Top 4 Best Soccer Socks Review For 2022

best soccer socks

There are a lot of soccer socks on the market that aren’t suitable for use.

You can tell IMMEDIATELY by the feel of some socks that they will cause itchiness and friction on your legs. If this is the case, return them immediately.

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Alex Waite   Alex Waite

Luckily, socks are the less expensive piece of football kit you will have to purchase and the QUALITY materials used to make most football socks now makes them airy, breathable and safe too.

Socks used to get heavy, smelly and worn easily in the past. But there are now lots of options available to soak up the sweat and rain when you play.

You can also wear lots of socks all year round due to the modern materials, such as spandex, nylon and polyester, being used to make modern football socks.

Always check the size of your socks before purchasing and try them on before playing. If they are too big, your feet will slip around in your boot and effect balance, agility and speed.

If they are too small, they will rub and could lead to blisters and skin irritation.

#1: Nike Classic III Socks

Nike football socks have been a staple for many professional and amateur football teams for decades. The BRAND is known for excellent quality, but usually comes at a cost.

However, the Nike Classic football socks offer an affordable pair of socks and are made with excellent materials.

While they are not flashy or hugely stylish, they are a great option if you play in a variety of weather conditions, like here in England where you can get all sorts of WATHER all year round.

The Nike Classics also offer comfort and some protection for your legs and their durability makes them a great choice for players who are just starting out.

Key Features

  • DRI-FIT fabric to help breathability and coolness
  • Reinforced toe and heel prevent wear to bottom of socks
  • Nylon outer material for comfort
  • Arch support ensures a secure fit around feet and legs


  • Available from sizes 1 to 15
  • A variation of colours is available
  • Weight (approx. 426g)


  • Very durable for all weathers, including wet weather
  • Stretchy materials help for ease of use and comfort
  • Cheap price for a branded product and good value for the quality provided


  • Players with larger legs may struggle with the tightness of the socks
  • May feel tight when used with more bulky shin pads and ankle supports

#2: Under Armour Men’s Football Socks

The Under Armour football socks are a more expensive option. But they have the latest technology and designs so they are durable, long lasting and offer amazing comfort, which feels great when you are playing on a cold, wet, wintery MORNING.

These boots have also been designed to, believe it or not, improve the smell of your socks after wear.

It may seem a bit of a gimmick to some people, but if you have been in a changing room after a match and walked past a pile of used socks, you may be drawn in by Under Armours odour reducing design.

Cushioning in these socks also provides extra comfort, so you may want to spend the extra money for that little bit more comfort whilst playing.

Key Features

  • Strategic cushion for extra support and comfort
  • Heat Gear fabric prevents excess sweating from feet
  • Nylon material used for comfort
  • Armour Block technology stops odour forming in sock


  • Sizes small to XL available
  • Six different colours available
  • Very lightweight (approx. 136g)


  • Stylish design gives them a modern look and feel
  • Very comfortable and warm due to true fit
  • Durable due to high quality materials and technology used.


  • More suited for autumn and winter use
  • More expensive than other socks available (approx. £20-£30)

#3: Adidas Copa Zone Socks

Adidas football socks have always stuck with the iconic three stripes on their socks. Their affordability also makes them POPULAR amongst amateur players and teams.

Often you will see almost every team on every pitch sporting Adidas sock.

But the modern tweaks Adidas have made to their socks means they fit tightly to your legs, but also remain lightweight enough to support speed and agility of players.

The AdiSocks have also been designed to mould to players legs and to keep players both cool and warm, depending on the conditions.

These may be the perfect choice if you have to ENDURE wet, rain, sun and heat during the same match!

Key Features

  • Climacool technology keeps legs warm and dry in winter, but cool in summer
  • Techfit gives a tight fit and adds compression for extra protection
  • Lightweight cushioning supports players movement
  • Ergonomic fit moulds the socks to players legs.


  • X-small to XXL sizes available
  • Lots of different colours available
  • Adidas embroidered logo and three stripes design on sock


  • Tight fit ensures they don’t fall down when running at speed
  • Very breathable, yet keep your feet dry and warm in colder months
  • Lightweight feel of the sock makes mobility and movement easier.


  • Stitching can fray on these socks after lots of use, not the most durable
  • Mesh design on back of sock doesn’t offer greatest protection for the back of legs. Extra protection may be needed with these socks.

#4: Joma Classic II socks

Joma is a brand more known for rugby products rather than SOCCER.

But their classic brand of socks caters for all sports and they are a cheap option on the market without compromising the quality of their product.

Their Classic II brand of sock is a simple design and can be used purely for practical purposes rather than worrying about style, design or fashion.

With 90% cotton and 10% elastane, the Classic IIs are extremely comfortable and are very soft so you will not have to worry about your feet becoming damaged from poor materials.

They are also an excellent option for training as they do not cover the ENTIRETY of your leg but instead come up just below the knee.

Key Features

  • 90% cotton for soft feel around foot and legs
  • Ribbed, elastane material at the top of the sock ensures a tight and comfortable fit and feels secure when playing.
  • Blanket colour with black writing for Joma logo.


  • A range of sizes available (small, medium and large)
  • A full range of colours are available.
  • Joma branding print on upper foot doesn’t impose on the design of the sock


  • Lots of different colours available (some sellers offer up to 16 colour ranges.)
  • A less expensive option for football socks (approx. £4 from certain sellers)
  • Available to buy in bulk if you are buying for a team or for training purposes.


  • As these socks aren’t knee length, they are more suitable for warmer playing conditions or for training purposes, where there is likely to be less contact with other players.
  • Can feel quite heavy when wet due to lack of material used for wet weather.


Modern football socks have been designed with player comfort in mind. Quite often, they will COMPLEMENT the boots you wear, but this is only optional and can be expensive.

There are plenty of affordable options to choose when selecting your socks. The main things to consider are the conditions you will be playing in and how to prevent friction and irritation on your feet and legs.

Ultimately, these choices will lead to better performance and enjoyment of soccer.

All three of the options above offer something slightly different, but can be used for all conditions, with exception of the Under Armour socks which are more suited for autumn and winter soccer.

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