Top 5 Best Tennis Racquets Grip Tape Reviews For 2024

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Gavin Davison   Gavin Davison

Tennis grip tape is of course, what connects your body to your WEAPON of choice, your chosen tennis racquet.

Choose the right grip tape, and you’ll experience benefits such as Sweat Absorption, a More Comfortable Feel, and Fewer Blisters emerging on your hands.

best tennis racquets grip tape

Choose the wrong one and you’ll experience discomfort and painful blisters on your hands, and you’ll need to change grips regularly due to natural perspiration.

I believe that the list below is filled with the RIGHT grips, so feel free to browse the right ones for you!

#1: Tourna Tac Overgrip

You may notice a recurring theme for my suggested grip tape: all five recommendations are overgrips rather than replacement grips.

This is because overgrips are TYPICALLY much tackier, and they tend to absorb the sweat from your palm much better.

I’ve listed the Tourna Tac overgrip as number one because no other grip on the market does what this grip can do.

This grip is not to be confused with the original tourna grip, which is made out of carpet-like material.

 The brand has now left this carpet material behind and replaced it in the form of the Tourna Tac overgrip.

If you’re a bit unsure about this grip, as many of you could well be, please find a full review here. Here you will find full reviews from players who have used this grip, and just what exactly separates it from the rest.

Key Features

  • Insanely tacky feel on the grip
  • Doesn’t show dirt and sweat as quickly as other overgrips
  • Extra long, so it won’t be an issue for those with a two-handed backhand
  • Used by the Bryan brothers, who are some of the most successful doubles players of all time


  • Colors available: blue/pink/white/black
  • Grip type: overgrip
  • Price: less than £40 for a 30 pack


  • One of the most sweat absorbent grips that I have ever used
  • Available in multiple different colors to fit your racquet
  • Not very pricey compared with other brands


  • Quoted as a great grip for cold weather only
  • Not quite as durable as other overgrips

#2: Head Prime Pro Overgrip

These overgrips, while they are very good, do come at quite a cost.

A 12-pack is going to cost you more than £20, but then again, you must ask yourself if you are willing to make this INVESTMENT for the comfort that this grip offers.

The Head Prime Pro overgrip also gives quite a tacky feel, and I do believe that these grips are some of the more durable overgrips out there.

These grips are really quite soft on your hands. Therefore, you are not as likely to develop blisters after hours of play.

They are also the grip of choice for Alexander Zverev, one of the top ATP players right now.

Key Features

  • All grips come with a clean white colour
  • Also used by other top-level professionals, not just Alexander Zverev
  • Not one of those grips that is likely to carve up your hands
  • Unless you are in a very hot climate, this grip should last you for hours of play


  • Colors available: white
  • Grip type: overgrip
  • Price: just over £23 for a 12-pack


  • Super comfortable no matter how you hold the grip
  • Looks absolutely awesome when you first put it on your racquet handle
  • Doesn’t become overloaded with moisture very easily


  • Significantly more expensive than other brands
  • Only available in white

#3: Wilson Pro Overgrip


This is many players’ go-to overgrip on the WTA and ATP Tour.

While I don’t personally use these grips, I know that they are IMMENSELY popular with many players, and with good reason.

 They are probably the most comfortable of all the overgrips out there, which is the major reason that so many players choose this grip.

The only reason that I use the Tourna Tac overgrip as opposed to the Wilson Pro overgrip is purely because I prefer a hugely tacky feel on my grips.

That doesn’t mean that the Wilson Pro overgrip is not tacky, and it is solely down to personal preference and what level of tackiness you enjoy.

Key Features

  • Without a doubt the most comfortable overgrip of them all
  • Quite thin and very stretchy
  • Definitely more durable than overgrips supplied by other brands
  • Maintain their tacky feel for quite a long time


  • Colors available: white
  • Grip type: overgrip
  • Price: £50 for a 30 pack


  • Probably the most used overgrip by top-level professionals
  • Seems to hold its original feel much longer than usual
  • Manufactured by one of the most reputable brands in the tennis world


  • Can show signs of dirt and wear and tear quite quickly
  • Almost double the price of other overgrips on the market

#4: Babolat Pro Tacky

Besides the Tourna Tac overgrip, the Babolat Pro Tacky ranks right up there with some of my FAVORITE grips.

I actually used to play with these overgrips when I was a junior, and I have to say that the comfort and quality that they offered rarely let me down.

For the quality that you get, they aren’t actually that expensive either, which is always a plus.

As with all other overgrips, they need to be replaced fairly FREQUENTLY, but this is just a price we all must pay to get the best comfort.

I don’t find these grips quite as sweat absorbent as others, but for the first few hours of play they really are fantastic.

Key Features

  • Relatively cheap for the quality that they offer
  • Every great comes with the babolat logo lasered into them
  • Manufactured by one of the largest tennis brands on the planet
  • Super tacky and comfortable feel for the first few hours


  • Colors available: white
  • Grip type: overgrip
  • Price: £19 for a 12 pack


  • The clean white colour goes well with a wide variety of racquets
  • The group is well suited for use in a broad range of climates
  • I wouldn’t say that these grips are overpriced for what they offer


  • Like the majority of white overgrips, they tend to get quite dirty and grubby quickly
  • They do lose the tacky feel after a few hours of play

#5: Head Xtreme Soft

Head has delivered another great overgrip here, this time in the form of the Head Xtreme Soft.

While the clue is given in the name, it’s important to know that this grip has been DESIGNED with comfort as the primary objective.

It’s definitely not as harsh as other grips, which means that you should have reduced occurrences of blisters developing.

Out of all of the overgrips that have made a list in this CATEGORY, these grips are the cheapest by far.

You can quite literally pick them up at your local sports store for less than £5, leaving you with more spare change for court time and practice.

Key Features

  • Available in many different colors
  • The cheapest of all of the grips on this list
  • Manufactured with several holes ingrained in the grip for increased sweat absorption
  • Has microfiber felt as the primary material for added tackiness


  • Colors available: blue/black/yellow/white
  • Grip type: overgrip
  • Price: £3.99 for a 3 pack


  • Super cost-effective if you are looking for a cheap but quality grip
  • The design makes them naturally more sweat absorbent
  • It is one of the thinnest overgrips available, but the comfort has not been compromised


  • You will need to replace this grip fairly often as it isn’t too durable
  • Nowhere near as tacky as other grips on this list

Bottom Line

I am a player who prefers an extremely tacky feel, as my hands tend to perspire heavily when playing, and I feel that a tackier material gives me a greater connection between my GRIP and the ball.

That’s just my personal preference, and yours will inevitably be different from mine. Please take the time to digest the benefits of each of my suggested grips, and choose the right one for your own preferences.

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