Best Tennis String For Spin And Power Reviewed In 2023

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Gavin Davison   Gavin Davison

If you are unsure of your exact game style, or you don’t really want to go all-in on a string for any specific category…

.. I’d recommend going for a string that provides a BLEND OF BENEFITS.

This is the reason that I’ve put together a category for spin and power, as these two elements combined can add plenty of benefits to your game.


Finding a string that gives you a greater spin, of course, means that you can really get some bite on the ball and generate spins such as topspin and slice to great effect.

There are strings out there that offer more of a ‘meet in the middle’ solution for these features too, which essentially gives you the best of both worlds…

– Adequate Power With an Increased Ability to Whip Up Some Spin.

What You Need to Know

As I mentioned above, finding a string that gives you both of these BENEFITS IS IDEAL for those of you who are unsure of what your game style may be.

It’s also beneficial for those of you who wouldn’t classify as a power player or a spin/control player.

Tennis String For Spin And Power

So why not choose a string that gives you a broader range of benefits?

It’s perfectly normal for players to choose a string that doesn’t have just one exact benefit.

For example, if you choose a string that is purely designed for power, you are likely going to sacrifice on feel and control.

The good news is that there are strings in the industry that give you more of an all-round solution to enhance your game – you just need to know where to look!

Usually, to source strings that meet this description, you will need to look at full polyester or co-polyester strings, and the gauge can vary.

Personally, I prefer to check out strings that are middle of the range in terms of the gauge…

.. As this means that the string will be DURABLE enough and provide ENOUGH FEEL ON THE BALL.

That isn’t always the case, but I’ve looked into this category for a long time and done my research to bring to you the best fit – in my opinion.

Recommendation For You – Tecnifibre Black Code

If I ran out of my all-time favorite string, Babolat RPM Blast, this was MY GO-TO STRING during my college playing days.

I guess it helped that my college was also sponsored by Tecnifibre, but that’s ANOTHER STORY.

For me, the Tecnifibre Black Code gives a string that is not only durable.

But it also offers a decent level of power along with a reasonable amount of bite on the ball.

It’s true that this string won’t give you as much power as Luxilon.

And it won’t give you as much spin as the Solinco mentioned earlier, but it gives a great level for each of these features.

Always remember, this is a category where we are trying to get the best-blended benefits that we can, and I believe that this string is the best on the market right now.

Tecnifibre even has their own guidance on which of its strings could suit your game style – so please take the time to look at this page.

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