What Happens If You Fail a Taekwondo Test? Here’s What to Do Next and Come Back Stronger!

  • Failing A Taekwondo Test Is An Opportunity To Learn And Improve. Seek Feedback And Come Back Stronger.
  • Practice Regularly To Prepare For The Test And Gain Confidence.
  • Use Setbacks As Motivation To Reflect, Improve, And Grow As A Martial Artist.

I have seen a student failing a test firsthand, and I know it can sting. 

But fear not, fellow martial arts enthusiasts! 

There’s more to the story than a setback at the start.

Do you want to know what happens if you fail your Taekwondo test?

You will be given an opportunity to retest but in most Taekwondo schools, it will be at the time of the next grading session, which could be another 3-6 months time.

Depending on the Taekwondo school, you will almost always only get an invitation for your Taekwondo test if your Instructor believes YOU ARE READY or have the POTENTIAL to Pass The Test. 

From my experience, passing the Taekwondo test has Two main Ingredient, but you can make it hard on yourself.

1) REGULARLY ATTEND Your Taekwondo Sessions and


I know. I know it may seem overly simplistic but the main reason I have seen some people fail their Taekwondo test is because they are not consistent in attending the classes and don’t put in the hard work required.

On my black test, our grandmaster told us along the lines that every person has certain potential to their physical and mental capability, but ALWAYS DO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY.

I always remember this, and I can confidently pass on my knowledge that despite any limitations we may have, NEVER EVER LET THE REASON FOR YOUR FAILURE BE DUE TO YOUR WORK ETHIC. 

Unless your Taekwondo instructor is a jerk, they will not put you through the assessment if they don’t see your potential. 

I can emphasize how you feel if you have failed your taekwondo test. 

Allow me to be direct with you. 

Do feel you give your very best in your preparation and effort for the taekwondo test you failed? 

If you have given your absolute best doing reps and reps of Poomsae, practicing combinations, and asking for feedback from your instructor/senior belts on how you can get better and implement it, among others, then you have not failed.

If this is the case please keep your head high because you know DEEP DOWN in YOUR HEART that you gave it your all. 

Or did you procrastinate and only work at the very last minute. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. 

A Simple Solution to passing Taekwondo Test is MORE Reps and Sets.

Confidence in acing the test comes from PREPERATION and LOTS OF PRACTICE. 

If you have already practiced your Poomsae thousands of times leading up to your test compared to just few times a week, the probability of you making significant mistakes on your test drastically reduces. 

Your instructors is also grading you on your DEDICATION and your COMMITMENT to this beatiful martial arts.

If you have failed your Taekwondo test, THIS IS THE TEST IN IT SELF TO TEST YOUR CHARACTER.

Are you going to moan, shift blames, or not hold yourself accountable, or are you going to humble yourself, ask your instructors for feedback on what you need to work on, and work on it persistently until you pass your test. 

Using these experiences only makes you STRONGER and MORE DETERMINED.

Instructors are human too and unless they are jerks they don’t like to see people fail but the opposite is true and they want to see you succeed.

Imagine they passed you in your taekwondo test with student limited effort and your kicks/forms are sloppy, you make several mistakes on your poomsae. Imagine what will that do to your brain.

It rewires your brain that I can be SLOPPY and not put in ANY EFFORT and I will still be rewarded to a higher belt which I personally will do you MORE HARM in the LONG RUN.

I could be wrong personally I like strict grading so it pushes me to work harder on my trainings. And martial arts is a life style choice how you choose your diet to how humble you are in and out of dojo all refelts who good martial artist you are.

The Dreaded Taekwondo Test Failure

Test failures happen.

But fear not! 

Failing a test Can Lead to PERSONAL GROWTH and IMPROVEMENT.

A famous example is Michael Jordan, who was not selected for the basketball varsity team during his sophomore year. 

Yet he is regarded as the GOAT in basketball by many basketball fans and players. 

First, let’s discuss why someone might fail. 

It could be due to improper technique, lack of focus, or even an off day. 

We all make mistakes, but learning from them is essential.

There are often tears and disappointment when someone fails a test, especially children’s. 

I’ve seen this in Reddit discussions, and some of you may be able to relate. 

However, overcoming failure BUILDS RESILIENCE and DETERMINATION.

I recommend seeking constructive feedback from instructors and fellow martial artists. 

That way, you can learn from your mistakes and COME BACK STRONGER.

Lastly, some Taekwondo schools may have different expectations for belt testing, so always know what’s required. 

This will help you Prepare and Execute your test with Confidence.

Remember, as a martial arts enthusiast, your journey is about progress and self-improvement, not just achieving the next belt. 

So embrace the challenges and keep pushing forward.

Reactions to Failure

So, you’ve failed a taekwondo test. It happens to the best of us, unfortunately. I’ve seen this happen to my friend, and the emotions can be overwhelming. 

So, let’s explore how failure affects us and those close to us.

The Emotional Roller Coaster

When you fail your taekwondo test, you may feel like you let your instructors and family/friends down. 

Failing your taekwondo test can be a mix of disappointment, rage, and humiliation.

But on the other hand, it can lead to introspection, where we learn from our mistakes and return stronger.

I have had my fair share of embarrassing moments in my taekwondo journey; something that comes to my mind is taking 4 tries to break a board with a spin hook turning kick in a public demonstration as a red belt. 

However, I wouldn’t be holding my black belt today if not for the lessons I gained through past failures. 

So embrace your journey, and use these emotions to fuel your comeback!

Family and Friends’ Reactions

Your loved ones may feel sympathy, frustration, or even disappointment when they learn about the failed test. 

No one enjoys someone they care for struggling.

However, keep in mind that their feelings are similar to yours, and they ultimately want to see you succeed.

Now that we’ve addressed reactions to failure remember that each setback is just another stepping stone toward mastery. 

Let’s get back on the mats and KICK our way to success!

Other Reasons for Failing

Nerves Got the Best of You

I’ve personally witnessed many passionate practitioners fall victim to nerves

Anxiety might cause shaky movements or hesitation during the test, leading to failure.

To combat nerves, practice deep breaths and focus on the task. 

Feeling uneasy in such situations is normal – many fellow Taekwondo players have gone through it!

Technique Troubles

My years of experience taught me how crucial technique is in Taekwondo. 

Proper Form and Execution are essential for success.

Listen to your Instructor’s feedback and Rectify Common Mistakes. 

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT is key – I still practice my techniques weekly.

Memory Lapses

As a black belt and after going through all the belt tests, I can’t stress the IMPORTANCE of Memorizing Forms, Combinations, and Terminology enough. 

Memory lapses during a test could be disastrous.

Consistent practice will make it second nature. 

TRUST ME when I say putting in the extra effort to memorize and retain is worth it.

What Comes Next?

So you failed a Taekwondo test, but that doesn’t mean your journey is over.

On the contrary, it’s time for Reflection and Plan to come back stronger.

So let’s explore how to bounce back and progress further in your martial arts journey.

Instructors’ Support and Feedback

First and foremost, rely on your instructors. They are best positioned to IDENTIFY YOUR MISTAKES and GUIDE YOU Towards Improvement. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from your Instructor and senior belts!

Remember, your instructors WANT you to succeed. Therefore, their guidance will help you overcome challenges and transform failure into learning experiences.

Regaining Confidence

Failed a test? Don’t let it define you

Channel that disappointment into determination to succeed next time. Failure is part of growth, so embrace it, learn, and move on.

Keep practicing, and remember Lots and Lots of Practice

Soon enough, you’ll master the skills to pass your next test with flying colors.

Stay positive, trust the process, and remember: Every setback is just another step toward victory!

How to Bounce Back

Let’s bounce back like the martial artist you are!

Reflection and Goal Setting

First, reflect on the reasons behind your failure. 

What could’ve been better? 

Understanding your weaknesses will turn your setbacks into comebacks.

Use the information your instructors provided; this video is also a good resouce to identify some common mistakes junior belts make.  

Remember, your instructors are there to help! 

Seek their guidance and take their advice.

Finding the Silver Lining

Finally, failing your Taekwondo test isn’t a catastrophe; it’s a lesson. Remember, we learned earlier that you don’t fail when you give your best effort.

Remember, bouncing back from failure is what truly defines a martial arts enthusiast like you and me.

Many Taekwondo players have been in your shoes, my friend – that sinking feeling when you fail a Taekwondo test. But remember, failure shouldn’t deter your passion!

What’s crucial is learning from the experience and using it as motivation. Ask yourself, “What can I improve on?” 

It’s OKAY to have some setbacks as long as you Grow From Them.

Throughout my martial arts journey, I’ve found that setbacks make me more focused and resilient. So embrace your mistakes, as they’re invaluable learning tools.

Remember that mastering any martial art takes patience and perseverance. So keep training, and remember to DO BEST OF YOUR ABILITY. Trust me, your future self will thank you!

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