Top 5 Best Intermediate Tennis Racket Review In 2023

best tennis racquet for intermediate player

When you progress from being a beginner to an intermediate, it is only natural to LOOK for best intermediate tennis racquet to take your game to next level and that the DESIRED specifications for your racquet will also change.

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Gavin Davison   Gavin Davison

You will now want a racquet that offers a blend of power and control, and since you have developed your coordination and become comfortable with hitting the ball, you can now SEEK out racquets with a smaller head size.

I’ve broken down several frames that meet these specifications below, and you can browse them at your leisure.

#1: Babolat Pure Drive

This is the racquet that I currently play with, and in my humble opinion – I believe that it is the BEAST of all beasts in the racquet world.

It’s super powerful, has a reasonably sized sweet spot and you can generate spin with just the flick of a wrist.

The SOLE reason that this frame is in the intermediate list rather than the advanced list is due to the weight.

The racquet is 300g unstrung, which is an ideal weight for intermediate players. There are many advanced players out there that prefer heavier frames, so the racquet must settle for the number 1 spot on the intermediate list.

Key Features


  • Weight strung: 317g
  • String pattern: 16 x 19
  • Head size: 100 square inches
  • Balance: 330mm (4 points head light)
  • Beam width: 23mm


  • Great for players who use heavy topspin
  • Used by multiple professional players including the top 15 sensation – Fabio Fognini
  • Has surprisingly good feel on both volleys and drop shots


  • The power can be a bit too much to handle for some intermediate players
  • Need to have a flawless technique to flatten the ball out

#2: Wilson Ultra 100L

This racquet is a little lighter than many other intermediate racquets, which makes it suitable for those that may not be as physically strong as some players.

It’s also a great racquet if you like to ENGAGE in long rallies, or like to ‘grind your opponent down’. This is because those long rallies won’t strain your arm anywhere near as much as heavier frames.

But this isn’t the only reason that this racquet has landed on this list.

The entire Ultra range has been a popular addition for Wilson, and I’ve comprised some of the most appealing features of this particular frame right here.

Key Features

  • Lighter than the majority of intermediate frames
  • Has a 100 square inch head size, providing a larger surface area to hit the ball
  • Easy to wield due to the weight
  • Less physically tiring in long matches


  • Weight unstrung: 277g
  • String pattern: 16 x 19
  • Head size: 100 square inches
  • Balance: 325mm (6 points head light)
  • Beam width: 23mm


  • Can comfortably generate racquet head speed
  • The entire string bed can generate ‘pop’ on the ball
  • Easy to react to fast pace net action without any wrist discomfort


#3: Yonex Ezone 100

Yonex is a brand that has tons of top-level players using their racquets. They have partnered with the likes of Nick Kyrgios, Francis Tiafoe, Stan Wawrinka and many others.

This is a TESTAMENT to the quality of their racquets, and the Ezone 100 provides a great frame for intermediate players.

This ocean blue frame packs a punch, that’s for sure!

It’s heavy enough that it can serve you particularly well for hitting hard groundstrokes, but it isn’t too heavy that you’ll struggle in LONG rallies.

I haven’t personally used this racquet, but I’ve played with people that were using it.

And let me say, they could certainly hit with some pace!

Key Features

  • Good feel on the ball through a tighter string pattern
  • Head light leading to ease of racquet head speed
  • Perfectly in the mid range for head size
  • Larger sweet spot due to head shape


  • Weight strung: 318g
  • String pattern: 16 x 19
  • Head size: 100 square inches
  • Balance: 340mm (head light)
  • Beam width: 24mm


  • Able to control the ball easier due to enhanced feel
  • Quite a stiff frame, good for volleys and serves
  • Very little natural vibration when contacting the ball


  • On the heavier side for an intermediate frame (318g)
  • Requires good fundamental strokes to avoid rapid fatigue

#4: Babolat Pure Strike 100

The Babolat Strike is a REVOLUTIONARY model in the Babolat range. It is a model that almost provides a blend of the popular Pure Drive and the legendary Aero Drive.

It’s also the model range of choice for players like Dominic Thiem, who hasn’t done too badly on the ATP tour recently!

Babolat has chosen to FOCUS on control with the pure strike range, which is a bit of a contrast to their usual power racquets that are also equipped for huge topspin.

I’ve personally tried racquets in the strike range, and I can report that they do provide great feel on the ball. Sometimes they are a little stiff in the frame for me, but it’s completely down to personal preference.

Key Features

  • A stiff frame that some players enjoy
  • Huge power when you connect with the sweet spot
  • A heavier frame at 300g unstrung
  • Great racquet for those that try and hit heavy from the back


  • Weight unstrung: 230g
  • String pattern: 16 x 19
  • Head size: 100 square inches
  • Balance: 330mm (4 points head light)
  • Beam width: 21.3mm


  • Quite a thin beam width, ideal for those that like to feel the ball
  • Wider space between the main strings allowing increased power and spin
  • Very stable racquet head thanks to Graphite material


  • Not a lot of flex in the head, leading some players to find the racquet a bit unresponsive
  • Definitely more suited to intermediate-advanced players (not suitable for lower-end intermediates)

#5: Head Graphene 360 Extreme MP

This racquet is full of character, and I don’t just mean because of the VIBRANT yellow frame!

It’s got a lot more action upon contacting the ball than most Head frames, which is down to the slight change in how they have manufactured the frame.

This racquet also has ‘spin grommets’, which according to Head – allows the strings to pop the ball out of the string bed with added RPM’s (added spin to you and me!).

I haven’t actually hit with this frame before, but the specifications along with many reviews DISPLAY all the measures of a great intermediate racquet.

Key Features

  • Bright color for those that enjoy racquets with a lively appearance
  • Racquet of choice for Svetlana Kuznetsova
  • Built for power and spin
  • Ideal for those with a medium-fast stroke on forehands and backhands


  • Weight strung: 318g
  • String pattern: 16 x 19
  • Head size: 100 square inches
  • Balance: 335mm (3 points head light)
  • Beam width: 23mm


  • Great for players looking to hit groundstrokes with more topspin
  • Wider string pattern for even more spin
  • Reasonably head light for added maneuverability


  • Different frame style to most intermediate racquets out there
  • Can get these frames for cheap since they are last seasons model

I hope that you’ve managed to narrow down your choice of intermediate frames through my recommendations above, and I really hope that your ultimate choice will help you to continue IMPROVING your game.

Whether you are an aspiring junior, or somebody who just enjoys the odd tournament from time to time, having the right intermediate racquet can make a world of difference.

Take the time to consider these options, and if necessary, go out there and hit a few balls with them before making your choice!

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