Andrew Tate Vs Logan Paul

If you are following Andrew Tate and Logan Paul, they have publicly expressed that they don’t like each other.

But what makes this fight INTRIGUING?

The general public finds both of these guys CONTROVERSIAL and VERY POPULAR, especially amongst YOUNG MEN.

According to various media outlets, Andrew Tate was among the top 10 people searched on Google in 2022 and has a group of hardcore fans behind him.

Logan Paul has over 23 million people subscribed to his YouTube platform and has NATURAL SHOWMANSHIP.

Andrew Tate is locked up in a Romanian Prison without a clear HOW, WHEN and IF he will be out of prison.

However, the size of the followings and popularity of Logan and Andrew would almost guarantee to be the top 5 paper per view boxing fight ever.

What makes this fight Also intriguing is THEIR PERSONALITY. The buildup to the fight and TRASH TALK between these would surely capture the public imagination, similar to Mayweather vs McGregor.

And it could be argued famous internet personalities fighting each other bring more EXPOSURE to boxing and inspires people to take on boxing to focus even more on their health and fitness.

Logan Paul’s Advantages and Disadvantages

I know I know, some of you may be saying Logan Paul can’t fight.

I beg to differ. He may not have the muscle memory that a boxer needs to help them win the fight, especially down the championship rounds when you are tried.

However, It will be hard to argue against Logan Paul’s NATURAL ATHLETIC ABILITY. The dude is STRONG, ATHELETIC, and has shared a ring with one of the top boxers of our generation, Money Mayweather.

We all respect Joe when it comes to Martial Arts. Here is what he had to say about Logan Paul:

Here are some clips of Logan Paul’s sparring videos with Paulo Costa.

We learned from watching Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather fight that Logan needs to work on his Stamina and Conditioning.

I could be wrong Floyd Mayweather was really trying to get Logan Paul out of there in the later rounds, and funny enough Logan got accused of using a technique that Floyd has been accused of a lot in his own fight HUGGING to close the distance between him and his opponent.

We all remember the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight; we got to see a chess match at the highest level even though both of these guys were past their prime, approaching their late 30s.

But let’s face it it was a massive HUG FEAST that left especially most general public and casual fans bored.

We probably would have done the same option, Hugging Mayweather rather than getting knocked out, if we are honest, which is a smart move by Logan Paul.

Floyd’s strategy was smart. He let Logan Paul BURN HIS GAS in the earlier rounds and knew Logan would get exhausted later down the rounds.

With this fight experience under his belt, along with his subsequent boxing sparring, Logan Paul will be a much better boxer.

Andrew Tate’s Advantages and Disadvantages

One advantage that immediately comes to me that Top G has over Logan Paul is his Iron Mindset.

This is not to say Logan Paul is soft and has a “Go Happy Go Lucky” mentality. You can sense Andrew Tate’s desire to win and dominate. You can sense from his interviews he cares a lot about his legacy.

However, Andrew Tate may have bigger battles to face rather than Logan Paul at this stage of his life.

If this fight were to come to fruition, it would be hard to imagine any of the guys going in there to Lose, and Andrew Tate would definitely don’t want to be KO’ed by a Youtuber who he fundamentally DISLIKES.

Top G, a former Kickboxing champion WITH 85 FIGHTS AND 76 WINS, has more experience in the ring and will be the favorite to win this win against Logan Paul at this Point. Furthermore, Kicking boxing is much more similar to boxing than Logan Paul’s Wrestling background.

However, Andrew Tate is a retired kickboxing champion who is declining as a fighter as he ages. He retired from kickboxing in 2016, which not only means a lot of ring rust but has taken a fair bit of damage to his body. For example, He has detached retinas in his eyes.

Andrew Tate has much more experience than Logan Paul, but his motor has traveled many miles. In contrast, Logan Paul, although less experienced, has not taken much punishment compared to Andrew and has youth on his side, making this a more even match-up.

And if this fight were ever to happen a few years later, Andrew Tate would be an older 40-year-old man and increase Logan Paul’s chances more. However, mainly due to Andrew Tate’s kicking-boxing experience, he could still be a slight favorite in this fight.

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