How to Choose the Best Tennis String for Spin Reviewed In 2022

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Gavin Davison   Gavin Davison

This section is for all of you players (like me) WHO LOVE to sit at the back of the court and try to grind your opponent off the court.

Don’t worry guys – no matter how many times they may call us ‘Hackers’ or ‘Grinders’…

.. it’s still a SWEET FEELING to run the other person from corner to corner and let the fitness shine through!

All jokes aside, the benefits of using a string that provides you with the ability to GENERATE MORE SPIN is truly an asset for your game.


Tennis strings have evolved these days into different shapes and sizes, and there are strings out there now that are:

  • Hexagonal
  • Square
  • Octagonal, and
  • Any other ‘Agonal’ that you can think of.

I do know that these strings provide a much better bite on the ball, and depending on how your technical ability is… can WHIP UP TOPSPIN as you have never done before once you get your hands on the right string.

Understanding the shapes on tennis strings can be a bit confusing.

Therefore I’d suggest that you check out this comprehensive explanation concerning the shapes here:

What To Look for 

I’ve talked about the shapes of the string in the introduction above.

But now, please allow me to explain why it is important to get a string that compensates spin.

Julia Goerges Best Tennis String For Spin

To emphasize this, I can give you an example of my own game – I’m sure that many of you will be able to relate.

I’ve never been the tallest guy in the world, or the strongest for that matter, which is obviously not ideal for the game of tennis.

What I have always had on my side, however is speed and fitness, which ultimately lead to the development of a ‘GRINDER GAME STYLE’.

To be an effective grinder or baseline player, being able to HIT MASSES OF TOPSPIN on the ball allows you to open up the court and maneuver your opponent around to win the point.

Let’s face facts – we will never be the type of players to blast somebody off the court through ENORMOUS POWER and PRESENCE.

With this in mind, it is absolutely crucial to find a string that will allow you to generate added levels of topspin, as this is our main advantage! 

I’ve spent years trying different tennis strings in search of this, and I recently came across an absolute gem of a string.

My Recommendation – Solinco Hyper G Heaven

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first of all – the bright green color won’t be for everyone.

And it certainly doesn’t fit in aesthetically depending on the color of your frame.

With that in mind, how your racket looks won’t improve the way that you play, but the STRING ITSELF WILL.

Solinco is quite a new brand in the tennis world, and I first started to experiment with their strings back in 2018.

Out of all the strings I tried, I found that this string provided a FANTASTIC FEEL combined with an awesome bite on the ball.

This bite is what allows you to hit with masses of topspin shot after shot, and the square ship means that the ball really reacts well on contact.

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