Best Baseball Books for Kids Reviewed In 2023

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Andrew Buller-Russ   Andrew Buller-Russ

To choose the best baseball book for kids, there are so many options, getting started can be overwhelming.

I remember when I was going to the library as a young kid.

I had no idea where to start!

The library is this large blank canvas with literally thousands of books, how could I know what a good book was?

Well from looking at the cover right?

Haha wrong!

What To Look For

The first thing I did of course was to find the sports section.

Once I was there, it QUICKLY BECAME A PROBLEM.

best baseball books for kids

I had never been in one place with so much reading material; it was like I was IN A DREAM.

I am sure my parents were happy too, I finally had plenty of reading material to stay out of their hair for a few days.

They no longer had to worry about me behaving or knocking things down in the house.

I had my head in a book and I was going to be busy for the foreseeable future.


Of course, they also had to keep bringing me back.

It seemed like each time I went, there was a new book or something else had caught my eye, I WAS HOOKED.

I began to notice that a lot of the baseball books I had were written by the same name, Mike Lupica.

Yeah, I liked reading biographies, non-fiction and fictional stories, but I liked Mike Lupica’s STYLE.

His books are not really lengthy and they do a great job of immersing you in the story.

He even has some books that extend into a book series or a trilogy.

This kept me chasing MORE AND MORE of his books.

Pretty much any book you can find by Mike Lupica, I would recommend.

Unfortunately, since he has written so many sportsbooks, not just baseball, it is very hard to recommend just one.

So if I had to recommend a good place to start, find some books written by Mike Lupica.

You cannot go wrong with his work.

Recommendation For You – Baseball Biographies For Kids by Dean Burrell

However, if I am selecting just one book, it is not from Mike Lupica.

The book I would recommend for young readers is called Baseball Biographies for Kids.

The Greatest Players from the 1960s TO TODAY.

This book is very interactive and great for young readers.

This book is a compilation of sports biographies of many of baseball’s greatest recent modern players.

Though, if you are looking for a fictional tale, you may want to look elsewhere.

Each story in this book is True.

Written by Dean Burrell, Baseball Biographies for Kids will keep your child interested to keep reading till the end.

If your kid likes history or true stories complete with baseball stats, THEY WILL LOVE THIS BOOK.

It is also currently the #1 New Release in Children’s Baseball Books on

I know there are many great kids’ baseball books out there.

Though I have covered several, I want to hear from you.

Which children’s baseball book have you found or have your kids found that they really like?

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