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gifts for dancers

Everybody loves gifts. It doesn’t really matter if you make a gift for someone you love or you receive one. The simple act in itself brings happiness on both sides all the time. But who started it?

When did we begin thinking of giving someone something without expecting anything in return? Well, you may be surprised to find out that even cavemen did it, so this tradition dates way back in time.

Your Guide

Alexandra Romanmi

Alexandra Romanmi

Whether we’re talking about the primitive gifts such as rocks, animal teeth, shells to be worn as jewellery, about the luxurious gifts Egyptians used to make to honour their pharaohs, or we think of the Roman good luck tokens people used to give to one another, the conclusion is simple.

We have always loved offering anything we considered to be valuable to the ones we appreciated and respected. This remained engraved in our DNA for centuries and centuries to come. And how great it is that we kept doing it!

However, before we get to experience the joy of gifts together with the person we intend to make a present for, we first need to think of one and buy it or make it.

And that proves to be hard sometimes. Taking your time to come up with the perfect gift, will be very rewarding in the end, but in the meantime it can seem quite stressful.

 If you happen to be wondering about the perfect gifts for a dancer friend, relative or lover, I’m here to guide you through the process. 

We, dancers, can seem like a complicated hard to decipher species, but I promise we are not too hard to please. We’re all artists, we appreciate the very nature of your gesture, the fact that you thought of us in the first place. 

However, if you want to be absolutely sure we’ll love the actual gift, I got some ideas that may come in handy next time you just can’t decide between a pink tutu and a way too expensive.

As dancers we never cease to learn new things. We are always looking for ways to perfect and expand our techniques, our knowledge about dance or its history and to boost our creativity. Your Guide    Alexandra Romanmi We’re geeks for our whole lifetime; we’re the eternal students of the creative world, even if we want to seem like carefree bohemian artists. So, here’s a tip:

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Christmas Time is usually vacation and celebration time. For dancers though, it’s showtime! Most of us are EXTRA BUSY for all of November and for a good part of December, with shows that are booked months in advance. Your Guide    Alexandra Romanmi My personal favorite christmas gifts for dancers is: Winter Season: A Dancer’s Journal, with a new preface Check Price Whether it’s a full

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If you have a ballet dancer in your family or circle of friends, you are fortunate enough to be able to TRAVEL BACK in time each time you see them. Your Guide    Alexandra Romanmi This is my personal favourite gift for ballet dancer: Writing the Dance: Workbook & Journal for Dancers Check Price Ballet dancers are these weird, but lovely people sent to us from

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Hip-hop dancers are known for their swag. Yes, SWAG. By writing this, I might have I’ve just transported you back in time a decade or so when the word was actually trendy (so trendy that it received the Hip Hop Word of the Year title in 2011). But hey, my statement is still TRUE… Your Guide Alexandra Romanmi My personal favorite gift for hip hop dancer

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If you were to think of the MOST FAMOUS and distinguished male dancer of all time, who would he be? In my opinion, he’s King Louis XIV of France. Imagine your male dancer friends being compared to the Sun King! Flattering, ISN’T IT? (YEP) Your Guide    Alexandra Romanmi My personal favourite gifts for male dancers is: Dance Anatomy Check Price Wait! It gets more interesting.

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Dancers need role models like plants NEED LIGHT. Gifts for them can always include suggestions of great people they can LEARN FROM. Hence, autobiographies are among the best gifts ideas you can think of when it comes to artists who are on their way of finding their own voice in their craft. Your Guide    Alexandra Romanmi My personal favourite book for tap dancers is: Savion!:

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Gifts For Salsa Dancers

What would life be without a little salsa? I know and I think YOU KNOW TOO – probably less colourful, less passionate and… less spicy. Since you are reading this though, it means you were lucky enough to have had a little bit of salsa in your life, one way or another. Your Guide    Alexandra Romanmi My personal recommendation gift for salsa dancer is: Perfect

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Someone asked me once what would I save if MY HOUSE was on fire and I could only pick one object before I left it… ..My hand instinctively went to the delicate silver chain I had around my neck and looked for the ballerina pendant that was hanging from it. This, I said while holding the LITTLE PENDANT between my fingers. Your Guide    Alexandra Romanmi

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We’ve all seen those famous dancing ballerina music boxes in movies. It somehow FEELS LIKE every little girl in American dramas has one. Your Guide    Alexandra Romanmi My personal favorite gifts for little girl dancers is: Well I was a little girl once and a ballerina, but I never OWNED such a thing. I remember WISHING for one, but for some reason I never really

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Gifts For Swing Dancers

Born in the ‘20s, especially popular in the 1930s, DORMANT FOR FOUR DECADES, then revived in the 1980s, Lindy Hop seems to come from another planet. Its energy and crazy aerials, together with the vintage clothes and hairstyles transport the audience a century back in time. And YES, we all want to go back to the roaring 20s, anytime, anyhow. Your Guide    Alexandra Romanmi With

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Ballet dancers have Bolshoi theatre, contemporary dancers have Martha Graham Dance Company, Cabaret dancers have Moulin Rouge, Tap dancers have Broadway.. ..but what do Irish dancers have? They have The Lord of the Dance and Michael Flatley. Your Guide    Alexandra Romanmi My personal favorite gift for Irish dancer is: Lord Shiva Nataraja Statue dancing Divine Tandava Hindu gift T-Shirt Check Price Each and every dancer,

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Guess who made to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List? Tango DID. And it’s NO WONDER this wonderful style was included in the prestigious list. Tango is not just a dance or a MUSIC STYLE, it is a FEELING, it is history in MOTION. Your Guide    Alexandra Romanmi My favorite gift for tango dancer is: Abstract Dancing Paintings for Bedroom Wall Decorations Framed Tango Black

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Gifts For Pole Dancers

Strength, grace, femininity, sensuality and crazy acrobatics – this is what comes to my mind when I think of pole dancing (Please use coupon code “sportsgratitude” for 10% discount.). There is so much more to pole dancing than the usual associations we make between this style of dance and the night club industry. Your Guide Alexandra Romanmi We can trace its roots back to the 12th

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Whenever you feel in doubt about buying gifts for your dancer loved ones remember that the key of success is showing them you care about their craft.

They will appreciate whatever you buy or make for them that’s somehow related to their dance style, because you took the effort to explore what they do in their everyday life. Their art is who they are and showing interest in that will be very flattering.

People say dancers don’t need wings to fly, but they sure need people who love and support them in order to do that. So be there for them, be part of their artistic journey and you’ll see how rewarding that feels for both of you in the end.

Remember that your presence and unconditional support is sometimes the most important and precious gift you can give to someone.

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