Nike addias soccer cleats

Best Girls Soccer Cleats

Your Guide Alex Waite Whether girls are new or experienced in soccer, picking the best new soccer cleats is always important. Currently, more girls in the US play soccer, which is one of the most popular among US citizens. In addition, the US National Women’s Team (USWNT) is the world’s number one in the official

messi dribbling ball

Best Dribblers in Soccer

Your Guide Alex Waite Dribbling in soccer is like art. The best of the best MAKE IT LOOK EASY.. ..Almost as if the ball is GLUED TO THEIR FEET while tackles fly in around them. There is no better feeling when you play soccer than producing a trick and evading an opposition player. As a

Best African Soccer Team

Who is the All-Time Best African Soccer Team?

Your Guide Alex Waite There are many contenders for the best African soccer team in history. Several nations have performed above AND BEYOND expectations in international tournaments to highlight Africa’s soccer talents.  Like many passionate soccer fans, I watch the African nations at World Cups and the Africa Cup of Nations with interest and intrigue.

The Best 9v9 Soccer Formations

Helping Players to Succeed: The Best 9v9 Soccer Formations

Your Guide Alex Waite Picking the best 9v9 soccer formations can be a challenge for coaches and soccer players. In reality, having fewer players on a team should give a coach fewer headaches regarding formation. But it is actually MORE DIFFICULT in some respects. For example, in one season, I coached 9v9 youth soccer and

7v7 Soccer Strategy

Defend or Attack? 7v7 Soccer Strategy

Your Guide Alex Waite A 7v7 soccer strategy is when a team chooses a formation and tactical approach for this format. For 7v7 soccer, teams have various options when selecting strategy and formation. These include an attacking approach, a defensive setup, or counter-attacking.  7v7 soccer is a small-sided format of the sport, with seven players

How Long are High School Soccer Games

How Long Are High School Soccer Games

Your Guide Alex Waite High school soccer games consist of two 40-minute halves, which make up an 80-minute match. This rule comes from the United States Youth Soccer Association’s guidance in the ‘US Youth Soccer Policy on Players and Playing Rules. Knowing THE LENGTH of a soccer game is important for players, coaches, and fans.

Adidas Team Glider Football

What Is a Glider Soccer Ball?

Your Guide Alex Waite The Glider is an affordable soccer ball made by Adidas. It is well-known for its durability and low price point, making it ideal for both TRAINING and MATCH SITUATIONS. Often, I have either trained with Adidas Gliders or used them as a match ball. Ultimately, from my experience, they are a

Individual Competition, Age Group, or Regional Governing Body Regulations. 

What Is the Minimum Number of Players That Can Play On One Soccer Team?

Your Guide Alex Waite There must be a minimum of SEVEN PLAYERS PER TEAM on a football pitch for a soccer match to go ahead.  According to the 2021-22 International Football Association Board (IFAB) Laws of the Game, “a match may not start or continue if either team has fewer than seven players.” In addition,

What Is GF in Soccer?

Goals Galore: What Is GF in Soccer?

Your Guide Alex Waite GF in soccer stands for ‘Goals For’. This is shown in a league table to show how many goals a team has scored during the season. GF can also be used in group stages in competitions like the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Champions League. Years ago, as a young

In Which Country Is Baseball More Popular Than Soccer

In Which Country Is Baseball More Popular Than Soccer

Your Guide Alex Waite Baseball is more popular than Soccer in the following countries: Although soccer is the most popular global sport by a long stretch, with an estimated 4 billion fans. Baseball is played more often and supported more in specific countries and regions due to a range of SOCIAL and HISTORICAL FACTORS. For

How Should Soccer Cleats Fit

How Should Soccer Cleats Fit: A Guide to Comfort

Your Guide Alex Waite Soccer cleats should not fit tightly around your foot and some space is required between the end of your toes and the cleats. Ultimately, you want the cleats to be a SLIGHTLY EXTENSION to your foot size for comfort and some room to maneuver.  There is no substitute for a well-fitting

Why Do Soccer Players Flop So Much?

The Art of Deception: Why Do Soccer Players Flop So Much?

   Your Guide    Alex Waite Soccer players flop to deceive the referee, to Gain an Advantage or to Waste Time. The act of flopping, sometimes referred to as diving, has become a regular feature of modern soccer. Its impact is the subject of much debate among players, pundits, fans and coaches.  Flopping is when

Which College Wrote Early Fundamental and Influential Rules for Soccer?

Which College Wrote Early Fundamental and Influential Rules for Soccer?

   Your Guide    Alex Waite Cambridge University was where the early, fundamental and influential rules of soccer were written in 1843. Since then, the rules of soccer have EVOLVED and they have become refined to modern-day soccer in professional and amateur games.  Like the history of soccer rules, learning them requires adapting and changing.

What does FC stand for in Soccer?

More Than Just a Name: What Does FC Stand For in Soccer?

   Your Guide    Alex Waite FC in soccer means Football Club. Thousands of teams worldwide, whether professional or amateur, will have the phrase ‘Football Club’, abbreviated to FC, after or before their team name.  As an enthusiastic young soccer fan in the UK, I would follow the live scores on a Saturday afternoon on

How can soccer help us to understand physics

Movement and Force: How Can Soccer Help Us to Understand Physics?

   Your Guide    Alex Waite Soccer is jam-packed full of PHYSICAL MOVEMENT and FORCES. Are just a small selection of physical maneuvers in soccer.  There is a CLEAR LINK between soccer and physics, and playing soccer can help us to deepen our understanding of how we can use gravity, force, space and time to

How to wash a soccer jersey

How To Wash A Soccer Jersey

   Your Guide    Alex Waite If you are an amateur soccer player, you will have the UNENVIABLE task of washing your used soccer jersey at some time or another. Or perhaps you are a coach and need to wash jerseys for your entire team. Washing a soccer jersey may seem like a straightforward task.

How to Break in Soccer Cleats

How to Break in Soccer Cleats

Your Guide Alex Waite During one off-season, I saved up for a new pair of cleats ready for the upcoming season. I put all my hard-earned cash towards brand new Adidas Predators, thinking I would instantly start playing like the 90s and 00s soccer icons David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane. In reality, after the first

How to Increase Stamina in Soccer

Getting an Extra Edge: How to Increase Stamina in Soccer

Your Guide Alex Waite Playing soccer at any level requires different physical skills: Balance, Speed, Strength, Timing and Stamina. All has its place in the sport, and working on each is key to becoming a better all-around soccer player. Having the stamina to play competitive soccer is essential. When I first started playing soccer, I

What is a Nutmeg in Soccer

What Is a Nutmeg in Soccer

Like many soccer terms, the nutmeg can cause some confusion among soccer fans or beginner players who are LEARNING THE SPORT. In this article, we explain what a nutmeg is and explore the origin of the term. We also highlight some of the greatest Nutmeggers in world soccer.  What is a Nutmeg? A nutmeg in

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