How To Choose The Best Tennis String For Beginner Reviewed In 2023

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Gavin Davison

Gavin Davison

Choosing the right string if you are brand new to this wonderful game is CRUCIAL, but nobody really emphasizes just how crucial it actually is.

First of all, if you use the wrong strings to start with you can soon after encounter injury problems such as tennis elbow.


Secondly, if you choose strings that are difficult to play with you will have a much harder time learning the game, which can lead to frustration.

The bottom line is that when you start playing the game, you want a string that is very soft on the arm, has a good feel on the ball and doesn’t overload the ball WITH POWER.

To enjoy the game, you need to learn how to rally and build on the fundamentals of your technique, all without worrying whether you have the right string in your racket, to begin with!

What to look for 

There is some really good news if you are brand new to the sport of tennis – the strings and rackets that are suitable for your game are often much cheaper as a beginner.

best tennis racquet for beginners

This will already save you money on your initial equipment, and it will give you more money to invest in lessons and practicing the sport itself.

When I am coaching any new player and they ask about strings, I always give the same answer – you need to get a synthetic gut string to begin with.

You can pick up some awesome synthetic gut reels for well under $50, and they provide some of the best feel that you could ask for on the ball.

Synthetic gut strings won’t provide you with heaps of power or tons of spin, but this isn’t your goal here.

Your goal is to find an affordable string that will assist you along your journey of learning to play tennis and let me tell you – Tennis Really Is a Sport for Life.

Once you learn, you will enjoy decades of fun with family and friends.

Recommendation for you- Babolat Synthetic Gut

I’ve been using Babolat products for as long as I can remember, but there is a specific reason for this.

I believe that the quality of the products that they create is simply awesome, and they are on a par if not above Wilson, in my humble opinion.

For beginner players, the lightning blue synthetic gut string will give you everything that you need to kick off your learning journey.

The string gives GREAT FEEL on the ball, whether you are hitting forehands and backhands from the back of the court or coming up to hit some volleys.

It’s an extremely versatile string, and it doesn’t break as frequently as other strings that are made from synthetic gut.

To fully understand the reasons of using synthetic gut string, as well as gain an understanding of why it is perfect for beginners.

Please watch the video from the tennis equipment gurus, Tennis Warehouse, right here:

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