Top 5 Tennis Racquet Strings Review In 2023

Many players don’t realize the HUGE IMPACT a choice of tennis strings has on their game.

Let me tell you; it can make an ENORMOUS DIFFERENCE and prove to be a great asset to your game when you choose a suitable string.

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Gavin Davison   Gavin Davison


How To Choose The Best Tennis Racquet Strings

While the information I will provide throughout this piece is designed to help you as much as possible, there is no correct answer for what string is right for you.

Several different reasons will no doubt dictate your decision, and this can range from playing style, what you want to get from the string (power/control), and what your preferred brands are.

I will get to all this throughout the ongoing categories, but for now, I can help NARROW DOWN YOUR CHOICE according to several generalized things to look for.

In the past, when I’ve searched for tennis strings, I have often been skewed by price and appearance, but I DON’T WANT YOU TO MAKE THIS MISTAKE.

It can be tempting to choose strings that are cheap or even supplied by an unproven brand.

Here’s the issue with that – you will BREAK STRINGS all the time and it will END UP COSTING YOU MORE in the long run.

Combined with this, the string won’t give you a good feel or performance when hitting the ball.

I don’t want you to experience this, so please read the advice below.

What to Look For 

Now we are getting into the real meat of how to select the best tennis strings for you.

I’ll get into specifics for your playing style and requirements in the ongoing sections, but stick to these guidelines for now, and always use them as a general guide.

First of all, and this may seem obvious, don’t invest heavily in a tennis string if you aren’t a top-level player.

There is no need to do this, as the demands placed on your string will be far less than that of a top-level junior or professional player.

Please note that this doesn’t mean choosing the cheapest string possible, but don’t spend tons if you don’t have to.

In addition to this, choose a string that doesn’t let you down in any of the four key areas. In my experience, I have found that there are four main areas on that I can base the string quality – power, control, durability, and feel.

If string scores super low for any of these features, don’t even consider purchasing it, as you will ultimately regret your choice and you will try to overcompensate in your game.

The final thing I look for may seem a little harsh, but it’s just the reality when investing money in tennis products.

I’m always one to give new companies a shot and see if their products are any good, but I’d stick to established brands for a category as important as tennis string. 

This is because they usually have a proven track record of quality, meaning that the money you spend will be worth it.

Recommendation For you- Babolat RPM Blast

This is a string that I’ve used ever since my late tennis, through college tennis, and it is a string that I continue to use while I coach – although I now blend it with a synthetic gut so that it is softer on my arm.

For me, this string ticks all of the boxes in terms of power, feel, and control, and as an added bonus, you can generate tons of spin with this string.

It’s also fairly durable for a string that provides so much power and spins too, and let’s face it – if it’s good enough for Rafael Nadal, it’s going to be good enough for the rest of us!

It is slightly on the pricier side at over $100 per reel, but trust me, it is worth it. You can even see why Nadal prefers this string, as well as the reasons why other pro players love this string right here: 

If you are an advanced player, I’d recommend that you string your entire racket with it, and it’s always good to string using a slightly lower tension than you usually would.

If you are a beginner, an intermediate, or even a coach, I’d suggest using it in the mains and putting a softer string in the crosses.

My Favourite Tennis Racquet Strings

There are many different strings on the market, ranging from the natural gut all the way too COLD hard polyester, and each one has its own unique advantages and benefits.

You’ll find my top tennis strings right here, and I’ve explained the benefits and drawbacks of each and every one of them.

#1: Babolat RPM Blast

It’s quite rare that you come across a tennis string that just INSTANTLY shoots to the top of the charts the first time that you use it.

This is exactly what I experienced with the Babolat RPM blast all those years ago, and I’m sure it is what Rafael Nadal experienced too. 

This is no doubt why he continues to use this string TO THIS DAY.

I’ve never used a tennis string that provides such enormous pop on the ball, and since it is completely black in color, it fits in with the vast majority of racquets.

This is undoubtedly a string for the more advanced player, but it also plays very well when combined with a SOFTER string for intermediate players.

If you are intrigued about this string and why it has served Nadal so EXCEPTIONALLY well for so many years, I found this awesome video by his legendary coach, ‘Uncle Toni’.

He goes in-depth about why the string works so well and why Nadal is such a fan of RPM Blast. You can see the video here:

Key Features

  • It offers quite a soft feel considering that the string is so powerful
  • Able to get a very good bite on the ball due to the non-circular shape
  • Performs extremely well while maintaining durability
  • Manufactured using co-poly monofilaments


  • Gauge: 16
  • Color: Black
  • Composition: Co-polyester monofilament
  • Shape: 8-sided string


  • Without a doubt one of the most powerful strings I’ve ever used
  • More exciting than just the traditional white string
  • The string of choice for 18-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal


  • It can lead to tennis elbow if your swings aren’t correct
  • Durable for beginner and intermediate players but not so much for heavy-hitting advanced players

#2: Solinco Hyper-G

Solinco is a bit of a ‘new kid on the block’ in the world of tennis brands.

They have slowly but surely been gaining attention due to their ability to repeatedly manufacture tennis strings of the highest level.

They have more varieties on offer than just the hyper g, but having used this string on countless occasions, I can confidently VOUCH for its quality.

Even though the bright green color may not be for everyone, I feel that the way that this string can help your game more than compensates for this.

The string seems to be working just fine for Sam Querrey, the American veteran with a huge serve and dangerous groundstrokes.

This tennis string has many unique features, which I’ve outlined for your reading pleasure.

Key Features

  • Bright green in color
  • Is a square shape compared to traditional circular strings
  • Manufactured by a brand that is rapidly expanding and improving
  • String choice for Sam Querrey and other top professionals


  • Gauge: 16
  • Color: green
  • Composition: Co-polyester monofilament
  • Shape: Square


  • Reacts insanely well when applying spin to the ball
  • Very durable for a co-poly string
  • It isn’t quite as expensive as other top brands


  • Slightly more difficult to hit a flatter ball with this string
  • Sometimes feels a bit dead after using it for a while

#3: Luxilon Big Banger

Luxilon Big Banger is probably the longest-standing high-quality tennis string that is still available today.

It has been the string of choice for multiple top-level professionals in the past, and it is adored by many for its sheer power to the ball.

Needless to say, this is a fantastic string if you LOVE engaging in those brutal baseline rallies.

While it provides some of the best power out there, it is an extremely durable string.

Make sure that when you are stringing with it, you don’t have any friends nearby, as it makes a screeching sound when you pull the string through!

Key Features

  • Luxilon is a legendary tennis string brand.
  • There aren’t many strings on the market that comes close to the power and control that Luxilon provides.
  • Quite a dull grey color, so it will fit in with almost any racquet
  • It’s an expensive string, but you get what you pay for


  • Gauge: 16
  • Color: grey
  • Composition: co-polymer and fluocarbin resin
  • Shape: Regular


  • Used by players like Gael Monfils and Marin Cilic
  • It offers amazing control as well as power
  • It has one of the best reputations of all the tennis strings, and with good reason


  • You have to be a top-level player to handle this string
  • The string is on the pricier side, whether you want to buy a reel or a set

#4: Wilson Revolve

I’ve been truly impressed with the development of Wilson tennis strings in recent years, and I would go as far as to say that this is their most IMPROVED product section.

They’ve developed quite an extensive range of strings, but in my experience, the Wilson revolve at the top of the tree.

You can get this string right now in BRIGHT orange or you can get it in black, which gives a little added variety for the end consumer.

Wilson tends to advertise this string as one that provides exceptional power, and although I agree with this, I must say that it also serves up a good deal of control.

This is no doubt helped by the choice of manufacturing material, as well as other vital features outlined below.

Key Features

  • Available in multiple colors, with black and orange being the main ones
  • It can be purchased in individual sets or as a reel
  • Provides several spin-enhancing characteristics
  • Very little friction between the strings, therefore enhancing durability


  • Gauge: 15/16/17
  • Color: black/orange
  • Composition: polymer
  • Shape: Regular


  • One of the best string types that Wilson has brought out in a long time
  • More cost-effective than other high-end polyester strings
  • Works in harmony with softer strings in the crosses for most racquets


  • The regular-shaped string has less bite on the ball on contact
  • Quite a hard string on the arm if your technique isn’t too good

#5: Tecnifibre Black Code

This was my go-to tennis string while I was COMPETING in college tennis a few years back.

It offers a much crisper and more powerful experience than its close cousin, the Tecnifibre red code string. 

This increase in power and feel does come at a cost, as this string isn’t quite as durable as other available brands.

Having said that, you then need to ask yourself, do I want to use a string that FACILITATES a higher level of play even though the string will break more?

I answered YES to this question in college, and it was one of the best decisions that I ever made regarding my tennis string.

Key Features

  • It offers an overall performance close to that of the RPM blast
  • Available in multiple gauges depending on your preference
  • Completely black in color, which many players have started to enjoy
  • Very responsive string when contacting the ball


  • Gauge: 16/17
  • Color: Black
  • Composition: Co-polyester monofilament
  • Shape: pentagonal


  • Much softer than other strings, such as Luxilon Big Banger
  • Plays quite similar to the legendary RPM Blast string
  • Facilitates more extreme spins due to the shape


  • Should only be used by advanced players, really
  • Probably not the best string if you prefer to hit the ball flatter

Please keep in mind that the right tennis string for you may be different from my number one choice above, as is to be expected as everyone’s playing STYLE is different.

I prefer RPM blast as it is durable and allows for masses of spin to be hit on the ball, but if you are more of a flatter hitter or a serve volleyer, this won’t make sense.

Be sure to pay attention to the BENEFITS for each type of string above, and make your own decision once you are perfectly satisfied with the specifications.

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