Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren

Most people hoped Ben Askren could shut cocky Jake Paul, but that didn’t transpire.

Ben didn’t seem confident anymore in the ring while their name was announced. After the sound of the first bell, Jake Paul is the aggressor in the fight, and Ben is looking to outbox Jake.

What Jake Paul demonstrated in this fight is his ability to stay patient and not jump all over his opponent recklessly.

Compared to his brother Logan Paul, Jake Paul has a much more mean attitude to him and wants to finish his opponents, unlike his brother Logan, who does not seem to have a MEAN STEAK to hurt his opponents.

Few other things we learned from the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren event.

We learned that Snoop won 2 million from the bet he put on Jake Paul.

Ben Askren got knocked out in the first 2 mins in round 1 and got a handsome 1 million paycheck.

In the co-main event, Ivan Redkach did Oscar-winning acting in his fight against Regis Prograis where he got hit low after Regis started adding pressure, walking him down.

We don’t know what was going through Ivan’s head, but it didn’t look good for his reputation as a fighter from the outside.

I still cannot get over legend Micheal Buffer announcing “Beeeeeen Assskeeeew.” and Ben’s reaction has his name being announced is priceless.

Commentating was hilarious in the fight and weird at times. Here are some highlights:

“Ben’s built like a bag of milk.”

“I hope they start kissing. You think they’ll start kissing?”

Did the commentator say, “I am about to Cumm,” as the bell rang?

“Ben’s got that Vince Vaughn body.”

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