Which Is The Strongest Kick In Taekwondo?

Strongest Kick In Taekwondo

The strongest kick in Taekwondo is the Step-In Sidekick HANDS DOWN.

Back kicks and sidekicks were used to train Korean soldiers in Real Unarmed Combat situations during ancient times.

Which Is The Strongest Kick In Taekwondo?


If you add a step before your turning sidekick, you can generate more momentum, speed, and power for your kick. 

The Disadvantage of Step-In Side Kick

As you are turning away from your opponent, it could leave you vulnerable for a split second and are a little slower to execute compared to a spinning hook kick or back kick.

A Step-in sidekick is very rarely used during the Taekwondo competition for this reason.

However, with a step-in sidekick, you can produce a LOT OF POWER.

Step In Side Kick In Action

See the step-in sidekick in action at the 1-minute mark. This kick is a real Joe Rogan Experience 🙂

(Who does not want a hype man like the cameraman? I would want him in my every training session)

This kick right there that Joe just demonstrated, a STEP-IN SIDEKICK is the most powerful kick in taekwondo or in any material arts.

I don’t know about you but after watching his video I am looking for a heavy bag to practice more of this kick.

God damn… Those kicks have SERIOUS POWER! 

Joe’s kick is moving FASTER THAN THE speed of sound.

Not even kidding.

Step-in backkick has so much power to potentially permanently damage your lungs and ribs if you’re kicked this by a person the same size as you.

Getting a step-in backkick won’t feel good on anyone’s ribs/stomach, that’s for sure. 

4 Keys To Step In Back Kick

A Step-in sidekick is an advanced kick in Taekwondo where you need first fully to be able to execute side kicks and back kicks with POWER and SPEED.

Once you have mastered and perfected your back kick and sidekick basics, the step-in back kick can be executed with more speed and power. 

  1. FOCUS on as small an area target as possible and fully concentrate on the execution of your kick.
  2. Have the correct Centre of BALANCE throughout your kick. (it is essential to master the basics of back kick.)
  3. Use your MOMENTUM from your non-kicking foot and bring your body fully forward in a straight line right through your target. In short, fully follow through with your kick like Joe Rogan does in the video above. 
  4. As you get comfortable with the kick, practice executing the kick with more SPEED. As the equation goes, Force times Speed equals power. 

The step-in side back kicks technique is a slight variation of step-in-sidekicks. Practicing your step in back kick will help you get the flow, get the general momentum of the kick, and help you transition to the step in the sidekick.

To be able to execute a step in sidekick you want to first master your stationary sidekick and back kicks.

If you are a beginner or intermediate level in Taekwondo you will get great value from Sang H. Kim’s Book Complete Kicking to understand and learn the fundamentals of the kicks.

Sang H. Kim covers over 40 taekwondo Kicks in-depth in his book Complete Kicking, which guides you step by step for each kick with diagrams and pictures.

Van Roon in the video below gives a great demonstration of various back kicks which includes spinning sidekicks.

Once you have mastered the spinning sidekick, add a step to give your spinning sidekick momentum, and you will be able to execute a step in the sidekick like the Joe Rogan video above.

Van Roon does not seem to add much water or sand to Bob – hence dramatic falls 🙂 In case you were wondering.. I digress.

Can’t blame him. Who does not enjoy beating the s**** out BOB?

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