Top 5 Kids Tennis Racket Reviews For 2024

The demands of kids racquets are nowhere near that of ADULT FRAMES, so it has always amused me when salesman try and push expensive racquets onto you when your kid is just starting out in the game.

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Gavin Davison   Gavin Davison

There really is no need for an EXPENSIVE frame at all, and to be honest, the frames don’t vary all that much.

You’ll see in my list of recommendations below that the racquets aren’t expensive, but they still meet the desired specifications for a kids frame which are:

1) Lightweight 

2) Durable and

3) Easily Maneuverable.

#1: Babolat Nadal Jr.

It may have been an awful long time since I was swinging my racquet towards those SPONGE balls, but I like to think that I still know what makes a good one.

Since this racquet follows the same brand and model that Rafael Nadal currently uses, it just had to hit number 1 on my recommended list for kids racquets.

The specifications on junior racquets are not quite as IMPORTANT as for adult racquets, but there’s still a few features that you have to look out for.

Features such as the large head size, and strong material used to manufacture the frame are critically important, even for kids racquets.

Key Features

  • You can purchase this racquet in three separate sizes
  • It follows the exact same color scheme used for Nadal’s racquet
  • Frame has been made using aluminum for strength
  • It is light enough to suit the vast majority of kids


  • Weight strung: 215g
  • Composition: aluminum
  • Head size: 93 square inches
  • Available sizes: 21/23/25 inches


  • It’s one of the best racquets that you can buy for less than £20
  • There are three sizes available meaning that you should be able to find a size that fits
  • Quiet light-weight so that kids can swing the racquet easily


  • There are other racquets with larger head sizes
  • Sometimes cheap versions are sold online that aren’t the originals

#2: Wilson Burn Black Jr.

Obviously the name of this racquet will be quite APPEALING for kids, but unfortunately the name doesn’t mean that the racquet will perform well.

You will have noticed that I have recommended several racquets in the burn range, as I feel that Wilson really hit the bullseye when they started to develop these frames.

They have put the same care and attention towards developing the Burn Black Jr. as well.

This racquet has a really nice color blend, showing VIBRANT orange combined with black around the frame. Kids will no doubt enjoy these colors, but the general

Key Features

  • Perfect for players aged 10 and under
  • Larger head size than others in this category
  • One of the best color schemes of all the kids racquets on the market
  • Nice and light so kids won’t get tired quickly


  • Weight strung: 205g
  • Composition: aluminum
  • Head size: 95 square inches
  • Available sizes: 21/23/25 inches


  • Regardless of the kid’s height, you can find a suitable racquet length in this frame
  • 95 square inch head size for a greater surface area, a better chance of hitting the ball
  • Racquet is head light making it easier to maneuver the frame


  • The burn range has been discontinued so there aren’t many left
  • Depending on the kid’s size, this racquet can almost be too light

#3: Prince Attack Jr

I haven’t really listed too many Prince racquets in this article, but they’ve really HIT the mark with this junior frame.

Besides the catchy name, they’ve manufactured a racquet that will enable young children to learn the game of tennis with a really solid racquet.

It’s not the most appealing color blend out there, but the other features are almost PERFECT.

This racquet has a huge head size, so it is suitable for kids who have never even tried hitting a ball before.

It also boasts a lightweight frame, which is something that all kids enjoy. It’s also very friendly on the wallet, so your kid can get playing for a very small investment.

Key Features

  • Available for less than £20
  • Much larger head size, one of the largest on the kid’s racquet market
  • Much wider string pattern so kids can enjoy a little added power
  • Comes in several sizes, so you can find one that suits


  • Weight strung: 210g
  • Composition: aluminum
  • Head size: 100 square inches
  • Available sizes: 23/25 inches


  • Kids can get the feeling of topspin thanks to the wide string pattern
  • Higher chance of making contact with the ball due to the head size
  • Made using aluminum so the frame is nice and strong


  • Not a very desirable color blend
  • Not available in a 21-inch frame

#4: Wilson US Open Jr 

The Wilson US Open junior racquet serves up a vibrant blend of blue and green color, which is something that young kids will find particularly appealing.

The racquet is currently available in two sizes, and of course, it is also named after one of the best Grand Slams of the calendar year.

With this racquet in their hands, I’m sure that the kids will already be IMAGINING playing on the big stage.

If you choose to order this racquet from most places, it will arrive with the classic red W painted on the strings, and it will probably come with a synthetic gut string.

This makes it even easier for kids to use the racquet.

Key Features

  • Manufactured using bright green and blue colors
  • Named after one of the biggest slams of the year
  • Available for just over £15
  • One of the lightest aluminum frames available


  • Weight strung: 200g
  • Composition: aluminum
  • Head size: 95 square inches
  • Available sizes: 19/21/23 inches


  • Kids love bright colors on racquets, which is what this frame has
  • Kids as young as just 5-6 can use this racquet as it’s so light
  • On the cheaper side at just over £15


  • Cannot purchase the racquet in a 25-inch size
  • The frame is slightly more flimsy than other brands

#5: Head Speed Jr

The Head Speed range is absolutely awesome for adult racquets, so I really wanted to delve into what the junior range OFFERED.

Let me say that I wasn’t let down, as this racquet is available in a whopping 4 different sizes. Unlike other junior frames, it is made of graphite as opposed to aluminum.

This allows kids to swing the racquet with GREATER ease, and it provides a better feel on contact.

It’s also a great starter racquet because it has a clear path of advancement through the racquet sizes.

After kids reach the size where they need to use an adult frame, they can simply look into the adult version of this racquet.

Head really has done a fantastic job with this one.

Key Features

  • Available in 4 junior sizes, and then an adult size
  • This range of models suits kids from 6 up to 11 or 12
  • Much lighter frame material meaning easier maneuverability
  • Head Speed range has been used by Novak Djokovic in the past


  • Weight strung: 215g
  • Composition: graphite
  • Head size: 95 square inches
  • Available sizes: 21/23/25/26 inches


  • Really good progression racquet for kids
  • Great design using green, black and white colors
  • Graphite gives a much nicer feel on the ball


  • These racquets are much pricier than the others on this list
  • Graphite breaks easier than aluminum, and kids do tend to hit their racquets by accident

You have no doubt noticed quite a few OVERLAPS in terms of the material for these racquets, along with the weight and head size of the frames themselves.

This is just a fact of the kid’s racquet industry, that they don’t really differ all too much.

There are, however, CHEAP knock-off frames all over the place online, which is why I have carefully selected the racquets within this list to ensure this isn’t what you get.

Please be aware of this, and I always advise purchasing from a reputable online tennis site rather than your local sports store!

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