Floyd Mayweather VS Logan Paul Post Fight Thought

What did you think of the fight?

I didn’t see the fight live, but I was delighted to see the full highlights for free on Youtube when I got up this morning. So here is my take on the fight.

For a second, I thought is DJ Khaled refereeing this fight?

But, of course, it is an exhibition fight, so I guess anything is possible.

Who Are the Real Winners of the Mayweather and Logan Paul Fight?

People will have different answers; however, both fighters’ bank accounts are the winners EARNING TENS OF MILLIONS for the 24 minutes fight.

Every time you step into the boxing ring, you risk your health, and it is good to see both fighters come out of the fight safe.

Mayweather VS Logan Paul Post-Fight Thought

I anticipated Mayweather to stop Logan Paul later in the round, and many people predicted Mayweather would knock Logan Paul out.

It is not hard to notice Logan Paul didn’t take shortcuts in his training.

Floyd Mayweather VS Logan Paul Fight

Instead, Logan Paul trained in his stamina/conditioning and learned to use jab effectively, good judgment of distance, and tie his opponent up.

Floyd Mayweather, at age 44, you don’t expect him to have the same REFLEX and same fighter he was in his twenties.

But, as the saying goes, Father Time is unbeaten, which is what this fight reminded me of.

It is hard not to bring up Manny Pacquiao when talking about Floyd Mayweather and vice versa, as both fighters are the best two boxers of the last couple of decades, the ’00s 10’s.

Arguably the BEST OFFENSIVE and the BEST DEFENSIVE fighters of an Era of boxing. As their legacy will always be compared.

On 21st August 2021, I firmly predict Errol Spence will stop Manny Pacquiao in the later rounds (I love Pacquiao but removing liking bias to the side with my thinking hat on Errol Spence will stop Pacquiao) because Errol Spence will be too big and strong for Pacquiao.

Excited to see how the fight will unfold.

Mayweather and Pacquiao, at their age 40s, could beat good fighters like Pacquiao just proved by beating a very good boxer, Keith Thurman, in his 40’s couple of years ago.

Still, it is hard to imagine a fighter in their 40’s beating another blue-chip fighter like Errol Spence or Terrance Crawford.

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul are good for entertainment and to introduce more casual to boxing.

However, Errol Spence and Terrance Crawford are fighters in their prime right now, and we boxing fans demand that fight to happen sooner rather than later when both fighters are past their prime rather than what we got from the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight when they both fought past their prime.

It would be sad to see legends like Pacquiao and Mayweather get seriously hurt later in their careers like Muhammad Ali and many boxers like Patrick Stone lost their life due to boxing.

He passed away of brain injury with a tough fight against Gary Wills despite winning the fight.

Or Davey Moore, who sadly passed away in his dressing room after the world featherweight a loss against Ultiminio Ramos.

Several studies show that 15-40 percent of ex-boxers are found to have symptoms of chronic brain injury.

So, hopefully, we won’t see legends Like Pacquiao get life-threatening injuries in his fight against Errol Spence and Mayweather get severe injuries in his exhibition match.

Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Fight Analysis

DJ Khaled lookalike, the referee, warned Logan Paul many times for holding/grabbing, or you could call it clinching.

Mayweather was criticized for clinching, or some fans call it hugging Pacquiao too many times in a fight billed as the Fight of the Century.

Not sure if Logan Paul deliberately tried to use Floyd Mayweather’s tactics against him, but most likely, Logan Paul came from a wrestling background where he learned grappling techniques and knew how to tie up his opponent effectively.

In Mayweather’s first few rounds with Logan Paul, it seemed Floyd Mayweather wanted to see what the kids got and look to break him down in the later rounds.

Mayweather said straight after the fight in the interview, “he (Logan Paul) was better than I thought.”

Logan Paul jab was decent and displayed good boxing IQ; Logan Paul had a good judgment of distance and effectively tied up Floyd Mayweather when up close.

Smaller Floyd Mayweather walked Logan Pall down as Mayweather became the aggressor most of the fight, and Mayweather would have knocked out any fighter without any fighting skills.

Still, as Mayweather said himself, Logan Paul was better than he thought and Logan Paul had clearly taken this fight seriously.

However, Logan Paul was getting hit with jabs and power punches, but Logan was disciplined and minimized making mistakes to his credit.

After he soon learned and realized any errors, he makes Floyd a master counterpuncher who would take full advantage.

You could see Floyd’s frustration during the fight with the forearms of Logan’s face. However, DJ Khaled Ref wasn’t concerned.

Meanwhile, Logan Paul said in the post-fight conference that his game plan was to see what Floyd Mayweather bought and make an adjustment. It seemed like Logan Pual came into the fight:

1) To go to the complete eight rounds with Floyd Mayweather
2) Not get knocked out
3) And hopefully, land a lucky punch to knock Floyd Mayweather out.

You could see Logan Paul was ecstatic to go to the distance with one of the best boxers of our era Floyd Mayweather.

What Did We Learn From This Fight?

That Floyd Mayweather looked his age and banked millions with Logan Paul.

Secondly, Logan Paul, like Mayweather said, Logan Paul was better than he thought. In retrospect, what the world thought.

What Does the Future Hold for Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather?

With only two fights, one with KSI and his second fight with Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul is gaining experience and confidence.

However, Logan Paul is smart enough not to fight a professional fighter his size of 190 pounds falls under Cruiserweight/light heavyweight, which will be too dangerous for his health.

Logan Paul loves to entertain people, which he seems to continue to do by producing content, podcasts, and boxing.

There was not much hype for the Mayweather Logan Paul fight until Jake Paul stole the Mayweather hat, which created MORE BUZZ for this fight.

Logan Paul is a much more likable person than Jake Paul; however, in boxing, Jake Paul has the meanness in him to hurt his opponents, and more people will buy the fight to see Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather because casual boxing fans would love to see Jake Paul get his ass kicked and with the personality of Jake Paul and Mayweather the promotion of the fight would be really something.

After the Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight, Mike Tyson said that Mayweather should continue to fight fighters his weight and fight Pacquiao or something… Mike Tyson says Floyd Mayweather will make more money fighting with Pacquiao again.

Once Pretty Boy Floyd turned into Money Mayweather.

Floyd is smart in the ring as well as out of the ring to make smart business moves. Money Mayweather’s strategy has been to maximize his earnings by taking less risk fights with high rewards.

With Manny Pacquiao still actively competing with the elite competition in sports like Errol Spence and his last couple of fights with Keith Thurman and Adrien Broner, Pacquiao will be a risky fight for Floyd simply due to inactivity.

I think Floyd will fight Pacquiao once Pacquiao is no longer active in boxing, and both will make good money.

And with the big name of Mayweather Pacquiao and their huge following. People will tune in to watch this fight, and both fighters will earn tens of millions.

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