Finding an Appropriate Overgrip for Sweaty Hands

  • As sweat-absorbent as possible – indicated in the product description
  • Tacky enough for optimum performance
  • Sufficiently durable

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Gavin Davison   Gavin Davison

In my experience, overgrips are FAR BETTER at dealing with sweaty palms compared with replacement grips.

They are usually much better at absorbing sweat, generally tackier, and in my personal opinion, they have a better FEEL TO THEM.

My personal favorite overgrip for sweaty hands is:

I like the feeling of a THINNER GRIP as it makes me feel like I’ve got more control over the racket, as crazy as that might sound.

And since I am a bit of a sufferer with sweaty hands when playing, I can confirm that overgrips are the best way of overcoming this problem – if you ignore other external products!

In terms of sourcing the very best overgrips for sweaty hands, I’ve come up with my top five recommendations below. 

My top five picks

Wilson Pro Overgrip

Wilson makes great products for tennis players, PERIOD.

They make some of the best rackets, string, and for our purpose, the best overgrips.

They are a LITTLE PRICER than others, but the quality is exceptional.

Especially with the Pro Overgrip, these are SUPER TACKY, durable, and they have a great feel in the hand.

Personally, I like the white version, as it LOOKS CLASSIC – something that Federer would use at Center Court Wimbledon.

However, it comes in many different colors, so you’ve got plenty of options here.

Key Features

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Polyurethane material
  • Very stretchable


  • Used by Roger Federer
  • Can be bought in bulk


  • Pricier than others

Tourna Grip Original

This was the grip of choice for MANY PROFESSIONALS back in the day.

We are talking about the likes of Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, and countless others.

They’re not as popular these days since the market has many other competitors, but this is still a fantastic grip for sweaty palms.

I actually used this grip for MANY YEARS, mainly while playing in college, and it never failed me.

It has quite a DRY FEEL to it, unlike modern-day grips that are designed to be as tacky as possible. But with that said, it’s amazingly sweat-absorbent, and it still performs well when wet.

Key Features

  • A legendary grip
  • Dry and soft feel
  • Pre-cut and ready to go


  • Used by countless professionals over the years
  • Reversible for extra usage


  • Only available in one color

Babolat VS Overgrip

If it’s good enough for Nadal, it’s got to be fairly decent, right?

If you’re a fan of soft, tacky grips, this one will suit you down to the ground.

I’ve used these in the past, and THEY CERTAINLY have a good amount of padding in the grip, without being too chunky.

You can only get these grips in white or black right now, but most players prefer these basic colors anyway!

And in terms of the grip’s sweat absorbing properties, the non-woven layer of the grip absorbs sweat RAPIDLY and EFFECTIVELY

Key Features

  • Used by Nadal and Fognini
  • Incredibly soft on your hands
  • Rapid sweat absorption


  • Great for humid conditions
  • Not as harsh on your hands as others


  • Loses its tack quicker than other overgrips

Yonex Super Grap

Yonex isn’t quite as PROLIFIC as other brands in the tennis world these days.

They are usually good at creating high-performance rackets, but that’s about the only category where they are competing with major players.

However, I’ve unearthed THIS COOL OVERGRIP that is fairly cheap, absorbs sweat well, and is available in pretty much whatever color you like.

The only thing with this one is that while it performs great at the beginning, it can wear quickly in certain parts of the grip, but that depends on how often YOU PLAY!

Key Features

  • Available in many different colors
  • Polyurethane material
  • Can be bought in 3-packs or in bulk


  • Cheaper than most overgrips
  • Very tacky feel


  • Not great in humid/damp conditions

Head Xtreme Soft

And finally, we have a fairly solid overgrip from Head.

This one is specifically DESIGNED FOR PLAYERS with hugely sweaty hands, as seen with the design.

This one has multiple holes all over the grip that allows the sweat to seep through and not sit there on the surface, which can lead to all kinds of problems.

On top of that, it has an immensely tacky feel to it, which keeps your hand feeling dry, keeps the contact firm on the grip, and it actually HELPS TO AVOID excess moisture build-up too.

Key Features

  • Holes in the grip for rapid absorption
  • Very thin for a great feel
  • Multiple colors available


  • Nice packaging for easy transportation
  • Middle of the road in terms of price


  • The highly tacky feel won’t suit everyone

And the winner is ….

When all is said and done, the question has to be answered – which overgrip should you go for?

In my experience, I would have to shoot with the original Tourna Grip.

It has served me very well OVER THE YEARS, and I generally love the feel of this grip compared to all of the others.

I’m not really one for the immensely tacky feel, but then again, that’s all a matter of personal preference.

And to be honest, that’s why I prefer this grip, because it is NICE and SOFT, TACKY without having to peel your hand off the grip, and it absorbs moisture incredibly well.

It’s also a pretty economical grip too.

When I was a college student, I would flip the grip around and TURN IT upside down to get as much use as I could from just one grip.

Back in the day when every cent mattered, this was something that I found to be HIGHLY BENEFICIAL.

But of course, above all else, it’s the performance of this grip that has kept me going back for more throughout my career!

Do let us know if any of these grips help with your sweaty hands!

And if you have any other recommendations, feel free to add these in the comments.

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