Best BJJ Belt of 2023: Unveiling the Ultimate Choice for Grapplers!

Choosing the right belt is essential for both comfort and performance during training and competition. Our Top Pick: If you’re in search of a reliable, high-quality BJJ belt that can withstand the test of time, the Hayabusa 2.0 Adult BJJ Belt is an excellent choice. When looking for the best BJJ belt, factors such as

Is a Black Belt in Taekwondo Really That Impressive? The Surprising Truth

As a martial arts enthusiast with a black belt in Taekwondo, I am frequently asked by my family and friends how impressive this accomplishment is. I find it’s not just about fancy kicks and nifty uniforms, but the personal growth and dedication involved in obtaining the coveted black belt are what I am the most

Dominate the Mat in Style: The Best Women’s BJJ Gis of 2023

As someone who loves practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), finding the perfect women’s BJJ gi isn’t just about style.  It’s about feeling COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT in a gi explicitly designed for the female body. Here is my top pick: There’s no denying the importance of a great women’s BJJ gi. It improves your range of motion,


How Do I Keep My Knees Healthy in BJJ? Guard Your Gams with Grappling Glee!

As a BJJ practitioner, I’ve learned that keeping my knees healthy is critical for long-term success on the mat. After all, no one wants to be sidelined by pesky knee pain. Right? So, let me share a few tips I’ve picked up on maintaining healthy knees in BJJ, ensuring we can all continue rolling without


The Surprising Connection Between BJJ and Bone Density. Does BJJ Make Bones Stronger?

So there I was, pondering whether BJJ could really give me stronger bones, and guess what?  It Turns Out It Can! Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu not only toughens me mentally and physically but also works wonders on increasing my bone density for extra resilience. Who knew? Skeletons Wanna Have Fun As a martial arts enthusiast, I love exploring how

The Painful Truth About Jiu-Jitsu: Why Your Knees Are Crying Out for Help

Ever rolled on the mat and thought, “Why do my knees hurt in Jiu-Jitsu?”  Well, I’ve been there too. Knee injuries are common in BJJ. In the quest for the perfect submission, it’s easy to forget about our poor knees.  They’re constantly TWISTING, BENDING, and sometimes even CRYING FOR HELP.  Let’s explore common causes of


The Knee-d to Know: Is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Hard on Knees?

I’ve had my fair share of knee problems, and I know how vital it is to protect those precious joints.  Let’s DIVE DEEP into whether BJJ is indeed tough on our knees (our pick of top bjj kee pads) and explore potential alternatives.  So, grab your favorite knee brace and let’s get started! A Knee-sy

Are Knee Pads Good for BJJ? Find Out How They Can Save Your Knees and Your Ego!

As a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) enthusiast, I’ve often wondered if knee pads would make a difference in my grappling game.  Well, turns out they can!  Let’s EXPLORE the benefits of using knee pads in BJJ.  From personal experience, BJJ can be rough on our knees. So, let’s dive into how knee pads can not only protect

Gervonta Tank Davis Vs Ryan Garcia

New Face of Boxing Among all the fighters right now, who do you say is the face of boxing? Some people say Canelo and many boxing experts believe he will lose again in the Bivol rematch and have received criticism from boxing fans for not fighting David Benavidez. We have Caleb Plant vs David Benavidez

Andrew Tate Vs Logan Paul

If you are following Andrew Tate and Logan Paul, they have publicly expressed that they don’t like each other. But what makes this fight INTRIGUING? The general public finds both of these guys CONTROVERSIAL and VERY POPULAR, especially amongst YOUNG MEN. According to various media outlets, Andrew Tate was among the top 10 people searched

Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

The words backyard and basketball remind me of the old Tai Lopez Ad (Tai hooping in his backyard). I would watch Tai and his guests play basketball in his backyard and dream of owning a house with a massive backyard to play basketball. I digress. Depending on your state or area, there could be hidden

Basketball Bday Party Ideas

Are you excited to Slam-Dunk into a Fantastic Birthday Celebration that will be discussed in years to come? Here are the top BIRTHDAY IDEAS that are FUN and EXCITING, and some of these birthday ideas will surely get you and your guest’s competitive juice flowing. Obviously, I do have to warn you not to get

2-3 Zone Defense Basketball

There may be a perceived notion that 2-3 zone defense is used mainly to allow the team to get more rest on defense or a basketball team with Low IQ, but I beg to differ. 2-3 Zone Defense is excellent for keeping the opposition team OUTSIDE THE PERIMETER, forcing the opposition team to take deep

Euroleague basketball game Budivelnik Kyiv vs FC Barcelona

1 3 1 Defense Basketball

For a Quick, Hardworking, Athletic team, 1-3-1 Defense helps trap offensive players, particularly on the high post and outside the arc, and presents various FAST BREAK opportunities. It frustrates the opposing team by causing turnovers because a 1-3-1 defense is basically 3 guys guarding one offensive player who has the ball. What I love the

2012 NCAA Men s Basketball - Drexel - JMU

1 3 1 Basketball Offense

1 3 1 basketball offense is a popular high school and middle school play that provides good spacing with an excellent low post and good high post presence which helps players find scoring opportunities CLOSE TO THE HOOP. 1 3 1 basketball offense is effective against 2-3 zone defense because this offense creates a triangle

Rudy Movie Review

Late Kobe Bryant mentioned during his USC interview how much he loved the movie Rudy and suggested that we watch this movie and boy, he was not wrong! What an Inspirational Movie that I had been putting off watching for so long. Kobe Says in his interview at USC that: “My philosophy was a very

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