Best Baseball Hitting Books Reviewed In 2023

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Andrew Buller-Russ   Andrew Buller-Russ

There are many great baseball books available on the market today.

Many of them help accomplish different things.

Some of them can help teach players how to be better on the BASEBALL DIAMOND.

Although, some modern methods may be more effective such as visual aids or short gif clips followed by detailed step-by-step instructions.

There are still many great baseball books that can help.

Even if they were written a while ago, there are still a lot of good bits of information that can help a YOUNG PLAYER IMPROVE.

What To Look For

If you are looking for a baseball book that can help you improve your hitting approach at the plate, there are some GEMS out there.

I do admit, though, that there are not AS MANY AS YOU WOULD THINK.

Best Baseball Hitting Books

It seems that not as many people are writing baseball books to help hitters improve in the modern day.

With that being said, there are some great hitting books out there.

Some of my favorites are some that were written or helped written by some professional baseball legends of the game.

Tony Gwynn’s The Art of Hitting is a great baseball book written in 1998 that dives into the mechanics of:

  • Hitting
  • Including Grip
  • Stance
  • Balance
  • Footwork
  • Release Point
  • Swing
  • Follow-Through

Tony Gwynn’s book is 144 pages long and it includes a foreword written by the great Ted Williams.

Gwynn was a great hitter for a long time and won 8 National League batting titles in his time in the Major Leagues.

Though this book may be a bit tougher to find at your local library, it is available online.

Recommendation For You – Tony Gwynn’s The Art of Hitting

Speaking of Ted Williams, he wrote the other great hitting book I would recommend:

The Science of Hitting – Written in 1986 by Williams and co-authored by John Underwood and Robert Cupp, the Science of Hitting is well known in the baseball community.

The Science of Hitting is 96 pages long.

Regarded as possibly the best hitter of all time, I definitely recommend giving the Science of Hitting a read.

It can’t hurt. Many great baseball players read the book at some point in their lives.

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