Don’t Break the Bank: Our Top 5 Picks for Best Tennis Racquets Under $150 in 2023

You don’t always need to invest an awful lot of MONEY to get the right tennis racquet; at least, I don’t think so.

With new frames constantly being released by some leading brands, last season’s frames can drop by up to 50% or more, depending on the brand you prefer.

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Gavin Davison   Gavin Davison

Remember, just because a racquet may be last season’s model, oftentimes the specifications do not change an AWFUL lot for when a model is upgraded.

This is why you really can get your hands on top-tier frames without breaking the bank in 2023 – please find my recommendations for this category below.

#1: Babolat Pure Strike

The Babolat Pure Strike is undoubtedly in the top three of the entire Babolat range.

It’s the racquet of choice for the SENSATIONAL Dominic Thiem, and having hit with this frame a number of times, I can understand why he loves it so much.

It has a much greater feeling of control than other Babolat racquets, but it still caters to large amounts of power, as is trademark stuff with Babolat racquets.

I have listed this as number one, as the racquet has not changed an awful lot between the 2021 version and the 2022 version.

For this reason, you can grab last year’s Pure Strike for a REMARKABLY low price.

I highly encourage you to give this racquet a try if you’ve had a good experience with Babolat racquets in the past.

Key Features

  • A really clean design for the racquet frame
  • Transitions very well between the baseline and the net
  • Much friendlier for those that like to hit the ball flat than other Babolat models
  • One of the cheapest frames going for the level of quality that it provides


  • Weight unstrung: 305g
  • String pattern: 16 x 19
  • Head size: 98 square inches
  • Balance: 330mm ( 4 points headlight)
  • Beam width: 21.3mm


  • Thinner beam than other Babolat frames, allowing for a greater feel on the ball
  • Wide string bed for explosive power
  • Gives great stability on volleys and serves


  • Not suitable for beginner players
  • The frame is on the heavier side at 305g unstrung

#2: Wilson Burn Team 100

For the life of me, I am really STRUGGLING to understand Wilson’s decision to discontinue the Burn range.

While this is the case, I wouldn’t list a racquet if you can longer purchase the frame.

You can still pick up the Wilson Burn Team 100 at several websites, and it is a racquet that offers a great feel and CONTROL on the ball.

The Burn will give you exactly what you need if you love to grind it out from the baseline.

It’s also cool that your opponent will look down the court at the vibrant orange and intimidating black WHIZZING through the air.

As we all know, the appearance of a racquet doesn’t mean quality at all, but the Burn Team doesn’t fall short.

Key Features

  • One of the best colors designs that I’ve seen
  • Used by Kei Nishikori previously, as well as Simona Halep
  • Average head size to suit a wide variety of styles
  • It plays incredibly well when combined with revolve string


  • Weight unstrung: 267g
  • String pattern: 16 x 20
  • Head size: 100 square inches
  • Balance: 330mm (headlight)
  • Beam width: 22mm


  • Incredibly easy to maneuver the racquet around
  • It serves up reasonable power for quite a light racquet
  • It gives a really good feel when rallying from the baseline


  • The frame is almost too light for some players
  • The lack of weight means you need to really use your own force to generate heaps of power

#3: Head Xtreme XTR

Boasting an oversized head along with a very lightweight frame, the Head Xtreme XTR is undoubtedly one of the EASIEST racquets to use on the market.

It’s a great frame if you are still learning the game of tennis, as it won’t hurt your arm if the technique isn’t quite right.

It also has other benefits too, such as reduced shock on impact, and it’s super cheap right now.

No top players use this racquet, but don’t let that be an INDICATOR of the quality of the frame.

This racquet isn’t used at the top mainly because of the weight and not the performance. It’s got a lot to offer for your game, as shown in the specifications below.

Key Features

  • Available for just £75, which is super cheap for a quality racquet
  • Striking black and yellow design
  • Perfect for players who prefer lighter frames
  • Has extra shock absorption without the need to purchase a dampener


  • Weight unstrung: 260g
  • String pattern: 16 x 19
  • Head size: 102 square inches
  • Balance: 340mm
  • Beam width: 24mm


  • Head is one of the top racquet brands, and they manufacture all racquets with quality
  • This racquet is super forgiving for when you are learning the game
  • Won’t break the bank in order to secure this top-quality frame


  • Chance to develop bad habits on swings as the frame is so light
  • It doesn’t facilitate huge power play

#4: Babolat Z-lite

This is just one of those ranges in Babolat that never quite HIT the big time, which works just great for us, as the frame can be picked up for cheap.

As the name suggests, this racquet is quite a lightweight frame, which is desirable for some and less ideal for others. It all depends on your game style, but if you don’t mind a lighter racquet, this will serve you well.

You’ll notice INITIALLY with this frame that it has a dark blue and black paint job, which makes it stand out from the Pure Drive range.

Then if you get the chance to hit with it, you’ll notice there’s less of a springboard effect and more of a control element to it.

All of this bundled together for the grand price of just £80, I feel this racquet is a bit of a steal!

Key Features

  • Really appealing design
  • Much lighter than other Babolat models
  • Racquet was released a couple of years ago
  • Plastic sole-plate


  • Weight unstrung: 255g
  • String pattern: 16 x 19
  • Head size: 100 square inches
  • Balance: 340mm (1-point head light)
  • Beam width: 23mm


  • Very easy to manipulate the racquet head, which great for reaction shots
  • Suitable for club players and those that don’t have the physical strength for heavier frames
  • Brand new model, so it has the latest technology in the design


  • Doesn’t offer a great feel for volleys
  • Not a racquet that is going to allow you to power players off the court

#5: Yonex V Core Ace

This racquet comes in at a significant $20 under budget, giving you an extra $20 to spend on equipment such as tennis balls or strings.

On top of that, this Yonex frame offers a cheaper alternative without SACRIFICING much in terms of quality.

As a matter of fact, the V Core range is designed to be the most powerful range out of all the Yonex racquets.

So if you are searching for a racquet that will give you that edge when battling it out from the baseline, the Yonex V Core Feel will give you EXACTLY that.

What’s not to love when you are generating huge power from a racquet with a red-devil appearance to it?

Of course, I can’t speak for everyone, but I think this racquet looks awesome.

Key Features

  • Built with maximum power and spin in mind
  • This power can be accessed even though it’s a light racquet
  • Bright red color blend, issuing a warning to your opponents
  • Racquet comes recommended by the young Canadian sensation, Denis Shapovalov


  • Weight unstrung: 250g
  • String pattern: 16 x 19
  • Head size: 100 square inches
  • Balance: 345mm
  • Beam width: 24mm


  • The frame is very streamlined, allowing for maximum racquet head speed
  • The general feel on contact is softer than other Yonex models
  • More flex in the head, creating a bit of a catapult effect on your shots


  • Excessive power can lead to control issues
  • You need to string the racquet at a lower tension, as per the recommendations of Yonex.

Of course, there are other racquets out there on the market today besides the ones shown on this list.

With that said, I believe that I have managed to source the HIGHEST quality frames available without needing to invest more than $150.

Truth be told, unless you are a high-level tournament player, there is often no need to purchase racquets that are available for up to $300 and even more.

You just need a solid frame for a reasonable price, which I hope is what you will experience with my suggestions above.

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