When do tennis players retire?

When do tennis players retire?
  • 4 Factors: Results, Playing Style, Injuries and Personal Life are major factors when tennis players retire.
  • The average retirement age for tennis players is somewhere around the early to mid-30s, but this depends on a series of factors.
  • With advancements in Medical and Technology could help tennis players to extend their tennis careers.

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Gavin Davison   Gavin Davison

When do tennis players retire?

If you asked me this question several decades ago, it would have been easier to give a CONCRETE answer (not that I was born until the early 90s).

Back in the 70s, 80s, or 90s, it was fairly rare that tennis players would continue to compete much beyond their EARLY 30s.

Peak performance was probably reached in the early to mid-20s, and from here, a tennis player’s career would usually tail off, their ranking would drop, and eventually, they would hang up their rackets.

But these days, everything has changed. 

It’s not just tennis where we are seeing this either – look at guys like Cristiano Ronaldo in football.

At the time of writing, the man is 36, yet a recent study showed that he had the body and PHYSICAL CAPABILITIES of a man in his early 20s.

Now that’s significant, but let’s come back to tennis.

If you follow tennis closely, you will know that the big three (Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic) are all still competing in their mid to late 30s, with Federer having recently turned 40!

Without question, Djokovic is still the dominant force in men’s tennis, and despite being in his mid-30s, he is playing the best tennis of his career.

So, putting an exact age on a tennis player’s retirement these days is pretty tricky, as you’d imagine, and there are a few factors to consider.

Factors that impact a players retirement age

1) Results

Without question, this is one of the most important factors of them all.

Do you think that Federer would continue to compete at 40 years of age if he didn’t still feel he had a shot at winning high-profile events?

I don’t believe so, and he’s still managing to get results on the big stages.

But when you ignore the TOP guys, or the top women for that matter, once players start to reach their early 30s, if they are not at the top of the tree, they are more likely to retire – it’s that simple.

Keep in mind that it is fairly difficult to make a living in tennis, and you have to be within the top 100 really to be making significant sums of money.

This begs the question if a player is feeling tired and not really racking up much cash from the game, why would they keep going? 

2) Playing style

I believe that another CRITICAL factor that determines when tennis players might retire is how they play the game.

I could use my own playing style as an example.

I am very much a ‘GRINDER’ when it comes to tennis, which means that I play long rallies, and work the opponent around the court to win points.

Naturally, this takes its toll on the body over the years, and even now in my late 20s, I can feel little NIGGLES in my ankles and knees that I would never feel before.

Another prime example of this, not that I would put myself in his category by any means, is Rafael Nadal.

His playing style is absolutely brutal on the body, with challenging rallies, long matches, and his court coverage is INCREDIBLE.

That’s why he has had to write off the back end of the 2021 season – because his knees simply couldn’t take the pressure anymore.

3) Injuries

Another area which I simply have to mention is injuries. It goes without saying that when we get older, the body doesn’t quite RESPOND as it used to when we were younger.

We might not recover as quickly, we might be more prone to injuries, and these can have a real impact on a player’s motivation and their will to keep playing over time.

Perhaps the best example of this would be Andy Murray, the Great British tennis player who managed to win Wimbledon not once, but twice while he was in his prime.

Murray, much like Nadal, has a very brutal playing style for his body. He exerts SIGNIFICANT EFFOR when hitting the ball, and he is very happy to engage in long rallies, unlike someone like Federer.

Without question, Murray’s career was cut short because of this, and his troublesome hip resulted in him undergoing surgery as he hit the 30 marks.

He had struggled for years because of this, and today, while he can still play fantastic tennis, he is not the player that he used to be. 

4) Personal life

This is an area that many people don’t actually think of…

…When we see professional tennis players on TV, especially those at the top such as Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic, we forget that they are human beings as well.

Naturally, this means that they have families, spouses, personal interests, hobbies, and not all of their life is taken up by the tennis court – even if much of it is!

There can be many changes to a player’s personal life that may bring on the decision for them to retire.

For WTA players, this could actually be the decision to start a family, and it’s quite rare that players can have a child and then come back to reach the top of the game.

However, there are other things that can happen in a player’s personal life that could prompt early retirement too.

While I’m not saying that retirement is on the HORIZON for this young superstar, Naomi Osaka is displaying personal issues that could bring her away from the top of the game.

She has been struggling with mental health for a while now, and this is just another factor of many that could lead towards retirement. 

My Conclusion

If I had to put a figure on it, I would say that currently, the AVERAGE retirement age for tennis players is somewhere around the early to mid-30s.

But as you have learned throughout this piece, this depends on a series of factors.

And as time marches on, and with various IMPROVEMENTS in technology, medical advancements, as well as other areas, I firmly believe that the retirement age for professional tennis players will continue to increase.

So while a tennis player’s career might have lasted for 10 years at a push back in the day, now it is perfectly possible for a career to last for as long as 20 years and above! 

Has this answered your question? Do you have anything to add? Jump into the comments and let us know!

How To Wash A Soccer Jersey

How to wash a soccer jersey
  • Separate your Jerseys into Whites, Lights, and Darks.
  • Use a cold water setting in your washing machine because hot water could damage the jersey logo and branding.
  • Avoid quick wash and dry settings because this may shrink your soccer jersey.
  • Little extra care and effort can go a long way to keep your jersey in good condition, especially if your jersey has sentimental value to you.

   Your Guide

Alex Waite   Alex Waite

If you are an amateur soccer player, you will have the UNENVIABLE task of washing your used soccer jersey at some time or another.

Or perhaps you are a coach and need to wash jerseys for your entire team.

Washing a soccer jersey may seem like a straightforward task. But, one wrong step can lead to disaster. 

When I was growing up, my family was soccer mad. My siblings and I played for various soccer clubs, and my dad was a coach of different teams.

Consequently, we often had many frowsy soccer kits scrunched up in duffle bags lying around the house, ready to be washed for the weekend. 

While things usually went smoothly, there were occasional MIX-UPS, particularly for old, worn tops. Ripped jerseys, color mix-ups and shrunken clothes were common when we rushed washing our soccer jerseys. 

Soccer kits can usually be replaced if these errors happen.

However, some soccer enthusiasts may own prized or lucky soccer jerseys that are more sentimental. If these are washed incorrectly and subsequently damaged, then they can be irreplaceable.

Taking the time to wash a soccer jersey properly can save time and money. In this article, we share a step-by-step guide on how to clean a soccer jersey. 

Keeping Your Soccer Jersey in Great Shape: A Step by step Washing Guide

By taking the correct steps to prepare, wash and dry your soccer jersey, you will be able to get it looking FRESH and crisp for your next match or practice session. 

The guide below will guide you through washing a soccer jersey correctly to keep it looking as clean as possible. 

1) Shake off any mud or debris:

After finishing a match on a wet, wintery day or following a hot training session, the last thing you will be thinking about is washing your soccer kit.

So, before you chuck the jersey straight in the washing machine, take it out of the bag and give it a quick brush down, getting rid of any excess dirt or debris.

This will help with stain REMOVAL and will not sink any loose mud or dirt into the fabric.

2)Avoid a Mish-Mash of Colour:

Unless you want to emulate Juventus, Manchester United or Real Madrid of recent years and have a bright pink kit for the season, separate your jerseys into whites, lights, and darks…

…Many soccer jerseys are made from synthetic fibers, which run more in the washing machine.

To prevent the colors from BLENDING and mixing together, separating them is key to maintaining the natural color of the jersey.

If you are washing jerseys that are all the same color, you do not need to separate them. 

3) Time for a Spin:

Once you have carefully PREPARED your jersey to be washed, it is time to get it sparkling clean in the washing machine. If possible, use a high-quality detergent and a cold water setting.

Hot water makes the colors in synthetic materials run, and it can also cause damage to logos, branding and weakens the integrity of the jersey.

In the past, I have also used a quick wash and dry setting.

Avoid this!

It may shrink the soccer tops and could prove costly to replace them.

If you are washing one jersey, doing a light wash by hand is more effective, and you can scrub any tough stains or marks. This is a more careful way of cleaning special jerseys that may have sentimental VALUE.

4) After Care:

Your jerseys are out of the washing machine, smelling good and looking match-ready, but they are not quite finished just yet.

To avoid any long-term damage or peeling sponsor logos, ensure you do not expose the jersey to INTENSE heat.

Drying a soccer jersey in the sun is a good idea, but you can cover it with thin material to avoid too much heat penetrating the fabric.

Also, try to avoid ironing or using the dryer setting when cleaning your jersey.

This is likely to PEEL off any logos or designs, and it will avoid shrinking the jerseys. 


If you play for a soccer team, you may have a top with a special number and your name printed on the back.

Alternatively, you may have a VINTAGE jersey representing your passion for your favorite soccer team. Ultimately, however much you do not want to, you will have to wash your jersey.

When I played soccer as a kid, the number nine jersey was mine. I was inspired by the great strikers of the 1990s.

Brazilian legend Ronaldo, Andy Cole and Filippo Inzaghi gave me the drive to claim the number nine shirt as my own. After two seasons of wear and tear and mud stains, I kept the shirt, and I still have it today.

The reason I have kept it in good condition for so long comes down to a little extra care and effort.

Washing and keeping a soccer jersey pristine does not take a huge commitment, just some additional attention to detail. 

Michael Jordan Rings

Michael Jordan Rings

How Many Championship Rings Does Michael Jordan Have?

Michael Jordan won six NBA championships or six rings in total in his NBA career. While Jordan won a bunch of scoring titles, NBA all-star MVP, Regular season MVP, and defensive player of the year, Jordan was always laser-focused on winning a championship ring at the end of the season.

What Years Did Michael Jordan Win his Rings

Michael Jordan helped the Chicago Bulls in the Championship and won his rings in years:

1991 Against Los Angles Lakers
1992 Against Portland Trail Blazers
1993 Against Phonix Suns
1996 Against Seattle SuperSonics
1997 Against Utah Jazz and
1998 Against Utah Jazz

Let’s Roll the tape to see Michael Jordan’s exciting moments winning six rings in this 6 minutes video.

Who Has More Rings Than Michael Jordan

Boston Celtics and NBA legend Bill Russel Hold the record of 11 NBA Championship rings, and two Boston Celtics players Frank Ramsey and Jim Loscutoff, have seven NBA Championships rings.

Sam Jones has 12 rings who played for Boston Celtics with Bill Russell. Also, from Boston Celtics, Tom Heinsohn, K.C Jones, Satch Sanders, John Havlicek have all 8 rings.

So yes, Boston Celtics have a history of domination in the NBA, especially in 1960, where they won 9 Championships 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1968, and 1969)

Robert Horry has 7 NBA Championship rings which he interestingly won with three separate teams. With Huston Rockets in 1994 & 1995, Lost Angeles Lakers in 2000, 2001 &2002, San Antonio Spurs 2005 & 2007.

How Much is Michael Jordan Championship Rings Worth

Unfortunately, there are no official figures on how much it costs to make a championship ring, which could be anywhere from $10,000 to upwards of $100,000.

2019 NBA Champions Raptors team have reportedly paid $100,000 for each ring, and these rings are pride for any players how to put their whole life of hard work. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-50157895

Of course, suppose Michael Jordan was ever to sell his ring. In that case, the bidding you can imagine will start upwards of a million dollars very quickly and will likely fetch tens of millions.

Michael Jordan’s net worth is easily over a billion dollars; there will be no doubt he will and wants to sell his rings for more money.

But, moreover, it is a prized possession for Michael Jordan where it is one of those things in life where you can’t put a price on it, and he will likely never sell it and will pass on this to his family.

How Many Rings Did Michael Jordan Have at Age 31

Michael Jordan had three rings at age 31 from his NBA Championship win from 1991, 1992, and 1993.

At age 30, after passing away of his father, James R. Jordan, Sr. Michael Jordan decided to play Baseball for Birmingham Barons in 1994. However, it was not until Michael Jordan was 32 years old before he re-joined Chicago Bulls to win three championships in 1996, 1997, and 1998.

Who Has The Most Rings Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson

Michael Jordan beats Magic Johnson by one ring. Magic Johnson has 5 NBA Championship rings he won in 1980, 1982, 1985, 1987, and 1988.

Lakers were dominant in the ’80s, and Michael Jordan didn’t have an all-star in his team, and when Scottie Pippen joined Chicago Bulls in 1987, the rest is history.

Max Kellerman perfectly describes Michael Jordan when given one all-star player (Scottie Pippen when they played together 1987-1993, 1995-1998 and later Dennis Rodman joined Chicago Bulls from 1995 -1998).

Not only did he not win a championship every year, but he leads his Chicago team to win before ever reaching game 7 in the NBA Finals.

Only Jordan legitimate excuse is in the year 1995 when Jordan came back to NBA after playing baseball for a year and in 1990 against bad boy pistons in eastern conference finals when Scottie Pippen could not play due to migraine)

How Many Years Did It Take Michael Jordan To Win 6 Rings

Michael Jordan was away from the NBA in 1994 for a year to play baseball professionally. So taking that into account, it took Michael Jordan 13 years as an NBA player in total to win all his 6 NBA Championship Rings.

Michael Jordan joined the Chicago bulls in 1984 until 1998, which is also called Michael Jordan Era

Who Had More Rings, Scottie Pippen or Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen both have six rings they won together as a teammate.

Michael Jordan Retired from NBA, winning his sixth ring by the 1998 season. Michael Jordan returned to the NBA in the 2001 – 2002 season with Washington at age 38 before his final retirement from NBA basketball in 2003.

Michael Jordan didn’t win any championship rings during his couple of years in Washington. Who can blame him?

Michael was nearly in his 40’s but still teaching young bucks how it’s done with his 51 points on December 29, 2001, against the Hornets, among amazing scoring performances.

Michael Jordan owned Charlotte Hornets before he owned it with signed paperwork after he retired from NBA 🙂 That’s badass!

After winning their six championships together in Chicago, Scottie Pippen played for Huston 1998 – 1999 season, Portland 1999 – 2003, and returned to Chicago for the 2003-2004 season.

Unfortunately, Scottie Pippen did not win Championship rings other than the six legendary Championship rings he won with Michael Jordan as a team.

Here is a tape of their first time playing in an NBA game before Christmas time in 2002. Wouldn’t it be funny if they were to pass the ball to each other accidentally? I digress.

Where Did Michael Jordan Earn 6 Championship Rings

Michael Jordan only played for two NBA teams in his career Chicago Bull in his prime and a couple of years 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 season in Washington Wizards.

Michael Jordan earned all his Championship rings in the Chicago Bulls team; he was drafted to the 1984 NBA draft when Michael was 21 years old.

In Washington, Michael Jordan was already reaching his 40’s with no all-star teammate in his team, so there is no knock against him not winning a championship ring for later in his career.

Michael Jordan Age When He Got Last Three Rings

Michael Jordan’s age was 33, 34, and 35, respectively, when he got his last three rings 1995-1996, 1996-1997, and 1997-1998 NBA Champion.

Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bull potentially could have won a couple of more championships had there not been conflict with the front office we see in the Last Dance Series.

Who Has More Rings Michael Jordan or Lebron James

Michael Jordan (6 rings) has more rings than Lebron James (4 rings). Lebron won his Championship rings in 2012, 2013 with Miami Heat, 2016 with Cleaveland Cavaliers, and 2020 with the Lakers. Lebron Championship ring with three separate teams is impressive.

With Lebron James already past his mid 30’s time, time will tell if he will capture more Championship rings with his Lakers team.

The argument die-hard basketball fans make Lebron chased first his first ring, joining the Miami Heat team to play with all-star Dwayne Wade, Chris bosh, and later Ray Allen joined in already stacked up team.

It is different from what Jordan or Giannis did by staying loyal to his team for seven years before winning a championship.

Lebron James redeemed himself by going back to Cleveland to help the city win a championship in the 2015-2016 season.

How Many Rings Does Michael Jordan Have With The Bulls

Michael Jordan has six rings with the Bulls. Michael Jordan stayed loyal to Chicago Bulls for seven seasons to help his Chicago team win their first Championship ring, emotional for Michael.

Soon as Michael won his first Championship ring in 1990-1991, two Championship rings quickly followed in consecutive years 1990-1991, 1991-1992, and 1992-1993 NBA Season to make their first three-peat.

After a year away from basketball, Michael Jordan returned from retirement to earn himself three more championship rings in 1995-1996, 1996-1997, and 1997-1998 Nba season to lead Chicago Bulls for another three-peat.

Michael Jordan Age When He Got Rings

Michael Jordan had his success winning his rings in his late 20’s and early thirties.

NBA SeasonMichael Jordan’s Age

Who Has The Most NBA Championship Rings Between Kobe and Michael Jordan

Kobe Bryant played like Michael Jordan and just came one Championship rings short of Michael Jordan Championship rings.

Like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant won all his Championship Rings with one team. Kobe Bryant helped his Los Angles Lakers win 5 championships in 2000, 2001, and 2002, making it a three-peat. Kobe Bryant won couple more championship rings in 2009 and 2010.

With Michael Jordan 6 rings and Kobe Bryants 5 rings, both of them didn’t just have a similar style of play but also came close to the number of Championship rings they won throughout their NBA career.

Who Were The Teams Michael Jordan Beat For Rings

Michael Jordan and his team beat five different teams to win his six championship rings.

YearNBA TeamResult
1991Los Angles Lakers1-4
1992Portland Trail Blazers2-4
1993Phoenix Suns2-4
1996Seattle SuperSonics2-4
1997Utah Jazz2-4
1998Utah Jazz2-4

Tell Me How Michael Jordan Is Better Than Lebron James Without Saying Six Rings

Many people argue that Michael Jordan’s killer instinct, laser focus to win no matter what attitude, separates Michael Jordan from Lebron James.

Max Kellerman argues Michael Jordan Michael Jordan’s peak was greater than Lebron James’s peak and the Player efficiency rating is greater than Lebron James. For example, with Michael Jordan PER 27.91, Lebron James PER is 27.39.

Moreover, Max argues Whist Lebron James has two legitimate losses. Michael Jordan played eight seasons with at least one all start in his career and won six Championship Rings.

Lebron James Excuse LossesLebron James Actual Losses
Lebron James 4-0 Loss against Spurs in 2007 Finals. Max argues Lebron James should be given credit for taking his Cavaliers team to the final. Lebron James and his Miami Heat loss against Mavericks in 2011 counts against him being outplayed by Dirk Nowitzki, and Lebron had Dwayne Wade and Chris Boss, great complementary pieces, and great Coach Erik Spoelstra.
Lebron James 4-2 Loss against Warriors in 1015 Finals. Max says it is an excuse loss for Lebron because both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, both all-stars, were hurt. Also, the fact Lebron James took Cavaliers 6 games; Max argues Lebron should get extra credit.4-1 Loss against Spurs in 2014 finals. Whist Spurs were arguably the better team Lebron James had Dwayne Wade, Chris Boss, and Ray Allen.
2017 Finals Warriors win 4-1, and 2018 Finals Warriors win 4-0 Max argues it should not be held against him because of the loaded Warriors team with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant, among others.
Michael Jordan Excuse LossesMichael Jordan Actual Loss
Michael Jordan 4-3 loss against Detroit pistons in the 1990 Eastern Conference Finals where Scottie Pippen could not play due to him battling with migraine and the second-best player in the game scores 2 points in a game.None
In 1995 where Huston Rockets led by Hakeem Olajuwon and Shaquille O’Neal won when Michael Jordan had come back to play basketball after his retirement with his baseball body and was not in a basketball shape.

Whist Lebron James has two legitimate losses. Max Argues Michael Jordan played eight seasons with at least one all-star in his career not only Michael Jordan never lost in an NBA Finals; Michael Jordan won an NBA Championship in under 7 games.

Max Kellerman makes a very persuasive argument and it makes sense.

Whist Michael Jordan Won His 6 Championship Rings How Many NBA Finals MVP Did He Get

Out of the 6 Championship Rings, Michael Jordan Won. Michael Jordan was NBA Finals MVP for all six times.

Here is an old NBA 2K12 promotion where Michael Jordan did their commercial. Let Michael Jordan brag about his ring; he deserves it!

Michael Phelps APE Index

Michael Phelps APE Index

Using the APE Index calculation Michael Phelps APE Index is 1.052

According to Scientific American and Scienceabc lists, Michael Phelps’s wingspan is 6 feet 66 inches (203 cm), and his height is 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm).

80 inches (203 cm) divided by 76 inches (193 cm) gives Michael Phelps APE Index as 1.052, which is way ABOVE average even among elite Athletes.

In comparison, if we take another world-class swimmer Caeleb Dressel 6 ft 3 in (191 cm), who is almost the same height as Michael Phelps but has a wingspan of 6 ft 4 in (193.04 cm), which gives makes his APE Index be 1.010.

Michael Phelps has a very high APE Index which, along with his hard work in training, no doubt has helped him win a record 23 Olympic GOLD medals.

Stephen A Smith Vs Max Kellerman

Who is a Better Sports Analyst Stephen A Smith or Max Kellerman?

It was sadly Max Kellerman’s last day in the first take this morning. As a semi-regular listener of the ESPN First Take Show, I am a little sad but excited for Max’s future career.

And from the comments on Max’s Instagram and youtube comments, it is easy to tell people love and respect Max Kellerman and his contribution on the First Take.

Most of us are accustomed to seeing Stephen A Smith and Max Kellerman debate on Espn first take over the last five years.

The question we are discussing is, who is the best at their job?

When Stephen A Smith speaks, people listen because he is a great world-class speaker with so much passion and enthusiasm.

And most of the time, you could find yourself gravitating towards his Energy and his passion than listening to his argument/points being discussed.

Stephen A Smith has been in Espn for nearly two decades when he joined in 2003, and he has been given a starring role in his job.

Max Kellerman is an excellent analyst and always gives you concrete examples supported with interesting insights, facts, mainly stats, and updates on recent events. (That is if he is not interrupted by Molly Qerim, which is another topic for discussion)

Boxing fans, particularly boxing fans from the HBO days, appreciate Max Kellerman’s a great boxing analyst. I have been following Max for over a decade since his HBO days with Jim Lampley, Harold Lederman, the good old days!

As a boxing fan, I genuinely admire Max Kellerman for his passion and knowledge about boxing but what surprised me more is how much he also knew about other sports before he joined the First Take.

Max is so passionate about boxing. Here is a video of him talking about boxing in his 20’s

Max is witty and can be super funny when he wants to.

Talking about Chris Middleton’s consistency, Max said, “Batman can’t see that bat signal up in the sky and say we are on the road. Batman has to answer every time.

Chris Middleton is batman when he is in the bat cave but take him to the joker, cat woman or where the riddler is hanging out all of a sudden he is back to Bruce Wayne. He has to stay batman to call him batman Perk.

The dude goes away too often and if he didn’t and if he put up numbers if he did things like he did last night more consistently he would be all-star every year. he would be genuine star a superstar not the dude that shows up sometimes. “

Because Stephen A Smith has been working in Espn longer and ESPN put him as the main star Stephen A Smith gets seen in a more favorable light than Max Kellerman after the video edit when the video is published on Youtube.

Many times Stephen A Smith repeats the same things Max Kellerman has already said a long time ago in The Max Kellerman Show like

1) Kyrie Irving is the best show in basketball.
2) Devin Booker is the mini Kobe Bryant.

Max Kellerman Rhymes

Max Kellerman once upon a time a rapper comes with great lines, making it, so fun to see Max Kellerman speak.

“Kyrie maybe Marlo from THE WIRE, but LeBron ain’t Prop Joe.”

-Max Kellerman

My favorite thing Max said on the First take is

“You know why Giannis is hungry right now? Because Kawhi ate his lunch. Grown men business.”

-Max Kellerman

Who is a Better Presenter, Max Kellerman or Stephen A Smith?

Some people like Chocolate while other people may like Ice Cream. Choose your pick. Both Stephen A Smith and Max are world-class presenters.

Personally, If we are talking about presentation, Stephen A Smith is a better speaker than Max Kellerman at the moment, and it is your preference who you like better.

Stephen A Smith speaks with lots of Energy and has Charisma which is hard to ignore, and it can be pretty captivating.

Max Kellerman does not quite have the energy level as Stephen A Smith, which most people may find more compelling.

Who is a Better Sports Analyst Stephen A Smith or Max Kellerman?

Max Kellerman is a far better sports analyst because he uses logic, gives specific facts/stats, and gives a concrete example to argue his case.

However, Stephen A Smith tends to steamroll with speaking loud, being 100% certain, and being more emotional sometimes blatantly rude in his argument.

There is also a running joke in the sports community that any team Stephen A Smith picks to win the NBA Finals will always lose because of Stephen A Smith’s track of picking the wrong team to win each consecutive year.

During the 2019 NBA Finals, Stephen A Smith mentioned Kevin Durant should play in the finals.

However, Max Kellerman was right in his assessment that Kevin Durant should not play to avoid further injuring himself. That is what happened. KD further injured his Achilles which led him to miss over a year without playing basketball and potentially a career-ending injury.

Stephen A Smith has said multiple times Max Kellerman should stop talking basketball (even Stephen A got all his NBA finals predictions wrong, and Max Kellerman got all his NBA finals predictions correct i.e., Raptors to win over Warriors in 2019)

If you hear Stephen A Smith talk about material arts, it is easy to know he does not have a deep understanding of the sport or knows what he is talking about but is 200% confident; ask Joe Rogan. Stephen A Smith called Donald Cerrone a quitter smh.

I find Stephen A Smith annoying even though he is a star of ESPN Sports, and the editing team likes to make him look good on the video with the title and cleverly cut the video whist Max makes a great argument or rebuttal Stephen A point in the full segment of the show.

After being annoyed by Stephen A is talk about MMA or Boxing I just skip the video to fast forward and listen to Max Kellerman or Joe Rogan, who knows what they are talking about combat sports.

It is not right where fighters put their life on their line, and you have Stephen A Smith talk about the sport we love who does not know what he is talking about speaking in front of millions of people watching online and on television.

However, Stephen A has great Energy, which some people find him entertaining to watch.

Still, as a sports Analyst, Max Kellerman always makes an interesting factual argument and has a concrete example to back up his claim. So whether you agree or disagree, Max is right or wrong, Max starts an engaging discussion based on facts.

Max Kellerman is more respectful and open-minded also admits when he makes mistakes.

Max Tom Brady Fall off the Cliff theory

Max said on national tv about his theory of Tom Brady falling off the cliff.

He later apologized on national tv that he was wrong about the great tom Brady.

Max Kellerman on Iguodala talking the last shot over Stephen Curry.

Max Kellerman got a lot of slack saying he would choose Iguodala to take the last shot over Stephen Curry and a lot of people make fun of Max Kellerman on the funny youtube fate of the universe in the line comments.

Here is the direct quote from max Kellerman “Of every one of Golden State, open shot the fate of the universe on the line, the Martians have the death beam pointed at the earth, you better hit it. I want Iguodala.

Iguodala’s got ice water in his veins. Iguodala is that type of player. High leverage moment, the fate of the universe on the line, open shot, I want Iguodala taking that shot for me.”

When I first heard Max argue his case, I didn’t know what to think about it because I respect Max as a Sports Analyst, and I love Stephen Curry not just as a basketball player but also as a friendly, happy person.

Then it got me thinking about the greats like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson. What separated them, particularly Michael Jordan, was always so calm/ relaxed and able to regroup even his team is down on points.

There is a famous saying that when under pressure, MJ becomes the calmest person. Of course, some people are incredibly gifted and tremendously athletic, which separates them from other competition; however, some people are naturally calm under pressure with the likes of Michael Jordan.

I studied films of superstars such as Stephen Curry and James Harden under crunch time. While I am not a body language expert and maybe someone could clarify this.

Stephen Curry and James Harden are not naturally calm under pressure, which leads them to be least efficient in the big matches when the team is down on points, and you are the man to lead the team in scoring.

Hence, you can see their shooting percentage and performance is not as great during crunch times, but they play amazingly well on a regular game.

You can see players like Fred VanVleet, Kawai Lennard, Giannis, Kevin Durant are a lot calmer under pressure. Of course, I could be 100% wrong on this assessment, and it is an observation from a non-body language/ psychologist expert, but it is interesting to think about.

Max mentioned that he takes Iguodala talking the last short over Stephen Curry, a better field good shooter because he trusts Iguedella is calmer under pressure than Stephen Curry to make the final shot.

The book anxious is an interesting read to see so many people suffer from anxiety. However, not all players deal with the tension and responsibility of the big game and pressure to make the last shot.

Final Verdict

Who is the better Sports Analyst, Max Kellerman or Stephen A Smith?

Without a doubt, Max Kellerman is a better Sports Analyst by a country mile than Stephen A Smith. Max Kellerman gives specific facts and concrete examples to back up his argument. In addition, Max has a great sense of humor and love his hip-hop references.

Stephen A Smith is loud, speaks with a lot of energy; you could argue he is one-dimensional in his views and gets the final say on the show. Stephen is a great presenter.

But, unfortunately, Stephen A’s arguments are emotional rather than based on facts, and he argues his point without concrete examples to back up his argument, unlike Max Kellerman.

You can listen to any Stephen A Smith and Max Kellermans entire debate (sadly, on youtube, most of the first take videos ESPN editors cut off Max before his rebuttal) whist you may disagree with Max’s argument.

However, you will find Max has done his homework and carefully questioned both sides of the argument before making his point with clear specific concrete examples and deeper intricacies of the game backed up by facts and stats. Which may not be perfect but as a sports fan, we can appreciate it.

Major Ball Max Kellerman video series deserves to be shared; they are fun to watch!

Why Did Max Kellerman Leave ESPN First Take Or Did He Get Fired

Many people believed Stephen A Smith got Max fired from his First Take show. Stephen A is the highest-paid person in ESPN and reported to get $12 million per year and whatever Stephen A Smith wants Espn wants to keep him happy.

On 10th September 2021, Stephen A Smith opened for the time in the air on Hot 97. And he confirmed he was indeed involved in the departure of Max Kellerman from the First Take show.

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