Adidas Team Glider Football

What Is a Glider Soccer Ball?

Your Guide Alex Waite The Glider is an affordable soccer ball made by Adidas. It is well-known for its durability and low price point, making it ideal for both TRAINING and MATCH SITUATIONS. Often, I have either trained with Adidas Gliders or used them as a match ball. Ultimately, from my experience, they are a …

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How to Regrip a Tennis Racket

Remove the Initial Grip Stick the Grip at the Very Bottom of the Racket Wrap Around With a Brief Overlap Until Finished    Your Guide    Gavin Davison Regripping a racket is a pretty important skill if you plan on playing tennis regularly. And I must make a confession here – I didn’t learn to …

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How to clean tennis balls

How to Clean Tennis Balls

Use a standard brush – ideal for moderate dirt Soak in the sink – best for above-average levels of dirt Washing machine – if the balls are filthy    Your Guide    Gavin Davison Nobody enjoys playing with dirty tennis balls. Not only can this WEIGHT the balls down, but it ALSO HURTS the general …

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Who is a Better Sports Analyst Stephen A Smith or Max Kellerman?

Stephen A Smith Vs Max Kellerman

It was sadly Max Kellerman’s last day in the first take this morning. As a semi-regular listener of the ESPN First Take Show, I am a little sad but excited for Max’s future career. And from the comments on Max’s Instagram and youtube comments, it is easy to tell people love and respect Max Kellerman …

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