Best BJJ Knee Brace: Ultimate Protection & Support for Grapplers

Navigating the numerous options for BJJ knee brace available can be overwhelming. Luckily, some top contenders in 2023 stand out for their quality, durability, and support. 

Our Top Pick: 

Shock Doctor Ultra Knit Knee Support

From beginners to seasoned athletes, knee support can be a game changer in your Jiu-Jitsu career

Focus on finding the ideal knee protection, especially if you’re prone to inflammation or osteoarthritis. 

ALWAYS prioritize mobility and comfort to execute movements and rolls easily. 

Knee health is the Major Key to enjoying a long-lasting BJJ practice.

Understanding Knee Braces and BJJ

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Knee Injuries

As a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) practitioner, you know knee protection’s value. But, unfortunately, this demanding martial art frequently strains your body to its limits, leaving you susceptible to injury. 

As a result, your knees might get strained, sprained, or even sustain long-term injury.

Types of Knee Braces

Consider using a knee brace to keep your knees stable and healthy during BJJ. Various types are available, each offering specific benefits as per the requirement. 

We’ve outlined some important categories below.

Neoprene Braces

Neoprene knee braces provide excellent support and compression. A snug fit ensures your joints are secure during intense BJJ sessions. One popular choice is the Neenca Knee Brace.

Compression Sleeves

Compression sleeves wrap around your knee to improve blood flow and reduce inflammation. 

Examples include the POWERLIX Knee Compression Sleeve.

Hinged Knee Braces

If your knees require additional stability, consider a hinged knee brace. These braces are reinforced with metal hinges, supporting weak or injured knees. 

The McDavid Knee Brace with Side Hinges is a highly recommended option.

Remember, choosing the right knee brace is crucial for YOUR comfort and protection in BJJ. Find one that fits your needs and ensures you can continue training effectively and safely.

Key Features of the Best BJJ Knee Braces

Design and Stability

Design plays a crucial role in providing the best support during grappling. Your ideal BJJ knee brace should have a streamlined design that offers excellent stability for knee injuries

Look for braces with side hinges or strong straps to ensure maximum support.

Comfort and Flexibility

In BJJ, flexibility and comfort are KEY to performing at your best. Therefore, your knee brace should have sufficient padding made from breathable material to keep you dry and allow proper ventilation. 

In addition, the weight of your chosen brace should not hinder your movement during training.

Durability and Breathable Material

Invest in a quality BJJ knee brace that’s made to last. It should be built with durable materials that can withstand the rigorous demands of BJJ training. 

Breathability is a MUST: ensure the fabric promotes good airflow to prevent overheating and discomfort.

Compression and Support

Lastly, the best BJJ knee braces offer adequate compression and support to help alleviate pain and swelling. 

Look for a reputable brand that balances compression and support without restricting your range of motion. Remember, SUPPORT is crucial when recovering from knee injuries.

Top BJJ Knee Braces Brands and Models

Welcome to the world of BJJ knee braces! In this section, you’ll find the best brands and models to help you train effectively and safely. 

But first, let’s dive right into our top picks.

Bauerfeind GenuTrain

The Bauerfeind GenuTrain knee brace offers excellent SUPPORT and COMFORT for your joints during training. Its German-engineered design provides targeted pressure relief and stabilization, allowing you to move confidently on the mats.

  • Breathable material for added comfort
  • Anatomically shaped for a perfect fit


Trust McDavid knee braces for heavy-duty SUPPORT and PROTECTION. Designed to cater to athletes, McDavid braces help reduce pain and swelling and offer optimal compression.

  • Neoprene construction for durability
  • Range of models for different support levels


Boost your performance with Neenca knee braces. Designed with a 3D-shaped cushion, these braces offer MAXIMUM COMFORT and mobility while protecting your joints.

  • Breathable fabric for enhanced ventilation
  • Stretchy neoprene material for flexibility


Equip yourself with Cambivo knee braces to experience a perfect balance of COMPRESSION and SUPPORT.

 Suitable for everyday training and competition, Cambivo helps you train with confidence.

  • Available in packs of two
  • Non-slip silicone strips for a secure fit

Shock Doctor Ultra Knit

Lastly, consider investing in Shock Doctor Ultra Knit knee support. This brace is made from high-quality materials and offers exceptional protection and durability during those intense rolls.

  • Ergonomic design for maximum knee protection
  • Strong yet stretchable knit fabric for a snug fit

Now you know the most POPULAR and RELIABLE BJJ knee braces on the market. 

Choose the one that best suits your needs and train effectively, knowing your knees are well protected. Happy rolling!

Knee Injuries and Braces in BJJ Training and Competition

Experiencing knee pain during BJJ training or competition? 

You’re not alone. Knee injuries are COMMON in this sport. So let’s dive into how to prevent and tackle them.

Preventing Knee Injuries

Proper technique is KEY. Focus on:

  • Warming up before hitting the gym
  • Practicing correct form when executing moves
  • Strengthening surrounding muscles to support your knees

Always listen to your body. Pain is a sign of easing off.

Using Knee Braces for Recovery

Facing a knee injury? 

knee brace can be your savior. 

It helps by:

  • Stabilizing the joint
  • Reducing pain
  • Minimizing swelling

Consider these trusted options for BJJ knee braces:

  1. Neenca Knee Brace
  2. Cambivo Knee Braces
  3. Model Knee Braces
  4. EzyFit Knee Brace
  5. Winzone Knee Brace

Remember, using a knee brace isn’t the only solution. Combine it with rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE) to aid recovery.

Now, go forth and protect those knees during your BJJ journey!

Best BJJ Knee Braces for Specific Knee Conditions

This section discusses the ideal BJJ knee braces tailored for specific knee conditions.

Arthritis and Osteoarthritis

For arthritis and osteoarthritis, you’ll need a knee brace that provides firm support and joint stabilization

The Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support is a fantastic option, offering medical-grade compression and a patellar knee pad for extra protection.

Tendonitis and Meniscus Tears

Tackling tendonitis and meniscus tears requires excellent stability and pain relief. 

The Ultra Flex Knee Braces can be your go-to choice. They are designed for individuals with grade 1 or 2 ligament tears, offering support without compromising mobility.

ACL, MCL, and LCL Injuries

Choosing a knee brace that provides additional lateral support is crucial for ACL, MCL, and LCL injuries. 

McDavid Knee Brace with side hinges could be your perfect companion, as it features hinged support for increased stability focused on those specific ligaments.

Before making any decisions, consult a medical professional, and ensure your knee brace fits comfortably under your gi during BJJ practice!

Finding the Right BJJ Knee Brace for Your Budget

Starting your search for the perfect BJJ knee brace can be overwhelming. 

Don’t worry! 

This section is here to help you find the best knee braces on a budget.

Affordable options exist. 

Some top-rated knee braces within your budget include:

  • Cambivo Knee Braces
  • Model Knee Braces
  • EzyFit Knee Brace

These braces offer reliable support, quality design, and value for money.

Higher-end choices are also available for those who can invest more. Examples are:

  • Shock Doctor Ultra Knit Knee Support
  • Bauerfeind GENUTRAIN Knee Brace

Consider these products for their advanced support features and long-lasting materials.

Remember, assess YOUR needs before making a decision. Don’t be swayed by price alone. Instead, focus on durability, support, and comfort.

Additional Advice and Considerations

Sizing and Fit

Proper sizing and fit are crucial for the effectiveness of a BJJ knee sleeve. A brace that’s too tight may restrict blood flow and limit mobility, while a loose one won’t offer enough support. 

ALWAYS measure your knee according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Keep comfort in mind when selecting knee protection. 

Look for an ergonomic design with breathable materials like nylon, which can help prevent overheating and discomfort. A perfect example is the Cambivo knee sleeve.

IBJJF Compliance

If competing in International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) events, ensure your knee brace complies with their guidelines. 

Some braces may not be allowed due to their structure, material, or bulkiness.

Finding the best BJJ knee brace can be crucial for maintaining your performance and ensuring a safe, injury-free training experience. 

A high-quality knee brace can make all the difference in your comfort and support during training sessions if you practice jiu-jitsu. You know how important it is to take care of your body.

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