Unleash Your Inner Warrior: How to Personalize Your Taekwondo Uniform with Patches

  • You Can Personalize Your Taekwondo Uniform With Patches.
  • Guidelines Specify Where To Place Ata And Victory Patches With Stars.
  • You Can Sew Them On By Hand Or With A Machine Using Specific Instructions.

Taekwondo Patches On Uniform And Patches Placement

Howdy Taekwondo Players! Did you receive a new Taekwondo patch from your instructor, or do you want to add a Taekwondo patch to your Uniform?

You have come to the right place. Taekwondo patches can give your taekwondo uniform a certain flair; you will know exactly what to do after reading this short article.

taekwondo patches

Dojang will have various guidelines and the freedom to have patches on their uniforms. 

If you don’t want to sew taekwondo patches to your uniform yourself, ask your family and friends who could help you.

After all, what is having family and friends for, right? 

You could always see if your dry cleaners alter clothes.

Dry cleaners will likely have a sewing machine to add patches to your taekwondo uniform. 

This video gives an excellent explanation of how you can add a patch to your uniform by hand. 

AWMA USA Korea Tae Kwon Do Patch

What Should I Use To Sew On Taekwondo Patches To Uniform?

Coquimbo Sewing Kit for Traveler, Adults, Beginner, Emergency, DIY Sewing Supplies Organizer Filled with Scissors, Thimble, Thread, Sewing Needles, Tape Measure etc (Black, S)

 You will need a needle and the same color thread as your taekwondo patches to sew on Taekwondo patches to your uniform.

Where Do ATA Taekwondo Patches Go On The Uniform

The ATA Taekwondo Patches go on your right chest on your taekwondo uniform.

An easy way to remember is where your taekwondo school patches by your heartbeat or YOUR LEFT CHEST.

And Your ATA Taekwondo Patches stay on the left chest opposite your Taekwondo School Patch. 

ATA Taekwondo Uniform Patches And What Do They Stand For

ATA is short for the American Taekwondo Association.

ATA is a material arts organization with hundreds of schools and members. ATA is known for having a good and kind instructor. 

Mary Jo gives an awesome guide to her Taekwondo Uniform and ATA Patch. 

Where Do The Stars Go On Taekwondo Victory Patches

First, well done for earning your victory patch and showing outstanding behavior and skill in your class. 

Tiger Claw International Taekwondo Federation Patch - 4" dia

You can place Stars anywhere on the Victory patch.

How To Iron On Star Patches For Taekwondo

  1. Heat your Iron nice and warm.
  2. Iron your Taekwondo uniform to make sure there are no creases. 
  3. Place your Star Patch on the victory patch exactly where you want it to go. 
  4. Place the cloth right on top of your star patch. 
  5. Iron on top of your start patch and the cloth for around 30 seconds. 

How To Sew On Taekwondo Patches 

We don’t need to make sewing taekwondo patches more complicated than it needs to be.

You will be a sewing master for your taekwondo uniform and clothes after watching this video. 

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How To Position Taekwondo Patches

Your first time sewing or ironing your Taekwondo patches could be a little annoying if you get it wrong.

Watch the guide and videos in this article to help you give more confidence.

If you are still unsure but have a generous training buddy, ask for their help 🙂

Where To Put Taekwondo Patches

The easy way to remember where your Taekwondo school patch goes is over the heart or your left chest. 

Country Flag Patch – American flag patch goes to the top of the Left Sleeve adjacent to your Taekwondo school patch or close to your heart. 

Rank Patch – It goes just under your shoulder on the right upper chest. 

Other Patches: Any other patches which could be the best student, best sparring, among other things, go on the Right Sleeve.

Essential to have patches as close as possible so you have plenty of room for additional patches you will receive in the future. 

Rank Stars: Rank Star is arranged in color order, i.e., White, Yellow, Green, Blue… and goes on the top left lapel. 

Please look at this page for visuals.

How To Sew Taekwondo Patches Without Sewing Machine

In the modern age, very few people use a sewing machine, and it takes time to get good at using a sewing machine.

You can do a good job sewing by hand.

This video is a perfect example and comes with a great explanation. 

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