Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

The words backyard and basketball remind me of the old Tai Lopez Ad (Tai hooping in his backyard).

I would watch Tai and his guests play basketball in his backyard and dream of owning a house with a massive backyard to play basketball. I digress.

Depending on your state or area, hidden zoning and building regulations could exist. It will be wise for you to check before you plan or consider constructing your backyard basketball court. So please do carry out this research.

As much as we love to hoop or you are trying to squeeze more practice for your basketball tryout from a neighbor’s perspective, I would be annoyed to hear the ball dribbling sound while I am trying to get some sleep at 5 a.m. or later in the evening.

So, to have good relationships with our neighbors, the distance between our neighbor’s house and our backyard hoops plays a big role.

I know for most of us, having ample SPACE in the first place is the real challenge. If you have good space in your backyard, around 8 square meters+ or 26 sq feet +, you can create creative hoop space.

As the saying goes, a picture says thousands of words. Here are cool pictures of backyard basketball courts from which you could get some inspiration:

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