Taekwondo Punching Bag

taekwondo punching bag

Are you a little bored of just going through the motion with kicking thin air? Taekwondo punching bag could be a great next step for your Taekwondo Training. 

What is Punching Bag In Taekwondo

A punching bag is used across various materials arts, and Taekwondo is NO EXCEPTION.

The Taekwondo punching bag gives you the ability to practice your kicking techniques and various kicks combination to the bag you learned in the class.

Hanging Punching Bag VS Free Standing Punching Bag For Taekwondo 

The majority of Taekwondo players prefer hanging punching bag compared to the freestanding punching bag. 

There are Taekwondo players who don’t mind freestanding punching bag.

However, most Taekwondo players are not too fond of kicking a free stationary punching bag because a freestanding punching bag FEELS RIGID to practice Taekwondo kicks and FULLY FOLLOW THOROUGH with your kick. 

Still, they are fantastic for punching, particularly body shots. 

It is a little less fun to do a combination of kicks on the freestanding punching bag as the bag stays stationary and does not move.

In comparison, you get some movement of the bag from a hanging bag. 

Hanging Punching Bag

Hanging punching bags can be more fun because:

  • You Can Follow Through With Your Kicks Better, and
  • The Target Does Not Stay Stationary After Your Kick. 

Hanging punching bags requires slightly more space and effort to install; however, they are awesome for practicing your Taekwondo kick. 

See how much fun this guy is having with the hanging punching bag for Taekwondo. 

Freestanding Punching Bag

Freestanding punching bags are:

  • Easier to Install
  • Cost Less, and
  • Are Perfect for Beginners to Practice Their Roundhouse, Sick Kick, and Back Kicks.

Spinning hook kicks in both Freestanding and hanging punching bags are not great to kick with full power because you can’t fully follow through with your kick as you are likely to hurt your knees. 

You can do tons of kicking drills in a freestanding punching bag however personally I love and prefer hanging punching back compared to a free-standing punching bag for kicking and punching too because YOU GET MOVEMENT FROM THE BAG.

Taekwondo Punching Bag Use and Purpose

Taekwondo Punching bag is used for:

  • Developing power in your kicks
  • Practice your defensive and offensive kicking technique in the bag
  • Toughen up your feet and hands
  • Enhance your aerobic fitness/stamina
  • Improve your coordination and balance of your kicks
  • Conditions your tendons and bones 

You will find Taekwondo punching bags used in almost every dojang, and they are a lot of fun to get your frustrations out 🙂

What Kind of Punching Bag Do You Need For Taekwondo

It would be best to have a punching bag, ideally, half your weight, to practice your taekwondo kicks.

A larger heavy bag will allow you to practice your kicks with SPEED and POWER. 

Hanging punching bags are ideal for Taekwondo kicks; however, freestanding punching will also do a decent job. 

Taekwondo Punching Bag Drills and Training

As the saying goes, TRAIN HARD FIGHT EASY.

Taekwondo punching bags are a great alternative if you are training by yourself or don’t have a training partner to hold a kicking pad. 

In terms of the rounds, There are several ways you can do this, as Taekwondo matches are 2 minutes of 3 rounds.

You can set a timer for 4 minutes of 6 rounds, so you are doing twice the amount of time required during the competition. 

Alex has dozens of taekwondo drills videos, from basics to advanced, which you can IMPLEMENT IN YOUR TAEKWONDO DRILLS.

Kicking a Punching bag is lots of fun and be sure to create your combination and techniques and have fun with it. Here is a great example:

Bob is fantastic for practicing your spinning hook kick or any combination of head kicks to Bob’s Squishy face. 

What Is The Best Thing To Fill A Free Standing Taekwondo Punching Bag

You have a couple of options here.

1) Filling up your freestanding Taekwondo punching bag WITH WATER should be sturdy enough for any roundhouse kick, side kick, among other kicks. 

It may even be able to withstand step in back kick with full power depending on your size. 

2) If you want to make your base strong and stable, fill the freestanding punching bag WITH SAND.

Most often than not, however, filling the freestanding punching bag with water should be sufficient. 

Taekwondo Punching Bag For Kids

Punching bags are great for kids, not just a great way to keep them active but help them continue to get better while away from Taekwondo classes. 

A freestanding punching bag will be great for kids and gives you a perfect excuse to train them on the side. Acoodone Free standing punching bag an excellent option and not too pricey.

Best Inflatable Punching Bag Taekwondo

Suppose your kid is younger than seven years old. In that case, you could consider getting an inflatable free-standing punching bag, among which Cestbella produces great inflatable free-standing punching bags for kids. 

Best Hanging Punching Bag For Taekwondo

Outslayer has an excellent reputation and produces gold standard punching bag for Taekwondo.

Overall high-quality product and a solid punching bag for Taekwondo. 

Best Punching Bag For Taekwondo

Outslayer is the best punching bag out there for Taekwondo currently in the market. 

Suppose you are looking for a freestanding punching bag option.

In that case, Century has an excellent reputation and produces one of the best freestanding punching bags for Taekwondo training.

Which Is The Strongest Kick In Taekwondo?

Which Is The Strongest Kick In Taekwondo?

Strongest Kick In Taekwondo

The strongest kick in Taekwondo is the Step-In Sidekick.

Back kicks and sidekicks were used to train Korean soldiers in Real Unarmed Combat situations during ancient times.


If you add a step before your turning sidekick, you can generate more momentum, speed, and power for your kick. 

The Disadvantage of Step In Side Kick

As you are turning away from your opponent it could leave you vulnerable for split second and are a little slower to execute compared to a spinning hook kick or back kick.

A Step-in sidekick is very rarely used during the Taekwondo competition for this reason.

However, with a step-in sidekick, you can produce a LOT OF POWER.

Step In Side Kick In Action

See the step in sidekick in action at 1 min mark. This kick is a real Joe Rogan Experience 🙂

(Who does not want a hype man like the cameraman. I would want him on my every training session)

This kick right there that Joe just demonstrated a STEP-IN SIDEKICK is the most powerful kick in taekwondo or in any material arts.

I don’t know about you but after watching his video I am looking for a heavy back to practice more of this kick.

God damn… Those kicks have SERIOUS POWER! 

Joe’s kick is moving FASTER THAN THE speed of sound.

Not even kidding.

Step in back kick has so much power to potentially permanently damage your lungs and ribs if you’re kicked this by a person the same size as you.

Getting a step-in back kick won’t feel good on anyone’s ribs/stomach, that’s for sure. 

4 Keys To Step In Back Kick

A Step-in sidekick is an advanced kick in Taekwondo where you need first fully to be able to execute side kicks and back kicks with POWER and SPEED.

Once you have mastered and perfected your back kick and side kick basics, the step in back kick can be executed with more speed and power. 

  1. FOCUS on as small area target as possible and fully concentrate on the execution of your kick.
  2. Have the correct Centre of BALANCE throughout your kick. (it is essential to master the basics of back kick)
  3. Use your MOMENTUM from your non-kicking foot and bring your body fully forward in a straight line right through your target. In short, fully follow through with your kick like Joe Rogan does in the video above. 
  4. As you get comfortable with the kick, practice executing the kick with more SPEED. As the equation goes, Force times Speed equals power. 

In the video below there is no full follow-through with the kick like Joe Rogan’s step in back kick above because it is designed for demonstration.

The step-in side back kicks technique is a slight variation of step-in-sidekicks. Practicing your step in back kick will help you get the flow and get the general momentum of the kick and help you transition to the step in the sidekick.

To be able to execute a step in sidekick you want to first master your stationary sidekick and back kicks.

If you are a beginner or intermediate level in Taekwondo you will get great value from Sang H. Kim’s Book Complete Kicking to understand and learn the fundamentals of the kicks.

Sang H. Kim covers in-depth over 40 taekwondo Kicks in his book Complete Kicking which guides you step by step for each kick with diagrams and pictures.

Grab a copy! you won’t be disappointed.

Van Roon in the video below gives a great demonstration of various back kicks which includes spinning sidekicks.

Once you have mastered the spinning sidekick, add a step to give your spinning sidekick momentum, and you will be able to execute a step in the sidekick like the Joe Rogan video above.

Van Roon does not seem to add much water or sand to Bob – hence dramatic falls 🙂 In case you were wondering.. I digress.

Can’t blame him. Who does not enjoy beating the s**** out BOB?

Taekwondo Gifts

Taekwondo Gifts

Taekwondo Gifts

Receiving the right Taekwondo gifts at the right time will make any Taekwondo Players day.

Besides the fact that Taekwondo player loves kicking most taekwondo players are always looking to grow and get better after each taekwondo session. 

A good gift could have a SIGNIFICANT IMPACT on Taekwondo players to supplement their Taekwondo Journey. 

Taekwondo Gifts For Instructors

A personalized handwritten card or a mug makes an excellent gift for Taekwondo Instructors.

Warm words of sincere appreciation through a card or mug, t-shirt make a perfect way to THANK OUR INSTRUCTOR.

Taekwondo Gifts For Him and Her

Regardless of gender, good Taekwondo students are always looking to take their skills to the next level, which means lots of training or kicking 🙂

You can’t go wrong with a good kicking pads gift

Another good Taekwondo Gift, especially if they do a lot of sparring or competition, is a quality Taekwondo Bag. 

Taekwondo bags will give enough space to store large sparring gears such as a chest protector or headgear in all one place. 

Taekwondo Black Belt Gifts

We have to be determined and dedicated to Taekwondo after spending 3 to 6 years of training to receive a Taekwondo black belt. 

Chances are, by the time someone gets to black belt, they will have plenty of medals laying around their room from the competition and aspire to win more medals in their taekwondo journey. 

Taekwondo Medal hanger makes a great gift as a reminder to keep on going with their journey and win more medals. 

Taekwondo Gifts For Kids

Instilling a love of learning is a GREAT GIFT any parent/grandparent can give to their children.

Taekwondo belt display is an excellent way for your child to keep track of their progress.

Still, most importantly, it will distill in their brains that they will achieve their goals if they stay disciplined and commit to long-term success. 

Gifts For Taekwondo Students

The difference between good taekwondo players vs. great taekwondo players is the number of focused training hours, among other things. 

For Taekwondo students, Wall-mounted kicking pads are great for self-training outside dojang.

It may not always be possible but if you are able to install a large mirror next to the wall-mounted kicking pads, Taekwondo student can self-correct their kicking form. 

Overall Wall-mounted kicking pads are an awesome taekwondo training tool to train by themselves.

Taekwondo Symbolic Gifts

Mudoin Taekwondo Open Uniform is a fantastic gift because it is comfortable to wear.

Still, the quality and design are elegant and top quality. 

Taekwondo Test Gifts

Even if you are 5th dan black belt in Taekwondo, we can always go back to foundations and learn about Taekwondo Philosophy, Technique, and Traditions. 

Taekwondo by Marc Tedeschi is an excellent book that explains both traditional and modern approaches to Taekwondo in self-defense and in Sport.

Marc is a prolific writer, and it is easy to feel his passion for material arts through this book.

Especially after someone has passed their Taekwondo Test, this book is an excellent reminder that there is so much more to learn and always have a student mindset and HUNGRY FOR KNOWLEDGE.

If your children or friend loves Taekwondo, they will appreciate this book. 

Personalised Taekwondo Gifts

A soft teddy bear with a personally written gift card is great to add a PERSONAL TOUCH to a taekwondo gift.

A great way to congratulate your Taekwondo friend for winning a competition or surprise them with a gift. 

Best Taekwondo Gift 

If you want to go all out with your Taekwondo gift, Century Bob XL is hands down one of the best gift for Taekwondo players.

You can IMAGINE THE ENJOYMENT your friend or children will get from kicking Bob’s squishy face. 

Especially when you have sand in the bottom it is not easily knocked over and overall bob IS STUDY. 

Compared to kicking bag bob not only looks like a realistic opponent but when you do a spinning hook kick, for example, you can follow through with the kick through Bob’s squishy face. 

One great feature of Bob is its height is adjustable from 60 to 82 inches or 1.5 meters to 2 meters. This means a taekwondo player can practice their head and body kicks at various heights. 

Taekwondo Sticks

taekwondo sticks

Going back to the ancient days of stick fighting, Taekwondo is a material art that uses sticks in their training.

Most Taekwondo dojang will teach you to train with long bamboo or foam stick compared to 3 section staff (Sahm Dan bong) or antique metal baton (sai), among other weapons. 

78" Martial Arts Training Stick w/ Carrying Bag

What Is The Stick Called In Taekwondo

The Taekwondo Stick is called Jahn Bong. Jahn Bong is around 1.8 meters or 5.9 feet (70 inches) long.

Taekwondo Soft Sparring Sticks

Foam rubber sticks are often used in Taekwondo for beginners to get used to the stick to prevent you from any possible INJURY. 

Taekwondo Escrima Sticks

Escrima sticks fighting are not frequently taught in most Taekwondo dogang.

Foam Escrima Sticks are roughly around 70 centimeter or 2 feet and weighs 100 grams.  

Taekwondo Sticks Trainings

Taekwondo sticks are often used for many taekwondo grading for senior belts.

Training with sticks could be as fun as kicking pads for you. 

Particularly in ITF Taekwondo, Stick trainings are MORE POPULAR compared to WTF Taekwondo where WTF Taekwondo FOCUSED MORE ON COMPETITION SPARRING TRAINING.

Matt gives great tutorial stick training for beginners. Check it out: 

Taekwondo Bag

Taekwondo Bag

TKD Bags

If you are already committed to Taekwondo, specific taekwondo bags can be an EXCELLENT INVESTMENT.

Moreover, suppose your children are into Taekwondo.

In that case, Taekwondo bags may prove to have a great ROI, and the bag may even last longer until your child becomes an adult.

Taekwondo Bag, Martial Arts Bag, Gear Equipment Bag MMA 10x26x10

Difference Between Taekwondo Bags VS Other Bags

Taekwondo bags are specifically designed to give you enough room to fit big taekwondo gears such as chest protectors, head guards, among other things.

Other bags may not be big enough for you to provide enough room to fit all your taekwondo gears.

Other bags may come with extra side pockets, which some Taekwondo Bags may not have, but you may realize that you don’t need them for your taekwondo training. 

What Size Taekwondo Bag Should I Get

AAMA US Flag Martial Arts Taekwondo Sparring Gear Equipment Bag - Stars and Stripes

Taekwondo Bags comes in various sizes, so it can be confusing to select the right size.

Generally, you won’t go wrong with choosing a large-size Taekwondo bag.

A large Taekwondo bag will give you ample space to fit your taekwondo chest protectors and squeeze in any taekwondo training gear.

Looking After Your Taekwondo Bag

A Taekwondo bag is a bag, after all. With all your hard work and sweat inside your training gears, IT WILL SMELL.

Be sure always to unzip your taekwondo bag between practices to make the smell go away.

Other than frequently washing your taekwondo bag you can try deodorizing balls to give your bag a good smell.

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