2012 NCAA Men s Basketball - Drexel - JMU

1 3 1 Basketball Offense

1 3 1 basketball offense is a popular high school and middle school play that provides good spacing with an excellent low post and good high post presence which helps players find scoring opportunities CLOSE TO THE HOOP. 1 3 1 basketball offense is effective against 2-3 zone defense because this offense creates a triangle […]

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Rudy Movie Review

Late Kobe Bryant mentioned during his USC interview how much he loved the movie Rudy and suggested that we watch this movie and boy, he was not wrong! What an Inspirational Movie that I had been putting off watching for so long. Kobe Says in his interview at USC that: “My philosophy was a very

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Nike addias soccer cleats

Best Girls Soccer Cleats

Your Guide Alex Waite Whether girls are new or experienced in soccer, picking the best new soccer cleats is always important. Currently, more girls in the US play soccer, which is one of the most popular among US citizens. In addition, the US National Women’s Team (USWNT) is the world’s number one in the official

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messi dribbling ball

Best Dribblers in Soccer

Your Guide Alex Waite Dribbling in soccer is like art. The best of the best MAKE IT LOOK EASY.. ..Almost as if the ball is GLUED TO THEIR FEET while tackles fly in around them. There is no better feeling when you play soccer than producing a trick and evading an opposition player. As a

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22-Week Marathon Training Plan

22-Week Marathon Training Plan

Whist Saturday is almost always the race day – the following 22-week marathon training plan is designed to prepare you for your race day in a particular structure. Your work schedule and family commitment may not allow you to work on the training plan to the T. However, please follow the guided program as much

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7v7 Soccer Strategy

Defend or Attack? 7v7 Soccer Strategy

Your Guide Alex Waite A 7v7 soccer strategy is when a team chooses a formation and tactical approach for this format. For 7v7 soccer, teams have various options when selecting strategy and formation. These include an attacking approach, a defensive setup, or counter-attacking.  7v7 soccer is a small-sided format of the sport, with seven players

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How Long are High School Soccer Games

How Long Are High School Soccer Games

Your Guide Alex Waite High school soccer games consist of two 40-minute halves, which make up an 80-minute match. This rule comes from the United States Youth Soccer Association’s guidance in the ‘US Youth Soccer Policy on Players and Playing Rules. Knowing THE LENGTH of a soccer game is important for players, coaches, and fans.

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Adidas Team Glider Football

What Is a Glider Soccer Ball?

Your Guide Alex Waite The Glider is an affordable soccer ball made by Adidas. It is well-known for its durability and low price point, making it ideal for both TRAINING and MATCH SITUATIONS. Often, I have either trained with Adidas Gliders or used them as a match ball. Ultimately, from my experience, they are a

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You’re Running Down the Soccer Field When You Develop a Side Stitch; What Should You Do

You’re Running Down the Soccer Field When You Develop a Side Stitch; What Should You Do

Your Guide Alex Waite If you develop a stitch whilst playing soccer, take DEEP BREATHS, apply pressure to the area and KEEP UPRIGHT. These are some of the most important tips. But, the main thing to do is to KEEP CALM and try to get your BREATHING PATTERN NORMAL. Recognizing what a stitch is is

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Diego Schwartzman shortest tennis player

Shortest Male Tennis Player

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison Tennis is a sport where being tall certainly has major advantages. As the years have rolled by, becoming a successful player when you are a little on the short side has become increasingly difficult. The days where a guy such as Michael Chang (5 feet 9 inches, 175 cm)

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