Taekwondo Punching Bag

taekwondo punching bag

Taekwondo Punching Bag

Are you a little bored of just going through the motion with kicking thin air? Taekwondo punching bag could be a great next step for your Taekwondo Training. 

What is Punching Bag In Taekwondo

A punching bag is used across various materials arts, and Taekwondo is no exception. The Taekwondo punching bag gives you the ability to practice your kicking techniques and various kicks combination to the bag you learned in the class.

Hanging Punching Bag VS Free Standing Punching Bag For Taekwondo 

The majority of Taekwondo players prefer hanging punching bag compared to the freestanding punching bag. 

There are Taekwondo players who don’t mind freestanding punching bag. However, most Taekwondo players are not too fond of kicking a free stationary punching bag. A freestanding punching bag feels rigid to practice Taekwondo kicks and fully follow through with your kick. 

Still, they are fantastic for punching, particularly body shots. 

It is a little less fun to do a combination of kicks on the freestanding punching bag as the bag stays stationary and does not move. In comparison, you get some movement of the bag from a hanging bag. 

Hanging punching bags can be slightly more fun because you can follow through with your kicks better, and the target does not stay stationary after your kick. 

Hanging punching bag requires slightly more space and effort to install; however, they are awesome for practicing your Taekwondo kick. 

Freestanding punching bags are easier to install, cost less, and perfect for beginners to practice their roundhouse, sick kick, and back kicks. 

Spinning hook kicks in both Freestanding and hanging punching bags are not great to kick with full power because you can’t fully follow through with your kick as you are likely to hurt your knees. 

See how much fun this guy is having with the hanging punching bag for Taekwondo. 

Taekwondo Punching Bag Use and Purpose

Taekwondo Punching bag is used for

  • Developing power in your kicks
  • Practice your defensive and offensive kicking technique in the bag
  • Toughen up your feet and hands
  • Enhance your aerobic fitness/stamina
  • Improve your coordination and balance of your kicks
  • Conditions your tendons and bones 

You will find Taekwondo punching bags used in almost every dojang, and they are a lot of fun to get your frustrations out 🙂

What Kind of Punching Bag Do You Need For Taekwondo

It would be best to have a punching bag, ideally, half your weight, to practice your taekwondo kicks. A larger heavy bag will allow you to practice your kicks with speed and power. 

Hanging punching bags are ideal for Taekwondo kicks; however, freestanding punching will also do a decent job. 

Taekwondo Punching Bag Drills and Training

As the saying goes, hard train fight easy. Taekwondo punching bags are a great alternative if you are training by yourself or don’t have a training partner to hold a kicking pad. 

In terms of the rounds, There are several ways you can do this, as Taekwondo matches are 2 minutes of 3 rounds. You can set a timer for 4 minutes of 6 rounds, so you are doing twice the amount of time required during the competition. 

Alex has dozens of taekwondo drills video, from basics to advanced, which you can implement in your taekwondo drills. 

Kicking a Punching bag is lots of fun and be sure to create your combination and techniques and have fun with it. Here is a great example:


Bob is fantastic for practicing your spinning hook kick or any combination of head kicks to Bob’s Squishy face. 

What Is The Best Thing To Fill A Free Standing Taekwondo Punching Bag

You have a couple of options here. Filling up your freestanding Taekwondo punching bag with water should be sturdy enough for any roundhouse kick, side kick, among other kicks. 

It may even be able to withstand step in back kick with full power depending on your size. 

If you want to make your base strong and stable, fill the freestanding punching bag with sand. Most often than not, however, filling the freestanding punching bag with water should suffice. 

Taekwondo Punching Bag For Kids

Punching bags are great for kids, not just a great way to keep them active but help them continue to get better while away from Taekwondo classes. 

A freestanding punching bag will be great for kids and gives you a perfect excuse to train them on the side. Acoodone Free standing punching bag an excellent option and not too pricey.

Best Inflatable Punching Bag Taekwondo

Suppose your kid is younger than seven years old. In that case, you could consider getting an inflatable free standing punching bag, among which Cestbella produces great inflatable free standing punching bags for kids. 

Best Hanging Punching Bag For Taekwondo

Outslayer has an excellent reputation and produces gold standard punching bag for Taekwondo. Overall high-quality product and a solid punching bag for Taekwondo. 

Best Punching Bag For Taekwondo

Outslayer is the best punching bag out there for Taekwondo currently in the market. 

Suppose you are looking for a freestanding punching bag option. In that case, Century has an excellent reputation and produces one of the best freestanding punching bags for Taekwondo training.

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