what is a set piece in soccer

Chess Pieces and Dead Ball Specialists: What Is a Set Piece in Soccer?

Your Guide    Alex Waite Set pieces in soccer are a big part of the game, and all aspects of set pieces REQUIRE SKILLS and EXECUTION. Attacking, defending, technique, timing and physicality are all needed for a successful set play. They also represent opportunities for the attacking team to get further up the pitch and

What Is a Brace in Soccer

What Is a Brace in Soccer

   Your Guide    Alex Waite Soccer terminology is so varied and INTRIGUING, which adds to an entire culture surrounding the sport.  One phrase used commonly in the sport is the ‘brace’. It is an expression for goal-scoring greats and often the source of much joy for commentators, fans and pundits alike.  When I watch

why are soccer balls black and white

Why Are Soccer Balls Black and White

   Your Guide    Alex Waite There is a simple fact in soccer: a good quality ball makes a difference between a good training session or a good match. Nobody wants to play the BEAUTIFUL GAME with a deflated, worn-down soccer ball.  In terms of practicality, the colors, patterns and designs of soccer balls are

Sergio Ramos

Best of the Rest: All-time Cap Holders in International Soccer

   Your Guide    Alex Waite International soccer is the pinnacle for many professional players. To represent one’s country at the highest level BRINGS HONOUR and PRIDE for many; it is a moment of dreams and usually a culmination of dedication and hard work. Some players may receive just one cap in their career. England

What is a Yellow Card in Soccer

What is a Yellow Card in Soccer?

Your Guide    Alex Waite During a soccer match, you may see the referee reach into their pocket and thrust a YELLOW CARD in the air in the direction of a player. This often follows a bad tackle, a player arguing with the referee or when someone tries to waste time to take pressure off

What Is a Cap in Soccer

The Unwearable Honour: What is a Cap in Soccer?

   Your Guide    Alex Waite Receiving a cap in soccer is a defining moment in a player’s career. To earn the prestigious cap, a player must represent their nation’s football team on the international stage – the highest standard of SOCCER WORLDWIDE. There is a variation in the number of caps players receive in

How long are soccer games

The Surprising Truth About Soccer Game Length: More Than Just 90 Minutes

Your Guide    Alex Waite Formal Soccer Games Last for 90 Minutes, Made up of Two Halves of 45 Minutes and a Maximum 15-Minute Break for Halftime. However, the 90-minute match is not a UNIVERSAL RULE. The format and age of the players involved can change the length of a soccer game. In the most

soccer best goal

How To Pick The Best Soccer Goals Reviews For 2023

  Your Guide Alex Waite There really is no better feeling than striking the football into a goal. Whether it’s during a match, training or just having a casual game with friends, having a goal definitely enhances the playing experience for all players. Our Top Pick: Hearing, seeing and feeling the ball hit the back

football soccer fans and clubs

Why The Relationship Between Football Fans And Their Club Is So Important

Football has existed for thousands of years and has evolved since EARLY forms of the game were played in ancient Greece, Rome and China. MATCHES used to be played by large groups of local people who would gather to kick the ball in a marked area, field or road. In some civilizations, a rock was

best football soccer training equipment

Top 3 Best Soccer Training Equipment Review In 2023

If you are a soccer coach, or a player leading your team’s training sessions, having lots of EQUIPMENT is part of your DNA. Having bestquality soccer equipment is helpful to plan and deliver effective training sessions but it’s also important to have durable items which can withstand players treading on them or balls hitting them

best soccer socks

Top 4 Best Soccer Socks Review For 2023

There are a lot of soccer socks on the market that aren’t suitable for use. You can tell IMMEDIATELY by the feel of some socks that they will cause itchiness and friction on your legs. If this is the case, return them immediately. Your Guide    Alex Waite Luckily, socks are the least expensive piece

best football soccer shin pad

Top 6 Soccer Shin Pads Review In 2023

Soccer Shin pads are so important to modern players, despite being an AFTERTHOUGHT for many players who are thinking about how their boots look first and their safety second. Your Guide    Alex Waite I’ve played with many players who have forgotten their shin pads for a match or training and then taken a full

best football soccer ankle support

Top 5 Best Ankle Support For Soccer Reviews In 2023

Since their invention in the mid-1970s, soccer ankle supports have become a regular feature for amateur and professional players. Due to their wide use across many sports, there is a lot of overlap in the market and very few are DEDICATED just for football. Your Guide    Alex Waite When choosing your ankle brace, just

best astro turf football boots

Top 6 Best Astro Turf Football Boots Review In 2023

Astro-turf surfaces were a revelation and provided an excellent ALTERNATIVE to grass as you can still play soccer outside without worrying about water-logged or frozen pitches. Your Guide    Alex Waite Yet, the firm design of astro-turf means you need the correct footwear to play effectively. I’ve often found myself slipping and sliding around on

best football soccer indoor shoes

Top 6 Best Soccer Indoor Shoes Reviews In 2023

Playing soccer indoors has many advantages; you are LESS RELIANT on weather conditions affecting your performance and the surface is always the same and won’t become bumpy, too wet or too hard.    Your Guide    Alex Waite However, the surfaces of indoor pitches are usually harder than any other surface so when you choose

best football soccer shirts

Top 7 Best Retro Soccer Shirts Review In 2023

Soccer shirts can be one of the biggest EVOKERS of EMOTION and nostalgia for football fans. Seeing a particular kit can remind us of some of the greatest footballing moments, or some of our favorite clips from HISTORY. Your Guide    Alex Waite Seeing the red flashes of George Best’s Manchester United jersey in the

best football soccer movies

Top 6 Best Soccer Movies Review In 2023

Soccer films are a great medium to explore football. There is so much choice available, with DOCUMENTARIES and fictional films on hand to provide further thought on the beautiful game. Your Guide    Alex Waite There are many documentaries on SOCCER focusing on the history of the game, title-winning teams, iconic players and managers. If you

best soccer ball

Best Soccer Ball (Football Ball) Review In 2023

Choosing a good soccer ball is one of the most important pieces of FOOTBALL EQUIPMENT to get right before you even play the game. After all, we wouldn’t even be able to play the game if not for the round white sphere. Your Guide    Alex Waite Cheaper and worse quality footballs are prone to bulging,

best football soccer books biographies

Top 5 Best Soccer Books (Football Books) Review In 2023

Thousands and thousands of soccer books and biographies have been written since the game’s INCEPTION nearly 150 years ago. There is something for everyone, even for those with a vague interest in the game. Your Guide    Alex Waite Stories are told through football and EVERYONE who has been associated with the game, whether it’s

best soccer cleats

Top 8 Best Soccer Cleats (Football Boots) Review In 2023

Soccer Cleats are the most important piece of SCOCCER EQUIPMENT you will buy and wear. By making the correct choice, you will save time, money, effort and avoid the inevitable blisters that potentially follow. Your Guide    Alex Waite We are all born with different sizes and widths of feet. But, given how well football boots

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