Top 5 Best Women Tennis Racket Reviews In 2024

While there aren’t any tennis racquets out there that are ‘gender specific’ so to SPEAK, there are racquets that are more suited to female players rather than male players.

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Gavin Davison   Gavin Davison

Characteristics such as lighter frames, more POWERFUL string beds, larger sweet spots, and racquets that are generally manufactured for baseline play are often more suitable.

I’ve crafted a list of my favorite frames that I truly think help female players to improve their games, so I hope that you find some value in my recommendations below.

#1: Babolat Pure Aero Team

The first racquet on this list and my number ONE recommendation is the Babolat pure aero team.

When you choose any racquet from the pure aero range, you can be sure that you are purchasing quality and comfort.

The pure aero team is not to be confused with the pure aero drive however, for the specifications are slightly different.

The pure aero team is suited for female tennis players for a number of reasons, and you will find that most of the racquets in this category have been picked because they fit a particular need.

Female players tend to (but not always) prefer slightly lighter frames, racquets that have more power, and racquets that are well suited to baseline play.

Key Features

  • One of the top frames in the pure aero range
  • Offers a very desirable racquet weight (285g)
  • Purpose-built for added topspin on groundstrokes
  • Well suited to players who prefer to rally from the back


  • Weight unstrung: 285g
  • String pattern: 16 x 19
  • Head size: 100 square inches
  • Balance: 330mm (head light)
  • Beam width: 23mm


  • Has a wider sweet spot compared to other frames in this category
  • Can save more than £80 on this frame right now
  • Offers a surprisingly solid feel for quite a powerful racquet


  • Depending on the string, this racquet can get above 300g (doesn’t suit everyone)
  • Despite the saving, this frame is still over £100

#2: Wilson Burn 100 ULS

The entire burn range for Wilson had so much hype a few years ago, but the general EXCITEMENT and buzz surrounding this range of frames seems to have disappeared.

In my opinion, this is only the case because Wilson is constantly bringing out the new racquet ranges. The technology used for the Wilson burn is just as relevant now as it was when it first came out.

I’ve actually played with this frame a number of times, and I would rate it as a racquet that is much BETTER than the average frame on the market.

It isn’t suited to those players who are trying to hit with tons of topspin, but it is a very solid racquet for all other game styles.

Key Features

  • Awesome color blend of black and orange
  • Thinner beam for a greater sense of control and feel
  • Previously used by world number 1, Simona Halep
  • Very easy on the elbow due to the balance of the frame


  • Weight unstrung: 278g
  • String pattern: 16 x 18
  • Head size: 100 square inches
  • Balance: 340mm (1 point head light)
  • Beam width: 23.5mm


  • racquet is a couple of seasons old, therefore you can grab one for cheap
  • It’s a racquet that forces you to use the correct technique
  • Ideal for those who prefer the hustle of the baseline


  • Wilson has developed better technology since the release of this racquet
  • The burn range has been discontinued, so you can’t keep buying frames

#3: Head Instinct Lite

Head has manufactured a number of TOP-LEVEL racquets for juniors as well as female players.

I’ve coached plenty of juniors who prefer to use Head racquets, and as my coaching days continue, I’ve started to notice a growing trend in female players choosing Head frames. This realization led me to source the Head Instinct Lite racquet.

As you may have already guessed by the name of this racquet, it offers a LIGHTER frame than some others in this category.

You may prefer lighter racquets or you may not, but either way, this racquet has a host of other features for why it can be a really suitable female racquet.

Key Features

  • Absolutely awesome blue color
  • Larger head size for greater ease of hitting the ball
  • Manufactured using Graphene for a very sturdy frame
  • Quite a large sweet spot


  • Weight unstrung: 270g
  • String pattern: 16 x 19
  • Head size: 107 square inches
  • Balance: 340mm
  • Beam width: 23mm


  • One of the best color racquets available
  • Offers a huge head size, which is also great for beginner and intermediate players
  • Racquet can be maneuvered with ease, even for reaction volleys


  • Player’s have sometimes complained that the head size is just too big
  • Racquet has a bit more vibration than you may be used to

#4: Yonex Ezone 100

With technology designed for reduced VIBRATION accompanied with Yonex’s trademark flatter racquet head, I felt that this frame deserved its recognition on this list.

It may be a bit on the ugly side with the somewhat army themed color scheme, but if you can look past that you’ll find a frame that offers control and comfort.

For a racquet that has been built for added control and comfort however, you can certainly pack a punch if you connect with the ball in the right zone.

This is again ideal if you are seeking a racquet to assist in those baseline battles, but the racquet goes far BEYOND just this.

I’ve put together the reasons why this racquet could be suitable for you right here, and as an added bonus – this racquet has been personally recommended to me by female performance players.

Key Features

  • Hyper-MG technology in the head of the frame
  • Typical flatter top of the frame seen with other Yonex racquets
  • Heavier frame meaning much more torque when contacting the ball
  • Feels fantastic when hitting touch volleys and drop shots


  • Weight unstrung: 300g
  • String pattern: 16 x 19
  • Head size: 100 square inches
  • Balance: 330mm (4 points head light)
  • Beam width: 24mm


  • Relatively head light for increased racquet mobility
  • Generates more power than the reduced head size model (Ezone 98)
  • Reduced racquet flex on impact with the ball


#5: Babolat Pure Drive Lite

I know what you’re thinking – another Babolat Pure Drive frame, surely not?

Trust me, when Babolat designed these frames they knew what they were doing.

While this racquet is built for players who don’t quite have the physical strength for the heavier version, it still packs enough of a punch to help improve your game.

Plus, it’s almost like playing with nothing in your hand at times with this FRAME!

Some may like that feeling and some won’t, which is all down to personal preference.

I personally prefer racquets that carry more weight in the head, but each to their own. It’s still a fantastic frame that has served thousands of players around the tennis world perfectly well.

Key Features

  • Wide string pattern built for monstrous power
  • Much larger sweet spot than other brands
  • Diamond grommet shapes to go along with the FSI power technology
  • The same baby blue color as other pure drive models


  • Weight unstrung: 270g
  • String pattern: 16 x 19
  • Head size: 100 square inches
  • Balance: 340mm
  • Beam width: 23mm


  • Don’t need to swing super fast to generate large amounts of power
  • Won’t fatigue your arm, even after hours of play
  • Racquet head size is just right to suit a wide range of players


  • Much lighter frame than other racquets built for female players
  • If you can already generate power, this racquet isn’t great

If you’ve seen a racquet in my recommendations that you think is a PERFECT fit for you, then great – be sure to get a hold of this racquet whenever you can and keep advancing your game.

If you didn’t find a racquet that would perfectly suit your game, please don’t fret, for you can still apply the same specifications your own search for that ideal racquet.

Even if it takes a few trial runs of each frame that you’re contemplating getting, that is perfectly FINE, for there is no need to rush such an important decision.

Take your time, and wait until you find what you feel is the right racquet for you.

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