Best Tennis Shoes for Bunions In 2023

When it comes to bunions, reducing the pain by as much as you can has to be your number one priority. Our Top Pick I’ve never suffered from bunions, fortunately, but I know many who have and they tell me that the pain can be excruciating, especially when engaging in sports. If bunions are severe,

How to Hit a Drop Shot in Tennis

How to Hit a Drop Shot in Tennis (Try This 3 Techniques)

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison Hitting a drop shot in tennis is one of the shots that is not exploited enough, in my opinion. With the modern-day game, players are often slugging it out far behind the baseline. This alone suggests that a drop shot is a great way to mix things up, especially

TONY NADAL How to Coach Tennis

Top 3 Simple Ways How You Can Coach Tennis

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison Coaching tennis is something that almost anybody can get involved with. However, only a small percentage go on to become what I would consider being ‘good or great coaches’. Having worked as a full-time coach myself in the past, I’ve seen evidence of this firsthand. There are many people

Coolest Tennis Courts in the World

Best Tennis Courts in the World. Here’s Why They’re So Cool.

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison There are plenty of cool places to play tennis in this world. But when people imagine cool tennis courts, they often think of the major stadiums where Grand Slams are played. Sure, these courts are magnificent in their own right. But in my opinion, when I think about cool

Diego Schwartzman shortest tennis player

Shortest Male Tennis Player

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison Tennis is a sport where being tall certainly has major advantages. As the years have rolled by, becoming a successful player when you are a little on the short side has become increasingly difficult. The days where a guy such as Michael Chang (5 feet 9 inches, 175 cm)

Tallest Tennis Players Ever

World’s Tallest Tennis Player: Who Is Taller Than Everyone Else

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison As the years have gone by, tennis players just seem to have become taller and taller. And I’m not just talking MODERATELY TALLER EITHER. As you can see from the players mentioned above, these guys are absolute giants, and they wouldn’t even look out of place if they were

Why Do Tennis Players Bounce the Ball Before Serving

Why Do Tennis Players Bounce the Ball Before Serving

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison I must admit, having played tennis for more than 20 years at this point, bouncing the ball prior to serving has just become second nature. But if I take a step back, I can understand why this action might seem a little strange for those who aren’t all that

What Makes a Good Tennis Player

The Science of Tennis: What Makes a Good Tennis Player?

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison Have you ever stopped and wondered about the makeup of all good tennis players? I certainly have. And I believe that while all tennis players have their own strengths and weaknesses, there are some fundamentals that have to be there. These three fundamentals have been listed above, and the

How to Replace a Tennis Racket Bumper

How to Replace a Tennis Racket Bumper in 3 Simple Steps

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison Over time, our tennis rackets take a fair bit of punishment out there on the court. One of the main parts of the racket that shows this is the bumper. This is the part on top of the racket that tends to get scuffed up for many reasons. Personally,

How to String a Tennis Racket

How to String a Tennis Racket: 3 Easy Step by Step

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison If you watch someone string a tennis racket for the first time, things can seem a little confusing. Believe me, I know! The first time I watched my brother string one of my tennis rackets, it was like a man discovering fire. This is no exaggeration! But once I

Best Tennis Academies in the World

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison For the most promising tennis players in the world and even established professionals, the main places to go to in order to maximize playing potential are tennis academies. There are hundreds of tennis academies in various parts of the world these days. But NATURALLY, only a few of them

Best Baseball Book You Should Read

Best Baseball Books of All Time

Your Guide    Andrew Buller-Russ There have been many great baseball books written OVER THE YEARS. Once you learn how many there are, it can be a bit overwhelming, where do I start? I hope to provide you with a good starting point on which books are some of the best. Part of that depends

Best Tennis String For Topspin And Control

How To Choose The Best Tennis String For Topspin And Control Reviewed In 2023

  Your Guide Gavin Davison Spin and control are two features that really do complement each other, as it’s tough to have one without the other. The one and only exception would be if you love to hit flat from all areas of the court, although I haven’t seen many players that play this way

best tennis racquet for beginners

How To Choose The Best Tennis String For Beginner Reviewed In 2023

  Your Guide Gavin Davison Choosing the right string if you are brand new to this wonderful game is CRUCIAL, but nobody really emphasizes just how crucial it actually is. First of all, if you use the wrong strings to start with you can soon after encounter injury problems such as tennis elbow. MY PERSONAL

best tennis racquet for intermediate player

How To Choose The Best Tennis String For An Intermediate Player Reviewed In 2023

  Your Guide Gavin Davison As an intermediate tennis player, you have no doubt spent PLENTY OF HOURS LEARNING the strokes of the game, and you may have even started to play in a few competitive events. You may not yet be classified as an advanced player, (click here for recommended tennis racquet for advanced

Tennis String For Spin And Power

Best Tennis String For Spin And Power Reviewed In 2023

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison If you are unsure of your exact game style, or you don’t really want to go all-in on a string for any specific category… .. I’d recommend going for a string that provides a BLEND OF BENEFITS. This is the reason that I’ve put together a category for spin

How to Hit a Two-Handed Backhand in Tennis

How to Choose the Best Tennis String for Power in 2023

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison The funny thing about choosing a string for power is that it’s rare you will find a powerful string that also gives comfort with durability. That is why this category, in particular, can be quite tricky to navigate, which can often cause turmoil for those of you trying to

Best Tennis String For Control

How to Choose the Best Tennis String for Control Reviewed In 2022

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison There are many different game styles in the world of tennis. There are players out there who LOVE TO HIT THE BALL at 100mph to try and out-power opponents. MY PERSONAL FAVOURITE TENNIS STRING FOR CONTROL IS: There are players who love to sit at the back and defend,

Julia Goerges Best Tennis String For Spin

How to Choose the Best Tennis String for Spin Reviewed In 2022

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison This section is for all of you players (like me) WHO LOVE to sit at the back of the court and try to grind your opponent off the court. Don’t worry guys – no matter how many times they may call us ‘Hackers’ or ‘Grinders’… .. it’s still a

National Tennis Day

National Tennis Day – What Is It

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison There seems to be a day of the year dedicated to many things these days. And while I believe some of them are a little silly, I must say, this one is PRETTY COOL. On June 20th, every single year, people are encouraged to pick up a racket and

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