Andrew Tate Vs Logan Paul

If you are following Andrew Tate and Logan Paul, they have publicly expressed that they don’t like each other. But what makes this fight INTRIGUING? The general public finds both of these guys CONTROVERSIAL and VERY POPULAR, especially amongst YOUNG MEN. According to various media outlets, Andrew Tate was among the top 10 people searched …

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Jake Paul vs Ben Askren

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren

Most people hoped Ben Askren could shut cocky Jake Paul, but that didn’t transpire. Ben didn’t seem confident anymore in the ring whist their name was announced. After the sound of the first bell, Jake Paul is the aggressor in the fight, and Ben is looking to outbox Jake. What Jake Paul demonstrated in this …

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best boxing gloves

Best Boxing Gloves

Once you get serious about boxing and combat sports, you naturally want to learn and know the best gears out there to make your workouts effective.  Your boxing gloves are one of the most significant bits of boxing equipment you can purchase because the safety of your hands pays for itself, and you have so many options. …

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Athlete APE Index

Athlete APE Index

You may have come across people or seen athletes with SHORT T REX ARMS or unusually long orangutan arms.  I was always CURIOUS if certain sports attract athletes with more positive or negative APE Index ideal for the sport or an athlete chooses a specific sport because of their physical body type or probably both. …

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