Top 3 Little League Baseball Bats Reviews For 2023

Shopping for a great baseball bat for use in Little League play is CRUCIAL.

When you are getting into playing sports competitively, you want to do all you can to make sure you are set up to succeed.

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Andrew Buller-Russ   Andrew Buller-Russ

My personal favorite little league baseball bat is:

Confidence plays a major factor in being successful at whatever you do; that rings TRUE in sports and especially true for baseball.

If you find yourself in a situation using a bat you don’t like, you may lose interest in the game completely.

Continued struggles and or failure over time can lead to DISAPPOINTMENT. That is not ideal for any young athlete looking to have a good time playing sports.

Just having a baseball bat, they enjoy can really go a LONG way toward improving their baseball experience.

best little league bats

With continued success, maybe they could even work up to playing in a pro league someday. Baseball is a TOUGH sport, but it is also very fun to play if you have the right tools to succeed.

Of course, baseball bats come in all shapes and sizes.

We have all been there when you are playing SPORTS with your friends and peers, sometimes you want to have fancy, new sports equipment that looks AWESOME.

But unfortunately, sometimes that equipment doesn’t actually function the best.

What is important to you?

Having a quality product is more important than STYLE



Of Course, not all products are manufactured with the same level of quality standards.

So even though that flashy bat may look COOL, sometimes that is all they are good for and they do not translate to success on the baseball field.

But I also do realize that sometimes you may want something you can customize or maybe you have your own style preferences.

That is ok, but style should not be the first thing you look for when shopping for a baseball bat. It is always a better idea to find a bat that suits your needs first and worry about style later.

Once you find a bat size and style you are comfortable with, you can shop all over to find a bat that appeals to you VISUALLY.

As you know, there are many customization options these days.

You should be able to find everything you SEEK in a baseball bat when it comes to style and FIT.

Many bats even offer an option to help hitters get the EXACT color tone they like.

Or maybe you need to match and comply with your team colors; many bat manufacturers offer that convenience.

There is a GOOD CHANCE you will be able to get exactly what you want; you may have to search a bit more extensively.

Once your young baseball player has their preferred bat size, composition and possible style differences set, double-check your Little League’s rules and regulations.

You do not want to end up with an EXPENSIVE bat that they can not use in their league. Then you can begin your shopping and hopefully have a fun and stress-free buying experience.

What if my child is influenced by peers?

Of course your child may be influenced by his peers, maybe they want a similar bat.

But be careful, like I said, different-sized hitters and even hitters with a different style (like power or contact hitter) will be comfortable using different bats.

So if you have a best friend, you may not prefer the same bat.

The most important factor is that your child is COMFORTABLE swinging the bat over and over. Not all bats feel the same, even if they look the same.

But even more important is just that they can get out there and have some FUN!

Don’t worry, though; there are LITERALLY hundreds of baseball bats to choose from. You can be sure your little one can find something they would like to use.

Keep in mind there is a lot of additional baseball equipment available to IMPROVE your experience with your bat.

Equipment such as proper batting gloves can really help hitters enjoy a comfortable grip on the bat.

They can also help REDUCE calluses and the sting when the bat makes contact. So don’t give up on the bat right away if the fit is not PERFECT.

Since there are so many differences across baseball players in Little Leagues and many different rules, recommending a singular best bat to use for Little League play is just not possible.

Always REFER to your specific league’s rules and regulations before your purchase. Most baseball bats I have come across, if custom-made, are not refundable



I will highlight three great baseball bats intended for Little League play.

Keep in mind while these are my recommendations, they may not be IDEAL for all hitters. Hopefully, they will still be helpful in your buying process.

One of the best baseball bats on the market today is the 2020 Easton ADV 360.

Not sure which Little League baseball to purchase?

If you were going to buy one bat to use in Little League play, I would recommend the ADV 360.

Although it is a more expensive BIT, it is a great product.

The Easton ADV 360 offers a balanced and lightweight baseball bat with a TACKY grip. Your kid will love using the ADV 360 at their Little League games and their friends will be jealous.

This bat comes ready to use, with no bat break-in period.

If you or your child needs to be convinced further, look at the extended use of the ADV 360 in the 2019 Little League World Series.

Many young hitters use the ADV 360 with great success. Hopefully, your child will find the same success with it.

#1: Easton ADV 360

This bat is designed to offer a great COMBINATION of power and speed.

Easton describes the ADV 360 to be the most advanced two-piece composite bat in the game. Easton has put a GREAT DEAL of research into making the ADV 360 and it shows.

Launch Comp uses composite technology and 360 engineering for 360 degrees of barrel-tuned precision. This optimizes the barrel profile and increases the performance of the bat.

The barrel PRECISION helps hitters make great contact.

Easton is always making advancements with the new model year of their bat.

One example of that is the bat’s two-piece iSo CXN construction that utilizes a new and LIGHTER iSo ConneXion made from Nitrocell foam.

This helps ISOLATE the handle from the barrel to offer a solid feel and more POWER.

Easton’s Power Boost Soft Knob offers more LEVERAGE and power potential.

This works all while reducing VIBRATION and offering a comfortable fit for your bottom hand. Batters will come to appreciate this after a long day of hitting.

What else makes Easton ADV 360 great?

Easton’s new Dynamic Feel System carbon handle is built using 90% carbon fiber.

This creates an EXTRA STIFF handle with best-in-class feel. A Pro Balanced swing weight OPTIMIZES barrel length and balance for a great combination of power and speed.

The Speed Cap offers a more versatile and responsive barrel with a natural sound upon impact. A Custom Lizard Skins grip offers a great combination of best-in-class feel, cushion and Tackiness.

Easton BBCOR bats are used by many top college programs all over and Easton is the manufacturer behind the #1 Bat in College World Series HISTORY.

Easton offers up to five different bat sizes to choose from.

Sizes start at 30” and 27 ounces and go up to 34” and 31 ounces. Easton offers a 1 year baseball bat warranty from the purchase date.


  • Certification – BBCOR
  • Association – High School, College
  • Construction – Two-Piece
  • Balance – Pro Balanced
  • Material – Composite
  • Drop Weight – -3
  • Barrel Diameter – 2 5/8
  • Size – 30/27, 31/28, 32/29, 33/30, 34/31


  • Great combination of power and speed
  • Great feel
  • Awesome cushion and tack


  • A bit more expensive starting at $459.95
  • Not suitable for cold weather

#2: Easton Fuze 360

If you prefer to USE an aluminum bat for Little League play, then I would recommend the Easton Fuze 360.

They do offer a composite bat that is also great. I have provided the links above for both, but I will FOCUS on the aluminum version.

Once again, many of the 2019 Little League World Series players used the Fuze 360 for championship play.

If many of the game’s best ENJOy using it, it must be pretty good! Seriously though, young hitters really do enjoy this bat.

One of the reasons the Fuze 360 is so great is that it offers buyers a more affordable option than some of the other composite baseball bats being sold today.

 One of the key features about the bat itself is the bat’s SUPERIOR COMFORT.

The Fuze 360 also features the same Power Boost soft knob as the ADV 360, which improves the athlete’s balance and leverage while swinging the bat.

The Easton Fuze 360 is a one-piece ATAC (Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction) alloy that offers great performance with the thinnest walls in the game.

The Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction Easton uses is REINFORCED with their Carbon-Core technology and 360 Engineering for 360 degrees of barrel tuned precision.

The Forged Composite Cap is lightweight and stiff. This HELPS increase barrel bounce and offers a Speed Balanced feel offering a fast swing speed. Both power and contact hitters will enjoy the Fuze 360.

The Power Boost Soft Knob offers more leverage and power potential. This is accomplished all while reducing vibrations and improving comfort for the bottom hand.

Hitters appreciate the Comfortable FEEL of the Fuze 360 at the plate.

A Custom Lizard Skin grip provides batters with

  • Best in class feel
  • Cushion and
  • Tack for the baseball bat

The custom, Easton-exclusive designed Lizard Skin grip offers a squishy yet tacky feel when holding the Fuze 360.

These bat grips are regarded as some of the best grips in the game due to their impressive effectiveness and efficiency.

Some hitters will appreciate that the bat is all one piece, so very little can go wrong.

The bat is approved for play in leagues and associations that FOLLOW the USA baseball standard.

Easton offers a 1-year warranty from the purchase date of the baseball bat.


  • Certification – USA
  • Association – AABC Baseball, Babe Ruth & Cal Ripken, Dixie Baseball, Little League Baseball, Pony Baseball
  • Construction – One-Piece
  • Balance – Speed Balanced
  • Material – Aluminum
  • Drop Weight – -10
  • Barrel Diameter – 2 5/8”
  • Size – 28/18, 29/19, 30/20, 31/21, 32/22


  • Relatively affordable when compared to other bats on the market
  • Very comfortable
  • Recommended by Little League World Series players


  • Not many customizable options
  • Without a Lizard Skin grip, the bat may offer some sting, from the aluminum construction

#3: DeMarini CF Zen (-10)

Interestingly enough, the DeMarini CF Zen is also a great baseball bat to use for Little League play.

I have previously reviewed the DeMarini CF Zen and I have included that information below. Little League hitters will find that the CF Zen is a great all-around bat to use.

The DeMarini CF Zen has been around for a while, and their CF Zen model keeps IMPROVING from Year to Year.

Improved yet again for 2021, DeMarini’s CF Zen offers a great blend of contact and power for young hitters. This bat is ideal for young hitters of all ages and sizes.

DeMarini’s CF Zen is very well-balanced and lightweight.  Designers made the CF Zen to have an ultra-responsive barrel delivering great feel upon contact.

The CF Zen includes many of DeMarini’s UNIQUE inventions that hitters are sure to enjoy.

A Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel is combined with DeMarini’s 3Fusion System and a ReAction End Cap. By using this combination, the DeMarini CF Zen increased swing speed and offers improve barrel performance.

Hitters of all ages and sizes will ENOJY hitting with this baseball bat.

DeMarini’s Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel delivers consistent responsiveness while offering a large sweet spot.

Using its 2 piece composite construction, the bat features improved weight distribution while providing great balance, bat speed and barrel control for batters.

What makes this bat special?

DeMarini’s streamlined 3Fusion Connection improves weight control and FEEL all while decreasing vibration and re-directing the energy back into the barrel of the bat.

The ReAction End Cap uses a blend of stronger and lighter materials. DeMarini’s ReAction End Cap delivers IMPROVED barrel performance without reducing your swing speed.

This ReAction End Cap is another incredible modern advancement that helps make newer baseball bats better.

The DeMarini website states that the Paraflex Plus helps the CF Zen offer the most responsive barrel in the GAME today.

The DeMarini 3Fusion system reduces hand sting while increasing performance.

 This is a great feature for younger hitters as the sting of the bat can be PAINFUL after a long day of hitting.

DeMarini states on their website that the CF Zen is their most innovative, high-performing CF Series bat ever.

It seems like young hitters everywhere agree. The DeMarini CF Zen baseball bat has become a very POPULAR option in youth baseball.


  • Barrel Diameter – 2 5/8 inches
  • Series – CF
  • Certification – USA Baseball
  • Barrel Material – Composite
  • Model Year – 2020
  • Weight Drop – -10


  • Ideal for younger hitters
  • Awesome mix of control and power
  • Offers great balance


  • Not the most affordable, starting at $349.95
  • Some previous DeMarini bats have been controversial; there has been some question about whether they are legal for league play. The 2020 model has cleared all that up, it is a legal bat.

Buyers can begin by choosing from one of DeMarini’s four most popular template designs and customize it from there.

After that shoppers have the option of selecting either a



Glossy Finish on the barrel of the bat.

DeMarini offers a total of 22 different base colors for the bat.

Shoppers can add up to two decals:

The decals also offer up to 22 different color options to PICK from. From there, buyers choose from either a Black or a White bat handle.

An additional decal can also be added to the bat handle, with ADDITIONAL 19 color options.

There are up to 15 different bat grips to choose from to further add to the personalized experience for the CF Zen.

To improve your grip, batters can choose either a Black, White or Gray bat grip tape. The grip tape helps the bat stay in your hands while swinging.

DeMarini also offers up to 22 different end cap and knob designs. Since DeMarini offers such a large selection of customization options, you can be sure your bat will be UNIQUE when you first step into the batter’s box with your brand new DeMarini CF Zen.

Just as a reminder, you can order a non-customized CF Zen bat from DeMarini as well.

I know it is tough to stick with just one bat for Little League play. Sometimes in the heat of the battle when things are not going your way, you may want to try something different.

Who could blame you?

After all it has been said that the definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Oftentimes players will LEND and borrow their way to using many different baseball bats over the course of their season. There is nothing wrong with trying something new.

That is normal within baseball, sometimes, this can lead to the game’s greatest moments.

But be careful lending your expensive bats to other players. Even if you take great care of your baseball bat, someone borrowing it may not.

But if the opportunity should ARRISE, do not be afraid to experiment with using different baseball bats here and there, you never know what you may DISCOVER.

Generally, you will find more success when sticking with your preferred bat over time to get a larger sample size to see the results.

With that being said, there is no right or wrong answer when SELECTING a specific baseball bat.

Like I’ve mentioned, even if you have some identical baseball twin, you both might not use the same bat.

Each individual hitter will have their own preferences when it comes to baseball bats. It is very RARE to have two players on the same team who use the same exact bat.

Hopefully now you have a much better idea on how you can find the best baseball bat for you to use for your Little League play. Just know that you cannot go wrong.

Each bat you buy will be able to make contact with the baseball, it’s just that some may offer an EASIER experience.

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