Best Baseball History Books Reviewed In 2023

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Andrew Buller-Russ   Andrew Buller-Russ

Baseball is a historical sport that has been around forever and has many great stories to tell.

There are SO MANY STORIES that many of the greatest ones have been FORGOTTEN.

Baseball has been written about for a really long time too, leading to plenty of great reading content for baseball fans to absorb.

What To Look For

From stories detailing how teams built a winning ball club to the drama of a clubhouse, there are many different types of stories to be read.

Some stories will do into great detail of an individual’s career, while others WILL FOCUS ON A TEAM.

Best Baseball History Books

Either way, there are great stories out there that can take you away from your current environment by absorbing yourself into a great book.

Perhaps learning about a lot of different stories compiled into one collection MY INTEREST YOU.

It is a great way to learn about a wide range of baseball topics.

Mike Sowell wrote a book in 1989 that did just that.

The Pitch That Killed tells many true stories of the great sport of baseball. Some are sad and almost unbelievable and others are positive and uplifting.

It is a pretty good way of telling multiple stories to baseball fans looking for another story to read about their favorite sport.

Recommendation For You – The Pitch That Killed by Mike Sowell

Although I like The Pitch That Killed, there are many others out there that tell many of the game’s greatest stories.

This book is well known and popular so you should be able to get your hands on it.

Let me know which baseball history book that you have found to be good.

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