZY KIYA RE and watching brilliant dancers like Hrithik Roshan and Abhishek Bachchan perform.

You have to get up and dance.

I LOVED IT SO MUCH I actually had these two songs incorporated in my variety shows for a long time.

With this movie, Shiamak Davar won the Technical Award for the Best Choreography at Screen Awards India in 2006.

The story starts in the Namib Desert with Mr A, a fearless thief, who skydives onto the train that the Queen is traveling in.

He manages to steal her crown along with other very valuable artifacts. He teams up with Sunehri, a very beautiful woman, and plans their next heists together.

Following them are three police officers.

We move on to Rio de Janeiro where Mr. A finds out that Sunehri, who became his lover, is not who she said she was.

All in all, a very good action movie with a real fabulous example of modern Bollywood dance that will most likely make you want to take up some classes.

It sure had this effect on lots of dancers across the world, as there are hundreds of dance covers after the scenes Dhoom 2.

You already know I am waiting for your version!

How To Choose The Best Tap Dance Movie Reviews In 2022

How To Choose The Best Tap Dance Movie

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Alexandra Romanmi

Alexandra Romanmi

Tap Dance traces its origins in the United States and it was born as a result of the mixture between the African, Irish and English cultures at the beginning of the 19th century.

How To Choose The Best Tap Dance Movies

Tap Dance traces its origins in the United States and it was born as a result of the mixture between the African, Irish and English cultures at the beginning of the 19th century.

The combination of borrowed and adapted moves from clog dances, hornpipes and jigs created this new percussive dance style later popularized by legendary names like Fred Astaire.

What To Look For

In the mid-1800s, during the rise of the minstrel shows, William Henry Lane, known as Master Juba, became one of a handful of black performers who were accepted in a white dance troupe.

He is also considered to be one of the first celebrated tap dancers in the world.

Later on, John “Bubbles” Sublett and Ford “Buck” Washington, a famous duo (that I encourage you to WATCH AND READ ABOUT), perfected  “the class act” which required the performers to wear impeccable tuxedos…

..displaying stylish excellence while dancing and thus creating the elegant image that now pops up in our heads whenever we think about tap dance.

This played an important cultural role, as black dancers were usually held to other standards.

They were supposed to be the embodiment of minstrel show stereotypes, grinning and dancing clowns, lazy and incompetent fools.

Artists like Bubbles, Cholly Atkins and Charles Coles stood against this racist tradition and boldly rejected it.

Once again, dance changes the course of history. 

Or at least shakes up the social order a little bit.

With these central figures in our mind and with many others serving as models, lots of us took up tap dance classes.

Honestly, I’ve become interested in this style after a Fred Astaire movie marathon that included Top Hat, Holiday Inn, Swing Time, The Band Wagon.

And of course, my all-time favorite – Broadway Melody of 1940.

Apart from Astaire, the movie stars another brilliant dancer, actually considered the most exceptional tap-female dancer OF HER GENERATION, Eleanor Powell.

Fred talks about his dance partner Eleanor in his autobiography Steps in Time where he remarks:

She put ‘em down like a man, no ricky-ticky-sissy stuff with Ellie. She really knocked out a tap dance in a class by herself.

Now that’s the type of role-model I want for my dancing career!

Recommendation For You – Broadway Melody of 1940

Directed by Norman Taurog, the movie tells the story of Johnny Brett (Fred Astaire) and King Shaw (George Murphy), a broke dance team, and Clare Bennett (Eleanor Powell), a rich Broadway superstar.

Producer Bob Casey mistakenly confuses Shaw with Johnny and gives him the lead role in a new Broadway show, partnering him up with Clare.

Even when the newfound fame and fortune go to his head, making Shaw hard to deal with, Johnny still helps him.

However, later on Clare discovers Johnny is the better dancer and the one who was supposed to be her partner in the new musical.

They fall in love.


What I do need to tell you though is that there is a scene in this movie that is and will remain very important in the history of dance – the BEGIN THE BEGUINE dance, on Cole Porter’s music.

The Beguine was described as a slow Rumba, resembling both the French ballroom dancing and Latin folk dancing.

What a mix!

And what a delightful choreography!

So delightful that it is now, decades later, celebrated and re-enacted by dancers across the world.

I’d be very happy if after watching this movie, you feel like trying to do a remake of the dance yourself and you’d share the result with me and our dancing community!

Give it a try!

Astaire will watch and applaud you from above!

And so will we!

How To Choose The Best Salsa Dance Movie Reviews In 2022

How To Choose The Best Salsa Dance Movie

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi

Alexandra Romanmi

La Vida Es Un Carnaval says Celia Cruz and any Latin dancer takes her word for it.

And it is great that they do, because it is from that mind-frame that the zestful choreographies they perform come from.

Whenever I see someone dancing Salsa it feels like I am watching someone who TRULY UNDERSTOOD what being happy feels like and it makes me want to dance to too.

There’s something about that rhythm that simply won’t let you sit down. It’s contagious and I love it.

What To Look For 

Born in Cuba, Salsa is a fresh combination between the Danzón, African Rumbas and Són, which are traditional dance styles coming from people all around the world.

Its expansion to the United States is a very important milestone in the history of dance, with a peak in popularity around the ‘70s.

As it allowed for amazing artists like Hector Lavoe (please watch El Cantante), Fania All-Stars, Ruben Blades, Ismael Rivera, Joe Arroyo and of course our beloved Celia Cruz to rise to fame.

And when there’s good music, great dance will follow – so great that they make movies about it.

Recommendation For You – Shine (2018)

If you are already a salsa dancer or plan on becoming one, there is one film I recommend you watch before your next rehearsal – Shine (2018).

As the winner of the Audience Award for Best Feature at the 2017 Urbanworld Film Festival this movie pays homage to a rich and beautiful culture and tradition…

… while telling the story of two brothers Ralphi and Junior, two highly acclaimed Spanish Harlem salsa dancers.

In the face of tragedy, Ralphi wants to abandon everything that defined his life, including his family, his culture and his lover. 

He returns after seven years and upon reuniting with his brother he realizes they are on the opposite sides of gentrification.

Junior became an elite salsa dancer and an activist who fights to preserve his community, while his brother is the perfect emblem of the corporate world.

This movie shows once again the power of dance through the community that comes to life around it.

The DANCE SCENES are high-powered and underline how important it is to save one’s traditional heritage from being engulfed by money-hungry corporations and globalization.

Ralphi, who needs to confront his past and risk his life to help his brother save the community that was once so dear to both of them, is portrayed by a very talented dancer Jorge “Ataca” Burgos.

Together with his partner Tanja “La Alemana” Kensinger, Burgos turned into a celebrity in the Latino dance world in 2008 when their bachata routine on “TE EXTRANO” by Xtreme became viral on YouTube.

How To Choose The Best Ballroom Dance Movie Reviews In 2022

How To Choose The Best Ballroom Dance Movie

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Alexandra Romanmi

Alexandra Romanmi

The signature dance of the elite social classes, ballroom dance used to belong to the royalty and aristocracy.

With the earliest record of European ballroom dating back from 1588 in Jehan Tabourot’s dance study – Orchesographie.

This style traces its roots in the highest strata of society, but it, fortunately, did not remain there.

What To Look For 

In the middle of the 17th century, King Louis XIV popularized Minuet in the Royal French Court.

And a few decades later he formed the Academie Royale de Musique et de Danse which started to produce the first professionally trained ballet dancers.

Turning our heads towards England, the most important contribution to ballroom dance, originating from the Victorian era, is the waltz.

Later on, ballroom dance incorporated other styles such as tango, foxtrot, quickstep, cha-cha and rumba.

And it also became open to the public, as the barriers between social classes no longer mattered in the dance world.

Today, with hundreds of competitions happening EVERY YEAR ACROSS THE YEAR, ballroom dance attracts MORE AND MORE PEOPLE.

And the variety of styles it has to offer suits everyone’s personal tastes.

No matter which one you are concentrating on, it is always indicated to have at least minimal knowledge and understanding of as many styles as possible.

So, whether you’re an elegant waltzer or a wild and exotic rumba dancer, I encourage you to get comfortable and watch a few ballroom dance movies.

It’s the easiest way to learn something about dance outside the rehearsal hall.

Movies will get you familiar with the styles you haven’t tackled yet and they will inspire you as you observe other people perform the styles you have already mastered.

Recommendation For You – Strictly Ballroom (1992)

My recommendation when it comes to ballroom dance movies comes from the brilliant Australian director Baz Luhrmann.

Strictly Ballroom (1992) is a romantic comedy that tells a story with a message that is very dear to my heart:

No victory that is truly important will require you to abandon your own creative spirit and moral values for it. 

Scott Hastings (portrayed by Paul Mercurio) is one of Australia’s best ballroom dancers who gets fed up with the Dance Federation rigid steps and wants to focus on developing his own personal style of dancing.

His former dance partner does not agree with his decision and leaves him, so Scott has to find another partner.

This time an amateur dancer to match his passion and unusual approach to performing. He finds Fran (Tara Morice) who seems to compliment him perfectly.

Together they try to win the championship, but as you may expect they encounter lots of obstacles.

Among them, there are Scott’s parents, who are both professional ballroom dancers and spent their life training Scott to become the next big star in the family.

Since this may sound familiar to many of you out there.

This movie encourages dancers to find their own voice and establish their own style without desperately trying to adhere to rigid standards.

And the results speak for themselves.

The dances scenes are electrifying and they are done by the actors themselves.

There is no “stunt dancing” in the movie.

My favorite scene is a passionate PASO-DOBLE which strictly ballroom or not, makes the audience go crazy.

Roger Ebert, a film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times (and the only film critic with a star on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame) says that:

The true weirdness of the movie comes when we begin to realize the director didn’t make everything up; only real life could possibly have inspired a world this bizarre.

Now if that didn’t GET YOU INTRIGUED, I don’t know what will, since we all know how out-of-this-world dance competitions can get sometimes.

Relax and enjoy!

How To Choose The Best Swing Dance Movie Reviews In 2022

how to choose Best Swing Dance Movie

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi

Alexandra Romanmi

When you have such a culturally rich era like the ‘20s and the ‘30s, tracing back the origin of famous dance styles is not too difficult.

Lots of them were developed at that time.

Back then, New York’s Harlem district was home to a new dance craze – the Swing.

What To Look For 

 Swing was a term that incorporated many different styles, some of which survived until today and are increasing in popularity among young dancers, such as the Lindy Hop, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, Charleston or Foxtrot.

As a dancer, it is important to cover Swing dance. Even if you don’t concentrate your career around this style.

It was SO BIG that it is more or less impossible not to come across its influences.

 Whether it’s the fancy aerials, the flashy vintage clothes, the fast and bouncy moves or the electric music rhythms that got you…

… you’re going to put a little swing in your step and YOU KNOW IT!

In my opinion, becoming familiar to Swing will require you watch some of the stars of the style in action.

I recommend FRANKIE MANNING – the master of aerials and flips and Dean Collins – a brilliant dancer in the famous Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, who was only 18 when he received the Dancer of the Year Award.

Swing Dance 1941

Better understanding the Swing era cultural phenomenon will require further reading and also watching movies that depict the atmosphere from those times and are able to TRANSPORT YOU BACK IN TIME.

Recommendation For You – Swing Kids (1993)

My favorite Swing-related movie is and will probably always remain Swing Kids (1993), directed by Thomas Carter, starring Christian Bale, Robert Sean Leonard and Frank Whaley.

The story takes us to a pre-World War II Germany, where two high school kids are trying to live double lives, as part of Hitler Youth during the day and crazy swing kids by night.

For a little historical context, the Swing Youth was an actual group of jazz and swing lovers in Germany during the 1930s…

..comprised of people who admired the American way of life and were opposed to the National-Socialist ideology represented by the Hitler Youth group.

Now you can imagine how that works out for our protagonists.

Powerful scenes like the one when Arvid, one of the characters, refuses to play a German song and lashes out at the club’s owner accusing him of being blind to the Nazi cruel agenda…

.. followed by his devastating and hopeless suicide, the scene in which Peter sings

It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing

mockingly in front of the police officer or  the following scene where Wille Muller keeps screaming

Swing Heil

(mocking the infamous “Sieg Heil!”) as he watches his brother Peter being driven away by the Nazis, make this film a moving reminder of what it meant to passionately love something and use it as fuel to become part of a resistance movement.

Thousands of Swing

Kids were sent to work in camps or forced to join the army and then died in war.

I cried. 

A lot. 

But I have also danced with them, because the energy of these young people enjoying something that was prohibited to them by a cruel regime is absolutely contagious.

Choreographed by Otis Sallid, THE SWING DANCE SCENES are very energetic and inspiring, underlining once again the power of dance in a society going through a major crisis.

How To Choose The Best Dance Movie For Tweens Reviews For 2022

How To Choose The Best Dance Movie For Tweens

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi

Alexandra Romanmi

Great dancers usually start out their professional career when they are young, so it is important to have the right influences at the right time in order to get yourself inspired to pursue your path.

Dancing is a tough career that takes up most of YOUR TIME, ENERGY and SOUL, so you need to make sure you are 100% dedicated to it.

And if you are, it will pay off. If you are not, it will still pay off, but only as a hobby.

What To Look For 

When I was little, a while before I started to take my first ballet lessons I was watching ballet shows from the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow online.

It felt like watching a fairy tale played by real people.

It was great, but somehow, as a very young dancer, I felt like I could not relate to the kind of performance the professional dancers were able to offer to their public.

I needed something closer to me, closer to the real people struggling to get where the Russian ballet dancers I was watching already were.

So I started watching movies like Step-Up, Ballet Shoes, Center Stage and Footloose which featured simple adolescent stories that made my dream to become a ballerina seem a LITTLE MORE ATTAINABLE.

However, my favorite teen movie of all time will remain to Save the Last Dance.

As a film of BEAUTIFULLY DEPICTED CONTRASTS, it tackles important social issues such as:

  • Interracial Relationships
  • Poverty
  • Fatherlessness
  • Dysfunctional Families and
  • Gun Violence

In a way that is accessible to young people. 

Also, the dance scenes are real good, but easy to relate to.

Julia Stiles is Sara Johnson, a promising dancer who hopes to be admitted to Juilliard School, one of the world’s leading drama, music and dance schools.

She fails her audition exam and learns that her mother died in a car crash on the way to see her audition.

Hopeless, she moves in with her father and transfers to a high school in the south side of Chicago where she happens to be one of a handful of white students.

Here’s where Sara’s immersion into the hip-hop culture begins.

She becomes friends with Chenille and her brother Derek, skilfully portrayed by Sean Patrick Thomas.

Derek is trying to escape the gang lifestyle and follow his dream to become a doctor, by getting accepted to Georgetown Medical School.

On his way to achieving his goals he decides to help Sara succeed in her career by incorporating more hip-hop into her ballet skills.

I must tell you the results are amazing and her transformation is stunning. 

Recommendation For You – Save The Last Dance (2001)

There are a few dance scenes like the ones in STEPPS club that will simply make you jump off the couch and start learning some hip-hop moves yourself and more than that…

…To follow your dreams no matter how complicated the road to success may be.

It is good for you as young dancers to get a taste of completely different styles other than the one you already are focusing on, as it will turn you into the well-rounded artist you wish to become.

Honestly, as a ballerina, I have resonated very well with Sara and I have tried to broaden my (dancing) horizon by adding SOME GROOVE to my stiff classical style.

It works and it feels great and I highly recommend it.

This movie also works the other way around. If you are a hip-hop dancer, you could try adding some elegant moves to your routine.

I am quite sure it will make you a very interesting character on the dance floor.

However, no matter on which side of the barricade you are, Save The Last Dance shows how influential and important the hip-hop culture is for a dancer.

And how inspirational it can be for an artist in general, while depicting a beautiful love story between two people who were never supposed to be together.

How To Choose The Best Jazz Dance Movie Reviews In 2022

How To Choose The Best Jazz Dance Movie

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi

Alexandra Romanmi

During the Great Migration, African-Americans flocked to Chicago from the South and brought with them age-old jazz and blues

…The genre became more and more popular and soon Chicago turned into the home of a legendary jazz scene.

With names like King Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton and Louis Armstrong regularly performing in the city.

What To Look For 

Jazz dance on its own is just as free and fluid as the musical genre bearing the same name Originating from Africa.

A place with a rich somatic cultural tradition, the smooth and explosive jazz moves have been capturing the audience’s attention for decades.

Famous dancers such as Jack Cole –The Father of Jazz Dance Technique, Katherine Dunham or Lester Horton paved the way for new generations of performers…

.. who started to incorporate Jazz in their dance routines, TRANSFORMING THE WORLD OF Broadway Dance, Tap Dance and Ballet.

Katherine Dunham

And all that jazz…

While watching movies such as Born to Be Blue, based on Chet Baker’s life and era.

Or Miles Ahead, depicting the life of jazz musician Miles Davis, will get you accustomed with the legends of the musical genre.

There is one movie that, in my opinion, will make you love jazz dance – Chicago (2002).

Starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renee Zellweger and Richard Gere among others, the film follows the stories of two murderesses who got thrown in jail for their crimes and are waiting for their trial.

They are both fighting for celebrity, portraying the fame thirst, corruption, organized crime and scandalous liaisons happening behind the curtains of the jazz scene back in the roaring ‘20s.

Recommendation For YouChicago (2002)

The movie is based on a 1926 play which is in turn about the murders and trials of real characters, Belva Gaertner, a three times divorced cabaret singer who shot her lover dead and Beulah Annan.

The 2002 version of the movie won six Oscars in 2003, including Best Picture, another 51 awards and 128 other nominations.

From the very first scene we’re introduced to the sensual vaudeville act of Velma Kelly (portrayed by Catherine Zeta Jones) and we are instantly seduced by the legendary song she dances to – ALL THAT JAZZ.

With quick sharp movements mixed with slow and sensual ones..

..matching the lyrics and the tempo of the song.

The audience is under a spell and everyone watches the dancers IN AWE – everyone in the night club this scene is set in and everyone at home watching the movie years later.

The whole dance points out to the way people acted when they went out to enjoy themselves in places where the gin is cold and the piano is hot.

They started to come out of their shells and paint the town – smoking and drinking as they pleased, acting against the law (let’s not forget that’s the Prohibition era).

The movie is filled with dance scenes you will love, but one of my favourites is THE CELL BLOCK TANGO SCENEwhich tells the stories of six women who find themselves in jail for murdering their lovers – they had it coming!

Pop! Six! Squish! Uh-uh! Cicero Lipschitz!

These six words will be stuck in your head for so long until you choreograph yourself a rendition of the famous scene.

Or at least, this is how it worked for me.

The bitterness of the murderesses is somehow empowering and it makes them look strong while they take control of their male dance partners.

An absolutely stunning and overwhelming performance for ANY VIEWER!

The Best 70’S Dance Movie

how to choose best 70's movie

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi

Alexandra Romanmi

The 1970’s came with their fair share of weird dance trends such as The Robot, The Bump, YMCA Dance, Funky Chicken Dance and of course,

The Disco Finger. 

These will always be remembered and occasionally re-enacted at nostalgic house parties.

Apart from these funky flashbacks, as an era of huge social and cultural change…

..the 70s made some important contributions to the dance field by adding styles like the Disco Swing, Breaking (of course) and Punk Dancing (yes, PUNKS CAN DANCE, but we basically call it Moshing and Pogo).

However, when it comes to the 70s my thoughts go to the biggest dance stars of that era: Rudolf Nureyev and Mikhail “Misha” Baryshnikov.

They are regarded as some of the best ballet dancers in history and watching them perform is SIMPLY MARVELOUS.

Luckily for us, apart from live footages featuring these men dancing on the world’s biggest stages, there are also movies in which they starred, still accessible to us.

What To Look For 

If I were to choose my favorite dance movie from the 70s it will most certainly be Valentino (1977).

Yes, that Valentino, Rudolph Valentino (Rodolfo Pietro Filiberto Raffaello Guglielmi di Valentina d’Antonguella), the Italian actor who stole the hearts of millions of women across the world.

His movie The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921) became one of the FIRST FILMS to make $ 1,000,000 at the box office.

Considered an early pop icon and the sex symbol of the roaring ‘20s, his sudden death at the young age of 31 caused MASS HYSTERIA and several women committed suicide when they found out their idol passed away.

Several decades later, in 1977, another Rudolph, this time the ballet dancer Rudolph Nureyev portrays him in a stunning movie, Valentino, directed by Ken Russell.

The short dialogue between Natasha Rambova and Alla Nazimova, two of the female characters in the movie, sums up everything that is great about Valentino and his performance.

 Natasha: “Is that Valentino? He certainly can dance.”

Alla: “What? I like. Yes, I like very much.

Very  good. Oh, beautiful. Beautiful animal!

Like a Tiger. He moves like a tiger! That face. What sensuality.”

Recommendation For You – Valentino (1977)

Nureyev manages to skilfully depict the way Valentino managed to manipulate his female counterparts with his good looks and out-of-this-world grace.

His unique attitude with a touch of elegant cruelty turned him into an emblem of both shocking, but extremely hard to RESIST SEXUALITY.

The portrayal of the Italian artist is timeless, genuine and honest.

The dance scenes, especially the tango with Mr Fatty’s Girl (Carol Kane) are masterfully choreographed, bringing pure passion and delight straight on your TV screen.

 It’s a beautiful, but tragic biography of a mysterious man played by another equally mysterious artist.

How To Choose The Best Breakdance Movie Reviewed in 2022

how to choose best breakdance movie

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Alexandra Romanmi

Alexandra Romanmi

Just like Hip-Hop, Breakdance is WILD and FUNKY, meant to make a statement and send a powerful message to the audience whenever performed.

There is a never-ending discussion about the difference between these two styles, with lots of misunderstandings about both of them.

Most myths will include radical categorizations such as breakdance is all about acrobatics and hip-hop is all about dance or mistakes related to the way these styles are choreographed (let’s all remember they are both freestyle dances in the end).

What To Look For 

People tend to argue a lot when it comes to the division between hip-hop and breakdancing, so getting your facts straight, especially if you happen to be a b-boy or a b-girl is a crucial step in your career development as a dancer.

A well-rounded breakdance artist will acquire knowledge about his field:

  • On the Dance Floor
  • In the Rehearsal Room
  • In Dance Clubs
  • On the Street but also
  • In the Comfort of His Own Apartment by Reading and Watching Movies About This Style

The Freshest Kids – A History of the B-Boy will come in handy and clarify all the details you need to know about breakdancing with hours of footage featuring the world’s most respectable b-boys:

Ken Swift, New York City Breakers, Mr Wiggles, Styelements together with the newest sensations and promising stars of the breaking scene.

The old school and new school of breakdancing are presenting the evolution of the dancers since the 1970s until today…

.. focusing on the EXPANSION OF the underground movement to a worldwide phenomenon and its return to the underground scene in a matter of decades.  

Rap legends like KRS-One or Mos Def are there to guide you through your craft’s history and development.

Recommendation For You – The Freshest Kids (2002)

With the musical innovations of the disc jockeys, such as Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash who created extended rhythm breaks using cross-mixing and scratching, wild and acrobatic dance styles saw the light of day.

Back spins, head balancing, flares and fancy halos took over the streets and dance floors, TRANSFORMING DANCE HISTORY FOREVER.

Another thing I like about is that the movie is a mixture of archive material mixed with amateur clips, keeping it very real and authentic.

Also, there are a few uncut b-boy battles like the ones between the Stylelements vs. The Renegades and the Flo Masters vs Super Dave that will have you glued to the TV.

If you have 94 minutes to dedicate to learning about the early days of this influential style (plus a couple more hours for the bonus footage), I highly recommend this documentary.

And if you don’t trust me, you can trust its 8.1/10 score on IMDB and its 4,5/5 rating on Amazon.

How To Choose The Best Hip-Hop Dance Movie Reviews In 2021

best hip hop dance movies

Hip-Hop dance is part of a culture which started off as an underground move on the streets of the East and West American Coasts.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi

Alexandra Romanmi

With the rise of the Internet and especially with the rise of platforms like YouTube, Hip Hop dance turned from an extra part in music videos into a true art in its own right.

Hip-Hop dancers like Wade Robson, Dan Karaty or Brian Friedman are making history and inspire generations of new artists.

TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance or America’s Best Dance Crew offer the chance to the most talented dancers to show off their work and that doesn’t go unnoticed.

People these days love it. Hip-hop Dance moved from the streets of the American Coasts to everywhere in the world.

And that is how it got to me…

What To Look For 

Living in a small European city, I never quite had access to the real street culture, so the only way I could interact with this lively and inspiring style that is Hip Hop, was by doing a little extra research.

 If you share a similar story with me, here are some great movies that will introduce you to the funky Hip Hop Universe:

Straight Outta Compton, Notorious, Wild Style and of course, 8 Mile starring Eminem and Curtis Hanson.

After you got the right vibe from these movies, diving in deeper into a narrower part of this culture, namely the Hip Hopdance, will probably require you to watch what was once regarded as the Holy Grail of Hip-Hop movies, Style Wars.

The movie was awarded the Grand Prize for Documentaries at Sundance Film Festival in 1983 and it is considered to be a crucial depiction of New York street culture in the ‘80s.

It is described as being about a golden age of youthful creativity that exploded into the world from a city in crisis.

As a huge fan of the Star Wars movies, I was intrigued with this documentary from the title. Its similarity with George Lucas’ franchise was not random, as they are both points of reference, crucial milestones in their genres.

 A.O. Scott from the New York Times called it a breakthrough documentary and he was right.

Recommendation For You – Style Wars (1983)

The movie depicts the hip-hop movement a minute before it became part of the pop culture, capturing its purest essence.

We are in the ‘80s when MCs, DJs and B-boys are changing the face of New York City, painting it in graffiti and organizing dance battles at every street corner.

Watching this movie will reveal to you the stories of the forefathers of one of the biggest artistic movements in the past hundred years.

VIBE, the premier publication and cultural base for the hip-hop world considers this movie to be the Hip-Hop’S Rosetta Stone and they are certainly right.

In my opinion any hip-hop dancer (and any dancer in general) should watch it at least once.

The famous dancer Crazy Legs shows up in this documentary, along with graffiti artists like Dondi, Seen or Shy 147.

The dance battle between the Rock Steady Crew and the Dynamic Rockers is simply so memorable that even the Rolling Stone wrote about it, so you probably do not want to miss it.

Best Dance Movie On Netflix Reviewed In 2022

How To Choose The Best Dance Movie On Netflix

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi

Alexandra Romanmi

With the rise of streaming services such as Netflix, we are given a chance to become the next generation of cinephiles from the comfort of our own home.

This also means that watching a dance movie and dancing in front of the TV along with the characters is now less embarrassing THAN EVER…

..since doing that in a cinema could potentially attract some unwanted attention and disturb some of the viewers.

What To Look For 

While the variety of movies, series, shows, concerts or documentaries Netflix offers can feel overwhelming when it comes to dancing.

There are a few titles you might not want to miss.

Depending on your personal taste, I recommend movies such as:

  • Dirty Dancing, Center Stage, Mr Gaga: A True Story of Love and Dance,
  • Burlesque (a personal guilty-pleasure) and
  • Restless Creature, the latest dance documentary about the famous ballerina Wendy Whelan.

However, there is one movie that I WHOLEHEARTEDLY INVITE EVERYONE involved in the dance field to watch and analyse.

A movie that captures the drama behind the curtain and bravely dives into the problem of mental illness, so common among high-level artists.

I am talking about Darren Aronofsky’s masterpiece – The Black Swan.

The mise-en-scene is absolutely brilliant and Natalie Portman is a gorgeous tragic character who invites the viewer into the OMINOUS MULTI-DIMENSIONAL UNIVERSE of the human mind.

The movie depicts a story of self-destruction using powerful images, filled with slightly hidden symbolism.

 One of my favourite scenes shows Nina (portrayed by Natalie Portman) hallucinating as the drawings in her mother’s studio come to life and become evil.

It points to the way her most beloved passion, the art of dancing, turned itself into her enemy, trying to kill her as she focused on trying to perfect it rather than ENJOY IT.

With its dark and creepy effects, the movie sets the frame for yet another story about the obsessed artist who becomes the helpless victim of his or her own biggest passion.

Recommendation For You – The Black Swan (2010)

Nina fights for the leading role in Swan Lake, which requires a dancer who can play both the delicate and fragile White Swan and its dark evil counterpart, the Black Swan to perfection.

Her competition –Lily, her dominating mother, the company’s director and especially her own dark side that slowly comes to surface, push Nina into a living nightmare, as she slowly descends into madness.

The dance scenes are glorious, the costumes and the make-up are dreamlike for any ballet dancer alive (me included) and the music…oh well, Tchaikovsky never disappoints. 

How To Choose The Best Dance Movie Of All Time Reviewed In 2022

best movie of all time

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi

Alexandra Romanmi

Cinematographic masterpieces will always be up there on a pedestal, waiting for us to get to them, to admire them, to talk about them.

But never to move them from the PLACE THEY’VE EARNED in the film industry.

How To Choose Best Dance Movie Of All Time

Masterpieces will remain masterpieces, points of reference for anyone interested.


What To Look For

While choosing top ten best movies of all time, I am very likely to include a few dance movies, not because I am a dancer, but because, they are GENUINELY GOOD.

For some people, the best movie of all time has to be a certain genre or have a certain theme, for others it has to star their favorite actors.

Or to have won a lot of awards, to be directed by a well-known director, or to score well on reputable websites.

For me and many others, it is a combination of these factors, plus the feel-good factor.

The best movie is the one that makes me feel the best; rather the one movie that manages to shake my soul, bend my mind and take me on an EMOTIONAL ADVENTURE from start to finish.

When it comes to the best dance movies of all time, they have a couple more conditions to fulfil:

  1. They first have to force me to get out of the bed (and start dancing in front of the TV like a lunatic)
  2. And second, they have to stimulate my creative inner-self and make it go wild.

If I don’t create anything after watching a dance movie, then it wasn’t good enough.

Without further suspense, my choice for the best dance movie of all times is Robert Wise’s and Jerome Robbins’ 1961 masterpiece – WEST SIDE STORY.

The movie is an adaptation of the 1957 musical of the same name, considered in itself an essential milestone in the history of musical theatre.

Based on the tragic Shakespearean love story of Romeo and Juliet, the film is set in New York in the 1950s.

Instead of the Houses of Montague and Capulet, we have the two vicious rival gangs, fighting for the neighbourhood control: the Jets and the Sharks.

They find it hard to deal with the love story between the Jets co-founder and ex-member Tony (portrayed by Richard Beymer) and Maria (brought to life by Natalie Wood) the Sharks leader’s sister.

Not surprisingly, young blood is shed.

My Recommendation For You – West Side Story (1961)

What seems to be a somehow trivial story about a forbidden tragic relationship turns out to be a very clever social commentary on racism, gun violence and gang culture, still relevant in today’s society.

Whereas most musicals of that time were created solely for entertainment purposes, the West Side Story was a brave step towards the deeper, more fulfilling type of productions, pointing out to the issues of humanity across the nations.

The way the actors managed to transpose the bravado, the arrogance and the conflict into dance still astonishes me today.

The dirty unglamorous fights between urban gangs are depicted in dance explosions of energy and wrath.

The painfully romantic love story is unveiled with gentle heart-breaking balletic movements.

The anxiety and suspense are built up with every stomp, with every sudden leap and violent gesture the actors make.

The way their bodies move tells a better story than any line in the script could have.

As the reputable journalist and director Benna Crawford says, ballet gave the choreography grace, jazz and genius gave it personality.

It’s a combination you don’t want to miss.

The fact that today, the choreographies in West Side Story are still well-known and part of many popular flashmobs around the world demonstrate the power dance had over the narrative of the movie.

Famous dance scenes made their way in sitcoms like Family Guy and The Simpsons and were used as cultural reference points.

As I don’t wish to give you any more spoilers to the story, I will only leave Bernstein’s brilliant soundtrack for this movie to convince you that you should watch it (and potentially fall in love with it).

Best Gifts For Dancers Reviews For 2022

gifts for dancers

Everybody loves gifts. It doesn’t really matter if you make a gift for someone you love or you receive one.

The simple act in itself brings happiness on both sides all the time.

But who started it?

When did we begin thinking of giving someone something without expecting anything in return?

Well, you may be surprised to find out that even cavemen did it, so this tradition dates way back in time.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi

Alexandra Romanmi

Whether we’re talking about the primitive gifts such as rocks, animal teeth, shells to be worn as jewelry, about the luxurious gifts Egyptians used to make to honor their pharaohs…

..Or we think of the Roman good luck tokens people used to give to one another, the conclusion is simple.

We have always loved offering anything we considered to be valuable to the ones we appreciated and respected.

This remained engraved in our DNA for centuries and centuries to come. And how great it is that we kept doing it!

However, before we get to experience the joy of gifts together with the person we intend to make a present for, we first need to think of one and buy it or make it.

And that proves to be hard sometimes.

Taking your time to come up with the perfect gift, will be very rewarding in the end, but in the meantime, it can seem quite stressful.

If you happen to be wondering about the perfect gifts for a dancer friend, relative or lover, I’m here to guide you through the process. 

We, dancers, can seem like a complicated hard to decipher species, but I promise we are not too hard to please.

We’re all artists, we appreciate the very nature of your gesture, the fact that you thought of us in the first place. 

However, if you want to be absolutely sure we’ll love the actual gift, I got some ideas that may come in handy next time you just can’t decide between a pink tutu and a way too expensive.

Birthday Gifts For Dancers 


Dance Pug Subscription


Christmas Gifts For Dancers



Gifts For Ballet Dancers



Gifts For Hip Hop Dancers



Gifts For Male Dancers



Gifts For Tap Dancers



Gifts For Salsa Dancers


The Complete Makeup Course

The Complete Makeup Course


Gifts For Young Dancers


Sterling Silver Ballerina

Sterling Silver Ballerina


Gifts For Little Girl Dancers 

Music Box Attic


Gifts For Swing Dancers


Swing Dance Double Pin Badge


Gifts For Irish Dancers



Gifts For Tango Dancers 


Tango in red painting

Tango in red painting


Gifts For Pole Dancers


Viola two piece outfit

Viola two piece outfit you could purchase on local high street or sites like etsy.



Whenever you feel in doubt about buying gifts for your dancer loved ones remember that the key of success is showing them you care about their craft.

They will appreciate whatever you buy or make for them that’s somehow related to their dance style because you took the effort to explore what they do in their everyday life.

Their art is who they are and showing interest in that will be very flattering.

People say dancers don’t need wings to fly, but they sure need people who love and support them in order to do that.

So be there for them, be part of their artistic journey and you’ll see how rewarding that feels for both of you in the end.

Remember that your presence and unconditional support is sometimes the most important and precious gift you can give to someone.

Best Gifts For Pole Dancers Reviews In 2022

gifts for pole dancers

Strength, grace, femininity, sensuality and crazy acrobatics – this is what comes to MY MIND when I think of pole dancing (Please use coupon code “sportsgratitude” for 10% discount.).

There is SO MUCH MORE to pole dancing than the usual associations we make between this style of dance and the night club industry.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

We can trace its roots back to 12th century Asia, where we can discover styles such as the Mallakhmab and the Chinese pole routines.

Later on, pole dancing became more and MORE SENSUAL, until it turned into a somewhat taboo subject in the 80s and 90s.

Nowadays, however, it is part of mainstream media and there is no more STIGMA around women performing this style.

There are even fitness classes featuring this style, teaching ordinary people how to use pole exercises to strengthen their bodies.

Once men and women around the planet started to understand HOW HARD performing on a vertical pole really is, they soon started to realize how much effort goes into a professional pole dancer’s training… THEIR VIEW on this style changed remarkably in the past two decades.

Pole dancing is now regarded as the beautiful art form it has always been.

While looking for dance resources on the internet, I even found a website called OPENDANCE Academy which offers hundreds and hundreds of online pole dancing classes from well-known instructors.

I thought it is great since there aren’t classes available in person EVERYWHERE across the world. So if you know someone who wants to take up classes, but can’t find one in their town, you can always share this with them.

However, if you are here it means that one of your loved ones is already practising this art form and you are looking to get them a gift.

They are usually FREE SPIRITS with strong personalities and equally strong physiques. They, like most other dancers, live by Friedrich Nietzsche’s famous quote:

Those who dance were considered to be insane by those who cannot hear the music.

The quote’s meaning goes deeper into Nietzsche’s philosophy, which I highly encourage you TO DISCOVER if you haven’t so far.

However, the message you need to take from these wise words is this: in order to buy the perfect gift for your loved one, you need to be part of the people who DO HEAR THE MUSIC.

What does this mean? You need to become part of their crazy bohemian artistic minds for a while, to understand their craft and to fall in love with it for real.

Then ask: What would they buy themselves in order to perfect their art? What would help?

I’ll make it easier for you and tell you THEIR SECRET.

Among the first things, a pole dancer would think of purchasing is a killer outfit for stage performances.

The outfit has SUCH AN important impact on both the performer, boosting her confidence, making her feel beautiful and sensual and the audience that appreciates the way the artist presents herself or himself in front of them.

The shiny outfits are part of what makes dances shows seem like MAGIC RITUALS.

And you can be part of what transforms a simple dance routine into a Mysterious, almost Mystical Experience. Turning you LOVED ONE from a person like any one of us into a divine character is on you now.

What is my favorite Esty shop?

One of my favorite Etsy shops comes in to help you through. Fi Bourke Designs on Etsy and Fi Bourke Design on their official website is an amazing place for pole dance outfits.

Fionnuala Bourke (Fi) is the designer behind some of the MOST SPECTACULAR handmade outfits on the market, in my opinion.

I do recommend you take a look in her online shop, as everything she does is an emblem of high-quality materials combined with high-quality craftsmanship.

She has hundreds of models available, but my favorite one is the Viola Two-Piece Outfit.

It’s an amazing costume, in my opinion, handmade in Fi’s studio, and it is available in a WIDE RANGE of color combinations.

You can also add other accessories like crystals or pearls if you want; all you need to do is to email the designer and tell her.

She will also ask for nine different measurements so she could make sure the costume WILL FIT YOUR loved one perfectly. You’ll need to take a look at the measurement guide prior to ordering the outfit.

There are multiple pant styles available, so you can choose what you believe is the most suitable.

More reasons to like Fi Bourke Designs?

Fi is extremely talented and open to new design suggestions, so if you have an idea she can TURN IT INTO REALITY and create a custom-made outfit for your loved one.

A great addition to any outfit, in my opinion, is the addition of WINGS, which is also available on the website.

They seem to truly complete that transformation I was talking about, offering the dancer that mystical creature AURA that we’re all so crazy about.

Make sure you share the end result of your outfit creation journey with us!

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Gifts For Tango Dancers Reviews In 2022

Gifts For Tango Dancers

Guess who made to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List?

Tango DID.

And it’s NO WONDER this wonderful style was included in the prestigious list. Tango is not just a dance or a MUSIC STYLE, it is a FEELING, it is history in MOTION.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

My favorite gift for tango dancer is:

Born from a fusion between Candombe, Habanera and Milonga, each coming from different places, Africa, Cuba and Argentina respectively, tango is a SPIRITUAL STATE.

Tango possesses you, as one of my instructors used to say. If it does not take CONTROL OF YOUR BODY, then you’re not doing it RIGHT.

That is something that any tango dancer who truly loves their craft will confirm for you.

And if you are here, reading this, it means you already KNOW ONE.

I know some too and I can tell that I’ve NEVER SEEN fire burning bright as it does in THESE PEOPLE. I grew up among artists and they’re all EXTREMELY PASSIONATE people, but tango dancers…

..Tango dancers ARE DIFFERENT.

They seem to transcend this plane of existence each time the accordion starts to play THEIR JAM.

Their PASSION EXCEEDS anything I HAVE EVER SEEN or experienced and that is what makes them extraordinary human beings to me and probably to you too.

Now the tough part: getting them a gift.

What’s something that matches the fire in their eyes?

What could it be? You’ll have to respond to fire WITH FIRE, to passion with the SAME PASSION!

But how? Tango dancers, like most dancers:

  • Don’t limit their horizon to their art
  • They are IN LOVE with art in all its forms

And their APPRECIATION for it is something you can easily explore and use in your pursuit of the perfect gift.

So, my gift recommendation when it comes to these WILD SOULS is quite simple:

A piece of art, preferably a PIECE OF ART that reminds them of their own. So I stopped at oil paintings depicting a couple of tango dancers.

What makes a piece of art so special?

There is something about oil paintings that manages to transmit a VERY POWERFUL MESSAGE if done right, as if you can almost see the people in it MOVING… you know their stories already and CAN FEEL them breathing IN FRONT OF YOU.

It was Love of Tango, a painting by Fabian Perez, the one that made me think of that.

I saw it in a dancer friend’s home, hanging on a wall and I caught myself looking at it as if I was watching A SHOW. It just felt right for that painting to be in a dancer’s home.

Perez’s dance paintings are so full OF LIFE AND PASSION that I feel it’s almost imperative for tango dancers to own one now.

The characters in them COME TO LIFE each time you look at the painting.

The effect is amazing. 

My favourite painting from him is Tango in Red. It is GORGEOUS and the story it tells seems to unfold in front of your eyes.

Looking at the couple positioned in the centre of the painting, you can INSTANTLY FEEL transported to that small underground bar where they were dancing and you can FEEL THEIR PASSION through the magic of Perez’s brush.

The woman’s face together with the positions of the man’s hand, are the two most touching details of this piece of art.

They tell the entire story of their lives and relationship.

There are many other Tango paintings you can choose from in Perez’s gallery, this is just my favourite.

You can opt out for the original oil on canvas paintings, for hand-embellished giclee on canvas or giclee on canvas (digital print) depending on the models available and on HOW MUCH you wish to spend on the gift.

Of course there are many, MANY OTHER Incredibly Talented Artists out there who make really good dance paintings…

..Perez just happens to be ONE OF MY FAVORITES, If you find others, please share their work with us.

Also, there is one more trick you can do with the painting idea that I’ve given you. If you have the slightest inclination towards art, why not try to create the piece of art yourself?

All you really need is to let your imagination GO WILD on canvas. If you’ve never put painted before, don’t worry there are lots of tutorials online.

One can never have enough of Bob Ross, Right?

And who knows maybe YOU’LL DISCOVER you’re quite good too.

In the end, however, it doesn’t matter if your painting is not a Rembrandt-like artwork, your tango dancer loved one will appreciate the RESULT regardless.

It will be YOUR PASSION on canvas and that in itself will be priceless. I got my dance painting gift from my sister years ago.

She was around 8 and she made this for my birthday. It is needless to say that NO OTHER GIFT really matched it that year. I still have it in my room and I’LL KEEP IT THERE FOREVER.

So go ahead and GET MESSY on canvas! And don’t forget to show us what you’ve made!

This is the painting I got from my sister

(This is the painting I got from my sister)

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Gifts For Irish Dancers Reviews In 2022

gifts for irish dancers

Ballet dancers have Bolshoi theatre, contemporary dancers have Martha Graham Dance Company, Cabaret dancers have Moulin Rouge, Tap dancers have Broadway..

..but what do Irish dancers have? They have The Lord of the Dance and Michael Flatley.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

My personal favorite gift for Irish dancer is:

Each and every dancer, regardless of the style they practice, probably ASPIRES to get to the top dance companies…

And perform along with their idols in the most well-known productions the world has seen so far.

The majority of us won’t get there from a VARIETY OF REASONS, but the point is that we don’t actually need to.

All that matters is that we still to hold on to our ideals every time we step in the rehearsal room and every time the SPOTLIGHT is on and the audience is watching.

You should perform like you’re PERFORMING AT Bolshoi, with the Czar watching from above, even if you’re actually dancing on an improvised stage in a parking lot!

The place does not matter. The audience always deserves the best we can give them – my old Russian ballet teacher used to say.

Another important role that these FAMOUS NAMES play in our lives is the fact that THEY MAKE US FEEL like we are part of something bigger than ourselves, part of a COMMUNITY that shares the same ideals and the same creative goals.

Sometimes this sense of belonging can be achieved rather easily, through a symbol.

For example, wearing a badge with the name of a certain club/studio/theatre shows you’re belonging to that place not necessarily because you got to work and PERFORM THERE, but because on a deeper level, YOUR IDEALS match the ideals that place represents.

You might have never even got to visit the place, but YOUR SOUL as an artist belongs to it because of the ideas it brought INTO THE WORLD.

On that note, I believe that a gift that reminds your loved ones of the BIGGEST and MOST FAMOUS Irish dance production will not only MOTIVATE THEM to become better and better at their craft

..but it will also help them to feel a sense of belonging to a bigger community.

It DOESN’T MATTER  in which corner of the world you were BORN, you’ve most assuredly heard about Flatley and his Lord of The Dance.

Written and choreographed in 1995-1996 this show is STILL TOURING ACROSS the world today BREAKING BARRIERS of:

  • Culture
  • Language
  • Charming audiences and
  • Offering Irish dancers a goal to ASPIRE TO.

I paid A VISIT to the official Lord of The Dance Merchandise website and found a couple of items that I believe your loved one will like.

I believe that AMONG THE BEST options are the official T-shirts with the Lord of The Dance Logo printed on their front.

They can be worn at rehearsals, adding that extra bit of motivation you need when things GET TIRING.

There are many color combinations available, as well as both women’s and men’s T-shirt models.

I like the red and gold combination for women, but that is simply a personal choice. You can also add a Flatley Lord Of Dance rehearsal bag to your gift, to complete it.

Inscription T-shirts from their favorite Irish Dance choreographer and from the most famous Irish Dance show in the world will probably MOTIVATE ANY DANCER to be better, work harder and achieve the level of performance that their idols display EACH TIME they go on stage.

It has the same effect as band T-shirts have on young musicians and music lovers.

Not that you’ve asked, but I do have an impressive collection of band T-shirts (Metallica still rocks!), so I know IT WORKS.

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Gifts For Swing Dancers Reviews In 2022

gifts for swing dancers

Born in the ‘20s, especially popular in the 1930s, DORMANT FOR FOUR DECADES, then revived in the 1980s, Lindy Hop seems to come from another planet.

Its energy and crazy aerials, together with the vintage clothes and hairstyles transport the audience a century back in time.

And YES, we all want to go back to the roaring 20s, anytime, anyhow.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

With its roots in the African American communities of New York, later on popularized by Hollywood actors like Dean Collins

…the Lindy Hop made its way both in social spaces and on the stage back then and now it made it somehow made its way into YOUR LIFE.

If one of your LOVED ONES is a Lindy Hopper, then you’re guaranteed to always have a fun time when they’re around.

They have their heads up in the clouds (quite literally) all the time.

They’re among the MOST ENTERTAINING DANCERS I’ve met and if you know the one you probably agree.

There’s no surprise that the most famous Lindy Hoppers of all times, the Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, was known as Whitey’s Lindy Maniacs, Whitey’s Hopping Maniacs or even The Harlem Congaroos.

These people know how to set the dance floor on FIRE.

And you are quite sure that they’re going to be the SOUL OF THE PARTY wherever you end up together.

They’re born to DANCE AND ENTERTAIN!

If it’s time for you to show them your appreciation by buying them a gift and you’re out of ideas, I’m here to help you.

They may seem intimidating as they usually have these BIG LOUD and colorful characters, but at their core, they’re all sensitive artists.

And that’s what we SHOULD THINK about when coming up with gift ideas for them:

  1. Little things that will touch their heart and
  2. Remind them of YOU and your appreciation for their craft will work the best.

The temptation to buy them a vintage piece of clothing can be very hard to RESIST, but unless you know their taste extremely well, I’d say don’t take that risk.

Dancers can get PRETTY SPECIFIC about their dancewear, so it’s better to let them purchase it.

Finding a unique piece of jewelry or an accessory for them to wear all the time is probably THE BEST WAY to go about it.

I have recently found a HIDDLE GOLD MINE in terms of handmade Lindy Hop-themed accessories. They are so hard to find!

Amy Hood Illustration website is a place you want to visit if you are looking for a cool gift idea for your dancer’s loved one.

My favorite item there is the Tacky Annies Double Pin Badge.

First of all, what is Tacky Annie?

It must be related to Lindy Hop, right?

Oh well, it is.

It is the fourth move of The Shim Sham Routine, which IN TURN it is a famous routine performed by the equally famous Lindy Hop dancer Frank Manning.

Your loved one certainly KNOWS ABOUT IT!

The Lindy Hop Moves website teaches you the entire routine online, so who knows maybe you’ll learn it yourself.

NOW, back at the double pin badge I was telling you about. It is a very well-designed handmade item, featuring two figurines, a man and a woman dancing, you guessed it, LINDY HOP.

These brooches are hand-cut from shrink plastic, are approximately 6 cm in height and are coated with a clear acrylic spray.

Here is how it works.

The fixing style is based on metal clutches on the back of the pins.

They can both be worn by your loved one or you can suggest that one stays WITH THEM and the other one should go to their partner.

This way they can mark the artistic bond that has been created between them. I am sure they’d appreciate that thought.

Along with the pins, I suggest you also add a piece of jewellery from THE EXACT SAME Tacky Annies collection.

This pair of earrings featuring the same dancer figurines is also handmade is perfect for ladies.

If you feel particularly INSPIRED by what you find on this website and want to draw the images for the badges yourself, just give it a try.

Maybe you can personalize them by MAKING THEM feature figurines of your loved one. I’m sure that would surprise them.

Here’s a Do It Yourself video walking you through all the steps you need to take in order to make pins at home.

All you need NOW IS A DRAWING  of your loved one. Go ahead and try it and of course feel free to share your results with us!

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Gifts For Little Girl Dancers Reviews In 2022

Gifts For Little Girl Dancers

We’ve all seen those famous dancing ballerina music boxes in movies.

It somehow FEELS LIKE every little girl in American dramas has one.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

My personal favorite gifts for little girl dancers is:

Well I was a little girl once and a ballerina, but I never OWNED such a thing.

I remember WISHING for one, but for some reason, I never really got it as a present, so I bought it for myself years later.

Don’t feel bad for me, it’s not as bad as it sounds!

However, the older I got, the MORE INTERESTED I got in this particularly peculiar object and its history.

Why are the cool things about this little box?

This little box is so much more complicated than you’d think at a first glance. It’s an ENGINEERING WONDER coming from as far back as the end of the 18th century.

Its mechanism consists of a metal cylinder with pins that protrude from it and pluck the prongs of a steel comb one at a time.

As decades passed by, the Swiss watchmaker SAW THE POTENTIAL in this mechanism and continued to improve its design until they got to the famous ballerina jewelry boxes we know very well today.

To me, these boxes always seemed almost MYSTICAL in nature. Watching the ballerina doll figurine twirling endlessly on the same tune is therapeutic, it is as close as I can get to a meditative state in the middle of the day.

Its movement manages to clear and unleash my mind FOCUSING IT on the sole act of creation. This is usually how I come up with new ideas for choreographies – while watching the little ballerina spin around and around.

Buying one for the little dancer in your family seems to me like a GREAT IDEA.

Apart from its obvious purpose of storing jewelry, this object will..

..carry an immense sentimental value and it could transform into something that they could pass on to future generations of dancers in your family.

Remember you can always choose to ENGRAVE SOMETHING ON IT in order to make it an even more personal and meaningful gift.

The ballerina boxes are actual time capsules and if you are fortunate enough to have one from an old member of your family you definitely understand this.

If not, it may be the time for you to START THE TRADITION.

Every little girl wants to have her own storage space, even from a young age, as it makes them feel more like their mothers.

If that little storage space manages to have something of their own personality in it, it’s even better.

There is a truly great company out there called the Music Box Attic full of people who love the world of mechanical music and ARE EAGER to share it with you and your little one.

With over 25 years of experience in this business, these people know how to make your gift special.

You can choose between a mechanical ware, which I recommend, or a digital module that can PLAY ANY SONG in their tune library.

You can also choose to engrave something directly on the WOOD or they could attach plaques with inscriptions anywhere on the item you order. They also offer a one year guarantee and a lifetime warranty on all their products.

When it comes to the timeless ballerina boxes, they have almost 50 models available, but my favorite one is the Modern Wood Ballerina 3 Tiered Musical Jewellery Box.

Do I recommend it?

Yes. This is also the one I purchased a while ago and I still HOLD DEAR.

The high-quality woodwork is REALLY IMPRESSIVE, as it makes this box feel like an item meant to last in my family for multiple generations.

The interior is lined in plush fabric and it features a tiny mirror and the ballerina figure that spins around to the song.

  • The top has two large open compartments and a CENTRE STORAGE SPACE for rings.
  • The lower drawers feature open compartments perfect for necklaces, rings and bracelets.
  • The hardware and drawer pulls are made of silver and the exterior has a glossy wood finish.

The 18 note tune I chose was A Time For Us from Romeo and Juliet.

But they also have hundreds of other options available, from Schubert’s Ave Maria to Bizet’s Carmen or The BeatlesYellow Submarine.

Moreover, if you can’t find the tune you like, you can ADD a custom tune of your own, but that will increase the price a little.

There are also options for 22 note, 30 note or 36 NOTE MUSIC BOXES for the same model.

You can opt for a custom ballerina figurine – it could be Caucasian or African American – which also seemed like A REALLY GREAT THING to me, showing their attention to detail.

The engraving service is available for this item, at a small additional price.

You can even add a logo, a little artwork or a photo to the music box if you want. It is an OVERALL IMPECCABLE  product and it comes with equally impeccable customer service.

Remember that this comes from someone with slightly annoyingly high expectations when it comes to dance-related products.

I REALLY LOVE my ballerina box and I think it would make a timeless present for little dancer girls all around the world.

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Gifts For Young Dancers Reviews In 2022

Gifts For Young Dancers

Someone asked me once what would I save if MY HOUSE was on fire and I could only pick one object before I left it…

..My hand instinctively went to the delicate silver chain I had around my neck and looked for the ballerina pendant that was hanging from it.

This, I said while holding the LITTLE PENDANT between my fingers.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

The pendant is not in itself special if you judge it by its MATERIAL VALUE, but if you understand its emotional value, it is absolutely PRICELESS.

My mother gave it to me when I was 14. Take this so you’ll always remember I’m there for you, my little ballerina, she said.

She gave one to my sister, who is also a dancer, a few years after that. We are both wearing them EVER SINCE.

They not only represent what we have become, but also the person who has always been there for us on the long road of our becoming.

Even if today we live FAR APART from one another, this little symbol unites us and REMINDS US that we’ll always support each other.

(this one is my own ballerina pendant and it comes with me everywhere)

(this one is my own ballerina pendant and it comes with me everywhere)

Young dancers need this kind of symbolism in their lives as it will shape who they become as adults.

In a world that gets more and more complicated and confusing, young people need to understand the value of very simple things.

It won’t be another pendant, another PIECE OF JEWELLERY they will throw into the closet and forget about…

…it will be a powerful statement from their loved ones, a symbol of their love and unconditional support for their hobby and maybe a future career.

Young dancers who are at the beginning of a LIFELONG COMMITMENT to the art of dancing are usually people who will appreciate this kind of symbolic gift more than ANYONE ELSE…

..understanding its depth and value, through their artistic and sensitive soul.

When picking the best pendant and necklace model, make sure it is LONG-LASTING.

Choose a material that will stand the TEST OF TIME, as you’ll want your young one to have it with them for many decades, preferably in a good shape.

Gold and silver are good options as they do not RUST.

They don’t need to be BIG or ostentatious, even the tiniest one will do the trick. There are many options available, but I chose one that is close we to what I have received as a young dancer.

My recommendation will be from an Etsy shop called kyooziAccessories.

This sterling silver ballerina pendant comes with a beautiful and delicate necklace and would make for a GREAT GIFT in my opinion. You get to choose the length of the silver necklace, as it can be 14, 16, 18 or 20 inches long.

The pendant height is 25 mm and its width 17 mm.  It is handmade and it comes in a cute gift box.

The designer also accepts making custom sizes and designs, so if YOU WISH to engrave something on it, you can contact her.

If you are a CREATIVE PERSON YOURSELF and wish to craft this gift on your own, you can always take your time and make your own dancer pendant.

There are tons of handmade pendant ideas on the internet, but this glass photo one is probably MY FAVORITE ONE.

Go ahead and try a few designs yourself and share the results with us!

Don’t forget it’s not necessarily the pendant itself that matters, but the MEANING IT CARRIES.

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Gifts For Salsa Dancers Reviews In 2022

salsa dancing gifts

What would life be without a little salsa? I know and I think YOU KNOW TOO – probably less colorful, less passionate, and… less spicy.

Since you are reading this though, it means you were lucky enough to have had a little bit of salsa in your life, one way or another.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

My personal recommendation gift for salsa dancer is:

Perfect Your Personal Make Up (this product is not sponsored or we get paid for recommendation this product; I just think it will be an awesome gift for salsa dancers)

Whether you are yourself a salsa dancer or you have a loved one practicing this exotic style, salsa has managed to blend with your existence and that’s great.

A superb mix between Cuban dances and American jazz, salsa has been enriching OUR LIVES for more than half a century.

Now what do you do if you want to buy a gift for a salsa dancer?

You think like one. They are passionate people, who enjoy performing and who love to be on the dance floor under the spotlight.

What do they need there, apart from their skills?

The answer is SHINY, but comfy clothes, the right shoes and of course the right makeup.

Artists spend a lot of time getting ready for their performance, regardless of the style they practice and the makeup routine is a very important step for them to LOOK AND FEEL THE BEST.

If you’ve ever participated in a salsa championship, you must have been amazed by the way the people competing there look like.

They’re ABSOLUTELY PERFECT all the time:

  • Perfect Clothes
  • Perfect Hair and
  • Perfect Makeup

None of that comes easy and this is where you can step in and help your loved one with a very suitable gift: a professional makeup class.

Most of us dancers cannot afford to travel with a personal makeup artist at our dance shows and competitions, so we need to take on that ROLE OURSELF.

For some of us, it’s easier and it comes naturally, but most of us struggle.

The art of makeup is extremely complicated even if it may not seem like it.

It’s almost like painting, but when the canvas is your face and that face has to be under the spotlight

Things get tricky VERY QUICKLY.

We need to know:

  • How to play with colours
  • To understand tones and undertones
  • To know how much makeup to put on
  • To know what products work best for our skin and
  • Of course to know how to take care of our skin after the show is over.

Stage makeup is WILDLY different than the daily street makeup we usually practice on ourselves, so a little help from professionals is always more than welcome.

With the myriad of makeup tutorials available on the internet today, you’d think that everybody is a makeup artist…

..but things are NOT QUITE like that and taking advice from unprofessional people CAN ACTUALLY have important consequences like damaging your SKIN.

Nobody wants that.

A professional makeup course that comes WITH A CERTIFICATE is probably the best route to take if you know you’re going to apply a SERIOUS AMOUNT OF MAKE UP on your face on a frequent basis.

And your salsa loved one will. Since they DO have a busy schedule, the best option to go for is the online course.

That way, they can access it and go through it at their convenience.

My recommendation comes from the Online Makeup School and it is Perfect Your Personal Make Up.

You can purchase it as a gift and after that you will receive an e-mail with access instructions for YOUR LOVED ONE.

They will have life-access to 90 video lessons, a digital textbook, one-on-one tutoring, unlimited support via email and of course an official Certificate of Completion when they finish the training.

The course covers topics such as

  • Skincare
  • Colour theory
  • Eye makeup
  • Lips makeup
  • Contouring
  • Primer & foundation and 
  • The use of powder all very important in our routine

It’s an affordable, yet high quality option that I HAVE ENJOYED going through and I can tell it made a difference in the end result of my weekly make-up adventures.

It’s a great gift for dancers, a really good investment that WILL BOOST their confidence, make their life easier and their skin happier.

Perfect Your Personal Make Up

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Gifts For Tap Dancers Reviews In 2022

Tap Dance Gifts

Dancers need role models like plants NEED LIGHT.

Gifts for them can always include suggestions of great people they can LEARN FROM.

Hence, autobiographies are among the best gifts ideas you can think of when it comes to artists who are on their way of finding their own voice in their craft.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

My personal favorite book for tap dancers is:

This kind of books offers an intimate insight INTO THE LIVES of people who went from ORDINARY to EXTRAORDINARY

…while leaving us with CLUES about how to get there ourselves.

When in doubt about our career, it is crucial to know that others succeeded!

I am currently OBSESSED with a choreography created by Steven McRae, a principal dancer with the Royal Ballet in London.

The performance I’m talking about is the Csardas, in which he SO BRILLIANTLY mixed classical ballet with tap dance.

It’s an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING PERFORMANCE that I definitely recommend you to watch.

If you have any tap dancers in your family or friends circle, they definitely love McRae and will be delighted to find out that you know about him too.

However, when it comes to naming a current legend of this REALM, also known as the man who saved tap dance, the person most of them will think of will be Savion Glover.

Savion Glover

Although Fred Astaire remains the god of tap dance, Savion has been walking in his shoes for decades now.

He represents the FRESHER VOICE of this STYLE to which dancers of today can more easily relate to.

Trained by another legend, Gregory Hines, Savion started teaching when he was only 14, while his first Broadway appearance was at 11.

At 15 he got nominated for the prestigious Tony Award following his performance in Black and Blue (1989).

He’s a TRUE PRODIGY, the man who revived the world of tap dance, bringing it back into the spotlight.

His mother recalls the fact that HE LOVED making Noise and Creating Rhythms even before he could WALK or TALK.

He loved to tap on her pots and pans, on the walls of their house and ANY furniture that made a pleasing sound.

Like any other artist, your tap dancing loved one, needs someone to look up to…

..Someone who can offer some SORT OF GUIDANCE in their self-discovery journey.

I believe that Savion’s story is full of inspiration, as he is not only an IMMENSENSLY talented dancer and choreographer, but also one of the people who transformed the way we perceive dance today.

In one interview he said he wants to give the next generation the dance, helping young people understand dance as much more than a form of entertainment.

And he did.

All you need to do in order to understand that is TO WATCH his masterpiece Bring in ‘Da Noise, Bring in ‘Da Funk (1996). It’ll all make sense then.

Getting to know this KIND OF personality will most certainly contribute to any artistic career.

Since not each and every one of us is fortunate enough to meet him FACE TO FACE, Savion came up with a solution.

He’s got a biography!

How convenient is that?

Savion!: My Life in Tap was published in 2006  and it reveals both an insight into Glover’s work as an artist and a short history of tap dancing.

He stops and discusses every milestone in his career and THE WAY he treated it.

It is a true spring of inspiration for dancers of all ages and in all stages of their amateur or professional career.

When in doubt, a biography or autobiography of an already successful artist is a GREAT GIFT for the becoming artist in your family of circle of friends.

However, if you appreciate the lifelong career and achievements that your dancer loved one has had so far, if you FEEL INSPIRED by their life story…

..and creative contribution to the dance world, take the hard path and try writing their own biography instead.

Then, present it as a gift.

I believe it is an honour to have somebody who takes the time to do such an extraordinary thing for you, such as writing your biography.

It may seem like a VERY LONG PROCESS, but remember that it does not have to be a book ready to publish the next day, but a draft containing the life of the person you appreciate so much.

There may be role models out there, people we never hear of as their stories GET LOST IN TIME.

You can make sure that does not happen to your talented loved one.

If you want to do this though, MAKE SURE YOU plan ahead, as writing a biography is NOT AN EASY TASK and it will take at least a few months to complete.

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Gifts For Male Dancers Reviews In 2022

Gifts For Male Dancers

If you were to think of the MOST FAMOUS and distinguished male dancer of all time, who would he be?

In my opinion, he’s King Louis XIV of France. Imagine your male dancer friends being compared to the Sun King!

Flattering, ISN’T IT? (YEP)

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

My personal favourite gifts for male dancers is:

Wait! It gets more interesting.

Sun King; he’s the one who FOUNDED the first academy of dance in the later part of the 17th century, the academy that trained the first professional male dancers of the WORLD.

Your loved one DEFINATELY holds him in high regard, so next time you meet up, mention him and be prepared for a long lecture about the VERY FIRST IDOL of the dance world.

Also, did you know that back then men dominated the professional stage?

Women roles were danced by men wearing masks. It wasn’t until a century and a half later, when ladies started to enter the dance world.

Even if today when we say dance or ballet, we usually think of graceful ballerinas on their pointe shoes, not very LONG AGO, the world had a different view on the matter.

Keep that in mind for a chance to SPARK a really interesting discussion with the dancers in your entourage.

Of course conversations about dance history are great and will truly make your dancer friend or relative feel good, as you show interest in their work field, but if you want to show more appreciation and by making them a gift, things can get a little trickier.

What should you get? Where should you start?

I PERSONALLY believe that when it comes to dancers, some of the best gifts are the gifts of KNOWLEDGE

Helping dancers develop in their careers is CRUCIAL to their becoming.

Their area of expertise is always expanding, and the more they know about the world around them, the more they can transpose in their performance, making it more natural, more visceral.

Wouldn’t it be great for you to contribute to that?

When you consider doing this, you need to be aware of the way men and women learn in order to get the most suitable gift for this purpose.

According to Stanford Medicine, men’s brains are more concentrated on:

  • Spatial & mechanical functioning
  • On the working memory
  • Having superior Visual and Spatial skills

Compared to women who seem to be better at:

  • Long term memory
  • Verbal abilities
  • FIne-motor skills and Perceptual speed

With that in mind, what sort of gift could you get?

I believe your dancer loved one would really APPRECIATE an Anatomy of Dance book.

Understanding the MOVEMENT of the body from a BIOMECHANICAL point of view will not only help them LEARN more about their ART, but would also improve their performance.

Although it might sound DULL, I promise you that learning dance anatomy is a very important step in a performer’s career.

Knowing our body INSIDE and OUT helps us make use of its wonders by controlling our movements more carefully.

Anatomy of the human body is an art form in itself.

All it takes for us to understand that is to take a look at Leonard da Vinci’s marvellous anatomical sketches and read the notes he made on a notebook sheet in the 15th century, which described what he wanted to find out while studying the human body:

“What nerve is the cause of the eye’s movement and makes the movement of one eye move the other?

Of closing the eyelid.

Of raising the eyebrows. . . .

Of parting the lips with teeth clenched. Of bringing the lips to a point.

Of laughing.

Of expressing wonder.

Set yourself to describe the beginning of man when he is created in the womb and why an infant of eight months does not live.

What sneezing is. What yawning is. Epilepsy.


Paralysis. . . .


Hunger. Sleep. Thirst.

Sensuality. . . .

Of the nerve that causes the movement of the thigh.

And from the knee to the foot and from the ankle to the toe.” (Leonardo da Vinci, 1489).

How poetic is that?

And how great is it that today we know the answers to all of his questions?

Buying a Dance Anatomy textbook for your loved one could INSPIRE and provide him with the knowledge that the great Leonardo was so ardently SEEKING.

One of the best books on this topic is Dance Anatomy by Jacqui Greene Haas, the athletic trainer for Cincinnati ballet, director of the dance medicine academic seminars on and former ballet dancer at Boston Ballet.

She is also the director of the Dance Medicine Division of Wellington Orthopaedics in Ohio.

The book FOCUSES on teaching the anatomy of the musculoskeletal system and nervous system

..while taking each body section such as:

  • The Spine
  • The Ribs
  • The Core
  • The Shoulders
  • Arms
  • Pelvis
  • Hips
  • Legs & Feet and Analysing it in detail
  • Providing dance-focused exercises for EACH OF THEM.

There is also a chapter dedicated to Injury Prevention which I find REALLY USEFUL and a Whole Body Training chapter that explains static and dynamic stretches and plyometric training.

An all in all great tool that will help dancers organize their training sessions at home or at the gym, while FOCUSING on three key elements of their development:

  • Enhancing their Strength
  • Maximizing Flexibility and
  • Of course avoiding Injuries

Moreover, if they like the book and the subjects it tackles YOU CAN always get them a subscription to the most acclaimed journal dedicated to dance education research and practice:

The Journal of Dance Education, as they can find hundreds of dance science articles there.

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Gifts For Hip Hop Dancers Reviews In 2022

Gifts For Hip Hop Dancers

Hip-hop dancers are known for their swag. Yes, SWAG.

By writing this, I might have I’ve just transported you back in time a decade or so when the word was actually trendy (so trendy that it received the Hip Hop Word of the Year title in 2011).

But hey, my statement is still TRUE…

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi

Alexandra Romanmi

My personal favorite gift for hip hop dancer is:

..Hip Hop dancers love to be COOL everywhere they go, and to be fair with a fancy move or two, they get that reputation almost INSTANTLY.

However, it’s not all in the moves.

It’s also in their look.

Their clothes and accessories complete the artist that they EMBODY, so helping them do so, by offering them an inspired gift, will make them extremely happy and grateful.

Hip Hop dancers love their hoodies. Buying one for them can never go wrong.

Most of my hip-hop friends seem to have been born wearing them, as I can’t really picture them dressed differently.

Hoodies are a symbol of Replace Image the hip-hop culture and worn with the right ATTITUDE they look cool in every situation, be it on the street or on the dance floor.

When it comes to other clothing items things get more complicated.

For example, they are picky about their shoes since they do make a difference in their DANCE ROUTINES.

So don’t go there unless you know exactly what brand, what model and what size they need!

Hoodies are way easier to choose and guarantee the success of your gift.

In terms of chromatics, I would advise you to choose a black SHADE, as it will match any crazy pants or shoes your friend might choose to wear with it.

The size is important, but it’s not crucial, since baggy hoodies are a thing.

So don’t worry if you can’t estimate it EXACTLY. The detail to pay attention to will be the fabric the hoodie is made of.

Your friend will most likely take it to rehearsals, so you want to make sure it is suitable for that.

Cotton and cotton blends are the best choices as they are breathable and resistant.

My favourite option on the market so far comes from TEEPUBLIC and it is the Eat.Sleep.Hip Hop. Repeat hoodie.

Why do I like this gift? 

First of all I love Teepublic because of who they are: a marketplace for independent artists.

Every product you buy is designed by an independent creator and each purchase supports an artist, a podcast or a STREAMER. I am sure your dancer friend or family member will love the idea too.

Secondly, the products themselves are of a high quality and come at an affordable price.

The hoodie I’ve recommended is made of a cotton and polyester blend, which is good for DANCING.

In terms of the model, you can choose between a classic hoodie, a classic zip hoodie, a lightweight or a lightweight zip style.

The colours available are black, navy, grey, red and purple. However, I would always go with the black classic one.

The sizes range from XS to 3XL, so you’ll definitely find one that fits.

If you like the design and WISH to add more to your gift, there are also T-shirts, mugs and stickers with the same Eat.Sleep.Hip Hop.Repeat text on them to match the hoodie.

I’m sure your dancer loved one won’t mind.

You know what they say: the more, the merrier.

Quick tip: If you consider yourself among the independent creators who would BRING VALUE in the dance marketplace, you could join TEEPUBLIC too and who knows, even design the hoodies yourself.

If you’ve got any ideas, share them with us.

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Gifts For Ballet Dancers Reviews In 2022

gifts for ballet dancers

If you have a ballet dancer in your family or circle of friends, you are fortunate enough to be able to TRAVEL BACK in time each time you see them.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

This is my personal favourite gift for ballet dancer:

Ballet dancers are these weird, but lovely people sent to us from centuries back.

The way they MOVE, the way they talk and obviously their work on stage rarely seem to belong to today’s world.

Given their peculiarity, it may be quite difficult to choose a gift for them, but I got your back.

Trust me, I’m a ballet dancer and we’re not all that DIFFERENT after all.

Ballet dancers are usually dedicating their entire life to this art, always trying to be better than they were yesterday and trying to achieve the perfection they see in their IDOLS.

We all dream of becoming Pavlovas and Nureyevs and for that we work hard EVERY single day.

What is the most difficult part of our dance journey?

We have our instructors to guide us, but the most difficult job still belongs to us and our capacity to discipline ourselves not to stray from the path we’ve chosen.

Sometimes it is hard to do it on our own and all we need is SUPPORT from our loved ones.

If you’re wondering how to do that, how to stay present in their lives even when you are not physically there… can do it by offering them a little gift that would always remind them of your UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and SUPPORT.

Are you curious know my favourite gift my parents gave me?

To me, this was a little diary I got from my parents that helps me track my progress.

I have it with me all the time and while it helps with my work, it also reminds me of my parents and how much they CARE about my artistic career.

Most people tend to LEARN by organizing their thoughts in writing.

The SIMPLE ACT of using pen on paper clears our mind and helps us focus more on the tasks we need to achieve.

 It is almost like a form of MEDITATION, which is more than welcome after a tiring day at the dance studio.

Diaries come in all shapes and styles, but I honestly PREFER the ones that have some structure and exercises inside them, rather than the ones with blank pages.

They help you reflect on your day, even if you don’t have the necessary INSPIRATION and don’t know where to begin. They give you a starting point and it is very helpful.

Writing the Dance: Workbook & Journal for Dancers, by Richard Kent and Josie Bray is always sitting QUIETLY in my dance bag.

It’s a really great resource that helps me reflect on my training:

On what I like about it and what I don’t like, but wish to IMPROVE.

It comes with exercises you can do after rehearsals, such as writing down what your strengths and weaknesses were during the rehearsal…

..what you ENJOYED and did not enjoy about your duo or group work that day, whose performance you liked best during the training session and so on.

There’s also a Dancer Check-in section that helps you monitor your:

  • Sleep,
  • Hydration level,
  • FItness, and
  • Nutrition plan, as well as your mental health.

It feels like my mom is always there to CHECK ON ME, even if it’s just through this diary that she offered me.

For a fun touch, next to any kind of diary you end up purchasing you can throw in this cute bookmark featuring … ballerina legs.

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Christmas Gifts For Dancers Reviews In 2022

Christmas Gifts For Dancers

Christmas Time is usually vacation and celebration time. For dancers though, it’s showtime!

Most of us are EXTRA BUSY for all of November and for a good part of December, with shows that are booked months in advance.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

My personal favorite Christmas gifts for dancers is:

Whether it’s a full Nutcracker season at the opera, charity and fundraising performances or children’s Christmas shows, we are all working hard during that period of the YEAR.

We’re away from our loved ones, many of us even touring around the country, facing an all in all stressful time.

With that in mind, imagine what our perfect Christmas looks like: full-time relaxation mode activated.

All we really want is to SPEND TIME with our FAMILIES:

  • To cook together
  • Tell stories, and
  • Connect with the people we love the most

but also to take some time for ourselves:

  • To chill alone
  • Wrapped up in a soft blanket
  • With a cinnamon hot chocolate next to us, and
  • A good book as our companion

I’m OLD, alright? Don’t judge me!

You’ll get there too. Someone once told me that dancers and artists IN GENERAL are the oldest people on Earth.

They are centuries and even millennia old, depending on how many characters they brought into existence through their creations.

So I’m allowed to act like a grandma, ok?

Jokes aside, if you want to buy a Christmas gift for a dancer, a good book will do the job PERFECTLY.

Now the TRICK is that while our reading list includes a wide range of subjects and genres (just like everybody else’s), during Christmas we usually focus on dance-related books.

The break we take from our rehearsals during the Winter Holidays makes us feel a little GUILTY… continuing to maintain a connection with the dance world, even though a book, helps a lot.

There are no right or wrong choices, as long as you stay away from cheesy romantic novels featuring dancers.

I don’t know anyone who TRULY loves those.

My number one book recommendation is Winter Season, A Dancer’s Journal, by Tony Bentley.

I read it when I was around 18 and it just stuck with me. It’s a stunning creation that I believe every dancer, regardless of the STYLE they practice, should read at some point.

As part of the dance industry, we strive to be our best versions all the time and sometimes we do get QUITE competitive.

It could be because we want that main role in the next theatre production because we got a dance battle coming up or PERHAPS because we’re competing in the next International Dance Championship, but in the end, it doesn’t matter.

When you reach the high level you’ve been DREAMING OF, a new fear starts creeping in: the fear of being the bottom of the top.

And this is EXACTLY What this book is all about.

It is written by a dancer for dancers and you can FEEL that in every word you read. Tony Bentley, the author, is a former ballerina who danced at the New York City Ballet under George Balanchine.

Winter Season documents her young adult life, describing the tumultuous decade she worked there.

While I have a long list of other titles to recommend, including more titles from the same author, here’s a piece of advice:

If you truly want to surprise you dancer loved one, don’t rely on other authors to write the all the books you buy!

Take your time and write a story yourself!

I promise you don’t need to be a Pulitzer Prize winner in order for your loved one to fall in LOVE with YOUR CREATION.

Try it out and let me know how it turned out!

You can even share a synopsis with us if you want.

Who knows how many undiscovered talents may be hiding out there?

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Best Birthday Gifts For Dancers Reviews For 2022

Birthday Gifts For Dancers

As dancers we never cease to learn new things. We are always looking for ways to perfect and expand our techniques, our knowledge about dance or its history and to boost our creativity.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

We’re geeks for our whole lifetime; we’re the eternal students of the creative world, even if we want to seem like carefree bohemian artists.

So, here’s a tip: the best gift for us could be a new learning opportunity.

What kind of learning opportunity? Let me explain.

In the dancers’ world, we’re always struggling to get to study under the most appreciated and FAMOUS choreographers on the planet.

It’s an honour to do so and the ways in which these opportunities may impact our lives and careers make us always seek to sign up for workshops and masterclasses where these people go and TEACH every year.

They are usually a big expense and we don’t get to go as often as we should or want to.

However, the internet has made it a lot easier for us lately. 

With the rise of online teaching, we can take these classes in the COMFORT of our own home. Although, it is not ideal, it helps a lot.

So if your dancer loved one has a birthday coming up, don’t hesitate to invest in a dance workshop for them.

I don’t know any performer who would not be surprised and extremely grateful for that. I actually got one of those from my sister last year and I loved it a lot.

She went for Misty Copeland’s Ballet Technique and Artistry on Masterclass, which I totally recommend.

However, it is quite short with less than two hours of teaching in total, so I’d go for something longer which offers a bit more material to work on.

Doing your research before you purchase a class for your LOVED ONE will pay off. Keep in mind to look for these key features:

  • Well-known certificated choreographers.
  • The possibility to sign up for more classes on the same platform.
  • An interactive platform with people that can provide one-on-one guidance and feedback.
  • The possibility of receiving a certificate after finishing the course.
  • The possibility to join a community and extend their work network, if they like the people they meet online.
  • Make sure they are not already signed up for it.

I know it may seem like a lot to keep in mind, but there are courses that do check all the boxes in my list.

You might have noticed, I have not included the dance style in my list.

And that’s because it does not necessarily MATTER.

We are usually HAPPY to try out new styles and personally I strongly believe that a complete dancer has to know a bit of everything.

I am a ballet dancer, but I’d be just as happy to take a hip-hop class (where I would not really excel, but hey, I’ll try), as I would be to take an advanced under to most severe teacher at the Bolshoi theatre.

If you get us to study something dance related, we’ll be happy. It’s easy like that.

My personal recommendation if you like this idea will be the Dance Plug subscriptions. 

They are simply the best in my opinion.

The platform offers a WIDE range of classes, covering most styles – from ballet, to Bollywood – you name it, THEY HAVE IT!

Under every class description, you will find the instructors and their achievements, so even if you are not a dance aficionado…

…you’ll be able to tell who’s done their homework and who didn’t, who’s FAMOUS and appreciated and who’s not.

And they do have their fair share of highly acclaimed teachers, I promise!

I love their class plans, as you can choose from a number of schemes that best suit your PREFERENCES: you can pay for a month, three, six or for a whole year.

However, any plan will guarantee access to all of their tutorials (600+), which is great as they take the burden of choosing a specific class away from you.

Another great feature of this platform is the audition listings they have, so you’ll not only provide your loved one with a learning opportunity, but potentially with a work opportunity.

They can also join a great online community and take part in a VARIETY of events they post each week, if they happen to be around.

If they are working for their own show, they can also find the right fellow dancers for it on the platform, as it also offers a recruitment feature, where they can advertise a position themselves.

 All in all, a perfect, yet affordable option for a birthday present. And who knows, you might like what you find there and even sign up on the platform yourself.

There’s no greater present for us dancers, than a loved one who takes interest and joins us in our CRAZY dance adventure!

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The Neuroscience of Dance and its Health Benefits

benefits of dancing

Everybody knows Swan Lake. Its exquisite:

  • Tutus
  • Painfully ELEGANT poses
  • Refined pointe shoes and
  • Tchaikovsky’s sumptuous music make it a point of reference in the world of dance.

Whether you’ve ever seen this piece of ART or not, those are most assuredly the first images that pop up in your mind when you hear the word “ballet”.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

What about “tango”?

You probably imagine two aristocratic looking people, dressed in black and red, marching seductively towards one another on the dance floor.

You can almost hear the accordion crying in the background and feel the PASSION in the dancers’ eyes.

However, you’ve probably never danced tango.

Why is it so familiar then?

Dance is part of our lives whether we realize it or not, whether we practice it regularly or we only dance once a year at our office Christmas PARTY, forced by the circumstances.

We dance when we’re happy, when we’re in love, sometimes outside our boss’s office after we got that promotion we’ve been waiting for.

We dance when we’re sad and need to get rid of the negative ENERGIES in our bodies, we dance when we’re lonely and want to connect with Mother Earth and we have been doing so since the very beginning.

Although nowadays we see it more like a leisure activity, dance has occupied a central position in our prehistoric and ancient ancestor’s life.

They used it to celebrate important events in their community and thus to SOLIDIFY their bonds between the members of their groups.

Milestones such as initiations of young people, yearly crop harvest, wedding ceremonies or magical rituals were all marked by a certain dance.

The Center of Experimental Archeology in Denmark has actually tried to reconstruct the most important “choreographies” from the Neolithic Era and the results are quite ASTONISHING, as we can now see how our predecessors perceived dance in comparison to what we know today.

So what is it about dance that stuck with us since the caveman days until now and how does our brain make it work?

Is the dancers’ brain different from than non-dancers one?

If yes, how?

And why does it matter?

Can we use dance as medicine?

The research field FOCUSING on the neuroscience of dance is still very new, but highly promising since more and more renowned universities undergo studies to answer these questions.

Dance or Die: the Healing Rituals in Africa 

HEALING effects of dance have been highly used throughout the many cultures of the old continent of Africa and understanding dance therapy means analyzing its roots.

Dance was considered to be VITAL, as the African dance tradition aimed to create a bond between the mind, the body and the community in order for the healing processes to take place.

In African Dance as Healing Modality Throughout Diaspora, Nicole M. Monteiro and Diana J. Wall talk about some of the most important African dance traditions and their relevance in the treatment and management of trauma in today’s practices.

One originates from Senegal and the other from Ethiopia.

The Ndeup and Zar are forms of SPIRIT possession rituals in which the patient is thought to be released from the spirit that caused his or her affliction.

They include:

  • Drumming
  • Singing
  • Free & Choreographed dancing
  • Are mainly based on creating a space 
  • Atmosphere which are proper for spiritual and
  • Psychological release.

Western medicine does not agree with the hypothesis of a disease being caused by an angry SPIRIT, and neither do I.

What has been proven is the power of the actual catharsis – the purification of emotions – that takes place as a result of such ritualized dances.

The rituals offer people the PERFECT opportunity to release themselves of their psychological baggage and share their state of mind with the community they’re part of, which is fundamental for the treatment of traumatic experiences.

But this begs the question – How is the dancer’s brain different?

What happens when people dance?

This is Your Brain on Dancing

Our ancestors used it as a medicine for the soul and the body, but is dance really something that can have a valuable THERAPEUTIC EFFECT in our lives?

To answer this question, we need to take a closer look at a dancer’s brain and understand how years of training may affect it.

Spinning ten times in a row on the tip of a pointe shoe can seem out of this world and completely UNATTAINABLE for the majority of us, but a few people do it and they do it with such ease that it makes us wonder how.

The answer usually lies somewhere between years of practice and SLIGHT changes in the brain’s function and structure.

Teams of researchers from all over the world have been examining the neuroscience of dance using professional dancers as subjects.

The majority of the RESULTS show that their brains have a few particularities:

• The motor cortex is more developed, thus improving the “motor reserve”

• The action observation network is more alert

• The functional connectivity is enhanced

In a 2017 study, Dance and Music Share Gray Matter Structural Correlates, Karpati F.J. and his team indicate that dancers have an increased thickness of the superior temporal lobe.

Motor coordination is ENHANCED by the increase of what a team of American scientists call the motor reserve.

Developing these motor skills may protect against the aging process and other neurological disorders. We’ll cover those later on.

The action observation network refers to the brain system which allows us to MIMIC an action we have previously observed. Dancers perform better at this task in which both motor learning and imitation are involved.

A relatively recent finding which showed that observing someone else dance stimulates the brain’s motor system.

This has amazing applications in Action Observation Therapy (AOT), which is usually used in the treatment of neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease.

Functional connectivity is a brain IMAGING term that refers to the statistical dependence of the signal from different cerebral areas.

A 2017 study shows that professional dancers have higher functional connectivity in an area of the brain called the cortico-basal ganglia which is responsible for motor control.

These important structural differences between the dancers’ brains compared to the non-dancers one, have stirred the interest of scientists from all over the world.

What’s the Neurological Process Behind Dancing? 

We’ve seen how dance can structurally change the brain after years of practice. Now we can FOCUS on the processes that take place in our head the second we hit the DANCE FLOOR.

Dance is one of the most highly harmonized activities that people perform regularly.

It involves the same physiological processes as normal MOVEMENT, plus additional ones that help us synchronize our moves to music, tune our balance, and be more spatially aware than we usually are.

The story goes like this: The Parietal Lobe of the brain translates visual information into motor commands.

The signal travels to the premotor and supplementary motor areas that, in turn, send the impulses to the primary motor cortex, which COMMUNICATES the command to the skeletal muscles and causes them to contract.

The muscles send sensory information to the brain informing it about the body’s exact position and orientation in space.

According to an article published in 2008 in the Scientific American Journal, the GRACEFUL MOVEMENTS that we all admire in dancers are finely tuned in a particular area of the brain called the precuneus.

The interesting take from the article is that this region of the brain was also highly active while the dancers were only flexing their muscles in synchronization to music without actually MOVING THEIR LEGS.

The same team of scientists found the missing piece in the puzzle that explains why we tap out feet unconsciously when we hear music – which for some people is the most complicated dance move they’ll actually ever practice.

A tiny structure below the cortex called the medial geniculate nucleus is the one responsible for this strange PHENOMENON.

Researchers asked participants to dance with and without music, and scanned their brains during the PERFORMANCE.

They found out that this small subcortical area only lit up when the Music was Playing.

Since this could have simply been the result of the presence of an auditory stimulus, the scientists wanted to rule out that possibility.

They analyzed their subjects’ brain again, this time only while they were listening to music without moving their feet.

They saw no change in blood flow in the medial geniculate nucleus, so they concluded that its activity is related to synchronizing movement to music rather than the simple act of listening to music alone. Thus, they came up with the notion of unconscious entertainment.

What Do We Feel When We Dance?

In her doctoral dissertation, Dance on Cortex – Event Related Potentials and Phase Synchrony in Dancers and Musicians, Hanna Poikon found that dancers showed enhanced theta brain waves synchronization – which is related to emotion and memory processes – when watching a dance piece.

What this fancy-sounding result means is that dancers seem to be better at interpersonal interaction and self-understanding tasks. This supports the idea that regular dance training can change the behavior of a person.

The synchronization of theta waves underlines the way dancers tend to be better communicators and more empathetic people. They tend to better harmonize with people around them, leading to more natural cooperation with others.

Dancers literally become more easily attuned to other people’s brain frequencies. Dance helps us tell stories and thus interact with one another at a deeper level.

Poikonen states that dance can immerse us in something called a flow state. Although it might sound like a hippie term, it actually is a highly researched occurrence that refers to a state of full immersion in an activity.

This phenomenon is shown to increase contentment, the quality of the action, and the productivity of the individual experiencing it.

It lowers the activity of the part of the brain responsible for the logical deduction, making us less attached to unimportant details around us and more focused on our inner feelings, boosting our creative mind.

This comes in contrast with what happens in a musician’s brain whose playing of an instrument requires high precision and concentration.

The flow state has an important role in using dance as a treatment for mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

It triggers the release of high concentrations of hormones that induce a state of relaxation, happiness, and comfort, while also reducing the activity of the amygdala – the region of the brain responsible for the fear and stress responses.

Another extremely valuable experience dance offers us is touching.

Yes, touching – the simple act of being aware of your surroundings by coming into direct contact with them.

It may not seem like a big deal, but in today’s highly technologized world, which tends to immerse us deeper and deeper in virtual reality, making us lose contact with the reality around us, touching is vital.

Touching has important neurological benefits. One particularly efficient way to take advantage of these benefits is the contact improvisation technique.

Contact improvisation, brought to life by Steven Paxton in 1972, refers to a partnered dance style that involves attentively listening to the other person’s body while trying to create highly fluid movements together.

It relies on non-verbal communication, gravity, and a wide range of sensations.

It is another way to take the performers’ minds off of the highly regulated sequence of steps they would otherwise have to learn and help them concentrate on a deeper connection with their partner.

A pilot study from the Washington University of St. Louis called Effect of a Short Duration, High Dose contact Improvisation Dance Workshop on Parkinson Disease, concluded that patients showed improved scores in the Berg Balance Scale (BBS).

And Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS), which means increased functional mobility and balance after contact improvisation sessions.

Dance, Not Drugs! 

Today, in an era when overprescribing medication is the rule, people end up taking more pills than ever. We are bombarding our bodies with a lot more drugs than we actually need and we have to stop.

One way of doing that is by seeking out alternative therapies where applicable. The holistic approach of diseases includes addressing the patient from all angles, including their emotional, mental and social health along with the physical one.

Some of the disorders we can try to treat using complementary therapy such as dance therapy are:

Alzheimer’s disease,

Parkinson’s disease and other extrapyramidal syndromes,

Depression, Anxiety and other mood disorders.

The average human life span has continued to increase in the last decades and while this is good news, there are also unwanted consequences to living longer:

The World Health Organization predicts that the number of people affected by neurodegenerative disorders will escalate in the next few years. The most common among these are Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Parkinson’s Disease 

Parkinson’s Disease is a degenerative disorder that affects the nervous system and impairs movement. Patients are confronted with tremors, muscle stiffness, balance problems and sometimes speech and writing changes.

Dancing helps people with the whole set of symptoms. It incorporates practising movements such as backward walking and turning – particularly difficult for Parkinson’s Disease patients – helping them perfecting their technique.

A 2010 study proves that tango seems to be the most effective style for this disease as it has pauses in its routine forcing patients to practice movement initiation.

Its specific steps are similar to strategies used by physiotherapists to alleviate the freezing of gait – a phenomenon that occurs in Parkinson’s patients and is described as having their feet stuck to the floor by magnets.

The social component is also important, as the support of the group encourages patients to train more and makes sessions more enjoyable than individual treatments.

Alzheimer’s Disease 

Alzheimer’s Disease is a type of dementia that impairs the memory, the thinking skills and causes behavioural problems.

The New England Journal of Medicine published a study called Leisure Activities and the Risk of Dementia in the Elderly, which clearly shows that dancing is the only physical activity that helps in the prevention of dementia, lowering its risk of early onset.

Rapid decision-making when trying to improvise a routine, memorizing choreographies and regularly exercising sequences of moves indicate to reduce the risk of dementia by 76%, which is twice as much as a cognitive activity such as reading.

Mood Disorders: Depression and Anxiety 

Dancing should be on the medical prescription for every patient who has ever struggled with mood disorders such as depression or anxiety.

Its physical training component is the one that triggers the release of dopamine and endorphins, which are associated with pleasure, reward and euphoria.

The flow state we talked about earlier in the article also plays a major role in the treatment of mood disorders as it allows patients to focus on one particular task at which they will get better and better over time.

This helps them connect to a pleasurable activity while also feeling good about themselves as they see progress happening from one class to the next.

The musical component of dance classes is also of great importance as it is proves to improve functioning – maintaining a relatively normal level of involvement in activities and relationships.

Wrapping it Up…

If you’ve ever wondered what Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker, the sensual Spanish Flamenco and the Haka – the sportsman’s favorite – have in common, now you know.

Your brain will like them all just as much and will thank you for indulging in such activities by offering you a clearer, more relaxed mindset, a better memory, an enhanced ability to connect to those around you, and overall a happier life.

So keep calm and dance the night away!

And in the meantime, tell me your story. How did dance change your life?

Top 4 Best Shoes for Ballroom Dancing Reviews In 2022

best ballroom dance shoes

I remember watching Barbie and The Three Musketeers when I was little. I really loved Barbie movies (and I still do), but I loved this one, ESPECIALLY.

The Sword Dance scene was so magical to me that I really wanted to bring that exquisite atmosphere from the ROYAL court into my own life.

   Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

It might have seemed SILLY then, but I think that I managed to do it, at least partially, by taking dance lessons, especially ballroom dancing classes.

Even though we don’t get dressed like royals, there’s part of that elegance that still makes its way into the rehearsal hall and I’m usually reminded of that movie and of the feeling I had when I watched it.

Most Comfortable And Best Ballroom Dance Shoes

I made a list with some of the best options I have in terms of ballroom footwear in order to complete that royal couple look we’re all dreaming of:

#1: TAYLOR 040C model by Aida Dance

I believe that in terms of absolutely stunning ballroom dance shoes, Aida Dance does a great job. The Taylor (040C) model, a variation of the standard model, is here to prove my point.

It offers excellent support for your foot arch while keeping you balanced. The sole keeps your foot CONNECTED to the ground while maintaining its superior comfort using a soft padded insole.

Other than that, the shoe is fully customizable. The heel can be 2” or 2.5” long and it can be slim or flared. I usually opt out for flared ones as they offer more stability.

The toe box can be round or square and the sole can be red suede or black suede.

 You can add heel protectors and replacement heel tips and if you wish to go on full Disney princess, there is also a rhinestone design available.

The upper is made of elegant white or light pink satin so that you can match it to your dress.

The delicate strap will keep the shoe secured to your feet while gently emphasizing your natural lines. The delicate CRYSTAL buckle will allow you to adjust the strap according to your needs.

They are available in sizes ranging from 4.5 to 8.5 (US), with extra narrow, narrow, regular, wide and extra wide models.


  • They are stunning and they will make you feel like a princess. Or at least I know they did that to me,
  • The fully customizable options come in handy.
  • The brand prides itself on manufacturing the most comfortable standard shoes in the industry.


  • They can get expensive, especially if you opt-out for all the extra details.
  • There are not enough colors available with this model.
TAYLOR 040C model by Aida Dance best ballroom dance shoes

TAYLOR 040C model by Aida Dance

#2: Mirko 119F model by Aida Dance

You’ve probably seen Mirko Gozzoli DANCE and if you haven’t you might as well do so (below).

Aida Dance has a shoe pair named after him that I believe deserves all the praise. Because every princess needs her prince, these shoes come to save the day.

They come with patent leather and crepe satin upper that perfectly combines the mobility of your feet with the SUPERIOR support they need on the floor.

The split sole allows for great flexibility in the arch, while the insole cushions your feet for a comfortable rehearsal or show time. The heel height is 1” and you can choose from a regular, red suede or black suede outsole.

They are available in sizes ranging from 7.5 to 12 (US) with extra narrow, narrow, regular, wide and extra wide models. You can also choose between Black Leather, Black Crepe Satin and White Satin. I would go for the standard black ones though.


  • They are elegant shoes with a very useful combination of fabrics for the upper.
  • They are adjustable thanks to the laces in the upper.
  • The split sole offers freedom of movement.


  • They may seem a little stiff and they may need to be broken in.
  • The insole could benefit from more padding in my opinion.
119F Mirko model by Aida Dance ballroom dancing shoes for women

Mirko 119F Model By Aida Dance

#3: Bloch Dance Women’s Split Flex Character Shoe

Bloch comes with another great option for women, the Split Flex T-strap character shoe which I see fit for beginners.

This pair comes with a leather upper and lining, so they’ll make for a durable first pair of ballroom shoes. The contoured 2 1/2” heel will offer the NECESSARY support while giving you the princess-like feeling of high heels.

The very stretchy panel in the underfoot allows for superior flexibility in the foot, making it easy for both demi pointe and even pointe work.

The T-strap will keep the shoe tightly secured to your feet and the pin buckle attached with an elastic fabric will allow you to control the tension in the upper.

The outsole is made of suede which provides a good grip on the floor while also allowing for smooth sliding across it. The external shank comes as reinforcement at the heel.

They are available in black and the size ranges from 35 to 41 (EU). You can choose between a black and a tan shade.


  • They are very easy to dance in, so beginners will pretty much fall in love with them just like I did.
  • I love the fact that they are tightly secured to my feet. I hate thinking they can just slip off during a routine.
  • They are made of durable leather and you know how much I love leather.
  • They are affordable.


  • They are not the most elegant shoe you’ll ever own, as they are more focused on their functionality rather than the design.
  • They are most likely going to be used during rehearsals and less during competitions and shows as they do not have that royal air you may be looking for.

#4: Bloch Dance Men’s Xavier Ballroom Shoe

Bloch also has an option for gentlemen. The Xavier Ballroom and Latin shoes caught my attention as they look very REFINED and functional at the same time.

 This Oxford style ballroom shoe comes with a full grain leather upper and a very flexible suede sole. The heel measures 1” and it is cushioned for extra support and balance.

The arch offers superior mobility as it is unlined, so your demi pointe and en pointe work will go as smoothly as it can go.

The insole is also cushioned and the shock absorption properties protect the joints.

The Kashmir lining is very breathable, keeping your feet dry for a LONG time. The heel is low and wide and the shank is short, offering support and maintaining flexibility.

They are available in whole and half sizes ranging from 6 to 13 (US). The only available colour is black.


  • They are stunning and very high quality, completing the royal couple look.
  • The materials used to create them are very durable, yet the shoes are extremely comfortable and flexible.
  • They are still very affordable for the price-quality ratio they offer.


  • This model is only available in black. I would love to see more options in the colour scheme.
  • They may need some breaking in.


Don’t let anybody stop you from CHASING your childhood fantasies…

..If there’s one place where princes and princesses come to live, that is for sure a ballroom dance hall. Join one and become part of your ROYAL FANTASY WORLD.

When’s the last time you felt like a prince/princess?

Suzanne Langer, an American philosopher I really like, said that no art suffers more misunderstanding, sentimental judgment, and mystical interpretation than the art of dancing.

When I first read these words, I paused and reflected.

She was right.

I did not know how to feel about it, but later on I realized that we as dancers are BLESSED.

We get to play with one of the most difficult arts and if we do it right, the places we can reach are absolutely amazing.

Even if people get to literally judge your every step, you also get infinite chances to create works of art with every step that you take on the dance floor.

So put on the right shoes and Make Art Happen!

Top 5 Best Shoes For Contra Dancing Reviews In 2022

best shoes for contra dancing

I am a very CURIOUS and nerdy character, especially when it comes to the fields I am working in: Medicine and Dance.

When the two somehow manage to come together, my heart fills with JOY.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

You can imagine my excitement when I got to read a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, talking about the way dance is associated with a reduced risk of dementia.

What a great combo!

The first thing I thought after I read this article was how to get my grandparents from home straight to the DANCE FLOOR.

A fairly difficult task if you knew them…

When it comes to the styles of dance that elderly people really enjoy, I usually think of the social dances like: contra dancing, line dancing or ballroom dancing.

I have recently come across a very comprehensive list of contra dances and I was stunned and quite INTRIGUED.

There’s so many of them and they look so fun to perform.

It was pretty much what I was looking for and I got my grandparents to try it.

They loved it.

Yes, of course, I tried it too. You just can’t sit and watch.

Even if they are novices in the world of dance, my grandparents needed to get suitable footwear for their new WEEKLY ACTIVITY.

If you plan on doing the same or if you’re already an established contra dancer, I made a list with the top shoes you can choose to take with you to the next contra gathering.

#1: K306 Customizable Oxford Shoe by Capezio

In my opinion, the best choice for both beginners and professionals, this pair of character shoes comes from one of my FAVORITE dance footwear manufacturers – the Capezio brand.

The K360 Oxford Shoe features a full-grain leather upper and a hand-stitched leather sole – the ideal choice for contra dancing, as the rubber sole will prevent you from sliding smoothly across the floor.

The heel and arch area are padded offering EXTRA support. The Achilles notch benefits from folded edges that protect this sensitive area from getting injured.

The stacked heel is low, measuring 1” and it comes with the option of attaching a Tele Tone® heel tap, so you can join the entire hall and make that absolutely awesome Tap Sound.

However, you may need to contact them at 1-(877)-300-1887 in advance and let them know you want this extra option.

They are available in sizes ranging from 6 to 12.5 (US), medium, wide and extra-wide. They are black with no other color option.

The recommendation on Capezio’s website is for men to begin with street size and women to begin 1.5 – 2 sizes down from the street shoe size.


  • They are made from full-grain leather which translates into a very durable shoe.
  • The design is classic and comfortable.
  • They are compatible with the Tele Tone heel tap.


  • They are a pretty big investment, as they cost just a little above $300. However, in case you find them expensive, there is also the PU leather alternative, which is much more affordable.
  • I wish they made smaller sizes for this model too, as they run big for women.

#2: E-Series Lace-Up Jazz Oxford by Capezio

Here comes another great product by Capezio. I told you I love them.  This Oxford jazz shoe comes with a lace-up leather upper, so you can easily adjust them to the SHAPE of your foot.

They have a split-sole i.e. there is no sole under the arch, allowing for much more flexible movement of the foot, as it can bend freely without encountering any resistance.

They feature EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) sole patch and heel. The foam padded insole provides support and comfort, along with the non-slip heel counter with an Achilles relief for a softer topline.

They come in black and are available in sizes ranging from 1 to 8 (UK), medium width.

If you don’t like the split-sole model and wish for full support with a full sole jazz shoe, you can check this pair out. However, I would always go for the split-sole model.


  • They are very simple in design and could be worn by both men and women.
  • They are made of durable, but soft leather.
  • They are extremely affordable and will make for a good shoe for your contra dancing meetings.


  • The model only comes with the medium width option.
  • They are only available in black.

#3: Men’s Leather Jazz Oxford Shoe by Bloch

Another dancewear manufacturer I like – Bloch – comes with an elegant option for gentlemen who love contra dancing.

With almost a century of experience in creating shoes for dancers, Bloch usually can’t disappoint me. This shoe makes no exception.

It comes with a leather upper which means you’d invest in a DURABLE pair of dance shoes that will accompany you in your contra dance journey.

The leather sole allows for smooth sliding across the floor, while the cushioned insock will allow you to enjoy your dance session without having to worry about your tired hurting feet.

The insole is especially designed for shock absorption, protecting your joints from injuries. The functional lace-up with reinforced eyelets allow for good control of the tension in the upper.

The stacked flat heel provides the right support and balance. They come in black and are available in sizes ranging from 6 to 13 (US). The website recommends for men to start with one full size down from street shoes.


  • The price-quality ratio is really good.
  • The durable leather fabric and reinforced eyelets make this shoe a good long-term investment.
  • They look very elegant.
  • The shock absorption property is very important, especially for people with fragile joints.


  • This model is only available in black. I would have loved to have more options, in case you have fun outfit ideas you’d like to match.
  • They seem a little stiff, so they may require breaking in before you take them to your dance class.

#4: Stelle Leather Jazz Slip-On Dance Shoe 

When I was little I hated laces. If you could have only bought me slip-on shoes, I would have been the HAPPIEST child.

Right now, I have a sort of love-hate relationship with lace-up closures, because now I do understand their functionality.

However, every once in a while, a slip-on shoe catches my attention. The jazz ones by Stelle seem to me a great idea for contra dancing.

They come with a soft and breathable leather upper and a neoprene stretch arch insert for more flexibility and support.

The split sole is made from synthetic materials, offering good traction on different kinds of floors.

You never know where your contra dance meeting is going to happen, so you need to be ready. The shoe is very STRETCHY and it fits like a sock.

They are extremely lightweight, thus wearing them will not feel tiring for your feet. They are available in black or tan shades and the size range from 4 to 12 (US). Men are advised to order one size up.


  • They are very easy to wear and would make for a good shoe for beginners or people who are not entirely sure will continue to go to contra dances for a long time. They are not a huge investment, yet they will do their job just fine.
  • They are very lightweight.
  • The split-sole allows for great flexibility in the foot arch and I love that.


  • They don’t have a shock absorption system in place.
  • The insole could benefit from a little more padding.

#5: Show Stopper Jazz Shoe by Capezio

Another slip-on option, this time by Capezio, the Show Stopper Shoe comes with a DURABLE leather upper and moisture wicking insole padding allowing your feet to stay dry.

The elastic mesh instep makes it a great choice for people like me who struggle with very narrow feet.

The split sole will allow for freedom in the foot arch are, while the EVA rubber sole patch and heel will prevent you from SLIPPING on the floor. Your pivots will be safe!

The soft Achilles topline ensures that you won’t have to deal with blisters in that area. The foam padded insole comes with the adequate support and shock absorption properties to protect your joints.

They are available in black or caramel and the sizes range from 4 to 12.5. Men are advised to start two sizes up their street shoe size, while women can begin with the street shoe size.


  • They are a high quality slip on shoe, while remaining affordable – just under $50.
  • They are very lightweight, yet they provide the right support thanks to the foam padding.
  • I love split-soles!


  • They have a very soft upper, so you won’t like it if someone steps on you.
  • They are not the best option for people with wide feet.


As I was saying in the beginning, dance has tremendous effects on our health. Make sure that you don’t just keep it to yourself, but SPREAD the joy of Dancing with the ones you love.

I promise it’ll make for a wonderful experience. They don’t need to be professional dancers to enjoy it.

My grandparents were far from that, but I swear they were the best dancing partners I’ve ever had.

Share with me the best experiences you had on the dance floor with your loved ones. I bet I’ll find lots of contra dancing stories among your comments!

Top 5 Best Wedding Shoes For Dancing Reviews In 2022

best wedding shoes for dancing

Imagine this: you’re finally at the end of your wedding party, the stress is over and you’re on the way to enjoy your honeymoon…but you are Limping.

Not fun, is it?

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

And the only reason that this is happening is because you did not pay enough attention to choosing your wedding shoes.

Or maybe you did, but they were simply not right for you. Or they were so pretty it didn’t even matter they looked UNCOMFORTABLE.

In order to avoid unpleasant scenarios like the one I’ve described, let’s look at what podiatrists have to say about choosing your perfect wedding shoes.

The Pivotal Podiatry Clinic specialist Leah Waters BELIEVES that the pair of shoes you choose for your wedding either makes you or breaks you.

Harsh, but I agree with her.

When it comes to stability and comfort features she has a few recommendations:

  • Thicker heels
  • Ankle straps,
  • Protective cushions,
  • Paddings and
  • Backup plan – for the worst case scenario, when your lovely shoes start hurting your feet.

You may need a pair of COMFY wedges or even flats just in case things go downhill with your first choice.

Now let’s see a few options I believe could work perfectly for your big day:

#1: Giona II Sandal From The Jewel Collection by Badgley Mischka

A LUXURIOUS choice is the Giona II Sandal by Badgley Mischka. It is part of the Jewel Collection and it is in itself a jewel.

With a manmade upper, manmade lining and sole, you can feel the craftsmanship that has gone into creating this sandal.

The 2” block heel is very stable and comfortable – time to understand that stilettoes are not the best option for us.

The insole comes with a SOFT padding to help you get through a whole night of dancing without getting extra tired. The round open toe box will emphasize the shape of your foot and show off your beautiful pedicure.

The metallic leather sandal features laser cut details, making it look astounding, especially paired with your dream dress.

I really LOVE the rhinestone detail on the toe cap – it’s just the right amount of shiny accessories for such an important event.

It looks elegant, festive and glamorous without looking kitsch. The super delicate ankle-strap features an adjustable buckle closure.

The model is available is gold, silver and champagne shades, with whole and half sizes ranging from 5 to 9, medium width.


  • They are among the most refined shoes you can choose. They are very delicate and simple, yet feature a supremely elegant air.
  • The block heel is of great help.
  • The rhinestone accessory makes this sandal truly festive.
  • They are still affordable compared to other wedding shoes I’ve seen.
  • They are easy to match with other outfits, so you won’t just use them once in your life, for the wedding.


  • There are no narrow or wide models, just the medium one.
  • I would have preferred a more secure strap around the ankle, maybe even a T-strap given the amount of time brides will wear them for their wedding party.
Giona II Sandal from the Jewel Collection by Badgley Mischka

Giona II Sandal from the Jewel Collection by Badgley Mischka

#2: Adrianna Papel Trala Ankle Strap Flat

Adrianna Papell is a brand specialised in WEDDING clothes and footwear which takes great pride in their superlative craftsmanship and manufacturing of exquisite products for their clients.

I especially like their Trala Ankle Strap Flat. Whether you absolutely want to say no to heels on your wedding day or want to keep them as the back-up plan for when you get tired of dancing on high heels, this model is a good choice for you.

The upper is made of 100% textile materials which prove to be gentle to your skin and let it BREATHE. The laced closed toe box makes them very elegant and fit for your special occasion.

The leather sole will prevent you from slipping on the dance floor – which is important give we all know how messy the dance floor can get during a great wedding party.

The leather sock lining is also breathable, keeping your feet dry. They are flat, with a tiny heel of half an inch. The delicate ankle strap will keep the tight.

They are available in Black Attalie Lace, Blush Attalie Lace, Navy Attalie Lace, Pewter and of course White Attalie Lace. The sizes range from 5.5 to 11 and they usually fit as expected.


  • They are very elegant, while bringing you the comfort of a flat shoe.
  • They are available in so many colours, so you can even buy them for your bridesmaids.
  • The lace is very delicate and feminine, completing your goddess look.


  • They are quite narrow, so they may be difficult to wear if you have wide feet.
  • The sole is a little stiff, so you won’t be able to get extremely technical about your dance moves.
wedding shoes low heel Adrianna Papel Trala Ankle Strap Flat

Adrianna Papel Trala Ankle Strap Flat

#3: Aviana Block Heel by Adriana Papell

Yet another beautiful creation by the same BRAND Adrianna Papell, the Aviana model is a great option if you want to wear heels at your wedding and still feel comfortable.

The 3 ¼” block heel will support you through the night and make you feel like a real princess on the dance floor.

Take it from a dancer, even if you have the prettiest shoes, unless you’re comfy in them, you won’t be able to rock the floor like a star. And we all know that’s what we dream of.

The delicate strap secures the shoe around your ankle, so it won’t SLIP off. The upper is made from glitter fabric, so you’ll literally shine.

The open toe box will emphasize your pedicure, so make sure you paint your nails in a matching shade. The insole has memory foam padding for extra comfort and support.

They are available in black, nude, bronze and pewter and in whole and half sizes ranging from 5.5 to 11, medium width. They are true to size, so you can go with your street shoes size and not worry about it.


  • The memory foam padding helps a lot during a long party, along with the supportive block heel.
  • They are glittery, without looking cheap and kitsch.
  • There are many ways to wear them after your wedding, so they won’t just be forgotten in the closet. They’d make a great pair for any other special occasion or even for a night out when you want to feel like a fashion diva.


  • The strap around the ankle is quite thin and given the height of the shoe, I’d like a sturdier strap or even a T-strap attached.
  • There are no narrow or wide models available.
bridesmaid shoes Aviana Block Heel By Adrianna Papell

Aviana Block Heel By Adrianna Papell

#4: Jeffrey Campbell Lindsay – JS Sandal 

Based in Los Angeles, Jeffrey Campbell is an independent shoe brand that strives to reflect the beauty in all body types, ages, ethnicities and genders.

What a great MESSAGE to spread in the world!

Apart from their progressive policies, they also make really great products that I absolutely love and appreciate.

I have been complaining about thin straps until now, but the Lindsay Sandal has got me covered. Their design is very simple, yet elegant and practical.

The synthetic upper with leather lining is covered in crystals and it features a thick ADJUSTABLE ankle strap with Velcro closure that will secure the shoe to your feet.

The foot bed is padded, for maximum comfort, while the 3.75” block heel will offer the support you need on the floor and a beautiful feminine shape to your leg.

The sole has a traction pad that will take care of your balance even after hours and hours of stressing out about the TINIEST detail of your wedding.

They feature an open toe box, so make sure your pedicure matches them. T

The fit is true to size and it is available from 5 to 12, medium width. The combinations you can choose from are Black and Silver Satin or Nude and Champagne Satin.

They are also available in full suede, without any crystals on them in case you don’t like them.


  • They are stunning, yet comfortable thanks to the padded insole and block heel.
  • They will remain multi-purpose shoe after you wedding.
  • The thick ankle strap is great. It feels secure, without looking chunky.


  • They don’t have a narrow or wide model.
  • I would have preferred the leather upper that the model without crystals has.

#5: David’s Bridal VENI Wedge Sandals

Since comfort is our number one priority, along with a GEORGEOUS and elegant design, my last choice on the list will be one that incorporates both:

the VENI Sandal by David’s Bridal – a brand that started off as a neighborhood bridal salon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, back in 1950.

Wedges are a great choice, as they offer you the height you’re looking for and the comfort of a flat shoe.

This model comes with an absolutely stunning satin upper that features a very delicate and luxurious pearl and crystal ankle and T-strap.

Apart from the refined look the T-strap will also ensure that the shoes are securely attached to your feet and that they won’t just SLIP OFF at the next sudden turn.

The synthetic sole has a good grip to the floor, while the 3” wedge heel will keep you comfortable all night long.

They are available in an Ivory shade and the sizes you can choose are between 5 and 11. You may want to order half a size down, especially if you have narrower feet, as they tend to run big.


  • They are a stunning model, yet very comfortable. Let’s thank to whoever invented wedge heels.
  • The crystal and pearl detail is very refined – I really love it.
  • They are very affordable.


  • The ankle strap is a little loose if your ankles are very thin.
  • They run big, so you need to be careful with the size you order.
David's Bridal VENI Wedge Sandals wedding shoes wedges

David’s Bridal VENI Wedge Sandals


Whether you choose high heels, flats or wedges, make sure you dance the night away in them. It is your SPECIAL day and you should enjoy it to the maximum.

Iwish you a happy wedding day and a happy and Long Life together with your partner.

As I’m about to get married soon, I’d love it if you shared with me some of your wedding preparation adventures.

Did you go full bridezilla or did you remain calm and patient?

Top 4 Best Salsa Dancing Shoes Reviews In 2022

salsa dance shoes

I’ve spent most of my childhood studying classical ballet, a quite rigid but absolutely ENCHANTING art form.

My ballet teacher was a severe and distinguished old lady who trained under Russian choreographers at the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

I was taught to perform very disciplined manner, respecting very strict rules in terms of movement and rhythm.

I got used to it and I LOVED it!

However, I knew there was more to dance than the style I was trying to MASTER.

Best Salsa Dance Shoes

I always thought that a complete dancer should know as many dance styles as possible in order to become a fully well-rounded performer, so I started searching for INSPIRATION.

A few years back, I had the great pleasure of seeing Juan “Pachanga” Matos, one of our generation’s most INFLUENTIAL Latino dancers, perform at a festival in Vancouver.

 Born in a family of top hustle dancers, Juan Matos is an amazing performer and also one of the reasons I started taking salsa dance classes.

While I managed to find the right pointe shoes for my ballet classes quite easily…

..I developed I love-hate relationship with salsa shoes (Latino dance shoes in general).

I couldn’t quite figure out what the best option was and my feet had to suffer.

In the end, I’ve found some models that work –at least for me – so I’ll recommend them to you as well.

#1: TT Dancewear Rhinestone Shoes

Not spending a FORTUNE on dance shoes is a great idea, especially if you’re not sure whether you’re going to love the style you are taking up or not.

This was my case when I first started salsa classes, so if you’re in a similar situation, keep reading!

My number one choice became the TT Dancewear Rhinestone Shoes.

I know they’re not the FANCIEST, but they did their job so well, that it would be a shame not to recommend them.

They come with a beautiful satin upper with an open-toe box. They are very comfortable and flexible, making dancing in them easy and not extremely tiring for your feet.

The stable flared heel comes in two versions: you can choose between the 2.5” or the 3” one, according to your confidence in your ability to dance on heels.

Given the fact that until I started to dance Salsa, I’ve only trained in flat shoes, you can imagine which one I’ve chosen for myself.

The double ankle strap with a QUICK release buckle keeps the shoes well secured to your feet. They are available in lots of colors, such as red, black, white, nude, tan, silver, gold and blue.

The heel and upper are covered in tiny sparkly rhinestones, which look very nice in the spotlight, making your feet (literally) shine.

The sizes range from 5.5 to 10 and they usually fit as expected, so you should go with your street shoes size.


  • 500+ people on Amazon agree with me. The shoe has a score of 4.4 out 5.
  • The combination of satin and rhinestones is very feminine and gives me confidence on the dance floor.
  • They’re flexible, lightweight and comfortable, yet very affordable.


  • They’re not the most durable dance shoes you’ll ever own. Mine started to slowly tear apart after the first year of classes.
  • The insole lining is not very absorbable.

#2: Nikolishina (071E) By Aida Dance

Nikolishina (071E) By Aida Dance

Nikolishina (071E) By Aida Dance

Aida Dance comes with a FANCIER model I recommend to professional salsa dancers, the beautiful and delicate Nikolishina 071E shoe.

Named after one of the most talented and sensual ballroom dancers, Maria Nikolishina.

They are 100% customizable, like most of Aida’s products.

They feature a very useful adjustable toe box that will allow you to make the shoe fit perfectly, depending on how your feet change over time.

You can choose between a flare or a slim heel with a height of 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 3.2” or 3.5”.

The toe box can be round or square, but I normally PREFER the round one. The upper can be made of satin or leather, according to your preference. I recommend leather as it is more durable.

The double strap secures the shoe to your feet and gently emphasizes the shape of your ankle, making your legs look feminine.

You can even choose the color of your sole: it can be regular, red, or black suede. You can add heel protectors and replacement heel tips to your order.

If you feel like getting super FANCY, you can add rhinestones to your shoes, adding a few hundred dollars to the base price.

They are available in sizes ranging from 4 to 9 (US) with extra narrow, narrow, regular, wide and extra wide models.

The colors they chose for this model are very elegant with golden, tan, nude and silver shades.


  • They were designed with the dancer’s needs in mind: they are comfy and flexible and the grip on the floor is excellent.
  • I usually avoid subscribing to various websites, but Aida’s newsletter is actually fun to receive. They let you know about exclusive discounts and keep you up to date with dance competitions and shoe-related tutorials. And you get 500 Aida Points you can use for your next purchase.
  • I love how customizable they are. You can basically design everything about your shoe.


  • They are high-end shoes and with all the customization included, they can get pricey. So this investment actually requires a commitment to your dance style.
  • The insole could be better padded.

#3: Diamant Remi Latin & Salsa Shoe

salsa shoes women Diamant Remi Latin & Salsa Shoe

Diamant Remi Latin & Salsa Shoe

Diamant’s Salsa and Latin range is a very ELEGANT collection of shoes.

The shoe company started manufacturing dance shoes in 1873, so you can expect footwear designed with your needs in mind. This model is very delicate yet easy to dance in.

The upper is made of synthetic materials, with soft mesh inserts that make it very breathable. The cutaway sides and the peep-toe design show off the natural lines of your foot, along with your pedicure.

The cross ankle strap is very stylish and does a good job of keeping the shoes tied to your foot. The footbed is SOFTLY cushioned, and the 2” flared heel offers the right support for all your exotic turns.

The sole is made of leather or echter leder – yes, they’re made in Germany –so it will have a really good grip to the floor.

They are available in sizes ranging from 35.5 (EU) to 42 (EU). The model is available in silver.


  • The design is very simple and elegant.
  • They are flexible and offer good arch support.
  • The heel is flared, offering stability – a much-needed feature for both beginners and professionals.


  • They are quite narrow, with no wide option available.
  • The only color they have for this model is silver which can sometimes be hard to match with your dance outfit.

#4: Dark tan satin style 1057 by supadance

salsa dancing shoes womens Dark Tan Satin Style 1057 By Supadance

Dark Tan Satin Style 1057 By Supadance

With over five decades of experience manufacturing ballroom dance shoes, Supadance started as a small family business in London.

Today, they make one of my FAVORITE salsa shoes, the exquisite Dark Tan Satin Shoe Style 1057.

It doesn’t have a fancy name, but it does have some impressive features, such as the adjustable toe box straps.

I really like this idea, as my feet swell sometimes and being able to release some pressure in the toe box area is very handy. The high-quality satin upper makes for a very stylish pair of shoes.

You can choose between a 2.5” or 3” stiletto heel and a 2”, 2.5” or 3” flare one, depending on your tastes and abilities.

I normally prefer the flare type, as it offers more balance than the thin stiletto one.

The sole has good grip on the floor, as they are specially designed for competitive dancers performing on a variety of floors at championships across the WORLD.

They feature a slim ankle strap with a squared crystal hook buckle that adds elegance to the model.

The high arch insole offers good support and makes them comfortable to wear during long competitions. The size ranges from 2 to 8 (UK) and they are available in a dark tan shade.


  • They are stunning and they’ll attract lots of compliments.
  • The adjustable toe box is very useful.
  • There are many options in terms of your heel style and height so you can start with a low flare one and then upgrade to a high stiletto one as you gain confidence on the dance floor.


  • This model is only available in a dark tan shade. I would have loved to have more options.
  • The insole could benefit from a little more padding.


I’m very curious about what pushed you toward learning SALSA. For me, the moment I saw Juan Matos dance was the one I knew I had to learn it.

What was it for you?

Also, I’ve already told you I believe a good dancer should know more than one style to become a brilliant performer.

What are your favorite styles? How different are they? And how do you manage to make the transition between one the others?

Top 5 Nike Shoes for Dancing Reviews For 2022

best nike shoes for dancing

Whenever I buy a Nike pair of shoes I think of two of my favourite Michaels in the WORLD:

Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan.

The combination may seem odd to you, but to me it SIMPLY makes sense.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

I was very little when I first saw the music video for Jam by Michael Jackson.

It featured two of the activities that were going to govern my childhood and teenage years, dance and basketball, performed by the LEGENDS themselves.

I loved Michael Jackson already, I was trying (and constantly failing) to imitate his moves, I knew the lyrics to all his songs and I had already watched a concert from the Dangerous Tour on an old VHS belonging to my parents…like 50 times.

But who was the mysterious tall man playing basketball and trying to learn how to moonwalk from the king himself?

My dad solved the mystery for me: that’s Michael Jordan. And that’s how it all started.

Since then, I watched and learned as much as I could about him and about basketball in general. Sometimes, I even PLAY. I’m not wonderful at it, but it’s a great exercise to keep me in shape as a dancer.

If you know Michael Jordan, you also know about his long and successful collaboration with Nike , so my little story makes sense to you now.

When it comes to dance shoes, Nike is a legendary choice just like the people who REPRESENT it.

I’ve made a list with my favourite models to help you choose the best shoes for your dancing classes and I hope someday one (or more) of you, the people reading this article, will be just as great in your fields as my heroes were in theirs.

#1: Joyride run flyknit

If there’s a person in this world who would love to TALK about sneakers day and night that will be Seth Fowler.

I usually go on his YouTube channel before buying a new pair of sneakers to look for his review about it and in 99% of cases he did not disappoint me.

When I finally decided to buy a pair of Nike for my dance training, he (oh, well, his video [below]) was actually the one who convinced me that the Joyride Run Flyknit is the right choice for me.

I was looking for something comfortable, flexible and lightweight and that’s what I got.

Joyride Run Flyknit feels like a bear HUG to your feet. It has little foam beads strategically cushioning the high pressure points in your heel, midfoot and forefoot.

 The TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) bead system refers to a dynamic system that contours your sole, supporting in during MOVEMENT and adapting to the change in position.

The energy return is great thanks to this innovation and it makes difficult routines just a little more bearable.

The Joyride system is the result of years of research at Nike and it translates into 14% greater shock absorption compared to other foam systems they’ve developed in the past.

The upper is made of using the Flyknit technology and it is very breathable, fitting your foot like a sock. The rubber placed on the high-wear areas makes the shoes very durable, hence a very good long-term investment.

They are very lightweight – 11 oz (323 g) for a men’s size 9. The offset is 8 mm (32 mm heel, 24 mm forefoot).

The sizes (for both men and women) range from 38.5 (EU) TO 49.5 (EU) and they recommend you get half a size up your normal size as the shoes tend to run small. Here’s a useful size guide for you.

They got lots of stylish colour combinations you can choose from and a “Design Your Own” option.

I got them in pink – I’m a ballerina, what did you expect?


  • I love the fact that you can customize the shoes and give them a bit of your personality.
  • The 10.000+ beads system is extremely comfortable and it also looks very cute. Pro Tip – If you own a dog (or more) keep your beloved Nike shoes out of their field of vision.
  • The foam collar and low-cut design are very delicate around your ankles. I usually get blisters around the Achilles tendon, but it did not happen with this model.
  • There was so much work that went into developing the right kind of beads to cushion the feet, that I was stunned when reading about it. It’s amazing how far we got from wooden shoes made just a few centuries ago.


  • They can get pricey.
  • They’re available in very light colours that usually get dirty pretty easily.



#2: Air Jordan 1 Mid

Since I started talking about Michael Jordan at the beginning of the article, you were probably expecting to see this in my top: the Air Jordan 1 Mid.

I’m predictable like that, I know.

However, they made it to my list for good reasons. Carrying the tradition of the Jordan brand that started in 1985, this model is inspired by the very first Air Jordan 1.

The Air-Sole unit offers very good cushioning, while keeping the shoe lightweight enough to dance in.

The concept of the Air Sole unit dates back from 1977 when aeronautical engineer Frank Rudy told Phil Knight about his innovative idea:

How about placing air in the shoes they made for superior cushioning? 

And they tried and SUCCEEDED succeeded.

Today Nike places tiny bags of pressurized air in the midsole, under the heel and forefoot. Now you know what you’re wearing!

The upper is a combination of leather and synthetic material, making it a durable, yet FASHIONABLE shoe. The outsole is made of rubber which provides it with good grip on the floor.

I especially recommend it for hip-hop and breakdance sessions involving lots of tricks.

If you don’t like the slightly higher upper, you can always go for the Air Jordan Low model that may satisfy your needs better.

However, I like mid one as it provides great support for the ankles. The highs are a little bit too much for a dancer, as they block some MOVES at the ankle.

There are a few colour combinations you can choose from, but I personally prefer the Black, White and Noble Red one.


  • These shoes are timeless as they continue the legacy of the Jordan Brand.
  • They’re a compliment magnet when worn outside the rehearsal hall, as they make pretty much any outfit look extra cool.
  • They are comfortable thanks to the Air-Sole unit.
  • I like the ankle support.


  • I don’t quite like the combination of leather and synthetic material.
  • The colours look a bit different in reality than in the pictures on the website.

#3: Air Zoom Vomero 14

The embodiment of yet another Nike Technology, this time the Nike React Foam Cushioning System, the Air Zoom Vomero 14 comes in HANDY for your training sessions, rehearsals and shows.

They are the proof that superior cushioning and great energy return can go hand in hand.

After thousands of hours of testing and hundreds of chemical experiments in Nike’s research labs, the React foam was launched in 2017 for basketball footwear.

Later on, they transferred it to running shoes as well and now we can benefit from it in our dance routines.

The statistics showed that the foam alone provides 13% greater energy return than older generations of Nike foam, such as the Lunarlon foam.

On top of it, the shoes also feature Nike’s Zoom Air technology that refers to tensile fibres knit inside the pressurized Nike Air unit offering a very springy response every time your foot touches the ground.

So you can JUMP all you want, as these shoes will help you reach the ceiling.

Air Zoom Vomero 14 comes with a breathable mesh upper and foam pods inside the collar for superior comfort and great support.

They weigh approximately 306 g, the offset is 10 mm and they are available in sizes ranging from 39 to 49.

The colour scheme revolves around black and blue combinations, but there’s also a white and pink combination if you wish to stand out.


  • The combination of innovative Nike technologies will help you care for the health and comfort of your feet.
  • They’re very lightweight and that helps a lot during dance routines, as I am used to sock-like ballet shoes.
  • They’re flexible and don’t need time to break in.


  • They are an expensive acquisition.
  • The very thick padding around the heel can make it more difficult to control during pivots and the heel can slide a bit more than intended.



#4: Air Zoom Pergasus 37

Cute, cute, cute!

I love Air Zoom Pegasus’ design, colours, shape and name. Yes, it reminds me of the GREAT MYTHICAL creature, the winged divine horse.

The shoes look like tiny rockets and thanks to the science and technology that went into creating them, they even feel like rockets.

The mesh is especially designed for ultra-effective breathability around the areas of the foot that usually get HOT FAST during exercise.

They benefit from the same Zoom Air technology that will make your routines smoother and less tiring thanks to the responsiveness of the materials.

In terms of cushioning, these shoes feature ST foam that will prevent sore feet after a LONG day in the rehearsal hall.

The high impact moves in your routine will be made easier thanks to the waffle pistons placed in the outsole and design to absorb the shock.

If you have problems with you Achilles tendon always getting blisters when wearing new shoes, Pegasus 36’s got your back as the heel collar tapers away around the tendon, protecting it.

They weigh around 8 oz (229 g) – women size 5.5 and the offset is 9.45 mm.

They are available from size 35.5 to 43 (women models) and the colour scheme is very RICH. However, if you don’t like any of them, you can choose to design your own.


  • They are very lightweight and it seems like you’re training in a sock, but benefiting from a well-researched running shoe features.
  • I love the fact that they are customizable.
  • The colour scheme is very feminine.
  • The breathable mesh that keeps the feet from sweating excessively is a very good addition.


  • With all the customized options, they can get pricey.
  • The heel tends to slip out if you don’t get the exact right size.



#5: Free RN 5.0

So here’s a pair of shoes coming from a running marathon straight on our stage. Among runners’ favourites, this model promises to be a very flexible natural MOTION shoe.

It’s almost like your running (dancing) barefoot.

The stretchy upper comes as a continuation of your skin, while the low foam density keeps your foot connected to the ground.

This may be the closest Nike gets to an actual ballet shoe.

And I LOVE that.

Flexibility is ensured thanks to the heel-to-toe grooves that allow your feet to go on multi-directional trajectories without feeling trapped inside the shoe.

The tongue provides a seamless fit and it does not get uncomfortable after long training sessions, thanks to the bootie construction that integrates it.

The pivots are very easy to perform as there is no heel counter. The upper is made of Nike’s signature breathable mesh and synthetic overlays that INCREASE the durability of the shoe.

They weigh around 8 oz (men’s size 9) –so they are among the lightest sneakers you can get. The offset is only 6 mm.

There’s a wide range of colours you can choose from and a “Design Your Own” option available. The models are available for both men and women with differences in the size range (from 6 to 15 US).


  • Less is more is their motto and you’ll most likely appreciate that if you are like me and love to train in super lightweight ballet shoes.
  • The heel-to-toe grooves are awesome in terms of the flexibility they offer.
  • I love the Design Your Own option as you can make them fit your personality a bit better.


  • They have a tight fit and if you have wider feet you may find them more difficult to wear.
  • I would have loved for the synthetic overlays on the upper to be actually genuine leather. It would have made for a more durable product in my opinion.




Nike will always be among my favourite brands of footwear. The INTENSE research they put into creating the right design for their customers’ needs is usually paying off, making their shoes comfortable and adapted to the activities they are purchased for.

To me, they also carry another meaning, a sort of connection between myself and some of the legends I admire the most. It may sound childish, but it’s true.

Now the question is who’s your all-time inspirational hero? 

Top 5 Best Shoes For Club Dancing Reviews In 2022

comfortable clubbing shoes

I’ve recently discovered that there are now classes that teach you how to dance in a club. They teach Rhythm, Coordination of MOVEMENTS and even simple steps and routines you can then perform.

It feels amazing to see that people actually care about the way they dance when they go to a PARTY.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

It means the society offers more and more attention the art I’ve dedicated my life to and I just LOVE that.

However, I honestly appreciate any human being that moves along to the music they hear.

It doesn’t matter whether they seem like they came from a Bolshoi rehearsal or as if they lost all control over their limbs.

If they are having FUN, they got it.

That’s the beauty of dance.

Even if I believe you can be as loose as you want on the dance floor, when it comes to the shoes you choose to wear there, there are a few tips you might want to consider before going to the club and dancing all night long.

That’s the case unless you like going barefoot after the first hour or two, which happened to me way too many times.

Especially if you are known to be a dancer in your GROUP, you kind of need to live up to your friends’ expectations, so giving up your beloved dance shoes for a pair of street ones, may not be a good idea.

So after a few failed nights in the club, I decided to stick to my professional dance performing shoes.

#1: Ellie Shoes Women’s 254 Lucille Dress Pump

A super affordable, yet much appreciated model, the 254 Lucille Dress Pump by Ellie, is a good CHOICE for your club nights.

The upper is made of 100% satin and oh, yes, I love satin.

The Vintage inspired look with its cute sculpted heel comes straight from the roaring ‘20s and is ready to rock the new ‘20s, a CENTURY later.

The leather and rubber sole offers good grip to the floor while facilitating pivots and slides, even after way too many hours in the club and way too many drinks – please remember to drink responsibly though.

The closed round toe box is very comfortable, as it doesn’t keep your toes too tightly together.  This prevents the nightmare of ingrown nails to happen to you.

The T-strap design keeps the pumps secured to your feet so you won’t lose them on the dance floor, while the adjustable ankle strap allows you to fit them as you please.

The one-piece shank offers the adequate support and light cushioning for a comfortable experience. They are available in sizes 5 to 11 (US), medium width.


  • They are flexible, comfortable and stable, while adding a refined vintage air to my outfits.
  • They are very affordable.
  • They feature a closed toe box which I prefer when going out in crowded places. People tend to step on my toes for some reason and I need to protect them as much as I can.
  • Also, they’re made of satin and I absolutely love satin, as I mentioned before.


  • They’re a medium to wide in width, so people with narrow feet may find them a bit difficult to fit them.
  • I could only find them in black with no other colour option.

#2: Jr. Footlight character shoe by capezio

Salvatore Capezio, born in 1871 in Muro Lucano in Italy, was a cobbler with a dream.

He moved to the United States and when he was only 17 years old and soon he opened a shoe repair shop near the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

When the opera star Jean de Reszke needed a new pair of shoes URGENTLY, Salvatore put his creative ideas into practice and made his first pair of shoes.

The result was amazing, do he soon became the official shoemaker for the Metropolitan Opera House.

Huge names in the industry started to notice him and to fall in love with his work.

The great world-class ballerina Anna Pavlova bought herself and her company pointe shoes made by Capezio.

Later on, he designed a special pointe shoe named after her…

..And the history goes on until today when we can BENEFIT from Capezio’s courage and determination to create high quality footwear for his beloved dancers.

With no further introduction, the next three recommendations come from the one and only, Capezio brand.

The first one is the Jr. Footlight Character Shoe, with an overall score of 4.7 out of 5, based on 84 reviews on Capezio’s official website.

The shoe features a soft PU leather upper and a non-slip leather wrapped 1.5” heel, that offers great stability.

They are very COMFORTABLE thanks to the soft microfiber lining that prevents extra sweaty feet and to foam padded foot bed that will take care of your tired plantar region.

The shoe can’t slip off as the slim leather strap with its buckle secures it to your feet.

You won’t have to worry when the DJ’s playing your favourite tune, so you immediately have to run straight to the dance floor and fully enjoy it.

I don’t know about you, but there are SONGS I just can’t RESIST.

The model is compatible with two of Capezio’s signature accessories the Tele Tone® toe and Duo Tone heel taps, if you wish to add them.

The shoe also features an Achilles notch which is designed to reduce pressure on the Achilles tendon – less pain, less blisters.

The closed toe and sides minimizes the damage you are likely to take when your fellow party people step on your feet.

They are available in whole and half sizes ranging from 4 to 12 (US), narrow, standard and wide models.

In terms of chromatics, you can choose between a black and a caramel shade. Moreover, the same model is available with a slightly higher heel, measuring 2”.


  • They have all the qualities of a good dance shoe, while looking just as great and elegant as a street one.
  • They have a scored leather sole, so it won’t be a problem if you wear them on the street, on the way to and from the club. They’ll take it just fine.
  • Even with all the history and craftsmanship that went into making them, they are still affordable.
  • The soft lining absorbs sweat, keeping your feet dry all night long.


  • I would have preferred a slightly thinner heel.
  • Like always, I would prefer genuine leather instead of PU leather, as it makes footwear a lot more durable.

#3: Social dance – Eva 2″ Heel by capezio

The second Capezio creation that made it to my top is the Social Dance Eva model. It comes with an ELEGANT PU leather upper, open on the sides.

The insole is cushioned using a single layer of memory foam and the edges are folded, while the collar is padded. This triad of elements makes them very comfortable to wear for hours and hours of fun.

The cross ankle straps and the open toe box put an emphasis on the feminine lines of your feet, giving you that confidence boost you need on the DANCE FLOOR.

The ½ shank is reinforces for extra flexibility – you can easily do all your sneaky dance tricks now. The 2” flared heel is stable, yet elegant, without the usual chunky look of high-support dance heels.

They are available in whole and half sizes ranging from 5 to 11 (US). The brand suggests you start with the street size.

In terms of colours, they made your choice easy: it will be black.


  • They are a more elegant version of dance shoes, especially created for ballroom dance.
  • The extra-supportive shank comes in handy if you plan on dancing until dawn.
  • The Achilles notch actually works. I’ve never experienced pain and blisters in that area while wearing Capezio shoes with this feature.
  • They show off your pedicure.


  • The open toe box makes me feel a lot more vulnerable about my toes getting stepped on.
  • Like always, I would prefer genuine leather instead of PU leather, as it makes footwear a lot more durable.

#4: Cassie Character Shoes 830 by capezio

Finally, the last Capezio in my top is the Cassie Character Shoe 830. It features a durable leather upper, with closed sides and a closed toe box.

The cushioned memory foam insole offers extra support to the heel and ball of the foot – the points where we put the most PRESSURE when dancing.

The single slim ankle strap with its buckle secures the shoe to your foot, while gently shaping your ankle.

The heel measures 2”, but the model is also available with a 1.5” heel in case you want to go lower.

Capezio also manufactures this model as a version for children. They’re that easy to wear.

They are available in whole and half sizes ranging from 4 to 12 (US), medium and wide models. You can choose between black and caramel models.

I personally prefer the black one as it is easier to match them with your outfits.


  • They are a very simple, practical, yet elegant option.
  • They are affordable.
  • The memory foam helps a lot if you choose to go out after a tiring week at work.
  • They have a closed toe box and you already know how much I like those.


  • The colour scheme is scarce and I don’t like when my options are limited.
  • The heel looks a little chunky.

#5: Veronika (031 E) Shoes By Aida Dance

The last (but not the least) shoe that made its way into my top is Veronika 031E model by Aida Dance.

With almost three decades spent REFINING the design for dance footwear, Aida Dance Shoes is another brand that I like.

The model I chose features an upper made of satin, with open sides and a closed toe box and a delicate T-strap that gently secures the shoe to your foot.

Other than this, you can customize almost everything about them. You can choose from a 2” or 2.5” Flare or Slim Heel. The toe can be square or round depending on the way you like it best.

I usually prefer the round one as it gives me a little more FREEDOM of Movement. Even the sole colour is customizable: you can choose between a regular, red or black suede one.

You can also add heel protectors and replacements for the heel tips to your order. In case you want to go extra fancy, you can add rhinestones to your heels, so you could literally shine on the dance floor.

The size ranges from 4.5 to 8.5 (US) and the width can be extra-narrow, narrow, regular, wide and extra-wide.


  • They are the most sophisticated model on my list, perfect for more elegant occasions.
  • I love the fact that they are very customizable.
  • The strap is very delicate, emphasising the natural feminine lines of the foot and ankle.
  • Rhinestones!!! I love rhinestones!


  • With all the extra customized options, they can get pricey.
  • There seems to be less cushioning in the insole compared to the models I usually like wearing.

Veronika (031 E) Shoes By Aida Dance


Choosing the most comfortable, yet FASHIONABLE shoes for going out to the club can be a daunting task, but if done correctly it will ensure a night of full of dancing with no blisters and terrible leg pain in the morning.

Don’t forget the key elements:

  • Good cushioning
  • Sturdy heel
  • Breathable lining 
  • Peferably (but not necessarily) a closed toe box.

Other than that, put your diva attitude on, and rock the DANCE FLOOR!

And while you’re at it, share with us your most memorable ad-hoc club routines you’ve ever performed.

You definitely know what I’m talking about!

Apparently mine was pretty simple: headbanging to Du Hast by Rammstein for a while, then getting dizzy and ending my routine with a couple pirouettes and a (not so) graceful arabesque.

The metalheads in the club were truly IMPRESSED.

Or so I was told.

Top 4 Best Pole Dancing Shoes Reviews For 2022

pole dance shoes

I have to confess I am a nerd. I’m fascinated by all sorts of trivia facts and I love history.

So of course, I’ll share with you what I’ve learnt about pole dancing (coupon code “sportsgratitude” for 10% discount).

Apparently, we can track its roots back to India, centuries ago. Its ancestor, the Mallakhamb was invented on the Asian continent and it was usually performed by men.

   Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

They would perform acrobatic TRICKS using a vertical wooden pole.

Only much later, during the 1920s in America, the performers started to combine the pole dances with the burlesque shows and added to it the more seductive nature as we know it now.

Today, pole dancing is not only a form of ART, but a popular option for fitness classes and also a possible Olympic sport.

In 2017, the Olympic committee official recognised it as a sport. It now has a special observer status, but it will take a while until they officially include in the games.

However, there are lots of national and international championships you can attend across the world.

With its popularity increasing, more and more dancers want to give it a try.

I did and it’s great.

Very HARD, but GREAT.

And who knows, maybe among the people reading this hide the next Olympic medallists. It is thus important to learn about the right equipment we need in order to train safely.

#1: Adore 708 Sandals by pleaser USA

My favourite brand when it comes to pole dancing shoes is Pleaser USA.


They simply know their business and their customers and their products show it.

They lift you up and help you reach the SKY…

…I’m a short person and adding 7 inches to my actual height seems like that, alright?

The gorgeous Adore – 708 Pleaser Sandals are my number one choice as they COMBINE the functionality of a pole dance shoe with a bit of necessary eccentricity and seductive treats.

With a neat 4.7 score out 5 on Amazon, they convinced me too. I was also influenced by my dance teacher who loves and praises them a lot.

The heel is 178 mm (7”) which is not scandalously high compared to other models, so beginners could use them too, after a few training sessions of course.

However, Pleaser has models with a 5” and 6” inches heel in case you feel uncomfortable using these ones. The platform measures (70 mm) 2 ¾”.

The clear upper and ankle strap will keep the shoe secured to your feet which in this dance style is absolutely crucial.

The chrome plated bottom of this sandal gives it a burlesque air that I really like. The rubber sole provides you with the good GRIP you need.

They are available in sizes 5 to 14 (US) and the colour scheme includes purple, red, light pink, silver, teal and black.

I would recommend you to go half a size up your normal street shoes as the plastic the pole dancing ones are made hardly stretches.


  • Wearing them add sensuality and wildness to your moves which is exactly what you’re looking for when trying to pull off a difficult routine.
  • The combination of bright strong colours with the chrome plated bottom steals the show and adds glamour to your dance.
  • The high-volume of the bottom offers you stability, while the clear upper shows off your pedicure. Perfect combo!
  • They are not ultra-high like pole dance shoes tend to be, yet they still do the trick.


  • They are made of 100% synthetic materials, which may get your feet sweaty.
  • They may seem stiff and may cause blisters until your feet get used to them. My instructor used to encourage us to wear them with thicker socks around the house for a few days before taking them to rehearsals. You can also try to stretch them by warming them up with a hairdryer on low.

#2: Pleaser Women’s Delight – 1020 Boot

Ready to feel like a diva?

Pleaser Women’s Delight’s got your back.

This beautiful almost gothic-like pair of boots is designed to wake up the dark MYSTERIOUS goddess in every woman who tries them on.

The 6” (15.2 cm) stiletto heel makes them perfect for fairly experienced beginners and professionals alike. The platform measures 1 ¾” (4.5 cm).

The closure system relies on a lace-up upper that secures the boot to the ankle, doubled by a full inner side zipper that seals the deal.

The rubber sole offers really good grip to the floor and the pole itself which is very important during DANGEROUS routines. And yes, most pole dancing routines seem dangerous to me.

The lace-up upper is made of leather (or faux-leather in some models) which also gives good grip to the pole when climbing on it or clinging to it.

They are available in sizes ranging from 5 to 14 (US). In terms of colours (upper &bottom), you can choose from seven individual models, such as:

the Black & Black with Faux Leather, Black & Black with Leather, Black & Red Chrome, Black & Rose Gold, Red & Red, Rose Gold & Rose Gold or White & White.


  • The leather adds a wild, but elegant note to them, while proving really practical.
  • They are part of the 6” collection which makes them easier to wear and perform in (Pleaser goes up to the 10” collection).
  • I love the fact that I can style them to a gothic outfit.
  • The closure systems keep them very tight and secure to your feet.
  • They’re great of you feel like you have weaker ankles.


  • The fit is quite narrow which may be a problem for dancers with wider feet.
  • They are very tight, so you’ll more likely have to order a size-up.

#3: Pleaser Women’s Radiant – 708THG Ankle strap sandal

Another beautiful sandal model from Pleaser USA, the Women’s Radiant 708THG pair features a 7” (17.8 cm) heel – which is still high, but not impossible to wear – while their platform measures 3 ¼” (8.3 cm).

If you’ve ever WONDERED why the pole dancing shoes have their distinctive look, here’s a very detailed guide to the anatomy of a pole dance heel offered by PolePedia.

These sandals (just like all the Pleasers I’ve looked at) tick all the boxes in the guide: they have a

  • curved insole which protects your toes from injuries during floorwork,
  • Padded lining for a comfortable training or shoe performance an angled heel for support,
  • Angled toebox that allows for easier movement of the heel,
  • Curved outsole that facilitates movements such as rocking forward, turning and sliding, and
  • One-piece shank for extra-support and easier lifting from the floor.

They feature a clear patent upper and an ankle strap which keeps the shoe SECURED to your feet.

The textured holographic heel and platform is la piece de resistance of this model.

They look really cool and basically match any outfit. They come is sizes ranging from 5 to 10 (US).


  • Despite their high-volume, they are actually pretty lightweight.
  • Their design respects the right anatomy of a pole dancing shoe, without exception.
  • The holographic bottom makes them stand out and look great in the spotlight.


  • They are available in one single colour.

#4: Adore – 3028 by pleaser

As my fourth choice, I will go with an all-time favourite of mine, the ADORE 3028 Thigh High Boot.

Confession time: the gothic girl in me is overwhelmed while I write about this model and Venus in Furs by Velvet Underground just started PLAYING in my head.

For people who don’t know it, it starts like this:

Shiny, Shiny, Shiny boots of leather…

Back to the shoes now, they sport a 7” (17.8 cm) stiletto heel and a 2 ¾” (7 cm) platform. The upper features a lace-up closure for a better control of the tightness and a full side zipper.

The three buckles placed along the upper put an EMPHASIS on the shape of the leg, making it look even more seductive.

Those too respect the anatomy of a pole-dancing shoe, with all the key elements present:

  • The curved insole
  • Padded lining
  • Angled heel
  • Curved outsole and
  • The one-piece shank
  • Angled toebox

They are available in faux leather or patent (the shiny fabric which is actually leather coated in plastic) and both versions are black.

I would go for the patent one, as it OFFERS a better grip to the pole. The sizes range from 5 to 12 (US).


  • They emanate an extremely sensual and wild air and they give confidence to every woman who puts them on.
  • They are practical, as they will make your whole leg grip to the pole without hurting your skin.
  • I would personally wear them outside the context on pole dancing. They are great to sport with any metal or Goth outfit.


  • I’d like for them to be available in genuine leather.
  • I’d also love to see a red or white version of the exact model available in the Pleaser shop.

Top 5 Best Shoes for Dancing on Concrete Reviews For 2022

Best Shoes for Dancing on Concrete

If you’re not familiar with the dance world, the type of floor you DANCE ON may not seem like an important issue.

However, the impact of floors on dance injuries is highly important. According to Gary Wright, a National Australian Champion in Cycling and also a Flooring Technician for West Australian Ballet.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

The lack of absorption from the floor, combined with bad REPETIVE technique can lead to lots of injuries to your muscles, ligament and bones, leading to chronic pain and stress fractures.

On the Ballet Blog the expert talks about three elements that make a good floor:

  1. The underlying surface
  2. The covering and
  3. The MAINTENANCE of the surface.

For a more in depth explanation you can watch the interview with Gary below.

After we found out what a good floor looks like, let’s have a look at the worst of them all: concrete.

It is tough, it does not absorb shock and it turns the dancing experience into a more difficult one.

Your JOINTS will have to suffer from this the most…

So if you absolutely have to dance on a concrete floor you need to make sure you are best equipped to do so.

The shoes will make a huge difference to your ROUTINE.

#1: Reebok Floatride Energy 2

Reebok comes with a very good option if you plan in dancing on concrete.

The Floatride Energy 2 model will PROTECT your feet and joints with the innovative Floatride Energy Foam that is padding the foot bed.

 It provides a very comfortable cushioning, more efficiently than the standard EVA sole,  without adding weight to the shoe, keeping it LIGHTWEIGHT (272 g).

The model is also flexible making it easy to dance in, as it fit the foot like a sock.

The mesh upper is also very lightweight and allows your feet to BREATHER while keeping them dry.

They are designed for long distance running, so they are responsive on tough surfaces such as concrete, which will help you during your routine.

The model is available in four combinations of COLOURS you can choose from.

My favourite one for women is the True Grey, White and Vivid Orange combination...

While my favourite model for men is the Humble Blue, Fluid blue and Black one.

The size ranges from 7 to 13 (US). They are designed neutral pronation, with a high arch.


  • The Floatride Energy technology offers s great energy return, making it easier to deal with hard surfaces like concrete.
  • The foam padding protects the joints during jumps and rapid movements.
  • They are affordable.
  • The outsole seems durable, so they will prove to be a long term investment.
  • There are special deals for Reebok club members, so you may want to check out the offers.


  • The laces are a bit too short.
  • The mesh upper will make them impractical to wear on a rainy muddy day. So for example, if you have a flash mob scheduled outside, you may want to check the weather before you choose to wear this pair of shoes.



#2: CrossFit Nano 8.0 Reebok Shoes 

Yet another model wearing Reebok’s signature is the CrossFit Nano 8.0 trainers.

With over 1400 reviews on Amazon and a score of 4.6 out of 5, they did CONVINCE me to give them a try on concrete.

Reebok has been working on this shoe, testing and redesigning it since 2010. CrossFit Nano 8.0 is a version that was born with the input of the CrossFit community and the dancers’ community can definitely benefit from it.

The Flexweave technology used on the upper is very breathable, keeping your feet DRY during training. This technology weaves fibres into a figure-8 which makes it durable, yet flexible.

The forefoot flex grooves also contribute to the flexibility of the shoe that will let you PERFORM any move you want. The low-cut design adds to mobility too.

The toe area is protected thanks to the Toe Tection design, so now’s the time for those Michael Jackson toe stands.

The model weighs 10 oz and it features a 4 mm drop. They are available in sizes ranging from 6.5 to 14 and in a very wide colour scheme.

If your size is out of stock, you can sign-up for a notification e-mail and they will let you know when they are available again.


  • They are very lightweight, yet they provide the appropriate support for your soles.
  • They are affordable compared to other high quality brands.
  • The Nano 8 Flexweave fits like a sock.
  • As it is designed for weightlifting, they are very stable, providing the right kind of balance for dancing in them.
  • You can pay them in 3 interest-free instalments.


  • The rainy weather may affect them, so you might want to reconsider wearing them on a rainy muddy day. Hopefully, none of your shows and flashmobs will actually happen on one of those days.
  • The design in very simple and functional, so if you want to attract attention with your new shoes, I’m not sure they will do the trick.



#3: New Balance 997H

Coming straight from the ‘90s, these unisex shoes are made for the people who stayed COOL through the decades.

They seem to come straight out of an R n B music video, so be prepared to feel extra pumped when you put them on.

I honestly first chose them because of the nostalgic design. Then, they proved to be very functional when faced with one of my nightmares: the concrete floor.

They are a very agile model, featuring a thick EVA foamy midsole that CUSHIONS every move you make. You’re walking (dancing) on clouds.

They are very sturdy, so they will take your outdoor training just fine. The upper is made of a combination of mesh, suede and synthetic leather.

The GCEVA construction gives them an update compared to their predecessors that came out in 1991.

The colour scheme has so much to offer, so give yourself time to choose. You’ll have to pick out from combinations such as Castlerock with Peony or White with Laser Blue. They are available in sizes ranging from 8 to 14, standard width.


  • They are budget-friendly.
  • They bring back the 90s nostalgia, while living up to today’s comfort standards.
  • The colour scheme is absolutely crazy! I love it and if I could, I’d buy them all. Relax, I’m not a shopaholic. I just love colours.
  • They are easy to pull on using the pull tab at the heel.


  • Slim line design means they’re not suitable for wide feet
  • Can be difficult to put on due to slim size



#4: New Balance 574 Core

With over 75 years of experience in manufacturing American footwear, New Balance has another option for dancers who need to perform on concrete floors.

The 574 Core iconic style features an ENCAP midsole technology that will SUPPORT your feet and joints, while keeping the shoe lightweight and easy to dance in.

The EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) offers the main protection against the hard concrete floor, making the midsole foamy, cushioning every step you take. The outsole is made of rubber, so it has good grip and it makes it more difficult for you to slip during pivots.

The upper is made of a combination of suede and breathable mesh that will keep your feet dry. In case you hate SWEATY feet like I do, this model has you covered.

They are available in sizes ranging from 5 to 12(US) with standard and wide models. You can choose from lots of colours such as Grey and White, Navy, Burgundy or Black.

If none of those satisfy your wishes, you get the chance to customize your own New Balance 574 Core model. You can choose your favourite colour, materials and SIGNAATURE details.


  • The custom-made idea is great. I love to be able to design my own shoes even if I have no skills to actually do it from zero.
  • They are very comfortable, yet lightweight.
  • The sock-like feel brings them closer to what I actually choose to wear during my indoor ballet classes.


  • There is no narrow model.
  • They will need to be broken in first.


#5: Asics Gel Kayano 25

Here comes the most hardcore model on my list. If dancing on concrete is not just an exception to the rule for you and you actually have to do it on a REGULAR basis, you may want to take look at the Asics Gel Kayano 25.

They have models for both men and women, so you and your dance partner will be protected against concrete’s evil ways. That’s right! I really hate concrete floors.

Among runners’ favourites, this model is DESIGNED using the GEL KAYANO 25 technology that guarantees a comfortable training session.

The FLYTEFOAM system uses organic super fibres that provides a great energy return and resists compression, so you can jump on them as much as you wish.

They’ll take it.

Another innovative technology called FLUIDRIDE allows the midsole to gently cushion your feet while reinforcing the natural trajectory of your movements…

Going hand in hand with another signature system

AND The GEL technology, which reduces the impact with the floor, absorbing the shock, thus taking care of your joints.

The materials are seamless, protecting your feet from injuries on different high pressure points. The shoes fit like a sock thanks to the internal elastic sleeve that surrounds your foot.

The upper is KNITTED and inspired by the traditional Japanese kimono.

They also benefit from the I.G.S (Impact Guidance System) technology.

The HEEL CLUTCHING SYSTEM is also part of what makes these shoes a superior choice and it refers to the exoskeletal heel counter that offers supreme support.

The GEL-Kayano 25 is design for over-pronators, for low or flat foot arches.

Their size ranges from 6 to 16, but if your size is out of stock you simply sign up for a notification e-mail and they’ll let you know when it is available again.

You can choose from 11 colours and combinations, but I personally prefer the Cherry Tomato and Black one for ladies.


  • Asics loves to invest in their technologies and it shows. Among them, I looked into a very interesting one, the Guidance Trusstic System Technology which boosts gait efficiency and midfoot structural integrity. There’s so much to learn from the art and science of making this kind of shoes, I highly recommend you take your time and read about it. Absolutely fascinating stuff!
  • They are among the most comfortable shoes I have seen in this category and they prove to work very well on concrete.
  • They fit very well to the foot, without causing blisters.


  • They may be considered a serious investment.
  • They are very sturdy, thus they’ll need to be broken in first.




No matter which shoes you will choose, you need to be prepared when attempting to dance on a concrete floor.

Never NEGLET the impact it can have on your joints and tackle it with great care and responsibility.

Stay safe, my fellow dancers, and if you WISH share with us the craziest places (and surfaces) you had to dance on.

I’ll start…I had to dance in a cobble stone cellar for a Halloween party in Transylvania.

Yes, Dracula was there too.

Top 5 Shoes for Line Dancing Reviews For 2022

best shoes for line dancing


Are you more of a Madison or a San Francisco Stomp?

Or perhaps ARE YOU more of a Swamp Thang guy?

Or a Watermelon Crawl?

No, wait, I got you!

You can’t wait to do the CHICKEN DANCE. If you know what I’m talking about, you’re probably a hardcore line dancer and if you don’t, you might want to check this out.

You are missing out on some of the Hidden GEMS of the social dance world.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

Until now, the only connection I had with line dancing was through some medical articles I’ve come across that considered the fact that this kind of social dance can improve memory and fight against the onset and EFFECTS of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

I only recently discovered the pure JOY of line dancing when I attended a wedding party in Phoenix, Arizona.

They did the Cupid Shuffle at some point and I totally LOVED it, so I started looking into it.

As a dancer, I am always interested in the style’s origins, history and influences, most famous performers, best-suited music and obviously the best footwear for practicing it.

When it comes to line dancing, the choice is pretty clear: country boots.

#1: Ariat Men’s Heritage Boots



With over three decades of experience in manufacturing high-quality footwear, the Californian brand Ariat is committed to five core values that reflect in their high-quality products:

  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork and
  • Respect

The company’s name comes from the Secretariat, the legendary racehorse (yes, this is the real-life horse that inspired the Secretariat character in BoJack Horseman) that was the 1973 Triple Crown WINNER.

Apart from this, Ariat is the first equestrian footwear to incorporate athletic footwear technologies in its boots.

So you know we sure that if equestrian athletes can use them in their field, they will do very WELL on the dance floor too.

With a strongly developed culture for their craftsmanship, manufacturers at Ariat have their boots go through more than 150 steps during their construction, focusing on offering the durability and high performance that EVERYONE is looking for.

All their products are field-tested to endure their high quality and functionality.

The model I recommend you is the Ariat Men’s, Heritage Boot.

It comes with the ATS® technology, which equips the boot with additional gel-cushioning for shock absorption and stability while keeping the feet dry thanks to the breathable footbed.

The EVA midsole is also designed to REDUCE the shock and stress on your joints. The Duratread® technology makes the outsole slip-resisting, adding to its flexibility and durability.

They have an R toe which means they are tapered but rounded at the tip.

The heels have stabilizers for EXTRA support and balance on the floor.

Regarding the design, these are some of the very stylish, carefully crafted boots that you can match with your cowboy outfit.

The full-grain leather shaft height is 13”, they are available in sizes ranging from 8 to 15 (US) and you can choose from narrow, medium, or wide models. The colors available are brown and black.


  • After hours of research, they seem to be among the top models in the industry.
  • The high-quality materials and craftsmanship are reflected in the long-term performance of the boot.
  • The ATS® technology ensures comfort for your feet, keeping them away from injuries.
  • They are very well suited for being worn outside; if you think of rocking the cowboy style off the dance floor, you can definitely use them to complete your outfit.
  • They are actually made for equestrian athletes, so they might just give you an incentive to take up riding classes.


  • They could seem like a large investment for a beginner who is not sure about the time he will spend practicing line dancing.
  • The color scheme is limited to two colours.

#2: Ariat Dahlia Western Boot 



Ariat also makes premium footwear for ladies.  My recommendation is Ariat’s Dahlia Western boot.

As their website description states, these boots are made for dancing in. They come with a 9” long upper made completely out of full-grain leather with a BEAUTIFUL Floral Model embossed on it.

This D toe model benefits from the same ATS Technology, making them comfortable to wear and practice in. The MASTERFULLY sewn stitches and durable materials promise to stand the test of time.

They are available in a combination of brown tones or in all black and their size ranges from 6.5 to 12 (US), with the possibility of choosing between medium and wide models.

The manufacturer runs true-to-size and the product doesn’t need to be broken in.


  • The details on the upper and forefoot are very well done and they give these boots a unique personality which I am quite sure will attract lots of compliments on the dance floor.
  • The highly researched technologies that go into manufacturing these boots make the dancing experience a very comfortable one. Your feet and joints will probably appreciate your investment.
  • You can share the photos with your Ariat boots with the whole Ariat community by adding the #MYARIAT hashtag to your posts on social media.
  • The 52 reviews on the website, with an average score of 4.6 out 5 are extremely encouraging.


  • I wish the color scheme offered more possibilities.
  • Again, these are high end riding boots, so they may seem like a big investment at the beginning of a line dancing adventure.

#3: Laredo Women’s Crosspoint western boots

Laredo brand has been one of the top choices among western style enthusiasts in the United States for over 45 years.

My favorite model from them is the Women’s cross Point Western Boot that would GRACEFULLY complete your cowgirl wardrobe.

They are tall boots with a 13” pull-on leather shaft featuring western embroidery, crafty stitches and stud details.

The cut-outs and underlays give this pair a very fashionable look, while the cushioned insole makes them the right CHOICE for long hours on the dance floor.

The 1.5” cowboy heel adds to the stability of the boot and the synthetic outsole won’t let you slip and fall on the floor during your fancy turns.

Their size ranges from 6 to 10 (US) and they are available as a medium width model. The boots are a stylish light brown.

However, some reviews I read stated that they are darker than in the photos.

They are very durable as they are mostly designed to be worn outside and to endure to conditions that ranch chores would impose on them.


  • They are a long-term versatile investment, as they seem very durable and could be worn outside the dance practice hours without damaging them.
  • The delicate embroidery shows craftsmanship and respect for details.
  • You can pay them in three interest-free payments.
  • Boot Barn, one of the online shops that sell them offers a profitable Loyalty Plan you might want to check out.


  • The only available color for this model is brown. As a chromatics enthusiast, I’d like to have more options.
  • They could seem a little stiff at the beginning, so they need a breaking-in period.

#4: Dan Post vintage bluebird leather boots

Dan Post Boots brand identifies itself with the motto Handcrafted Cushion Comfort.

With a history of over half a century, this manufacturer only works with the finest exotic skins and premium leathers, so you know what you will be paying for.

The model that caught my eye is the Women’s Vintage Bluebird Leather Boot. It is absolutely GORGEOUS.

I am not usually a very big fan of cowgirl boots because I am short and they make me look even shorter, but these ones will make an exception.

I do not care how short I might look wearing them; the CRAFTSMANSHIP that went into creating them is all worth it. They seem like a painter’s canvas, not like a pair of boots.

They are made of distressed, tan leather and wonderful turquoise underlay and a few red spots on the upper shaft. The medium cowboy heel and rustic leather outsole will support you and add balance to your moves on the floor.

They are paired with a removable Soft Strike Orthotic for extra comfort and care for your feet and joints.

They are available in sizes ranging from 6 to 10 (US), medium width. Their height measures 11,” and the circumference is 12 ½”.


  • It feels like you’re wearing a work of art.
  • You can pay for them in 4 interest-free installments.
  • They are extremely comfortable and since they are designed for riding, they would take adequate care of your dancer feet.


  • They are a serious investment, so you might need to take your time and save money to purchase them. I know I am. It was love at first sight and I couldn’t exactly resist them.

#5: Justin Men’s Ostrich Cowboy Boots

H.J.Justin & Sons are America’s celebrated cowboy boot makers continuing a HANDCRAFTING tradition dating back from 1879.

The model I believe men’s line dancers will appreciate is the exquisite Ostrich Western boots. This brown and dark green exotic model is absolutely stunning, made from smooth ostrich leather.

The 11” shaft is Kango Tobacco and it features CRAFTY turquoise embroidery that adds personality to the model.

The broad, round toe keeps your feet comfortable together with the J-Flex technology insole that provides great energy return.

The Tekno Crepe outsole offers a good grip to the floor and high durability. The block heel is sturdy and supports and balances your dance MOVES.

They are easy to pull on, as they feature overlay fluted pull straps. The size ranges from 8 to 13 (US) and you can choose from medium and wide models.


  • The exquisite ostrich leather is a premium material you can rarely find available on the market at such an affordable price.
  • The combination of colors is elegant and will stand out on the dance floor.
  • The patented J-Flex technology is a comfort system designed especially to care for your tires soles and joints.


  • They are quite an investment and their purchase may require some planning beforehand.


Now go ahead, put on your favorite boots and blast Achy Breaky Heart as LOUD as you can. That will get you up and push you straight on the dance floor.

So tell us, what’s your favorite line dance?

I’ll start.

Mine is the Hoedown Throwdown!

Yeeeee hawwwww!

Top 4 Best Shoes for Dancing All Night Reviews In 2022

Best Shoes for Dancing All Night

I’ve recently read an article published in Scientific American about the bonds that dancing can CREATE between people.

It turns out that there are two KEY ways that make this happen:

  • Exertion and
  • Synchronicity

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

Apparently, dancing at social gatherings causes what scientists have described as blurring of the self into the groups people are surrounded by, thanks to the TENDENCY to synchronize with others – so you may be experiencing something close to the death of the ego.

Another hypothesis that could explain why dancing leads to BONDING between people refers to the release of hormones such as endorphins during intense physical exercise.

Whether it’s because of physical exertion or synchronicity, one thing is clear:

Dancing gets us closer to other human beings and it helps us become part of something bigger than ourselves. 

The conclusion is clear: You got to go dance all NIGHT LONG.

But when you do, make sure you choose the right shoes to accompany you!

There are three things you need to keep in mind when choosing the shoes you go out dancing with:

they need to be well secured to your feet (unless again, you want to play Cinderella and let Prince Charming know you’re in town), they need to have enough CUSHIONING and the heel has to be medium and sturdy.

I know we all love stilettoes, but they do not love us back. All they do is hurt us.

And who wants to get hurt when they go party? 


Here are a few affordable options for the times you want to go out and rock the dance floor:

#1: 2.5″ Heel Flex Character Shoes By Capezio

So here comes my number one recommendation for a comfy night out: Capezio!

Capezio is an old and famous dancewear manufacturer founded by Salvatore Capezio back in 1887 and the exact model I recommend for a night full of dance is the 2.5 “Heel Flex Character Shoe.

They are ELEGANT, so you can match them quite easily with your outfit, yet very comfortable thanks to a foam padded foot bed and a ¾ steel shank – the Capezio Signature Construction. Your feet will thank you.

The secure T strap with the buckle closure keeps the shoes tied to your feet, so you won’t lose them the first time someone steps on you on the DANCE FLOOR.

And we all know that happens a lot.

The upper and forefoot are made of leather and satin respectively, which to me seems like a very classy combination.

The sole is made of suede, so you might want to put them on once you actually got to the party, so the concrete on the street won’t damage them.

The toe box is round which is the shape I personally PREFER as the pointy ones favour the development of ingrown nails and dancers know best how much these can hurt.

As the name suggests the heel height is 2.5”, but there is also an identical model that features a 1.5 “heel, in case you want to be even comfier.

They are all black, so they will go with literally everything you choose to wear. The sizes range from 5 to 10.5 and the width can be medium or wide.


  • They are the kind of one time investment every woman should make for a comfy, yet classy night out.
  • They are affordable compared to other options and very versatile in terms of outfit matching.
  • The leather and satin combination is very elegant.
  • The foam padded foot bed makes them very comfortable to wear.


  • The sole is especially made for dance floors and it can get damaged on the street.
  • The colour scheme is limited to all black.

#2: Stelle 2.5″ t Strap Character Dance Shoes

Here comes a more affordable, yet very ELEGANT character shoe that you might like to take on your next adventure into the wild world of dance clubs.

With an Amazon score of 4.5 stars out of 5, based on more than 250 ratings, I present to you Stelle’s creation: the 2.5” T Strap Character Shoes.

They come from SUNNY California and feature a synthetic leather upper with a secure T Strap and a pin buckle.

The heel measures 2.5” and is thick and sturdy, offering the balance you’ll need after a few hours on the dance floor.

The inner lining is soft and breathable, yet comfortable thanks to the right amount of cushioning they were designed with.

They are flexible and do not need to be broken in. If you want even lower models, Stelle has a 1.5” and 2” heel versions available.

 The colours they are created in are black and tan. Their size ranges from 4 to 11(US), medium width.


  • They are very affordable.
  • The breathable lining helps your feet stay dry during party time.
  • The heel is very stable, yet the shape of the shoe offers your legs the seductive feminine allure you’re looking for when wearing stilettoes, but without the pain.


  • I’m a declared fan of genuine leather. The synthetic one used for these shoes make them less durable.
  • The toe box can be a little narrow for people with wide feet.

#3: Cleecli Ballroom dance shoe

Just like Manolo Blahnik, the greatest shoemaker in England, I’m mad for satin!

It is so elegant and feminine that you have to FALL for it at some point in your life.

Cleecli comes with a very nice model of ballroom shoes I think goes well with any outfit for your nights out.

They are very lightweight and are made of satin and mesh with a soft satin sole. The midsole is very FLEXIBLE thanks to the elastic latex it is made of.

The open toe box will allow you to show off your pretty pedicure. The soft breathable lining features a sweat absorbing fabric, very delicate to your skin.

I love the pair of stylish cross straps that will put an emphasis on your ankle and secure the shoes to your feet at the same time. The quick release buckle makes it easy to put them on and adjust them to your size.

The model stays true to size, which ranges from 4.5 to 12 (US), medium width.

They are black, tan or nude and come in versions with 1.5”, 2.5” or 3” heels that you can choose between depending on how COMFORTABLE you are with dancing on high heels for a long time.


  • Since they are designed for dancers, they are more flexible and comfortable, compared to street shoes.
  • The satin of the upper makes them elegant and easy to match with basically any outfit in your closet.
  • I love the fact that they feature different heel heights. You can get slip a lower back-up in your bag and quickly change if your feet get tired, right?
  • Let’s not forget how affordable they are – just under $50.


  • The suede sole will make them a little less durable if you wear them on the street.
  • The open toe box makes it easier for your feet to get hurt if someone steps on them.

#4: Greatonu Women’s Shoes

Here’s an unusual, but really excellent choice you could try next time you go out: Kitten Heels. King Louis XIV of France wore them too, so why won’t you?

Centuries later, during the 1960s’ Beatnik and Mod movements brought the design back in STYLE as they loved dancing as much as we do, so mini heels seemed like the perfect choice for them.

The style will certainly ATTRACT the attention of your fellow dancers and friends, so you’re dance moves won’t be the only ones putting you in the centre of attention.

Greatonu comes with a very chic Kitten Heel design you can try out for yourself. Their score of 4.6 out of 5 stars based on almost 1500 ratings on Amazon, made me buy a couple pairs for myself and it was actually worth it.

The insole is made of breathable leather and the foot bed is cushioned for EXTRA COMFORT. The model comes with a fancy slingback crossing behind the ankle and closing in with a delicate buckle.

The sole is made of a durable rubber, so they can be easily worn on the dance floor and on the street as well.

The heel height is 2.5”, just perfect for a night full of dancing. The toe box is closed and pointed, adding to the feminine air they inspire.

They are available in 19 colours and patterns, such as Gold Glitter, Leopard Print, All Black, Beige & Black or the La La Land Yellow ones and their available size ranges from 3 to 8 (UK).


  • Honestly, I love their history. From Royal Courts in France to rebel Beatniks, these shoes have seen it all.
  • They are very feminine and also a fairly weird fashion statement that attracts attention everywhere it appears.
  • The mini heel makes dancing comfortable, yet stylish.
  • They are extremely affordable (under £30 a pair), so you can get basically all the colours and patterns you like and match them with you favourite outfits without feeling like you’ve spent a fortune.


  • They are not very comfortable the first few times you wear them. However, eventually they break in.
  • They are difficult to wear for people with wide feet.


Thanks to Bronwyn Tarr, an Oxford University psychologist and dancer who wrote the article about the reasons why dancing leads to bonding, now you have a scientific reason to go out dancing NEXT TIME someone invites you to.

So do not hesitate, life is short, but dance PROLONGS it!

And don’t forget that the best stories of our lives are never about the times we choose to stay home and watch TV instead of going out.

Go ahead and share with us the funniest things that happened to you on one of those unforgettable nights we all had at some point!

Top 5 Tennis Shoes For Dancing Reviews In 2022

best tennis shoes for dancing

According to Healthline, the fastest growing health information website (Google Analytics, July 2019), our job as dancers and choreographers is an actually dangerous one.

We can get hurt A LOT.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

From common blisters and calluses, to black and broken nails, from sprained ankles, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis to the well-known dancer’s ankle/dancer’s heel syndrome (yes, we have disease named after us), we can get them all.

How do we minimize the occurrence of such painful events?

By training smartly.

Even if we love rehearsing our dance routines and performing on stages, in the spotlight, there is a lot of training we actually need to do outside of all that fancy SOUNDING lifestyle.

Dancers need to hit the gym and run around the sports fields just like everybody else.

Training smartly means adhering to a fairly strict rehearsal schedule, trying not to miss classes, never forgetting the warm-up and cool down routines and always wearing the appropriate clothes and shoes for the type of dance we practice.

Furthermore, no matter how competitive we are, we must not be afraid to take the right amount of time off, in case we get injured.

Nothing is more important that your health. Mens sana in corpore sano, remember?

When it comes to training sessions I usually go for tennis shoes.

They are carefully designed for exercising in them and they usually come with a wide variety of technologies that make my feet feel less tired and my joints less stressed during LONG training hours.

Here are a few of my favourite options:

#1: Women’s Dedication XT Training Shoe by ryka

I love Irene Lewis McCormick, M.S., a fitness veteran and author of a book I really like: A Woman’s Guide to Muscle and Strength.

She INSPIRED me during my gym adventures and guided me through my journey of muscle building – which is crucial for a dancer.

She is also a Ryka ambassador, so when it comes to my favourite footwear for training, I tend to always choose this brand.

It’s created by women –who define themselves as a fearless tribe of women who want better – for women and it somehow feels empowering to wear it.

The amount of research that goes into making these shoes is simply AMAZING to me.

First of all, they are especially created for the women’s anatomy of the leg and foot, as they adapt to things such as the Quadriceps angle –a measurement of the width of the pelvis – which is 5 to 7 degrees greater in women than in men.

The External RE-ZORB LITE pod network placed between the midsole and outsole is a special foam compound used for cushioning and further shock absorption.

The upper that comes with a lace-up front is made of a BREATHABLE mesh and stretch lycra.

The difference is considered to be a risk factor for injuries during training and failing to adapt to it increases the chance of accidents. But fortunately, Ryka knows how to deal with that.

My recommendation, the Women’s Dedication XT Training Shoes come with great features, such as the Anatomical Precise-Return insole, a Ryka trademark, that offers the extra heel and arch support.

The skeletal outsole is made out of eight pieces of durable rubber that will prevent you from carelessly sliding across the floor. The turns are facilitated by the Pivot Point design which makes them easy and smooth.


  • They are very lightweight, facilitating long hours of training.
  • They are design with the women’s anatomy in mind and it shows in how comfortable they are.
  • The upper material is breathable, regulating the perspiration of the feet and keeping the skin nice and fresh for longer than most products I tried.
  • The price is very good taking into account the technologies they offer.

They are available in a Black and Pink combination or as a Brilliant White model. The sizes range from 5 to 11 (US) and the width is medium and wide.


  • They don’t have an option for people looking for narrow width models.
  • They were a little stiff during the first times I wore them, causing a couple blisters, but eventually they broke in.

#2: New balance 806 stability

It’s the gentlemen’s turn. My number one recommendation for men will be the Men’s Court 806 Stability model by New Balance.

No, it is not because one of their latest Brand Ambassadors is Jaden Smith, but I will admit I am a BIG FAN.

They are actually a really good product base on its score of 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon, based on the reviews of more than 580 customers.

Advertised as the model tennis players who want superior stability and support are looking for, these shoes feature three of New Balance’s top technologies: the C-CAP®, ABZORB® and ROLLBAR®.

The motion control they offer seems amazing, as the ROLLBAR® actually refers to a system meant to reduce rear foot movement.

The moulded plate that is placed under the heel is connected to the postings on the inner and outer edges of the shoe, offering it its increased stability by preventing the foot to roll inward.

The upper is made of full-grain leather, while the outsole is made of herringbone which allows for increased traction during lateral movements and facilitates fast turns.

New Balance technology LIGHTNING DRY® keeps MOISTURE away from your feet, letting them breathe and feel dry and comfortable.

They are available as a white and navy model, with sizes ranging from 7 to 16 (US) and width ranging from narrow to extra wide. The model may also be eligible for Medicare reimbursement.


  • Severe overpronation, along with severe supination is very well controlled by the Rollbar® system.
  • The level of cushioning and shock absorption provided by the ABZORB® technology is superior, making them the kind of shoe that carefully protects your joints during movements such as jumps or running.
  • The LIGHTNING DRY® system controls the level of feet perspiration during training, reducing the risk of developing infections such as the Athlete’s Foot, which according to Mayo Clinic, is a fungal infection commonly occurring in people whose feet become very sweaty while training in tight footwear.


  • They are not available in a wide range of colours.



#3: Adidas Court Jam bounce

As one of the major companies to sponsor SUCCESSFUL athletes across the world and sports teams such as Real Madrid and FC Bayern Munich, Adidas is also one of my FAVOURITE choices in terms of tennis shoes manufacturers.

Among tennis players’ favourites, my third recommendation for you will be the classic model Adidas Court Jam Bounce.

As an affordable, yet high quality product, the shoes feature a breathable mesh upper with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) on the front tip to prevent damage and prolong the shoe’s life.

They have a lace-up closure, adding to the tight sock-like feeling of the model.

The durable Adiwear rubber outsole along with the Abrasion resistant Adituff toe area make this model great for training INSIDE, as well as OUTSIDE.

They are regular fit and are available in Cloud White, Light Solid Grey and Core Black.


  • They are great for your joints, as the bounce cushioning is especially designed for increased comfort and flexibility in your movements.
  • They seem to have a very durable outsole, making a very good choice for training on the field, outside of the rehearsal hall.
  • The breathability of the mesh upper prevents sweaty feet and the inconveniences that come along with them.
  • They are affordable.


  • The mesh upper is easier to tear apart compared to models featuring full-grain leather uppers.
  • The colour scheme is a little dull.



#4: Asics Gel-Court Speed 

Asics loves the science and technology behind making exceptional footwear and dancers LOVE their results.

The model that caught my attention is the Gel-Court™ Speed which comes with very attractive features for someone who trains every day and whose joints sometimes shout for a break.

The I.G.S® – Impact Guided System is designed for superior shock absorption while guiding the foot to a neutral position during propulsion movements.

The GEL® technology, positioned in the rear and forefoot provides well cushioned and safe landings.

The AHARPLUS™ is a compound placed on the high impact zones, offering the possibility of free and flexible direction SWITCHING – which is an important characteristic for our usually fast turns and pivots.

Another two innovating technologies the DUOMAX® support system and TRUSSTIC SYSTEM® contribute to maintaining your balance, by adding extra-support across the mid foot.

They are normally available in sizes ranging from 6 to 15 (US), but you need to check their website, because most of the time the most popular sizes go out of stock.

The colour scheme features White and Silver, Black and Cherry Tomato, Black and Flash Yellow and Illusion Blue and Silver models.


  • They are lightweight (12.3 oz), thanks to the TRUSSTIC SYSTEM® technology designed to reduce the weight of the sole, without damaging the structural integrity of the model.
  • The mono sock fit makes them very quick and easy to put on.
  • The materials are seamless, making it harder for irritation and blisters usually caused by classic stitches and seams to occur.
  • The toe area is protected with the PGUARD toe protector design, making them last longer.


  • The width is standard. There are no narrow or wide options.
  • Picking the right size can be tricky, as your size may not always be in stock.



#5: Reebok Princess Women’s Sneaker

With over 5000 ratings on Amazon and an overall score of 4.4 stars out of 5, this Reebok model first caught my attention with its name – the Princess Sneaker.

This is what 21st century (gym) princesses must wear now, right? I

n the end, we all want to feel royal while training (and basically all the other times of the day), so if Reebok wants to SPOIL us, then so be it!

Jokes aside, this beautiful and very affordable model features a very classy and clean upper design, made entirely out of synthetic leather.

The Union Jack symbol is tastefully added on the outer side, below the laces. The TRADITIONAL lace-up closure help you secure the shoe to your foot, providing an optimal fit.

The model has good grip to training surfaces thanks to the highly abrasive rubber sole.

The model offers premium cushioning thanks to the EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) midsole and to the padded foam sock liner, while the shoe remains very lightweight (around 255 grams) and easy to dance in.

  • They are minimal in design, which gives them a very classy air.
  • They are affordable, yet they look and feel sophisticated, as they are designed with the trainer (dancer) in mind.
  • The Reebok website gives you the chance to be featured in their gallery if you mention @reebok on your Instagram profile. In my opinion, this may help you build and be part of a bigger dance community.
  • You have the option of 3 interest-free payments with Affirm.


The soft terry lining HELPS with moisture absorption, so if you have feet that sweat a lot, these may be a good option for you.

They are available in all White or all Black, with sizes ranging from 5 to 12 (US).


  • They are a little stiff and make pivots harder than other training shoes.
  • I would have preferred them to be made out of genuine leather instead of synthetic leather, as they would have been more long-lasting.


Every single time you buy a pair of tennis shoes for your training sessions you are actually investing in your health and actually PROLONGING your dancing career, so choose carefully.

Our body is our most precious gift and we need to take care of it and respect it, and it will respect us back.

So practice all the time, train RELIGIOUSLY, wear the right things and enjoy the results.

I am interested in how dancers around the world train outside the rehearsals, so if you want, share your routines with me.

Top 4 Shoes For Swing Dancing Review In 2022

swing dance shoes

We all dream of bringing that Fred Astaire vibe to our dance routines, but from all of us, our fellow SWING DANCERS manage to do it the best. One of their tricks is the right pair of shoes.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

They make a huge difference, from the type of sole they have, facilitating your TURNS and pivots to their shape that moulds to your feet and helps you keep your balance and master your technique.

After all, you would not imagine Fred Astaire do his dance in a pair of sneakers, right?

Swing is all about that vintage style we all love and need to respect.

So what do we need to look for in swing shoes?

#1: Ava Shoes by sliding & swing

Recommended by my favourite swing dancers Kendall and Ronnie from Live Collegiate Shag, Slide & Swing is a very professional brand that makes GREAT footwear.

Also, they come from sunny Barcelona, my favourite city.  The black and gold model I recommend you has a VINTAGE look to it completing your outfit.

The strap that comes around the ankle is very secure, making you feel comfortable during your fancy aerials.

The heel is a wide and sturdy 4 cm model, with a rubber top. They are 100% handmade using natural leather, with pig LINING on the insole (forro porcino).

They are available in sizes ranging from 35 to 42 (European). If you don’t like my black and gold choice you can opt out for other colours such as Lila, Violet, Lavanda, Mint. They’re all just as pretty.

Pro-tip! If you want to get a matching pair for you partner, I recommend the Blucher Noruego from Slide & Swing. Check them out!


  • Their insole is very comfortable, with just the right amount of padding.
  • The leather is very high quality, durable, but flexible thanks to the cuts in their design.
  • The laminated goat leather has a very luxurious look to it, yet the price is affordable.


  • Their product descriptions are not available in English on their website and that makes it a little harder to get the information that you need.
  • The stock is usually limited, so you might end up waiting for a long time for your pair of shoes. However, it’s all worth it in the end!
Ava Shoes By Sliding & Swing

Ava Shoes By Sliding & Swing

#2: Balboa Suede Combos By Re-mix Classic Vintage Footwear

This recommendation comes straight from the land of fame, from Los Angeles, California.

The story of the Re-Mix vintage BRAND dates back to the ‘90s when it became popular among the retro lovers.

With a dedication to recreating models from the 1910s to the 1960s, the brand is the proud manufacturer of over 80 faithful reproductions of classic shoes from these eras.  So of course, I had to take a look at their products.

My favorite model from their collection is the Balboa Suede Combo, which also happens to be the most popular style on their website.

Oh well, I guess the Swing community and myself have the same tastes when it comes to shoes. This beautiful piece of red footwear is an elegant T-strap shoe coming from the 1930s.

The heel is fluted and measures 2 ¼”. They are very soft and comfortable, helping you during the LONG rehearsals you are probably planning on doing. The upper is made from leather and so is the sole.

They are available in other colours such as Blue, Grey, Teal and Purple or you can go for the metallic palette, also available on their website.

They come in whole and half sizes ranging from 5 to 10 (US) and the manufacturer specifies that they run true in size with most customers ordering and wearing their usual size.

However, when it comes to width they also recommend dancers with wide feet to purchase the suede version of the shoes instead of the leather and metallic versions which are a little stiffer.


  • They are very high quality products, made by people who know and respect the vintage tradition.
  • They break in easily, without damaging your feet during the first rehearsals you use them.
  • You can submit a photo of you wearing the shoes and they will share it on their website and Instagram Page. Who knows? Maybe you’ll become an influencer in the swing dance community over night or maybe you’ll make some new online friends who appreciate your dance skills.
  • If you happen to be in London, UK, the vintage store Revival Retro Boutique, has the Re-Mix collection in stock, so you can actually try the shoes in person. The store is run by a fellow swing dancer, so drop by and say hello.


  • They are among the expensive choices, just above £200, plus the shipping if you don’t live in London or Los Angeles.
  • I would have preferred a higher amount of cushioning for the insole. However, you can always purchase Dr Scholl’s foot inserts for extra comfort. If you plan on doing that, make sure to order half size up.
Balboa Suede Combos By Re-Mix Classic Vintage Footwear

Balboa Suede Combos By Re-Mix Classic Vintage Footwear

#3: Swing001C 135 Metallic blue model by very fine dancesport shoes

The American brand Very Fine (Dancesport) Shoes comes as a high quality, yet very affordable alternative to the high end brands that may seem a LITTLE intimidating, especially for a beginner who is not sure whether he or she will actually enjoy dancing this style.

The Swing 001C 135 Metallic Blue model I recommend you will be a colourful addition to your collection, that could come with you to every rehearsal and (literally) support you there.

I don’t know about you, but I get very attached to my shoes. They have cushioned insole that absorbs the shock, protecting your knee and HIP joints from damage.

The minimal shank board adds support and makes the shoe very flexible.  The leather material is good quality, resistant to scratches.

With a 1,6” medium heel, they could be the right choice for both beginners and professionals. They have a quick release buckling system and a double ankle strap that secures the shoes onto your feet, thus you’ll avoid playing Cinderella on the floor.

They are available in sizes ranging from 4 ½ to 10 (US), and medium width. They come with a polyester shoe bag and a set of shoe fresheners.


  • They are a very affordable option, yet still good quality.
  • The heel is very sturdy, offering the right balance during complicated moves.
  • They are well cushioned, preventing your legs from becoming tired after the first hour of rehearsal.


  • They are a special order item, so it can take up to 8 weeks for them to arrive.
  • The brand does not offer any kind of customization options, such as colour, heel type or width. They are all standard.
slide and swing shoes Swing001C 135 Metallic Blue Model By Very Fine Dancesport Shoes

Swing001C 135 Metallic Blue Model By Very Fine Dancesport Shoes

#4: Ollio Women’s Shoe Classic Lace Up

This budget-friendly option from Ollio, comes with a convincing score of 4.2 stars out 5 on Amazon, based on 289 reviews. They are the most affordable, yet very good shoes on my list.

The model features a low-cut lace-up upper rendered in faux sued and the classic wingtip oxford DESIGN that gives it a vintage and classy feel. The sole is made from rubber, making it sticky, so they have a good grip to the floor.

They are available in a variety of colours and patterns, although my favorite will always be the black ones. They simply go well with every outfit. The heel height is 0.47”, so it is very low and very well suited for beginners.

They are available in sizes ranging from 6 to 10 (US) and they also have a size chart you can consult before you order – some dancers recommend you to get a half size up your normal size if you want them to fit perfectly.

However, I chose my size and they fit just fine.


  • They are extremely affordable, just under $30 a pair, so you can buy multiple colours to fit all your favourite dresses without worrying about your budget.
  • They stay true to their size.
  • They are comfortable and really light, so they are easy to wear at long and tiring rehearsals.


  • The faux-suede doesn’t let your feet breathe enough, so they get pretty sweaty. Make sure to always wear some cotton socks in them and maybe even some shoe antiperspirant.
  • Their lifespan is limited. They can get worn out in about a year of rehearsal, so don’t expect them to last forever.

Top 5 Tango Dancing Shoes Reviews In 2022

tango dancing shoes

When trying to choose the best tango shoes as a beginner, you may get easily confused.

All the movies you’ve watched have ELEGANT ladies dancing in high heels, mastering the most complicated movements, but when you try to do even the easiest turn in those, your whole routine turns into a mess.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

However, you don’t want to keep dancing in your socks, no matter how COMFY they are.

You need to bring out the femme fatale in you and she does not wear comfy socks, but these heels you can’t yet ROCK on the dance floor.

I know, I’ve been there too and it is frustrating…

…Good news is that you’ll get there with a little patience and the right shoe choice. Yes, you’ll get El Tango de Roxanne right.

If you are already a professional and the heel height is no longer a concern, you might be wondering about other KEY features that make your choice a little more difficult than it has to be.

What is the appropriate type of support for your foot arch?

How can you spot the well-balanced shoes that will offer you the equilibrium you need when standing on one foot?

What is the best kind of sole?

What is the best material to choose from?

Which one will prevent sweaty feet?

If you’ve ever wondered about any of these key features, here’s a list of five shoes that I believe will satisfy your needs:

#1: Nude Metallico by Comme il Faut

Nude Metallico by Comme il Faut best tango shoes

Nude Metallico by Comme il Faut

My number one recommendation is the Nude Metallico by Comme il Faut and it couldn’t come from anywhere else but from the heart of tango, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It’s a beautiful and elegant pair of leather shoes, my preferred material when it comes to tango.

Featuring an open-toe box and a closed-heel cage, this choice will probably offer you just the right amount of freedom you need, while remaining secured to your feet.

The closure system is a subtle leather strap. As the sole type, Comme il Faut chose the leather sole, which I personally would have opted out for too, since it slides better and it is sturdier than a suede sole.

Their website talks about the secret of their hand-crafted shoes, which lies in the stunning design, in the quality of their materials and in their dedication to the art of craftsmanship.

They are available in sizes 34 to 41 (European), and 2 to 7,5 (British). If you’re ever in doubt about shoes sizes, here’s a very useful tool I use whenever I buy shoes from other countries.

The heel height is medium (7,5 cm or 3 inch), which should work just fine for both beginners and professionals.

The nude color I chose fits any outfit well; however, more options are available, just as elegant as this one.

They are very simple shoes, without any extra accessories, which is an important feature to look for in tango shoes.

Even if they may look nice, any extra pompon, flower, bow, etc., get in the way of dancing, as they can get stuck in your dress, or your partner may get his clothes destroyed by them.


  • The leather is of very high quality.
  • The craftsmanship is truly remarkable.
  • They seem very sturdy yet elegant and lightweight.
  • They’re simple shoes, without extra accessories on them.


  • They are expensive dance shoes and may seem like a big investment, especially if you are a beginner.
  • If the dance floor is very slippery, suede soles may be preferable to the leather sole these shoe feature, as it grips better to the dancing surface.

#2: Tangolera A8B Nappa Nero Lucido

Tangolera A8B Nappa Nero Lucido tango dance shoe

Tangolera A8B Nappa Nero Lucido

Here’s another pair of medium heel shoes, this time from Tangolera.

They are designed by shoemakers working for a family business located in Rimini, Italy, so you’ll get high end ITALIAN shoes made by people who love and respect the craft of dance.

Yes, the owner of the company is himself a tango dancer.

The upper is ENTIRELY made from Nappa leather, which covers the heels and the double heel strap.

Nappa leather is a type of soft, full-grain leather, an exceptionally durable material that is easy to clean. The insole features the anti-inflammatory plantar Bandolera NO MORE PAIN© system.

The outsole comes is made from Buffalo leather. Upon request, you can also have these shoes made from Vero Cuoio.

They are available in sizes ranging from 34 to 41 (European). The heel is medium (7 cm), but they also have the same model available with a slightly higher heel (9 cm), so the choice is up to you and your level of performance.

The sole width is normal.  They come in an elegant black color with no added accessories.


  • The craftsmanship is of superior quality.
  • The Nappa leather they choose for these shoes is extremely soft to the touch, yet resistant to wear and tear.
  • You’d support a family business started by one of your fellow dancers.
  • I like the fact that upon request, you can have them custom-made in Vero Cuoio.


  • I couldn’t find a very low/ low heel version.
  • Tangolera’s website does not work properly everywhere in the world. You may need to purchase their shoes from partners in your area, hence paying a little extra.

#3: Alessandria – Mirror 80 by Tangolera

Alessandria - Mirror 80 By Tangolera tango shoes for women

Alessandria – Mirror 80 By Tangolera

Shiny shoes for a shining star on the dance floor!  These Italian dancing shoes are made from Vero Cuoio, which means “Real/Genuine Leather,” offering a high-quality experience to the dancers who choose to wear them.

If you worry about sweaty feet, this material has you covered as it will let your skin breathe and prevent your feet from sliding inside the shoe due to humidity.

Vero Cuoio will also mean that your shoes will be your best friend for a while, as they are designed to last.

As they are part of the Tangolera brand, they also benefit from 4 mm of extra footbed padding especially designed using the NO MORE PAIN © memory foam system.

The upper, the heel and the double ankle straps are covered in little shiny “mirror” jewelry pieces that will make your feet stand out in the spotlight.

They are available in sizes ranging from 34 to 41 ( European), the standard heel height is 80 mm, but you can have them custom-made with a 60, 70, or 90 mm heel.

The width is medium, but again you can choose to have them crafted with a narrow or wide design.


  • They are 100% handmade in Italy and come in customizable designs to fit your foot perfectly.
  • They have a special FIRST ORDER 10% discount if you sign up for their newsletter.
  • You can pay in 4 interest-free installments.
  • The Vero Cuoio material is of outstanding quality, making them durable yet lightweight and flexible.


  • Pricey, pricey shoes! A $250 investment may seem like a lot. However, their installment system helps.
  • The custom-made designs are non-returnable.

#4: Tamara by la rosa del tango

Tamara By La Rosa Del Tango tango shoes womens

Tamara By La Rosa Del Tango


This beautiful pair of tango shoes come from Italy too. The Tamara model from La Rosa del Tango features a nude and black leather upper with a secure ankle strap.

The design elegantly combines leather with very subtle glitter material created to emphasise your feet on the dance floor and in the stage lights.

You can choose to have their sole done in Vero Cuoio or Buffalo suede.

They also let you choose the amount of padding you want, 3 mm or 6 mm, your heel height from 60 mm to 90 mm, and your heel shape, flared or stiletto.

I personally recommend a 6mm padding with a medium 70 mm flared heel for maximum stability.


  • I like how customizable they are, as you can play with every feature they have.
  • You get a 5% discount if you sign-up for their newsletter.
  • These are shoes made 100% in Italy, so you know got that high end feel to them.
  • They are affordable compared to other Italian dance footwear brands.


  • I think the color palette could have been richer.
  • I would have preferred a double ankle strap for a more secure feeling during complicated moves.

#5: Biella Rose Copper Glitter 90 By Tangolera

tango dance shoes Biella Rose Copper Glitter 90 By Tangolera

Biella Rose Copper Glitter 90 By Tangolera

And here I go again, recommending a pair of shoes from Tangloera.

What can I say?

 They really know their craft, and the shoes they make are made for tango!

Another LUXURIOUS yet fairly affordable creation is the Biella Rose Copper Glitter model.

Their upper is made from soft Italian micro glitter leather that will take the shape of your foot once you start wearing them and their insole comes in suede leather with the leather lining…

…of course, benefitting from the innovative NO MORE PAIN © cushioning system.

The outsole is also made from natural leather covered with a removable protective film.

As a little gift, this pair comes in an Axis Tango Italian satin shoe bag you can use to carry your shoes to and from REHEARSALS and shoes without damaging them.

They feature a 90 mm steel rod heel that may seem a little high but is extremely stable.

However, they are also available in 70, 60 and 80 mm heel designs.

They come in sizes ranging from 34 to 41 (European). The width is medium, but upon request, you can have them made in narrow or wide design.


  • They are 100% handmade in Italy by shoemakers led by a fellow tango dancer, Pascale Girardi.
  • They are very elegant yet sturdy and made to endure long hours of competitions and rehearsals. The shiny design also looks very nice in the spotlight.
  • You can pay for them in installments.


  • They are high-end shoes and their price can be a little high.
  • The pink color does not match any outfit, so you’ll need to consider this aspect whenever buying a new dress to wear with them.

Whether you choose high-end luxury shoes that will stick with you for a LIFETIME or more affordable models that will still serve your needs perfectly, you will have to adapt them to your own routines and level of performance.

Be the Cinderella of your own STORY and choose only what best fits your requirements as a dancer.

We’re picky people and we should not make compromises when it comes to the quality of our dance act, nor to the health of our most beloved possessions, our feet.

As a pro tip, whenever you get the chance to test your shoes before buying them, test them by walking backward. In the end, that’s how you’ll be using them most of the time, right?

Top 5 Best Sneakers for Dancing Hip Hop Reviews In 2022

best shoes for dancing hip hop

That’s what you strive for – you strive to take your move to the next level. It’s about shock value, always shock value, but keeping it flavored and stylized and making it yours.”

Have you recognized the quote?

You probably did.

It was Crazy Legs talking to you, imparting his dance floor WISDOM with us, the rest of the hip hop dancers wishing to be like him.

And what is the key to achieving that?

Practice, lots of patience and good dancing shoes.

 Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

Speaking of good dancing shoes, when it comes to hip-hop, we need to pay attention to a few KEY FEATURES such as:

  • Their weight (try to avoid really heavy shoes as they won’t come in handy during your choreography)
  • The sole type, the ankle support and of course
  • The price range is because they can get pretty expensive sometimes.

With so many brands that are now available and so many models with complicated names and features, it can feel quite exhausting and OVERWHELMING to choose the right pair for your routine.

I’ve made a list based on my own preferences and my fellow dancers’ SOPHISTICATED tastes.

Trust me; we’re hard to please when it comes to finding the perfect dance footwear.

And we are like that for a good reason, as bad shoes can turn even the greatest routine into a disaster.

#1: Adidas Ultraboost 21



Adidas says that these shoes reinvented running. I say that they reinvented hip hop dance REHEARSALS.

At least for me, they did.

They are extremely comfortable, lightweight and they deliver a GREAT deal of energy return. It feels like the dance floor pushes you back up, facilitating the fancy jumps we all try to pull off.

They feature a second-skin fit, with a seamless knit upper that seems to become part of your body after the first few moves in it.

Compared to earlier designs of the same shoe, featuring more than 15 pieces, this new one comes in four compact ones: the Primeknit™ 360 upper, the torsion spring plate, the very RESPONSIVE boost midsole and a stabilizing torsion spring.

The Boost™ technology is what actually made them my number one choice, as this cushioning system turns these shoes into a very soft yet sturdy pair.

Adidas first used this technology on Yeezy Boost 350, the product they have actually developed in collaboration with Kanye West – and I am so GLAD they kept on developing it.

The Continental™ Rubber outsole is perfect for any type of dance floor, be it wood, vinyl, or concrete and it will allow you to dance under any weather conditions.

And I say that because not once do I have to dance in the rain for certain events, so we always need to be prepared.

As specifications, Adidas Ultraboost 19 shoes weigh around 10 ounces; the midsole drop measures 10 mm (as the heel is 29 mm and the forefoot is 19 mm)

And they have an adaptive 3D heel frame – which means that they’ll adapt and take the shape of your foot.

This model features a lace closure and is available in over 25 different colors, so I am sure you’d find one to MATCH your outfit and taste.


  • The sole is extremely reactive, offering amazing energy return
  • Very durable fabrics
  • Comfortable upper, with a large toebox that prevents the so common in-grown nails in professional dancers
  • They are versatile, so you can wear them in your everyday life, outside the rehearsal hall, and be very stylish


  • The lace closure can be uncomfortable during a routine if not tied correctly
  • Some models have a less fashionable color scheme

#2: Asics Gel Excite 8



I grew up watching tennis and if there is something this sport taught me is that tennis players always know how to choose the highest quality sportswear to help them in the field.

Even if I’ve never practiced tennis, I pay attention to what kind of shoes some of my favorite athletes opt for so I can use them in my DANCE ROUTINES too.

You can imagine what happened when the one and only Novak Djokovic signed with Asics, right?

I have obviously started to research this brand more and I did find a few models that really attracted my attention.

The Asics Gel Excite 6 made it to my top, featuring their GEL™ Technology offering the comfort and BOUNCE effect we all are looking for.

Through this technology, the shoe reduces the impact, offering high shock absorption – exactly what we, the dancers, need when we come back to Earth from one of our awesome backflips.

The Jacquard mesh fabric keeps the feet cool and dry for a full rehearsal day.

The outsole seems to me very durable, featuring the AMPLIFOAM™ Technology for the midsole, offering us the much-desired flexibility.

They are lightweight, making it for an easy routine, with the ORTHOLITE™ sockliner moisture management and REARFOOT GEL™ TECHNOLOGY CUSHIONING SYSTEM providing superior padding and support for your tired dancer arch.

The Gel Excite 6 pair is made for neutral pronation and it is available in sizes from 6 to 16, for narrow, standard, wide or extra wide types, and in a variety of colors.

ASICS brand name is actually an acronym for Anima Sana In Corpore Sano which translates to A healthy soul in a healthy body And their care for their customers’ healthy feet and joints is apparent in the quality of their products which are now based on over 25 years of research.

They may be a little PRICEY, but they are worth it.


  • Very lightweight shoe, perfect for dancing
  • The midsole is flexible, allowing your arch to bend as necessary
  • It is a budget show, with great price-quality ratio


  • The toebox seems not to be wide enough in the standard width models.
  • They are primarily intended for athletes with high arches.

#3: New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v10



New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v10 features a full-length Fresh Foam midsole, a double JACQUARD mesh upper, and the popular Ortholite™ insole.

They may seem a little chunky at first sight but they are actually very flexible and lightweight shoes (294g for men, 254 for women), designed for running long distances – which translates to me into shoes that are designed for long hours in the rehearsal hall.

They have an 8 mm drop with a 30 mm heel height and 22 mm forefoot height.

The blown rubber outsole was developed using a data-driven design, with pressure-mapping colors to indicate the highest IMPACT areas.

They are available in black, black & white and red combinations and come in all sizes and width types. The arch support type and pronation are neutral and have a midfoot strike pattern.


  • Comfortable shoe due to its full-length foam midsole
  • Lightweight design with a good energy return
  • Fashionable design, making it easy to be worn outside the rehearsals and shows.


  • A little too expensive
  • The heel is a little narrow and it may cause blisters if not worn with adequate socks

#4: Adidas Solar boost 19



Yes, Adidas made it to my top again.

What can I say?

They do make really good products using highly RESEARCHED technologies.

Adidas Solar Boost 19 is no exception to the rule.

It features Tailored Fiber Placement (inspired by NASA technology) which means that the midfoot area is reinforced with stitched-in extra support, the already well-known Boost ™ Technology, making it a very responsive shoe with high energy return – a very important trait for dancing routine.

The outsole is flexible, featuring the Continental™ Rubber that offers very good traction and DURABILITY.

Adidas Solar Boost has a fit counter-heel that will adapt and fit your foot with Solar Propulsion Rail guiding the foot.

The Stabilizing Torsion System – a thermoplastic arch connecting the heel with the forefoot – was created in order to assist the forefoot and rearfoot to move on their own independently, and it probably feels like magic in some of the more difficult moves.

The heel-to-toe drop is 10 mm, with a 32 mm heel height and a 22 mm forefoot height.

They are mainly created for neutral pronation and high arch types. They weigh 312 g for men models and 269 g for women models.

They are available in all sizes and the color palette you can choose from is very GENEROUS.


  • The Boost™ technology makes them extremely comfortable and easy to wear for long hours.
  • The Stabilizing Torsion System comes in handy for your hip hop footwork tricks.
  • The upper feels like a second skin, fitting the foot, while providing a secure support.


  • They a little heavier than what I would normally choose as a dance shoe
  • They seem a little stiff at the first trials

#5: Under Armour HOVR Infinite 3



I present to you the winner of the 2019 Runner’s World “Recommended” Award. Featuring the UA HOVR ™ technology these shoes make you feel like you’re dancing in ZERO-GRAVITY.

The energy return is amazing and the impact is very well ABSORBED, protecting your joints.

The engineered mesh upper keeps your feet dry and it secures them with reinforced strategic support in areas where it is needed.

The EVA sock liner and midsole offer great padding and a perfect match to your feet shape.

If your plantar region feels sore after rehearsals, you might mike the anatomically placed flex grooves that will offer FLEXIBILITY and support your feet during long hours of training.

What actually caught my attention is the possibility of connecting to UA MAPMYRUN system, which tracks and analyses your running metrics.

Although we are dancers, we need to train outside the dance rehearsals.

Some will choose to do it in the gym; others will choose running.

If you are part of the latter category, you may fall in LOVE with this feature.

To me, it seems like we’re living in a S.F. movie…

The shoes can tell you how great of a runner (dancer) you are…

What a time to be ALIVE!


  • The energy return is very good.
  • The UA MapMyRun connection option which is great for training outside the rehearsal hall.
  • The materials seem really durable.
  • The insole provides good and anatomically correct support


  • It feels stiff in the first week or two of wearing
  • The MapMyRun system sometimes breaks down and disconnects


In the end, remember that, as Crazy Legs says, if you’re not messing up every now and then at PRACTICE, you’re not doing anything above your ability to progress.

So put on your dancing shoes, whichever you choose to wear and win that battle you’ve been practicing for!

How To Choose Best Dance Movies Reviews In 2022

best dance movies

They say dance like nobody’s watching, but what if the whole world is, in fact, watching? Is that so bad? Is that a shame? I don’t think so.

I say dance like every human being on this planet catches a glimpse of your act and makes it worth it for them (and for you).

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

Learn from the people who do that today, have done it for decades and will continue to do it for much longer than that. Who are those?

There are some dancers who enter your home through a screen and invite you to be their spectator (and why not, their dance partner), crossing the barriers of time and space. We call them movie actors.

In today’s busy world, we tend to take things for granted, but if we pause for a second and think, we realize that some pretty amazing things are available at the tip of our fingers now.

How fantastic is it that we can watch Fred Astaire’s mad dance moves as if he’s performing right here, right now?

How crazy is it that we can fall in love with Patrick Swayze time and time again while watching him rehearse his routines in Dirty Dancing?

And how hard is it to try to hold those tears back when Al Pacino is gently killing the dance floor in the Scent of a Woman? There are no mistakes in the Tango, he says…

You probably guessed it. I am a dancer and I love dance movies.

They inspire me; they relax me, they take me on emotional roller coasters,  they help me dream bigger and bigger and ultimately, they make me jump off the couch and dance in front of the TV.

Dance movies take us to a happier dimension where spontaneous dance sequences in the middle of the street or the cafeteria are perfectly plausible.

Who cares if you are in the office, in a car wash, or in a park?

Suddenly, there’s music coming from somewhere and all the people surrounding you will leave whatever they are doing and join you in a crazy choreography.

Wouldn’t real life simply be better if that would randomly happen to us?

I think it would.

But when reality has other plans, watching movies is our best bet to escape it and create our own.

West Side Story

West Side Story (1961)

The Black Swan

The Black Swan (2010)

Style Wars

Style Wars (1983)

The Freshest Kids

The Freshest Kids (2002)

Valentino (1977)

Valentino (1977)


Chicago (2002)

Save The Last Dance

Save The Last Dance (2001)

Swing Kids

Swing Kids (1993)

Strictly Ballroom (1992)

Strictly Ballroom (1992)

Shine (2018)

Shine (2018)

Broadway Melody of 1940

Broadway Melody of 1940

Dhoom 2 (2006)

Dhoom 2 (2006)

Step Up 3D (2010)

Step Up 3D (2010)

Take The Lead (2006)

Take The Lead (2006)

“Nobody puts baby in the corner!”

Patrick Swayze (or his character from Dirty Dancing, Johnny) knows what he’s talking about.

Whenever you feel like you need someone to take you out from the corner you’ve been hiding in and gently push you into the spotlight of the center stage, take a few hours, relax and watch a dance movie.

Nobody puts baby in the corner

They have a great effect on the low self-esteem moments each dancer encounters in their career and we all recall going through plenty of them.

Trust me, I am a dancer and I know!

I have shared with you the movies that made me feel better and inspired me along the way, and now it is your turn!

What are your favorite dance movies and why?

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Dance Shoes Reviews For 2022

best dance shoes

Magic shoes or just dance shoes…or maybe both?

Puss in Boots asks for a pair of boots before helping his master become royalty.

Cinderella loses her glass slipper, only to find true love later on. Perrault’s Little Thumbling steals a pair of boots from an ogre and makes a fortune of off them.

   Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

Dorothy travels all over The Wonderful Wizard of Oz land wearing her pair of ruby shoes. 

Hermes – the Greek God of trade – had a pretty slick pair of winged sandals.

So I sit here at my computer and wonder…What if I had a pair of magic shoes?

Then it hits me: I kind of do. They are not magical in the conventional sense of the word, but they sure did magic on stage and in the rehearsal hall.

After a long string of bad choices concerning my pointe shoes – which ended up with my feet getting hurt a lot – I had to make a better smarter (and more expensive) choice.

In 2011, I got my first custom made Gaynor Minden pair of pointe shoes and I honestly haven’t been happier with any of my teenage years’ investments. My feet still thank me every once in a while.

Ever since then, I stuck to my choice, with the colour as the only specification I change when I place a new order.

The model, vamp, heel, box and shank always remain the same. Dancing on the tip of my toes is still painful sometimes, but a good pair of pointe shoes makes all the difference.

There may be lots of other models and brands that work just as well, but I found the ones that fit me best and that is very important.

Whether you are a groovy hip-hop dancer or an elegant salsa champion, I will try to teach you how to pick the best shoes for your style and recommend you the ones I consider to tick all the quality boxes.

I have a pretty big collection of shoes for all sorts of styles, so most of my recommendations are based on personal experience, as well as online research.

Hopefully, with a little help from me, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

How to choose Sneakers for dancing hip hop & breakdance

Following a culture that was born in Bronx in the mid-1970s, rappers, DJs, beatboxers, graffiti artists and, of course, my fellow B-girls and B-boys out there, have been making the world a better place for a while now.

If you’re part of latter category of artists – following the (dance) steps of legends like Richard Crazy Legs Colon – then you are probably constantly wondering how to improve your technique and win those dance battles.

While part of the answer is obvious to you (practice, practice and practice again!), the shoes you wear to your rehearsals and contests count…a lot.

What To Look For

As breakdance is a highly complex and demanding dance style, there are a few things you might want to consider when choosing which pair of shoes will accompany you on the battleground:

their weight,

the soles & the support they offer to your feet

the price range ( from $30  up to $1000 a pair)

The weight of your shoes classifies them in three main categories: light weight, mid-weight and heavy shoes.

I won’t recommend the latter type from the start, as I noticed that bulky shoes tend to stay in the way of the dance flow.

While light shoes help you with your high jumps and knee lifts, making it easier for you to master a clean footwork, I personally prefer the mid-weight ones, as they seem more secure and steady on the dance floor. Speaking of steadiness, the sole is a crucial element.

From my experience, it needs to be flexible, medium dense and thick. The balance between these three elements should make stomping, sliding, toe spins, and shoe tricks a lot easier and seem more natural.

Stay away from extremely dense and thin soles, as they will limit your moves and mostly force you to keep your feet flat on the ground, i.e. no fancy tricks for you.

The support the sole offers to your feet, from low to high, is also important, especially if you train a lot or you teach long hours.

The cushion-like soles, with medium to high arch support prevent your feet from getting too tired after hours and hours of dancing.

The low support ones have a very flat bottom, minimizing the distance between your feet and the hardwood floor, hence hurting your feet more and they also wear out pretty quickly.

Recommendation For You – Ultraboost Shoes

Taking everything into consideration, after reading tons of reviews, trying them on myself and ripping a few pairs, I arrived to the one pair that seems to be doing the best so far: Adidas Ultraboost.

As they were primarily designed for running, they are very comfortable and they adapt to the shape of your foot.

Their thick foam sole, made from white energy capsules (constructed using a small granular material called Thermoplastic Polyurethane) helps you get super bouncy. Price-wise, they start from $90 a pair and can go up to a few hundred dollars.

They’re great for sliding, jumping, spinning and switching from heels to toes. Also, if you train a lot, you might like the Primeknit Technology that comes with these shoes.

Their upper is basically a whole piece of knitted fabric that keeps your feet very well ventilated. No sweaty feet sound good to me.

According to Dr. Howard E.Friedman. a board certified podiatrist from New York, every 100 gram reduction in shoe weight also reduces the amount of energy required to run.

This may as well apply to dancing, so this light to mid-weight pair of shoes could help you reduce premature fatigue.

Ultraboost Shoes

Ultraboost Shoes

How To Choose Tango Dancing Shoes

 “First there is desire

Then, passion

Then, suspicion

Jealousy, anger, betrayal!


Jealousy, yes, jealousy

Will drive you

Will drive you


If you read these lyrics out loud with the Argentinean’s low raucous voice, then you are probably a Moulin Rouge fan, like myself.

El Tango de Roxanne made me fall irrevocably in love with the mysterious and seductive art of tango dancing right around the beginning of high school.

Since then, I keep trying to perfect it and while doing so, I have realized that apart from the elegant thigh-high slit dresses, the fire in your eyes and painfully precise moves, there’s another key element that makes a tango night as authentic (and comfortable) as possible – the right dancing shoes.

What To Look For

As tango is a highly elegant dance style, the high heels are a must. They help boosting your confidence, your posture and, surprisingly enough, your balance.

The moves simply don’t look the same if you perform them while wearing socks, as they lose many of their graceful and alluring characteristics. However, if you are not used to dancing on high heels, start with lower ones!

You can increase the height of your heels as you get more and more accustomed to your routine, as they usually provide a more efficient weight placement.

Make sure your shoes have secure straps though. Nobody likes to play Cinderella on the dance floor.

Walking on heels can be very tiring for your feet and so is dancing, so be kind to them and choose shoes with high density latex memory padding. They feel comfortable and offer the adequate support for your foot arch.

The sole is also an important choice. Some people prefer suede soles as they offer a superior grip to the floor – yes, I am afraid of accidents too, but I personally prefer the leather soles because they are more resilient and they tend to slide better.

The suede sole is also significantly more flexible and it makes me feel a little unsteady, compared to the leather one that adds a greater sense of balance to my moves.

Also, try to keep the shoe model as simple as you can, avoiding unnecessary accessories such as bows, little chains or anything of the sort as they will bother you during your routine.

Your heels may get stuck and everything can fall apart from there. Trust me on this. I used to love bows.

Recommendation For You –  Comme il Faut – Nude Metallico

My recommendation for you comes, just like tango itself, from Buenos Aires.  The brand I chose for my practice classes, Milonga nights and competitions is Comme Il Faut.

My favourite pair is the Comme Il Faut Nude Metallico, open toe model with closed heel cage and of course, a double strap as I really don’t like accidents on the dance floor.

The heels height is 7,5 cm and I do not recommend you to go a lot higher than that.

I love the nude colour as it basically matches any colour you choose for your dress and it makes the shoes look like a natural extension of your own feet.

They have comfortable foot paddings and the sole is made of soft leather with a pretty good grip to the floor.

It might sound silly to you, but beware that the new shoes have a plastic protection layer on the sole that has to be peeled off before your first dance routine.

Comme il Faut - Nude Metallico

Comme il Faut – Nude Metallico

How to choose shoes for swing dancing

If you’re a little bit of a nostalgic and love the smell of vintage clothes, you’re also probably at least familiar with swing dancing. More probable though, you love it. And you dance it.

Whether you do it for fun on Sunday nights, or actually take part into national competitions, whether you do the Collegiate Shag or are more into Balboa, you are part of a sophisticated community who loves to boogie.

Sometime in early 2018, I discovered one of the loveliest dancer couples on the Internet, Kendall and Ronnie who own one of the most comprehensive YouTube channels focused on Swing Dance, Live Collegiate Shag.

From practice advice, to vintage hair tutorials or vintage dress restorations, everything swing is there.

I have never been an extraordinary swing dancer, mostly because I am afraid of aerials, but I did take classes for almost 6 months after watching them dance and tried to follow their advice when it came to choosing my shoes.

I used ordinary sneakers and tennis shoes for the first weeks of practice, but I’ve put suede on their sole before rehearsals time – never forget to do that! Here’s a short video on how to do it.

However, after you get an idea about the way you’re supposed to move, you kind of want to try your fancy moves on fancier shoes. Tennis shoes are not too vintage after all.

What To Look For

What you need to keep in mind when you choose your next pair of swing dance shoes is that your ankles have to be very secure.

The air tricks are a big important part of this style, but they are also demanding for your feet and joints, so you need to protect them by choosing shoes with straps.

For the same reason, I do not recommend a high thin heel. Swing was originally danced in street shoes, so you don’t want to overdo it.

You should look for wide heels, probably no higher than 4 cm. Also, beware of open toe shoes as they will make it easier for your toes to get stepped on.

When it comes to soles, the choice is usually made between rubber soles and leather ones, but I would recommend the latter as it makes sliding across the dance floor a lot easier, allowing you to spin with more ease.

Recommendation For You – AVA Shoes & Blucher Noruego

The brand recommendation I have for you comes from Barcelona and it is called Slide & Swing. In their 20 minute long video about their swing shoes collection, Kendall and Ronnie also mention this brand as their favourite, so we’re on the same page here.

The model I purchased is the Ava model, in a beautiful black and gold colour. They have a vintage inspired look combined with, what seems to me, a very secure strap around the ankle.

They are flexible, yet stable on a wide 4 cm rubber top heel. The shoes are 100% handmade with natural leather.

Despite the fact that they are lightweight, they are very durable, so I recommend them if you plan on dancing outside on hard surfaces such as concrete.

If you like these and would like to get a matching pair for your partner Slide & Swing also has a variety of models for men, with the Blucher Noruego as the model that caught my eye – partly because they would match my Ava model. You may want to check them out though.

AVA Shoes

AVA Shoes

Blucher Noruego

Blucher Noruego

How to choose tennis shoes for dancing

Whether you choose to master one dance style or focus on more at the same time, one thing is sure – you have to train a lot to become a better dancer.

As dancers, we all love the stage and the glamour of the spotlight, but before we enjoy them, we need to spend most of our time rehearsing. However, long sweaty hours pay off.

The structure of a dance class is a fairly complex one and it includes warm-up, cardio exercises, force training, performing combinations and finally rehearsing choreographies and cooling down.

The way you prepare for it is just as complex. You need certain training clothes, such as sports bras, leotards and leggings, and obviously the right tennis shoes to complete your outfit – stylistically and functionally.

First off all, for your dance rehearsals, it’s good to try and resist the urge to use the same pair of shoes you normally use for walking and running.

What To Look For

Dance is very demanding for our feet so we need to care for them a little more than usual, by choosing shoes that lend more support to the foot arch, muscles and joints.

The benefits of arch support are discussed by specialists on a website dedicated entirely to Plantar Fasciitis.

According to Mayo Clinic, plantar fasciitis is the most common cause for the stabbing pain occurring with the first steps in the morning. Dancers get it sometimes, especially as we get older.

Shoes that offer good arch support should have specifically designed mid and insoles in order to maximize shock absorption and should offer some sort of motion control in order to prevent injuries due to over-pronation or supination – this is how ankle sprains and shin splints happen.

One of the options I found out to work for me is the Women’s Dedication XT Training Shoes model from Rykä.

The brand creators define themselves as a fearless tribe of women who want better and that just worked on me.

Their creations are backed up by serious science and rely on the difference between a man’s and a women’s anatomy of the leg and foot.

For example they take into account the “Q-angle” or the quadriceps angle which is a measurement of the width of the pelvis.

It is 5 to 7 degrees greater in women and it is considered to be a risk factor for sports injuries, as women tend to shift more weight to the outside of their feet, leading to instability.

Furthermore, the customized shape with a narrower heel, wider forefoot and more secure insole addresses the complex biomechanics of our plantar region.

Recommendation For You – Dedication XT Training Shoe

The Women’s Dedication XT Training Shoes come with some special features.

The Anatomical Precise-Return insole that offers the extra heel and arch support is a Ryka trademark along with the External RE-ZORB LITE pod network placed between the midsole and outsole.

The latter refers to a special foam compound used for cushioning and further shock absorption.

Flexible, yet secure they help me during my training hours and they may become your best friends too if you give them a chance.

Dedication XT Training Shoe

Dedication XT Training Shoe

How to choose shoes for dancing all night long

Whether you are a professional dancer or not, you have probably been invited to a Social Dance Party at least once in your life.

This gatherings offer the perfect chance to show off your latest moves, to perfect the old ones and to socialize with people from your dance class.

All in all, a great night out! A great night out with tons of dancing, which means you need to prepare for it adequately.

Apart from a fancy outfit, the shoes you choose to wear will make the difference between a fun occasion and a long painful night on the dance floor.

I used to go to this kind of Latino dance parties almost every week in my first years of college and they usually turn out to be a nice experience, unless I went on wearing pretty, but supremely uncomfortable shoes. Disclaimer: It happened a lot.

But now I know better and I will try to help you too.

What To Look For

First of all, forget about stilettoes –they will immediately turn into your nightmare, no matter how flattering they are for your feet.

High thin heels will make you feel uncomfortable after a few moves and they will also prove to be quite slippery on the club’s dance floor, offering you little to no stability. Instead, you may want to try medium height thick heels with sturdier bases.

Secondly, make sure to get shoes with ankle straps. It is important to feel secure and to not fear that you’ll lose your shoes at the next fancy turn.

It is also important to have lots of cushioning for your insole. Expect to dance a lot at these parties, so make sure your feet will feel comfy.

It is worth it to even go a step further and actually insert some extra comfort in there, using orthotic insoles.

According to an American podiatrist, Grace Torres Hodges for it is better to try the over-the-counter insoles available in all sorts of styles before getting the custom-made prescription-based ones, as they can get pretty pricey.

Recommendation For You – 2.5″ Heel Flex Character Shoe

It is hard to choose one single pair to recommend you, as there are millions of shoes I haven’t tried that are probably really great.

However, I will stick to my all-time go to brand – Capezio, an old and famous dancewear manufacturer founded by Salvatore Capezio back in 1887.

The model I recommend for this kind off “dance-all-night” kind of parties is the 2.5 “Heel Flex Character Shoe. They are elegant, yet comfortable with a foam padded footbed and a ¾ steel shank – the Capezio Signature Construction.

They feature a secure T strap with buckle closure, so you won’t play Cinderella at your party – unless you want to, of course.

The upper is made of leather and the forefoot comes in satin which adds a refined air you might like and use to complete your outfit.

They also come with a suede sole, so I advise you to only wear them once you actually got into the club, so you won’t damage them while walking on the street.

Designed with the dancer’s comfort in mind, they also feature an Achilles notch and a closed round toe box, which I usually prefer to the square and point ones, as they make my toes hurt a lot faster.

There’s also an identical model that features a 1.5 “heel, in case you want to be even comfier.

2.5" Heel Flex Character Shoe

They are under $100 which seems like a reasonable investment if you plan on going out and dance a lot, without compromising your precious dancer feet.

2.5″ Heel Flex Character Shoe

How to choose shoes for line dancing

I have never tried to practice line dancing, but as a medical professional I have come across some interesting articles that prove me I might actually have to give it a try some day.

One of them, states that life without line dancing and other activities would be too dreadful too imagine.

It was published in the prestigious Ageing International journal and it focuses on social dancing and its effects in older adults.

It showed that as opposed to a normal dance class, social dance promotes a playful and spontaneous atmosphere, while adding a positive reconnection and continuation with one’s memory, youth and history.

With this in mind, I encourage you to try it yourself or further recommend it to your older relatives at the next family dinner and, why not, try it along with them. It seems like a lot of fun.

What To Look For

After you signed up for your class and once you get into this style (which will probably happen sooner than you expect), you will need to invest some money in proper dance boots.

They will offer you good ankle support, good foot support and they will make it easier for you to spin around the dance floor, while giving you that full-on cowboy/cowgirl look you’ll be craving for.

Most of them feature a flat or a low Cuban style heel at most, as line dancers keep comfort and quality as their highest priorities when choosing their footwear.

After doing my research and reading lots of reviews I came up with what I consider to be the best recommendation for you, my fellow dancers – The Ariat Brand, a performance footwear and clothing brand from California.

Recommendation For You – Heritage R Toe Western BootDahlia Western Boot

The models I chose for you are are the Ariat Men’s Heritage R Toe Western Cowboy Boot and the matching Ariat Dahlia Western Boot for Ladies.

With an overall score of 4,6 out of 5, based on over 400 reviews on Amazon, The Ariat Men’s Heritage Boots seem to be a very good choice for your line dance classes.

They are lightweight, yet they offer good stability and good arch support. The R toe means they are tapered, but rounded at the tip.

They are 100% full grain leather and they feature the ATS ®Technology, the Advanced Torque Stability Shank – which offers support and cushions your foot during movement.

It also helps you maintain your posture and reduces fatigue. The gel-cushioned footbed is moisture wicking which will provide you a cool and dry experience.

The ladies’ choice, the Ariat Dahlia Western Boot will probably become your best friend on the dance floor.

These are short cowboy boots that allow you to easily tuck your jeans in. They are made of 100% full grain leather and benefit from the same ATS Technology, as the ones for men.

Their toe box is beautifully crafted with elegant embossed leathers. They feature a D toe which means they are tapered toward a point, but have a flat tip. The 2,5 “ heel is leather-wrapped, thus sturdy, so your long dance nights won’t damage them too much.

On Amazon, they have a high 4,2 out of 5 score, with 61% 5 star reviews, out of a total number of 573 customer ratings, which sound very promising too me.

Heritage R Toe Western Boot

Heritage R Toe Western Boot

Dahlia Western Boot

Dahlia Western Boot

How to choose shoes for dancing on concrete

One thing is sure. Dancers don’t like concrete. It feels like it restricts our moves and it makes us more vulnerable to injuries.

Its high friction limits pivots and fancy turns, making it hard for choreographies to be extremely spectacular.

However, sometimes, the occasion demands it and we need to say goodbye to our beloved sprung floors and rock the tough concrete ones…

What To Look For

One way of dealing with concrete is by using low-friction stick-on soles. They are cheap and they promise to help you pivot and slide with ease on high friction surfaces such as concrete.

However, if you are like me and your craft skills are at kindergarten level, you’ll probably want to skip gluing soles on to your shoes, along with and any other handmade tricks.

So what is there to do?

The answer is simple. If you’re going to dance outside, on concrete, then the safest thing to do is to replace your indoor dancing shoes with outdoor footwear.

You’ll have to choose it carefully as it will still need to carry some of the characteristics of the shoes you normally wear for rehearsals, such as high flexibility and good ankle support.

On top of that, the concrete floor imposes a few more demands: the sole needs to be adapted for shock absorption, which means a lot of cushioning and it also needs to successfully deal with high friction surfaces, while preventing injuries.

Your best bet will most likely be the running sneakers –they are flexible, comfortable and safe for your joints.


Runner’s World  veteran biomechanist Dr Martyn Shorten has performed lab tests to determine which new running shoes best suit the needs of the modern sportsmen.

He measured shoe characteristics such as cushioning, flexibility, height and weight, figuring out the role they play in the performance of their wearer.

Among his choices, there’s the pair that won Runner’s World Best Value 2019 – the Reebok Floatride Energy.

This pair of shoes also made its way on my wish list. It is fairly cheaper than similar models from other brands, yet it seems to tick most of my checkboxes.

The Floatride term points to a light and bouncy midsole cushioning which grants a good energy return from the surface you’ll be dancing on.

The upper features a simple design, nothing too fancy, which is great since it won’t bother you during your performance.

According to Doctors of Running, the upper material supports the foot well and it is also breathable –another characteristic I like in dancing shoes, since sweaty feet are simply not as reliable as dry ones.

According to Dr Nathan Brown PT DPT MS from Doctors of Running who tested the shoes, they are very durable.

He mentions that he used them for running over 120 km in total and they only shoed minor changes in foam, with any other real damage, so I’d say they can take our outdoor dance training just fine.

The doctor also mentions their ability to pick up the pace, which I believe is important for our routines.

He gave them an overall score of 91% which sounds perfect to me taking into account their comparatively smaller price.





How to choose pole dancing shoes

Pole dancing used to be one of those taboo subjects people would whisper about, especially in the dancers’ communities.

However, in the last decade or two, it became less of a taboo and more of one of these things that you got to try out at least once in a lifetime.

And I myself did. There are a few spots in the city I live in where they offer pole dance lessons as fitness training and I am telling you – it is a lot harder than it looks like.

No surprise they want to turn it into an Olympic sport – they should.

Now, I went to these lessons either barefoot or wearing my soft ballet shoes, but that is just because I was a newbie and honestly not very good at it.

If you are on the way to becoming a professional pole dancer or want to enjoy the full experience of pole dancing you will need the special super high heel shoes you see in the movies.

The moves look completely different in those, they are a lot more sensual – which is the whole point and they help you improve your performance by clinging to the pole and making attaching to it and climbing it a little easier on your body.

Saving energy is important and you won’t notice it until you try it.

What To Look For

My teacher came to class one day wearing a pair of fancy professional high heels and asked if anyone would like to train using them. I did and the experience was worth it.

The brand she chose is called Pleaser USA and after doing my research I found out that they are the most popular among strippers and pole dancers, as they’ve been in the business for almost twenty years.

Among other shoe lines of the company such as Funtasma, Demonia or Devious, Pleaser is the number one choice for dancers due to the high quality craftsmanship and comparatively good price.

Here is a helpful guideline telling you the difference between a few models from Pleaser.

Recommendation For You – ADORE-708

The pair I tried and fell in love with was the ADORE – 708 Pleaser sandals. Their signature Stiletto Heel is 17.8 cm high and the platform is 7 cm high. They feature a secure ankle strap and a clear upper made from PVC.

If I were to choose between ankle boots, thigh high ones and sandals, I’d go with the latter ones. The boots feel like they are restricting the movements, keeping the legs from bending freely.

These comfy sandals come with a chrome plated bottom, in lots of colours, so you can easily fit them with any of your fabulous outfits.

The rubber sole has good adherence to the ground, offering good stability. Another good thing about these sandals is that they are very simple in design.

They do not feature any glittery diamonds or any other accessories that may break off and inconvenience you while you do your routine.

Also, since they are transparent, they will show off you’re pedicure, so go ahead and paint those nails crazy colours.



How to choose shoes for club dancing

Tired of going barefoot on the dance floor? I sure am. Going out to dance with your friends, especially if you are known to be a professional dancer is a demanding task.

They all expect you to rock the clubs you’re going to, so you cannot disappoint.

What To Look For

This means, choosing normal shoes for your night outs is not always a good idea. Sticking to your dear dance ones might make difference.

Although they are not always the fanciest looking, they do help you protect your feet from getting too tired and to me that’s worth a lot.

My go to choice is usually a fairly priced pair, the Ellie Shoes Women’s 254 Lucille Dress Pump.

They get a nice 4.3 out 5 score on Amazon, with almost 1300 ratings from people sharing my opinion. They are 100% satin with 1920’s Vintage inspired design, adding elegance to your outfit.

The leather and rubber sole make spins and slides easy, yet secure. Unlike most dancing shoes, these have non-suede sole, which means you can easily wear them directly on the street –no need for an extra pair of shoes in your bag.

They feature a comfortable round toe box that protects your toes, preventing ingrown nails. We all know how painful and uncomfortable these can get.

Recommendation For You – Ellie Shoes Women’s 254 Lucille Dress Pump

If you have a few too many drinks and you worry about losing your shoes on the dance floor, you might like the adjustable buckle strap, the T-strap design and the stable sculpted heel.

They provide the appropriate support and security without getting too tight on the skin. Blisters are my worst nightmare on a dance night out, so I always look for ways to prevent them.

They are comfortable and they fit very well, accommodating your tired feet if they swell after hours and hours of showing off your moves.

Nike Joyride Run Flyknit Sunset

Ellie Shoes Women’s 254 Lucille Dress Pump

How to choose Nike shoes for dancing

Nike is already a well-established brand and dancers around the world make them their number one choice every day.

But with such an astonishingly big number of models available, sometimes we may feel overwhelmed when trying to pick the best one to fit our dancer needs.

What To Look For

Here are a few things to take into account when buying a pair of dancing Nikes:

A good grip, adequate support for the foot, good cushioning, a comfortable toe box, a non-slippery sole and a high quality upper made from lightweight, breathable and durable materials. Nike’s got our back.

When it comes to shoe-making technology, we’ve come a long, long way from the old wooden shoes in the Celtic lands.

A good example which embodies that exact amazing advancement in shoe tech and my latest acquisition from Nike are the Joyride Run Flyknit shoes.

They are like a tiny hug for my tired feet, as they have a soft sock-like feel to them and little foam beads placed in four strategic points under the plantar region of the foot.

These provide good shock absorption, protecting your joints whenever you do your fancy jumps.

They offer a personalized kind of response. It feels like my shoes know me and that’s important, especially on long training days.

The TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) bead system is also really dynamic as it shifts during movement, contouring your sole and supporting it in every position.

To me, this was a very helpful trait while training as they gave me a springy response, saving energy during difficult routines.

Apparently, after years of studies, Nike came up with this joyride system which offers 14% greater shock absorption the other foam cushioning technologies in their running shoes, e.g. the Air Pegasus 36 – which I have not tried yet.

Recommendation For You – Nike Joyride Run Flyknit Sunset

They are extremely lightweight, yet secure with a very useful built loop, making it very easy to put the shoe on.

Thanks to the high quality materials, they seem very durable so far, although I have only had them for less than two months now. I guess time will tell if that is the case or not, but so far it all seems promising.

I got them in pink, but they come in a varied palette of colours and you can also design your own if you’re not happy with the available options.

The internet famous Industrial Designer and self-entitled Sneaker Enthusiast Seth Fowler does a pretty good job reviewing this pair of shoes, focusing on the new cushioning technology from Nike and you can watch it right here.

Nike Joyride Run Flyknit Sunset

Nike Joyride Run Flyknit Sunset

How to choose Salsa dance shoes

When it comes to salsa, there are two types of people in the world:

The ones who think of it as a delicious spicy dip for their tortilla chips

And the ones whose eyes lit up and whose hips start moving to an imaginary Latino rhythm every time someone mentions it.

If you’re part of the latter category, then you’re probably a salsa dancer.

Whether you go to salsa classes a few times a month to escape your mundane and stressful day to day life or you have actually dedicated your entire existence to salsa and became a professional, we’re all salsa dancers in the end and we all love our salsa shoes, don’t we?

Well, I do, but I’ve also hated a couple until I managed to choose the right ones to suit my needs.

What To Look For

As an occasional salsa dancer, I did not want to spend a fortune on a pair of dance shoes, but I also did not to skip any of the important features that make a good shoe good.

First of all, when you think of buying your salsa shoes, go for heels.

The sensual Latino movements simply look better on a lady with heels and they make you feel a lot more confident on the dance floor.

If you believe it is easier to first learn the steps wearing flats, you might actually need to relearn everything once you decide it is time to switch to heels.

Secondly, pay attention to the flexibility of the shoe, its cushioning, the ankle strap system and the support they offer to your foot arch.

Recommendation For You – TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoe

My recommendation for this section is probably the most popular pair of Latin Dance Shoes available on Amazon, the TT Dancewear Rhinestone shoes. With an overall mark of 4,5 out of 5, based on 377 ratings, they won my heart  (and got my money) too.

They are a valuable addition to your dance shoes collection as you can wear them to most of your Latino dance classes, not just for salsa.

They are very flexible, showing off that beautiful pointed foot arch you’ve been working on since lesson no 1. They’re made from satin and come with smooth suede sole which proves to have a pretty good grip to the floor.

If you like light shoes that make you feel as if you are dancing barefoot, these may be a good option since they are really comfortable and weigh almost nothing.

I am also obsessed with stability, so the double ankle strap comes in handy. They also feature a quick release buckle – really useful in case of fast changes at competitions or shows. T

They come in lots of colours and have delicate rhinestones applied on the upper straps and heel, which in my opinion, make them very feminine.

TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoe

TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoe

How to choose wedding shoes for dancing

The big day has finally arrived. You’re marrying the man of your dreams and everybody’s eyes are on you two.

Among a hundred other things you have to worry about, the Bride & Groom First Dance is a big one.

Not only you need to practice for this one beforehand, but you will also need to be able to continue dancing all night long, mostly with every guest, friends, family members and long lost relatives who show up at your wedding (potentially uninvited).

I haven’t taken the big step yet, but I did go to lots of weddings, most of them involving professional dancers as protagonists, because apparently dancers tend to marry their kind.

When it comes to wedding dance shoes, we do not only take into consideration the basic features of a normal dance shoe, such as flexibility, good grip to the floor, cushioning, an ample toe box, shock absorption, etc., but also the way they fit with probably the most expensive one-wear dress we’re ever going to buy in a lifetime – the wedding dress.

What To Look For

Although some wedding shoes look really pretty and match your dreams since you were a little girl imagining yourself to be a princess-bride, the truth is most of them are ridiculously uncomfortable after only a couple hours of wearing and a few spins on the dance floor.

You don’t want that, I don’t want it, nobody does, so here comes my recommendation, based on some of my closest friends’ experiences with their wedding shoes and on the podiatrists’ advice.

According to Dr Nicole Freels a podiatrist from Lexington Podiatry in Kentucky, the trend of brides who tend to choose more comfortable and practical shoes that can be worn more than once is currently increasing. Way to go, girls!

Recommendation For You – Badgley Mischka Giona II Evening Sandals

The winner in my opinion is the luxurious, yet affordable Giona II Sandal from the Jewel collection by Badgley Mischka.

They come with a 2” stable block heel that will take the place of an otherwise uncomfortable stiletto.

The round open toe d’Orsay sandal features really elegant laser cut detail, adding style to your bride outfit, while the crystal stones embellished over the crisscross straps add a note of refinement. They’re beautiful shoes indeed.

Made from metallic leather that complements its fancy accessories, the sandal has a cushioned footbed and ankle straps you can easily adjust, so they don’t go missing on the dance floor.

They feature high quality material and craftsmanship with man-made lining and sole.

Badgley Mischka Giona II Evening Sandals

Badgley Mischka Giona II Evening Sandals

How to choose shoes for contra dancing

Contra dancing is not just dancing. It is a social event and it brings people together.

To me, it is a wonderful cultural phenomena we should all expose ourselves to at some point.

Here’s a video full of people who are all about contra dancing and will have you fall in love with it too.

There are no fancy moves, no prior experience is needed so all we really need is a pair of good shoes and we can hit the dance floor.

What To Look For

According to Jeff Kaufman, a contra dance organizer we need to answer a few questions when trying to pick the most suitable pair of contra shoes.

How slippery the sole should be? How much cushioning do you need? Do you want to join the entire hall and make noise with your feet on balances? How flexible would you like your shoes to be?

The best choice for both men and women will be a pair of low heeled character shoes.

They are light, not too flexible, so your feet will feel stable. They are also good for making the balances noise, so if it is important to you to blend into the crowd, they will help you do it.

Recommendation For You – K360 – Character Oxford Shoe

My recommendation for this style of dance is the K360 Customizable Oxford Character Shoe from Capezio.

Made from high quality full grain leather upper, they are a comfortable option featuring foam padding in the heel and arch area.

In contra dance, you need to avoid rubber soles, as they will prevent you from sliding smoothly.

These shoes come with hand stitched leather sole to solve that problem. The shoes also have folded edges and the Achilles notch for some extra comfort. The stacked heel is low, measuring only 1”.

There’s an extra option Capezio offers with these shoes: if you want, they can attach the Tele Tone® toe and heel taps, but you will need to contact their Theatrical Department at 1-(877)-300-1887 in advance and let them know.

Their recommendation is that men begin with their street shoes size. However, for women, they should start 1.5 – 2 sizes down from street shoes size.

Capezio also has a good return policy that states that they offer free return on all their products within 30 days if you buy directly from their website. Of course, the products do not have to show signs of distressed use.

K360 - Character Oxford Shoe

K360 – Character Oxford Shoe

How To Choose Ballroom Dance Shoes

Derived from the Latin word ballare, meaning to dance, the term ballroom dance used to define the type of dances reserved for the privileged, the aristocrats from royal courts, leaving the folk dances to the commoners.

It is from this style that my beloved ballet was born from. But not only ballet, since ballroom dancing encompasses a wide range of social dances such as Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep or Swing.

It is one of the most sophisticated and refined types of dance, transporting you across the centuries back to the 16th century at King Louis XIV sumptuous parties.

You can imagine that the outfit and shoes you choose to attend such an event are pretty much the same you’d choose for a ballroom dance competition or even a class – very fancy.

What To Look For

When it comes to footwear, just like with everything in life, there are very cheap, cheap, mid-range and high-end options we can pick from.

However, it is not always easy to choose the ones that better suit our needs and pockets, when there are so many available.

Honestly, I believe in investing in a really good pair that will last a lot longer, rather than in buying multiple cheap ones, as they tear apart and wear out so quickly.

The popular professional ballroom dancer and instructor Michael Litke, guides you through the process of choosing the right pair of shoes for ballroom dancing in this short video.

He insists on paying attention to characteristics such as the type of heel, the closed toe box and the secure straps for women and such as the flexibility, type of sole gliding features and durability.

This time, my recommendation for ballroom shoes comes from a deluxe shoe manufacturer – Aida Dance. They are a bit expensive, but they are designed with the dancer’s needs in mind.

The shoes are handmade, from very high quality materials, leading to you enjoying them for a long period of time. They have a 5 out of 5 score on their official Facebook page, based on 81 reviews.

If uncertain about what pair to invest in, they also offer a free consultation from one of their experts.

As a very professional brand, they also have a short video explaining you how the shoes are supposed to fit. However, all orders are refundable if you are still not satisfied with what you have received.

Recommendation For You – TAYLOR (040C) MIRKO (119F)

For women, I chose the Taylor 040C model, a variation of the 040 Standard model. The ones I recommend come in Flesh satin and feature a 2” Flare Heel with added heel protectors.

They have a comfortable closed round toe box and a soft padded insole to support you during your long dancing hours.

If you are worried about balance on the dance floor, these shoes might be the ones to have your back, as the signature design aims to offer very exceptional stability and the sole creates a good connection to the floor, allowing you to slide in peace.

The strap keeps the shoes securely tied to your feet, so you cannot use the missing shoes Cinderella trick to find prince charming at the ball you are attending.

When it comes to shoes for men, the website has it clear: they offer unsurpassed quality, through ergonomically correct shoes that perform, last and impress. May it be so!

My choice for gentlemen is the 119F – Mirko model, rebranded in the honour of former WDC World Champion Mirko Gozzoli.

They feature a full patent leather toe box mixed with a crepe satin arch support that makes them very flexible.

If you like the freedom of the split sole, these shoes might be the ones you are looking for.

Make sure you like them, since they are durable and you’ll be stuck with them for a while.

In my opinion, the website excels in customer service and also offers a very wide range of customization options, so you are free to choose the heel height, style, the width and shape of the toe box, the sole colour, and even the material of your new pair of shoes, making them fit perfectly to your tastes.



MIRKO (119F)

MIRKO (119F)

Final Conclusion

As Leonardo da Vinci said “The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”

We need to respect our feet and value them as our most precious asset. We cannot ignore our feet needs and hope they will work just fine on the dance floor.

The shoes we choose as dancers are a sign of how much we care about our performance on stage and about our health in the rehearsal hall.

So anytime you need to buy a new pair of shoes for your routines, take your time and make an educated choice.

It does not matter whether you are a newbie in the world of dance or you are already an established authority in this field.

Go ahead, pick a pair of magic shoes from the list above and write your own fairy tale on the dance floor. The whole world will be there to watch.

As dancers, we all have a magic shoes story. What’s yours?

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