Top 4 Best Shoes for Dancing All Night Reviews In 2024

I’ve recently read an article published in Scientific American about the bonds that dancing can CREATE between people.

It turns out that there are two KEY ways that make this happen:

  • Exertion and
  • Synchronicity

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Alexandra Romanmi   Alexandra Romanmi

Apparently, dancing at social gatherings causes what scientists have described as blurring of the self into the groups people are surrounded by, thanks to the TENDENCY to synchronize with others – so you may be experiencing something close to the death of the ego.

Another hypothesis that could explain why dancing leads to BONDING between people refers to the release of hormones such as endorphins during intense physical exercise.

Whether it’s because of physical exertion or synchronicity, one thing is clear:

Dancing gets us closer to other human beings and it helps us become part of something bigger than ourselves. 

The conclusion is clear: You got to go dance all NIGHT LONG.

But when you do, make sure you choose the right shoes to accompany you!

Best Shoes for Dancing All Night

There are three things you need to keep in mind when choosing the shoes you go out dancing with:

they need to be well secured to your feet (unless, again, you want to play Cinderella and let Prince Charming know you’re in town), They need to have enough CUSHIONING and the heel has to be medium and sturdy.

I know we all love stilettoes, but they do not love us back. All they do is hurt us.

And who wants to get hurt when they go to a party? 


Here are a few affordable options for the times you want to go out and rock the dance floor:

#1: 2.5″ Heel Flex Character Shoes By Capezio

So here comes my number one recommendation for a comfy night out: Capezio!

Capezio is an old and famous dancewear manufacturer founded by Salvatore Capezio back in 1887 and the exact model I recommend for a night full of dance is the 2.5 “Heel Flex Character Shoe.

They are ELEGANT, so you can match them quite easily with your outfit, yet very comfortable thanks to a foam padded foot bed and a ¾ steel shank – the Capezio Signature Construction. Your feet will thank you.

The secure T strap with the buckle closure keeps the shoes tied to your feet, so you won’t lose them the first time someone steps on you on the DANCE FLOOR.

And we all know that happens a lot.

The upper and forefoot are made of leather and satin respectively, which to me seems like a very classy combination.

The sole is made of suede, so you might want to put them on once you actually got to the party, so the concrete on the street won’t damage them.

The toe box is round which is the shape I personally PREFER as the pointy ones favour the development of ingrown nails and dancers know best how much these can hurt.

As the name suggests the heel height is 2.5”, but there is also an identical model that features a 1.5 “heel, in case you want to be even comfier.

They are all black, so they will go with literally everything you choose to wear. The sizes range from 5 to 10.5 and the width can be medium or wide.


  • They are the kind of one time investment every woman should make for a comfy, yet classy night out.
  • They are affordable compared to other options and very versatile in terms of outfit matching.
  • The leather and satin combination is very elegant.
  • The foam padded foot bed makes them very comfortable to wear.


  • The sole is especially made for dance floors and it can get damaged on the street.
  • The colour scheme is limited to all black.

#2: Stelle 2.5″ t Strap Character Dance Shoes

Here comes a more affordable, yet very ELEGANT character shoe that you might like to take on your next adventure into the wild world of dance clubs.

With an Amazon score of 4.5 stars out of 5, based on more than 250 ratings, I present to you Stelle’s creation: the 2.5” T Strap Character Shoes.

They come from SUNNY California and feature a synthetic leather upper with a secure T Strap and a pin buckle.

The heel measures 2.5” and is thick and sturdy, offering the balance you’ll need after a few hours on the dance floor.

The inner lining is soft and breathable, yet comfortable thanks to the right amount of cushioning they were designed with.

They are flexible and do not need to be broken in. If you want even lower models, Stelle has a 1.5” and 2” heel versions available.

 The colours they are created in are black and tan. Their size ranges from 4 to 11(US), medium width.


  • They are very affordable.
  • The breathable lining helps your feet stay dry during party time.
  • The heel is very stable, yet the shape of the shoe offers your legs the seductive feminine allure you’re looking for when wearing stilettoes, but without the pain.


  • I’m a declared fan of genuine leather. The synthetic one used for these shoes make them less durable.
  • The toe box can be a little narrow for people with wide feet.

#3: Cleecli Ballroom dance shoe

Just like Manolo Blahnik, the greatest shoemaker in England, I’m mad for satin!

It is so elegant and feminine that you have to FALL for it at some point in your life.

Cleecli comes with a very nice model of ballroom shoes I think goes well with any outfit for your nights out.

They are very lightweight and are made of satin and mesh with a soft satin sole. The midsole is very FLEXIBLE thanks to the elastic latex it is made of.

The open toe box will allow you to show off your pretty pedicure. The soft breathable lining features a sweat absorbing fabric, very delicate to your skin.

I love the pair of stylish cross straps that will put an emphasis on your ankle and secure the shoes to your feet at the same time. The quick release buckle makes it easy to put them on and adjust them to your size.

The model stays true to size, which ranges from 4.5 to 12 (US), medium width.

They are black, tan or nude and come in versions with 1.5”, 2.5” or 3” heels that you can choose between depending on how COMFORTABLE you are with dancing on high heels for a long time.


  • Since they are designed for dancers, they are more flexible and comfortable, compared to street shoes.
  • The satin of the upper makes them elegant and easy to match with basically any outfit in your closet.
  • I love the fact that they feature different heel heights. You can get slip a lower back-up in your bag and quickly change if your feet get tired, right?
  • Let’s not forget how affordable they are – just under $50.


  • The suede sole will make them a little less durable if you wear them on the street.
  • The open toe box makes it easier for your feet to get hurt if someone steps on them.

#4: Greatonu Women’s Shoes

Here’s an unusual, but really excellent choice you could try next time you go out: Kitten Heels. King Louis XIV of France wore them too, so why won’t you?

Centuries later, during the 1960s’ Beatnik and Mod movements brought the design back in STYLE as they loved dancing as much as we do, so mini heels seemed like the perfect choice for them.

The style will certainly ATTRACT the attention of your fellow dancers and friends, so you’re dance moves won’t be the only ones putting you in the centre of attention.

Greatonu comes with a very chic Kitten Heel design you can try out for yourself. Their score of 4.6 out of 5 stars based on almost 1500 ratings on Amazon, made me buy a couple pairs for myself and it was actually worth it.

The insole is made of breathable leather and the foot bed is cushioned for EXTRA COMFORT. The model comes with a fancy slingback crossing behind the ankle and closing in with a delicate buckle.

The sole is made of a durable rubber, so they can be easily worn on the dance floor and on the street as well.

The heel height is 2.5”, just perfect for a night full of dancing. The toe box is closed and pointed, adding to the feminine air they inspire.

They are available in 19 colours and patterns, such as Gold Glitter, Leopard Print, All Black, Beige & Black or the La La Land Yellow ones and their available size ranges from 3 to 8 (UK).


  • Honestly, I love their history. From Royal Courts in France to rebel Beatniks, these shoes have seen it all.
  • They are very feminine and also a fairly weird fashion statement that attracts attention everywhere it appears.
  • The mini heel makes dancing comfortable, yet stylish.
  • They are extremely affordable (under £30 a pair), so you can get basically all the colours and patterns you like and match them with you favourite outfits without feeling like you’ve spent a fortune.


  • They are not very comfortable the first few times you wear them. However, eventually they break in.
  • They are difficult to wear for people with wide feet.

Thanks to Bronwyn Tarr, an Oxford University psychologist and dancer who wrote the article about the reasons why dancing leads to bonding, now you have a scientific reason to go out dancing NEXT TIME someone invites you to.

So do not hesitate, life is short, but dance PROLONGS it!

And don’t forget that the best stories of our lives are never about the times we choose to stay home and watch TV instead of going out.

Go ahead and share with us the funniest things that happened to you on one of those unforgettable nights we all had at some point!

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