How to Serve in Tennis for Beginners

How to Serve in Tennis for Beginners

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison The serve is ARGUABLY THE MOST important shot in tennis. It’s the only shot that you’ve got complete control over. And it’s ALSO CRITICAL that you hold on to your service games when playing competitively. Needless to say, it’s a shot that you need to learn if you are

What Do Tennis Players Drink

What Do Tennis Players Drink?

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison Whenever you watch a professional tennis match, there are ALL KINDS OF BEVERAGES flying around. Novak Djokovic famously has his own concoction that he drinks on the court, although he hasn’t disclosed what’s in there. Whatever it is, it SEEMS TO WORK QUITE WELL, I’d say! With that said,

How Long Does a High School Tennis Match Last

From Love to Match Point: How Long Does a High School Tennis Match Last?

   Gavin Davison    Your Guide High school tennis is the STEPPING STONE for players before moving into college tennis. Anyone can play on the team ONCE THEY START high school. Both boy’s and girl’s tennis matches are played, and generally, there will be many inter-school matches played each season. As for how long the

What was the first tennis ball made of

What Was the First Tennis Ball Made Of?

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison This is actually a very interesting topic. The more you research, THE MORE YOU’LL REALIZE that opinions and facts vary greatly. However, historians believe that the original tennis ball dates back to the 1300s. With this being 700 years ago, sadly, NO LIVING HUMAN CAN CONFIRM – none that

How to tape tennis elbow

How to Tape Tennis Elbow?

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison Tennis elbow is one of the MOST FRUSTRATING INJURIES out there. In fact, at the time of writing, I am actually undergoing physio for this EXACTLY INJURY! When you play, your elbow hurts, of course. But away from the court, tennis elbow can actually impact daily tasks too. This

What is a foot fault in tennis

What Is a Foot Fault in Tennis?

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison If you’ve watched a fair bit of LIVE TENNIS before, you’ve probably seen a foot fault called before. Basically, a foot fault is called by a lines judge; specifically, the baseline judge, should a player STEP ONTO THE BASELINE in the middle of their motion. It can happen in

How to win a tennis match against a better player

How to Win a Tennis Match Against a Better Player

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison It goes without saying that when you PLAY BETTER PLAYERS, the odds aren’t in your favor. After all, that’s why they would be viewed as being a better player THAN YOU ARE! Now, unless your name is Novak Djokovic, you are going to play against players who are better

what is an unforced error in tennis

How to Win a Tennis Match Against a Better Player

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison There are few things MORE FRUSTRATING in tennis than unforced errors. Hit too many and your opponent could win the match without needing to do too much. As detailed above, an unforced error describes any error that has been hit without being under any pressure. Everyone from amateurs to

The best tennis rebounder

Choosing the Right Tennis Rebounder

Cost-effective Strong design (durable, weather resistant, good meshing) Portable and versatile    Your Guide    Gavin Davison These are the three MOST IMPORTANT elements for me when looking at purchasing a tennis rebounder. This piece of equipment can be great if you get the right one, but there are some not so great ones out

Best Tennis Overgrips

Finding an Appropriate Overgrip for Sweaty Hands

As sweat-absorbent as possible – indicated in the product description Tacky enough for optimum performance Sufficiently durable    Your Guide    Gavin Davison In my experience, overgrips are FAR BETTER at dealing with sweaty palms compared with replacement grips. They are usually much better at absorbing sweat, generally tackier, and in my personal opinion, they

How to beat a pusher in tennis

How to Beat a Pusher in Tennis

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison If you’ve played a fair amount of competitive tennis before, there’s a STRONG CHANCE you’ve come across what we would call a ‘pusher’. Basically, this is someone who simply pushes the ball into play, not doing much with it and waiting for you to miss in order to win

Why get yourself a tennis rebounder

Why Get Yourself a Tennis Rebounder?

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison Tennis rebounders aren’t necessarily something new, but not many people realize THE BENEFITS of actually investing in this piece of equipment. It may seem a little quirky at first, with a strange-looking mesh and a white line to represent a net, but these cool little gadgets can be awesome

Sweaty Hands in Tennis

How to Tell if Your Hands Are ‘Overly Sweaty’ in Tennis

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison If you HAVE BEEN or are experiencing any of the issues above, DON’T WORRY, I’ve been there. In fact, I’ve managed to crack several rackets over the course of my career simply because the racket was FLYING OUT of my hands. One of my not so fond memories was

Tennis Ball Pressure

Tennis Ball Pressure – What Actually Is It?

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison If you’ve ever opened a BRAND NEW tin of tennis balls before, you’ll instinctively know that tennis balls (and their cans) are pressurized. All sports balls are pressurized to a certain degree, however, and this is necessary FOR THEM to travel through the Air and Bounce. Without this pressure,

How long do tennis balls last

How Long Do Tennis Balls Last

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison As you can see, there is no EXACT ANSWER to this question. It really does depend on: Take myself as an example. I still play tennis 3/4 times per week, and without BLOWING MY own trumpet, the balls get a fair thrashing out there on the court. So after

Tennis Ball Machine

Where to Find a Solid Used Tennis Ball Machine?

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison Those are my top three recommendations if you’re looking to GRAB a used tennis ball machine right now. 1) eBay Starting with eBay, is one of the greatest online platforms for finding quality second-hand goods. You’d be SURPRISED at the number of tennis-related items on eBay as it happens,

How to clean a tennis court

How to Clean a Tennis Court

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison Tennis is an awesome sport, that we all know. And one of the sure-fire ways to keep it as fun as possible is to play on a clean court. I’m not talking about trash here, I’m talking about keeping the actual court surface as clean as possible. This is

John Isner Professional tennis players who started late

From Late Bloomers to Tennis Pros: The Incredible Journeys of These Athletes

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison Many professional players on both the ATP and WTA circuits started playing tennis aged 3 or less. In fact, when researching the top players… I discovered that this was pretty much THE NORM! I’m fairly sure I was still learning how to color in images correctly at age 3

What is a rally in tennis

What Is a Rally in Tennis

   Your Guide    Gavin Davison Of course, rally structures and lengths can vary quite significantly, but at the very fundamental level, it’s all about consistently hitting a ball in the court between two or four players. When kids are starting out in tennis, you’ll often hear coaches asking them to rally their age, which

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