Gifts For Salsa Dancers Reviews In 2024

What would life be without a little salsa? I know and I think YOU KNOW TOO – probably less colorful, less passionate, and… less spicy.

Since you are reading this though, it means you were lucky enough to have had a little bit of salsa in your life, one way or another.

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Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

Recommendation For You:

Perfect Your Personal Make Up (this product is not sponsored or we get paid for recommendation this product; I just think it will be an awesome gift for salsa dancers)

Whether you are a salsa dancer or you have a loved one practicing this exotic style, salsa has managed to blend with your existence and that’s great.

A superb mix between Cuban dances and American jazz, salsa has been enriching OUR LIVES for more than half a century.

Now what do you do if you want to buy a gift for a salsa dancer?

You think like one. They are passionate people who enjoy performing and who love to be on the dance floor under the spotlight.

salsa dancing gifts
salsa dancing gifts

What do they need there, apart from their skills?

The answer is SHINY but comfy clothes, the right shoes and of course, the right makeup.

Artists spend a lot of time getting ready for their performance, regardless of the style they practice and the makeup routine is a very important step for them to LOOK AND FEEL THE BEST.

If you’ve ever participated in a salsa championship, you must have been amazed by the way the people competing there look like.

They’re ABSOLUTELY PERFECT all the time:

  • Perfect Clothes
  • Perfect Hair and
  • Perfect Makeup

None of that comes easy and this is where you can step in and help your loved one with a very suitable gift: a professional makeup class.

Most of us dancers cannot afford to travel with a personal makeup artist at our dance shows and competitions, so we need to take on that ROLE OURSELFS.

For some of us, it’s easier and it comes naturally, but most of us struggle.

The art of makeup is extremely complicated, even if it may not seem like it.

It’s almost like a painting, but when the canvas is your face and that face has to be under the spotlight

Things get tricky VERY QUICKLY.

We need to know:

  • How to play with colors
  • To understand tones and undertones
  • To know how much makeup to put on
  • To know what products work best for our skin and
  • Of course, to know how to take care of our skin after the show is over.

Stage makeup is WILDLY different than the daily street makeup we usually practice on ourselves, so a little help from professionals is always more than welcome.

With the myriad of makeup tutorials available on the internet today, you’d think that everybody is a makeup artist…

..but things are NOT QUITE like that and taking advice from unprofessional people CAN ACTUALLY have important consequences like damaging your SKIN.

Nobody wants that.

A professional makeup course that comes WITH A CERTIFICATE is probably the best route to take if you know you’re going to apply a SERIOUS AMOUNT OF MAKE-UP on your face on a frequent basis.

And your salsa loved one will. Since they DO have a busy schedule, the best option to go for is the online course.

That way, they can access it and go through it at their convenience.

My recommendation comes from the Online Makeup School and it is Perfect Your Personal Make Up.

You can purchase it as a gift and after that, you will receive an e-mail with access instructions for YOUR LOVED ONE.

They will have life access to 90 video lessons, a digital textbook, one-on-one tutoring, unlimited support via email and of course, an official Certificate of Completion when they finish the training.

The course covers topics such as

  • Skincare
  • Color theory
  • Eye makeup
  • Lips makeup
  • Contouring
  • Primer & foundation and 
  • The use of powder all very important in our routine

It’s an affordable yet high-quality option that I HAVE ENJOYED going through and I can tell it made a difference in the end result of my weekly make-up adventures.

It’s a great gift for dancers, a really good investment that WILL BOOST their confidence, make their life easier and their skin happier.

Perfect Your Personal Make-Up

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