Best Tennis Shoes for Bunions In 2023

When it comes to bunions, reducing the pain by as much as you can has to be your number one priority.

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I’ve never suffered from bunions, fortunately, but I know many who have and they tell me that the pain can be excruciating, especially when engaging in sports.

If bunions are severe, it may be appropriate to seek professional medical help, but for bunions that are just beginning to lose energy and may just be starting to get painful, choosing a good pair of tennis shoes can help.

What to look for

First of all, just what exactly is a bunion?

A bunion is where the joint of your big toe starts to push outwards and swell up following prolonged periods of pressure.

By prolonged periods of pressure, I mean that these can develop over the course of years – it’s not just something that can appear within weeks.

Now that you know what a bunion is, however, just what can you do to combat the pain and help it to get better?

This can all start with what you choose to wear on your feet, and it’s worth doing your research, for the wrong pair of shoes can make bunions get worse over time.

I’m not saying that a good pair of tennis shoes is an appropriate substitute for professional medical help but hey if it helps, why not?

As I’ve mentioned previously, bunions develop through increased pressure on the toe joint and this causes it to swell.

Therefore, we want to relieve the pressure on this toe joint by finding a spacious pair of shoes with adequate support, ideally toward the front of the shoes where the toe joint is.

I believe I have found a pair of shoes that deliver on these two features, although depending on the severity of your bunions, I recommend you also do your own research where necessary.

Recommendation For You – Adidas Stycon

Stay with me here, for you may have just noticed that the shoes don’t have laces, but don’t worry, there is a reason. 

This is one of the newest releases from the Adidas range and they are all manufactured without laces, but I believe this has some key benefits for bunion sufferers. 

To start with, this shoe will conform to your feet and fit tightly around areas that are likely moving around, therefore putting less pressure on the areas where your bunions could be. 

The outside material is also very strong yet forgiving, so where your big toes will inevitably push slightly against the shoe, the material’s flexibility will soak up with pressure. 

On top of this, there is also a torsion bar through the midsole of the shoe, which is another feature designed to keep your feet in place and absorb additional pressure. 

These factors together mean that the shoe is stable, supporting, and forgiving in the areas where you need it most. 

You can do more for your bunions than just selecting an appropriate pair of tennis shoes too – check out these 7 methods to reduce any pain from bunions as suggested by health essentials online

Best Men’s Tennis Shoes For Bunions 

Best Women’s Tennis Shoes For Bunions

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