Taekwondo Gifts

Taekwondo Gifts

Besides the fact that Taekwondo player loves kicking, most taekwondo players like myself are always looking to grow and get better after each taekwondo session. 

Taekwondo Gifts

A good gift could have a SIGNIFICANT IMPACT on Taekwondo players to supplement their Taekwondo Journey. 

Taekwondo Gifts For Instructors

A personalized handwritten card or a mug makes an excellent gift for Taekwondo Instructors.

Warm words of sincere appreciation through a card or mug, or t-shirt make a perfect way to THANK OUR INSTRUCTOR.

Taekwondo Gifts For Him and Her

Regardless of gender, good Taekwondo students are always looking to take their skills to the next level, which means lots of training or kicking. 🙂

You can’t go wrong with a good kicking pads gift

Another good Taekwondo Gift, especially if they do a lot of sparring or competition, is a quality Taekwondo Bag. 

Taekwondo bags will give enough space to store large sparring gear, such as a chest protector or headgear in all one place. 

Taekwondo Black Belt Gifts

We have to be determined and dedicated to Taekwondo after spending 3 to 6 years of training to receive a Taekwondo black belt. 

Chances are, by the time someone gets to black belt, they will have plenty of medals lying around their room from the competition and aspire to win more medals in their taekwondo journey. 

A Taekwondo Medal hanger makes a great gift as a reminder to keep on going with their journey and win more medals. 

Taekwondo Gifts For Kids

Instilling a love of learning is a GREAT GIFT any parent/grandparent can give to their children.

Taekwondo belt display is an excellent way for your child to keep track of their progress.

Still, most importantly, it will distill in their brains that they will achieve their goals if they stay disciplined and commit to long-term success. 

Gifts For Taekwondo Students

The difference between good taekwondo players vs. great taekwondo players is the number of focused training hours, among other things. 

For Taekwondo students, Wall-mounted kicking pads are great for self-training outside dojang.

It may not always be possible but if you are able to install a large mirror next to the wall-mounted kicking pads, Taekwondo student can self-correct their kicking form. 

Overall, Wall-mounted kicking pads are an awesome taekwondo training tool to train by themselves.

Taekwondo Symbolic Gifts

Mudoin Taekwondo Open Uniform is a fantastic gift because it is comfortable to wear.

Still, the quality and design are elegant and top quality. 

Taekwondo Test Gifts

Even if you are a 5th dan black belt in Taekwondo, you can always go back to foundations and learn about Taekwondo Philosophy, Technique, and Traditions. 

Taekwondo by Marc Tedeschi is an excellent book that explains both traditional and modern approaches to Taekwondo in self-defense and in Sport.

Marc is a prolific writer, and it is easy to feel his passion for material arts through this book.

Especially after someone has passed their Taekwondo Test, this book is an excellent reminder that there is so much more to learn and always have a student mindset and HUNGRY FOR KNOWLEDGE.

If your children or friend loves Taekwondo, they will appreciate this book. 

Personalised Taekwondo Gifts

A soft teddy bear with a personally written gift card is great to add a PERSONAL TOUCH to a taekwondo gift.

A great way to congratulate your Taekwondo friend for winning a competition or surprise them with a gift. 

Best Taekwondo Gift 

If you want to go all out with your Taekwondo gift, Century Bob XL is hands down one of the best gift for Taekwondo players.

You can IMAGINE THE ENJOYMENT your friend or children will get from kicking Bob’s squishy face. 

Especially when you have sand in the bottom, it is not easily knocked over and overall, bob IS STUDY. 

Compared to kicking bag Bob not only looks like a real opponent but when you do a spinning hook kick, for example, you can follow through with the kick through Bob’s squishy face. 

One great feature of Bob is its height is adjustable from 60 to 82 inches or 1.5 meters to 2 meters. This means a taekwondo player can practice their head and body kicks at various heights. 

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