Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

The words backyard and basketball remind me of the old Tai Lopez Ad (Tai hooping in his backyard). I would watch Tai and his guests play basketball in his backyard and dream of owning a house with a massive backyard to play basketball. I digress. Depending on your state or area, there could be hidden …

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Basketball Bday Party Ideas

Are you excited to Slam-Dunk into a Fantastic Birthday Celebration that will be discussed in years to come? Here are the top BIRTHDAY IDEAS that are FUN and EXCITING, and some of these birthday ideas will surely get you and your guest’s competitive juice flowing. Obviously, I do have to warn you not to get …

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2-3 Zone Defense Basketball

There may be a perceived notion that 2-3 zone defense is used mainly to allow the team to get more rest on defense or a basketball team with Low IQ, but I beg to differ. 2-3 Zone Defense is excellent for keeping the opposition team OUTSIDE THE PERIMETER, forcing the opposition team to take deep …

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Euroleague basketball game Budivelnik Kyiv vs FC Barcelona

1 3 1 Defense Basketball

For a Quick, Hardworking, Athletic team, 1-3-1 Defense helps trap offensive players, particularly on the high post and outside the arc, and presents various FAST BREAK opportunities. It frustrates the opposing team by causing turnovers because a 1-3-1 defense is basically 3 guys guarding one offensive player who has the ball. What I love the …

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2012 NCAA Men s Basketball - Drexel - JMU

1 3 1 Basketball Offense

1 3 1 basketball offense is a popular high school and middle school play that provides good spacing with an excellent low post and good high post presence which helps players find scoring opportunities CLOSE TO THE HOOP. 1 3 1 basketball offense is effective against 2-3 zone defense because this offense creates a triangle …

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Michael Jordan Rings

Michael Jordan Rings

How Many Championship Rings Does Michael Jordan Have? Michael Jordan won six NBA championships or six rings in total in his NBA career. While Jordan won a bunch of scoring titles, NBA all-star MVP, Regular season MVP, and defensive player of the year, Jordan was always laser-focused on winning a championship ring at the end …

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Dirk Nowitzki championship prade

The Global Journey Of The NBA

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver takes the stage as the final presenter of the night, and there’s a palpable sense of anticipation in the AIR. As he reads out a name from an envelope, the audience stands and breaks out into applause. 18-year-old Greek of Nigerian descent also stands up with a huge smile on his …

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best indoor stadium basketball hoop

Top 3 Indoor Basketball Hoop

While many hoops could technically be considered indoor hoops, we have decided to FOCUS on the cream of the crop that we have mentioned in several places already, the gym hoops. Your Guide    Edis Hajlovac These are the hoops you will see used at the professional level. They are the absolute best that you …

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